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  1. Back from a long vacation did you know that Anet is hiring character artists?

  2. working really hard lately, barely have time for the cafe

  3. taking vacation next week somewhere far away from the civilization

  4. Out on a desert trip, be back tonight if Lamas won't eat me :)

    1. DryserG


      back and still alive, took amazing pictures of the moon, Jupiter and Saturn

  5. Planing a big desert trip tomorrow.

    1. Cactus Dan

      Cactus Dan

      With the new telescope?

    2. DryserG
  6. Planing mountain hike tonight, with my new telescope!

  7. Having a bad php day :(

    1. 3DKiwi


      Maybe you need to reboot your brain :)

    2. DryserG


      yep just did with some beer - didn't help though

  8. cooking roast-beef

    1. 3DKiwi


      Can I come over?

    2. DryserG


      sure, but it's 11 hour flight I don't expect much of it left by then.

    3. 3DKiwi
  9. writing some more php classes

  10. Just discovered 'Go to top' button, doh.

  11. Happy new year everybody, live long and prosper and may all of your dreams (at least the realistic ones) come true next year!

  12. Having very interesting rendertime anomalies, every even frame renders 3 times faster then previous? lol

  13. The amount of alcohol my co-workers stashed for the new years party is disturbing..

  14. Got set of Realflow meshes for my new website's promo cost me only 250$ 4 seconds simulation on demand plus instructions on how to render those in cinema



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