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  1. Hi, sure, you should also provide the corresponding picture files (jpg, tga or whatever the obj / mtl file and the other 3D application supports) The obj file contains the geometry data of the object(s) and the MTL file contains the material specifics for this object. The MTL file doesn't contain the pictures files itself, it contains e.g. a link to this files and describe for what purpose it is used. More general information can you find here: CU.
  2. Hi, I would propose to try the C4D Demo version. You can change between the different bundles to see which one would be OK for you. You can also look up-front to the MAXON product comparison page to see what the different bundles can or can't do. CU.
  3. Hi, it should be (based on the product comparison page from MAXON, there is a black bubble at 'Context-sensitive, fully-searchable HTML help' CU.
  4. I don't think he will or should upload a 'purchased' model ;-) CU
  5. Hi climbingair, here is the explanation what the different space types of the noise shader means: As Kiwi already wrote, the projection in the Texture Tag and its is the important thing here in the game. If you use the same projection mode and texture coordinates in the texture tag then it should looks like similar. Exception: If you use UVW mapping then it's depend on the corresponding UVW-Tag content (you can use the C4D Bodypaint to analyse your UV layout of your object: CU
  6. Absolutely correct. I do not understand why Prime is further available if BP contains the same features plus sculpting for the same price. But to be honest, before I would spend 995 US$ for Prime or BP then I would stay at Blender. CU.
  7. Hi, you can change the demo version between the different packages to see what is possible or not. Here is also the link to the C4D product comparison : And here you can see the functions of the different packages: CU.
  8. Hi bobc4d, there a many free programs who can exchange your single pictures to an animated gif file. If you won't to install such a program then maybe this free online solution could be helpful (I don't have exp. about this, I made only a Google search) CU.
  9. Hi, maybe the answers on this posting could be helpful for you. There also some R13 examples at the end of this thread (see my posting there) CU ;-)
  10. Hi, I'm also not aware that you can edit a sound file in C4D like in an audio edit program. But you can adjust the volume and/or balance in a sound track. But then you must render out this 2D sound as own file (see also the hint at the bottom of the page above) and use this new file in a sound track instead the original sound file To be honest, this is not the best approach to edit a sound file (yes, you can also use a nipper to punch in nails but there a better tools to do it). CU.
  11. Hi, I saw an introduction from Helge Maus (from pixeltrain) about the new Voronoi fracturing object and I was surprised how easy and flexible it is. Sorry, it's in German language and use the German C4D GUI but it could give you a flavor about the power of this new feature. CU.
  12. Hi, if it should look like as you provided in your picture then you could use a clone object in object mode with a small sphere under the clone object (as clones) and your polygon object as reference in the object field in the clone object. (Scroll a little bit down in the page of the link above and you can see a similar head as example) CU.
  13. Hi, it's possible to bake a texture as sequence in an animation, did you try this already? CU
  14. BTW: You can also use the 'Connect' object to combine 2 or more splines instead to connect & delete both splines to keep flexible in case of complex splines. CU.
  15. Hi, AI version 8 should also work. @obogomogo Please could you upload your AI file therewith we can check what could be wrong with it. CU