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  1. Damn... I was really hoping that wouldn't be the case. The difference in render time between using render subdivision and having actual geo is 30sec to 5min + the project is then hideously large and unwieldy.
  2. Hey, I've a landscape generated from a height map made in world creator. In C4D I'm using two large plane objects: A - with a low polly count and displacer to get the rough outline of my landscape for adding vegetation and working on camera angles, but doesn't render. B - higher polly plane uses my landscape hightmap in RS displacement and is the one thats actually rendered. How would you add a tunnel entrance to this setup? I have the tunnel modelled, and can cut it into proxy landscape with a boole. But just cant see an efficient way of doing that with the render t
  3. CBR, thanks so much, thats totally sorted it out, and (I think) helped me understand the logic behind the issue. I did actually consider subdividing the polly, but usually we are all about using as few pollys as necessary, particularly in this instance as the actual thing is going to be cloned allot... I've also noted your second example of re-setting the UV correctly, but this isn't actually what I want in this case. I'm using Xpresso to deform the cloned polys and want the texture to be streached as they deform, but thanks for explaining why thats 'wrong' and why cine
  4. Hey, Real head scratchier this on... I have a single 4 point polygon, with a single UV tile covering the whole polygon. Simple. When I move points to change the shape of my polygon (on only 1 axis) id expect the UV and texture to stretch with the polygon, but no, it goes crazy! Left is the polly and texture as expected. Right image i've scaled apart the bottom points expecting the texture to stretch scale at the bottom too, but no... Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Hi, I need somebody to model a piece of scientific equipment (though it actually looks like an oversized photocopier from the 90s). I have .max and .fbx files from the client however they both contain millions of triangles with tons of overlapping geometry, probs best to do again from scratch than try and fix that mess, but it is a good reference to start. The model will need to be detailed yet lightweight, as I also need a version for an AR app. I would like it to be UV'ed but no need to texture. Work would be done in the next two weeks, imagine it w
  6. Thanks srek. That's really appreciated. I managed to adapt your scene to get exactly what I needed.
  7. Thanks, Srek. That's what I thought, but I've been at it all day and can't figure out how to link any of the context nodes to get coordinates objects in my scene... Any pointers to get me started. This is the first time I've actually tried to do something complicated with the node material so assume it's my lack of knowledge here.
  8. Hey, I'm trying to make a world space gradient in the new R20 Node Editor. Its a technique I've used many times before, xpresso linking the start & end points of a 3D gradient to Nulls in my scene. However, I can't get my head around the how to do this with the node editor (which I want to use for this to blend multiple world space grads). The gradient tools are quite different in the node materials compared to the non-node mats, and nothing seems to be in world space. I'm sure its something to do with using a 'context' node, but I'm just not getting it. Any pointers? Thanks!
  9. Our client commissioned another studio to design and make a 3D Piggy Bank for stills. Client now wants to animate the pig for TVCs and online. However, the original studio is refusing release the model (understandable) and is quoting ridiculous costs to the client for the work (less understandable). So for the animation, we need somebody re-build the pig, to look as close as piggly possible to the original (reference still attached), and rig it for animation. We will want the pig to be able to perform various facial expressions, and be able to walk, run, roll over, high 5 etc... All rigge
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