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  1. Just fix all the stuff that went wrong in S22 and I'll be well happy…
  2. Explosia's always been completely unusable for me, running at about 5-6fps on the smallest and most basic scene I can create, so God knows how they made the scene in the demo. FWIW I'm running XP on an 18 core iMac Pro which gets pretty decent pyro performance in Houdini. exposia.mp4
  3. ok, thanks for the info. I suppose it's not the end of the work to take up a USB slot, but I just felt it was a bit of a waste.
  4. So I'm looking for a wireless mouse for a PC laptop, but from what I can tell they all have a receiver which needs to be plugged into a USB port… So I'm wondering why they need this receiver rather than just using Bluetooth? Using a receiver would permanently take up a USB port… Is this not the point of having Bluetooth? I'm speaking as a Mac user looking to get a PC laptop…
  5. So basically the Pose Morph Tag is currently broken.
  6. It seems that whenever I add a fourth morph target the blending screws up. I'm trying to edit in 'in place' mode, but the morphs aren't blending properly. I've opened my same scene in R21 and it works, so I'm guessing this is an S22 bug. Untitled 11.c4d
  7. tbh my Redshift materials rarely update either, I've always put it down to one of the quirks/downsides of RS
  8. @bezoI can see that your example would work … maybe I didn't provide the best example file… Although in my attached C4D I used a straight spline, I'm looking to get this working on curved splines… My workaround was to create a Mospline set to spline mode and insert my deformed spline into that, and then read the length of the Mospline instead, but it would save that extra step if I could just read the length of the first spline.
  9. Just got a scene where I'm trying to calculate the length of a spline after deformation, but I can't seem to get the Xpresso to work after the deformer. I've tried changing the priority order but it doesn't seem to change anything. My spline is attached to some geometry using a surface deformer. I've attached a simple scene, would be grateful if anyone knows the answer. I can create a workaround using a mospline but it's not the most elegant solution. Untitled 6.c4d
  10. I always find this kind of thing a bit of a slap in the face for those of us who have paid full whack.
  11. @HippoDasTamusI'm not familiar with that command, what does it do? What I've now noticed over the last 24/36 hours is that whenever I hide my lights using Editor Visibility, the navigation returns to normal, but whenever they're visible or hidden using the display filter, navigation is screwed up. Thinking about it, I haven't actually tried this with native C4D lights, just Redshift, so perhaps there's something there… It also seems to be with the Dome light, not just Area lights.
  12. @IgorYeah, I know the old OS is gonna cause me problems, but as a Redshift and Mac user, I'm not in a great place right now!
  13. I think I figured this out… Usually I hide the lights in my scene using the display filter… It seems that even though my lights display filter is switched off, C4D is seeing the area lights under my cursor… If I switch off display visibility using the red dot then navigation seems to return to normal… This behaviour is definitely different than usual… @IgorPlease don't take office to this, but I don't understand why re-installing is the conclusion that many people immediately jump to… I'm not sure I've ever in all my many many years had a problem which re-installing has been the fi
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