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  1. To hot to do anything atm... 34+ Celsius.

  2. Really hot here in the Netherlands. All weather records will be broken today. 37.5º celcius here at the moment. humidity at 55%

  3. Richart


    Version R13


    Hi All, Have fun with it. Free to use anywhere. Model only..... Peace, Rich_Art.
  4. Richart

    Side Table


    Hi All, Have fun with it. Free to use anywhere. Model only..... Peace, Rich_Art.
  5. Thanks. Nice to hear you like it. (A bit late answer) Peace, Rich_Art. :wink:
  6. 44 years on the face of the earth..lets hope for another 44years. ;-)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Richart


      Thanks Nigel. :-)

    3. Rantin Al

      Rantin Al

      Have another 44+ good ones, René. ;0)

    4. Richart


      Thanks Allan. :-)

  7. I need more hours in a day.

  8. To bad I'm working at the moment. So no fun with R13 untill tonight.

  9. New laptop is delivered . Yeah installing all my software right now. :-)

  10. Version 0.1


    Hi All, Attached a Concrete-Brick shader for learning purpose. It is 1 shader to generate the concrete and the bricks. Lot of room for enhancement of course but it will give the new C4D users a start. I used the EnhanceC4D plugin from Biomekk for some of the noise but you can replace those with the native C4D noise without a problem. You may use it wherever you like Commercial or non-commercial. Peace, Rich_Art. :wink:
  11. Version R12


    Hi All, Here is my Alien Flower scene file. Perhaps somebody can use it for learning purpose. Feel free to use it wherever you like. Commercial or non commercial. Peace, Rich_Art. :wink:
  12. Just installed a new GFX card. Love the sound of silence..

    1. iAmStrat


      What GPU? My 580 is like a jet turbine, so loud

    2. Richart


      Just an MSI R5770 Hawk. So not the newest.

  13. 4 day's free to do what I wan't. Yheahh

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    2. Richart


      Haha, nope I locked here down in the shed.

    3. Soundwave



  14. Yeah It is here in my hometown. A teacher of my son and her husband are shot to dead as well. 2 kids are orphan now.

  15. http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/0409/netherlands.html 5 min later and I could have been dead as well.
    1. Soundwave


      You were there?

    2. 3DKiwi


      Glad you are safe Rene. Sorry about the the other innocent victims.


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