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  1. Hi,


    I saw an old post about an eye with some iris textures you created along with a mini tutorial and I was wondering if you could share that with me? The links no long work.




  2. I have a reflective surface with a lot of small bevels. I am putting in some white and black planes to get some nice reflections. But I am having a hard time getting them exactly where I wanted. Is there any tool, similar to the lighting tool but for an object surface? Thanks, Steve
  3. In the dynamics tab, under cache, you can either bake object or bake all. Is there some other place you are talking about?
  4. I have a metal shield that has multiple reflections from different objects that overlap and I would like to be able to render one of the objects reflections by itself in a multipass render so that I could move that reflection around. Is there any way to do this? Thanks, Steve
  5. I am actually just trying to use two different frames of this sim for a still image, and when I ran a sim on a lower sds I didn't get the same look. I have already done the sim on that object, and did a bake all. I then tried to do a current state to object and it just reverted to its un simed state. Maybe the bake all is the issue? I just tried lowering sds, then baking object, then current state to object and same thing keeps happening? Thanks, Steve
  6. I have a soft body sim I have run on a low poly object that is then subdivided. I ran my sim then baked it. But now I need to take one frame of the sim and make that an object I can place in another scene. I tried selecting my subdivided object and making it editable but that just converts it back to it's original state. I then tried to make the object editable before running the sim, but then that totally changes the look of my object. I am uploading my scene, but I couldn't but up the baked version because it was to large. Anyone have any advice on how to be able to run my sim then be able to use just one frame of that sim in another scene? Thanks, Steve Splat_Test.c4d
  7. Is there any way to create an energy sphere material similar to any of these?
  8. Thanks Nate. What do you mean by "Box model it" Thanks, Steve
  9. Thank you for all of your help. I downloaded your file and trying to run a soft body sim, but right now I only have my laptop so the sim is not really working. I'll have to try this on my main rig later. Thanks, Steve
  10. I am trying to recreate a splatter effect similar to the first attached screen grab. I model, the second screen grab, that I need to have hit a wall and then spatter. I was going to add a soft body dynamics tag to my model and a collider tag to the wall to get my object to look a little squishy. But I am not sure how to get it to splatter out in a similar fashion as the first screen grab. Does anyone have any idea's? Thanks, Steve
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