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  1. yeah, I was having zoom and navigation issues, but with the Wacom. I don't use a mouse so can't really offer any advice, but I guess it's possible it could be the same or related issue. Best thing to do would be to send in a bug report providing as much info as possible. My fix so far has been to stick with R20 until MAXON release a fix … which I hope will come soon.
  2. I wonder whether Apple had any influence in MAXON buying Redshift…
  3. https://www.apple.com/uk/newsroom/2019/06/pro-app-developers-react-to-the-new-mac-pro-and-pro-display-xdr/ It's mentioned on the Apple website, but I'm sure I've seen it in numerous other places too. My scepticism aside, I have to say the best place to ask about this would probably be on the Redshift forums…
  4. You can install R21 on as many computers as you like, but you have to log into your MyMaxon account to launch – and you can only be logged-in on one computer at a time… So when you start C4D, you can release your license if it's already being taken by another computer because you've forgotten to release it, otherwise if you know you're going to need it elsewhere, choose the Quit and Free License option in the Cinema 4D menu …
  5. Yes, so true! I think something I've begun to do more is restrict my own shortcut keys to my most essential things and rely more on adding commands to context menus or my own custom palettes, or just tearing off relevant menus as and when I need those commands. Something I'm trying to use more is the Commander as another method to keep my UI workspace clean.
  6. Yes, I really empathise with this. You must feel quite gutted. From my understanding of the new subscription model (which I'm personally not against in any way, shape or form), your initial investment of $3500 or whatever it was is now worthless; I guess the same is true for all of us who bought Studio. That's not too bad for someone like myself who bought Studio over 10 years ago; but 6 months ago…, well, that's quite a bitter pill to swallow. I would've imagined that those such as yourself would receive a very lengthy discounted subscription period.
  7. Camera mode, Center Mode and Cursor Mode are all commands which can be executed AFAIK. It's probable that you inadvertently executed the Camera Mode.
  8. I just remember that in the past when I've copied pref files from old releases to new releases I've had some problems which, I was told, led to crashing, so I decided to stop and just redo whatever I could or what I thought was necessary… which also led me to the opinion that the less you mess with the default settings the better (true for any app IMO). It's not a bad practice anyway as it makes you re-assess what junk you wanna keep etc, bit like a refresh or a clean out! Yeah, I noticed that the R20 shortcut table file was a lot different to R21, so again I just took the view that it's best not mess with it and instead just spend an hour or two reinserting my most obvious shortcuts.
  9. What C4D version? Have you checked in the preferences under the Navigation tab? It could be that your Camera Mode has changed from Cursor to something like Camera.
  10. I tell you what I wish someone would develop… a plugin that allows you to bring over personal shortcut keys into new versions. I used to copy over the shortcuttable.res from the prefs folder, but I stopped doing that since it was probably a bad idea as things change from version to version. On the one hand it's a pain to have to re-insert all your main shortcut keys, but on the hand it does give you the opportunity to reassess whether you need or use certain keys any longer.
  11. Yeah, I'm not too keen on some of the UI colour changes either… It seems a little too contrasty, not comfortable on the eyes. If I were designing the UI, I would want it to sink into the background a tiny bit more. As a user, I don't want to focus on the UI, it's what you're making in the viewport that should be the main focus… Anyway, I'm afraid I've taken the laborious approach of whenever I notice a UI colour tone that displeases me, I check the value in the preferences against the old value in R20… and change accordingly if necessary. But one of the great things I've always found with C4D is how customisable the interface and commands are.
  12. Hey, I forgot to release my license this morning at home before going in to the office, but when I tried to log in from another Mac there was an option to release the license. Not exactly sure now under which tab it was, but at the login screen I easily managed to release the license and use it on another Mac.
  13. Hey, this is the link I was trying to follow … https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/store/product/19-introduction-to-r20-nodes/ found on this page… https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/104137-c4dcafe-introduction-to-r20-nodes/

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