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  1. hm, I wanted to paste whole section, not flush specifically - thanks @kalugin!
  2. https://developers.maxon.net/docs/Cinema4DPythonSDK/html/modules/c4d.documents/BaseDocument/index.html#BaseDocument.Flush
  3. Please use Cafe attachment facilities to upload images. If rendering works with C4D engines then it is Octane issue...
  4. Hi and to the Cafe Would be easier if you posted a scene file, however you can always use spline tangent data for orientation. Check this example :) tangent.c4d
  5. Instead of random effector use a combination of plain effector, cloner as field and random field :)
  6. Fields are much more capable. Source used to accept just a handful of things, but now you can load pretty much anything as field :)
  7. I am using modulo on scene time. The remainder of division is used as trigger to enable/disable MoText visibility :)
  8. thanks a lot @natevplas Deformer freeze is a simple one. I am passing points from left to right mesh and then simply "freeze" the deformations at that current point in time :)
  9. Hi folks :) As many of you already know, Cafe has a Youtube channel with large video collection of tutorials. Please post your tutorial requests into this topic, all ideas are welcome. To increase the likelihood of your proposition being accepted and turned into tutorial, try to be as precise as possible and look for subjects that would benefit wide variety of user. This of course doesn't mean you shouldn't suggest something that is based on your individual needs. Thanks!
  10. 108_Sine_Wave_Trace(MG).c4d 109_Winding(XP+MG+CA).c4d 110_Deformer_freeze(XP+MG).c4d
  11. Hi Zeljka It should be in demo version, maybe something went wrong during installation. Here is house builder, please try if it works this way for you, you can save it to content browser. If not please contact me via private messaging system :) Cheers House_builder.c4d
  12. Hi Zeljka and to the Cafe Did you download all content libraries? If so, it should appear in tools and helpers
  13. Have you checked this topic? https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/104182-create-instances-from-selected-objects/?tab=comments#comment-683399
  14. Hi folks :) As you can see we have some new features on the site. First is that the members display at the bottom of forum is showing avatars Second is, we have a direct topic feed with Cafe Youtube videos Hope you like the improvements, there are still some issues we have to iron out but it works!
  15. Ok, so, why don't simply parent the whole setup to control cylinder by using splinewrap approach?
  16. That looks like a bug. Please report this to MAXON...
  17. When you are saying clamp constraint I am not sure to which functionality you are referring too since it has multiple. It can clamp in various ways... Is something like this what you are after? Rope.c4d
  18. Did you try using splinewrap? It is quite good for these kind of things. You simply splinewrap your rope to spline and use spline point as controls. You can limit and do a lot more within Splinewrap :)
  19. I think you are looking to create step like thingy? Try creating a simple matrix, load plain effector into. Then load random field into plain effector in falloff tab. Now you can load quantize layer to get step like random animation. If this is not sufficient and real rounding of random values is a must another approach will be needed...
  20. Where do you want to output those values? And, are you on R18?
  21. That seems like quite complicated script. Do you already have something written?
  22. You can render all this with C4D engines, however this images are heavily post processed in 2D image editor. There seem to be a overall filter applied to most of them...



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