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  1. Parking Lot

    Hello, I'm building a few scenes that require me to put in some parking lots. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good plugins for this. If not, Is there an easy way to create the the parking lines for the cars where if the landscape is not perfectly flat it will form to it naturally? Any tips would be most helpful. Rick
  2. x-particles scenes needed

    Hello, I'm looking for a x-particles master out there in c4dcafe land. I have several scenes that are in need of some x-particles scene layouts. I will give you all the specifics in a private message if interested. Here are some generic specs of what I'm looking for: 1- Use x-particles to create some simple water streams over a ground plane with displacement 2- Use x-particles to create particle waves in various patterns using math formulas (ie: sine wave/cosine wave) 3- Use x-particles to create some clouds in the sky All scenes are to be setup using certain parameters that I can give to you regarding size of the scene and detail. Let me know if anyone has interest. If you are using Octane then even better:) Rick
  3. Octane Materials crashing c4d

    Yes, I agree with you both. Sadly this material was a pack that said it was for octane so I'm a bit perplexed. Rick
  4. Octane Materials crashing c4d

    Well I've narrowed it down to the material item "common" and in there the item call "c4d shader resolution" is the problem. I'm not sure why a level of 2048x2048 would cause my c4d to crash though.
  5. Hello Octane users... I'm new to the renderer. Been working on a project with it for about a week now. I have purchased a few Octane Material Packs and wonder if anyone has had this issue. I load up one of the purchased materials and it takes forever to change any settings in the material. Then when my camera animates toward the object with that material c4d crashes every time. So weird. It's this material. I even changed the resolution of it down to nothing and still crashes. Why and how could a material have that bad of an effect on the system? I'm not sure if the tex will come thru or not but I tried. thoughts? c4d-crash.zip
  6. x-Particles Sine Wave

    Well I was really wrong here...I finally found the trail deformer. I really appreciate you pointing that out to me. I'll post results hopefully soon...
  7. x-Particles Sine Wave

    Hello guilhermecv, Thank you for your tip. Sadly there is no xpTrailDeformer but there is a xpTrailMod which does very little. I'm still unable to get a what I think should be simple sine wave.
  8. x-Particles Sine Wave

    Hello everyone, I'm new to x-Particles and was wondering if anyone knew how to create a simple sine wave using this plugin. I'm wanting the emitter the pulse particles which then follow a simple sine wave pattern that I can then adjust amplitude etc. Seems that this should be very simple but after two days of tinkering, I've failed to find a solution. In the end, I would love to make something like this if it were possible. Thanks for any advice you can offer. Rick
  9. Cinema 4D R19 Service Pack 2 Available

    Hello All, So sorry to revive this thread but I'm just now updating my r19 install with the new content libraries. Why is the MAXON server so slow? I can download a 50mb file in one second but this 3 GB file is going to take over 300 hours based upon the speed in which MAXON is delivering. Boo:(
  10. Nuclear Reactor Model Needed

    Hello, I'm needing a model of a TWR, (traveling wave reactor) built for use in a cinema 4d scene. I would like to see the inside components like shown with the exterior shell easily being broken up into two parts so we can show the inside and then fade to the enclosed structure. I would also like to see some surrounding supporting equipment like pipes etc. going to some small square buildings. See the attached example. Please message me if you have interest with your estimated cost to complete. The model will need to be photo realistic as it will be going into a live video shot. Thank you.
  11. CINEMA 4D Flash Sale!

    Well I just got back in...Been a long time. Since R14, So I suppose I should update my profile now :) Glad to be back and I do hope it was worth the investment especially with all the talk of the R20 release upcoming. Rick
  12. Motion Tracking Missing Camera Keyframes

    Thank you for the heads up to an issue with R19. I'll check with support to see if they know of anything. I'm going to try a fewer shorter clips in the meantime to see if that is indeed the problem. I know 90 seconds is a very long time in 3D world so I'm hoping that is the cause and if so I can just cut the clip up into smaller segments. Regards, Rick
  13. Hello everyone, I've been out of the 3D world for a while and it's great to be back. I've begun working with the new Motion Tracker in the demo of R19 and I'm noticing that my 90 second clip which has been converted to an image sequence is not working. The issue is that when I do the 3D solve, the camera keyframes are for only a portion of my total number of frames. Has anyone else seen something like this? It's key framing only the end of my sequence and it's never the same each time I do a new test. Thank you for any advice you can offer. Rick
  14. curious and curious />