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  1. To hot to do anything atm... 34+ Celsius.

  2. Really hot here in the Netherlands. All weather records will be broken today. 37.5º celcius here at the moment. humidity at 55%

  3. Richart


    Version R13


    Hi All, Have fun with it. Free to use anywhere. Model only..... Peace, Rich_Art.
  4. 44 years on the face of the earth..lets hope for another 44years. ;-)

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    2. Richart


      Thanks Nigel. :-)

    3. Rantin Al

      Rantin Al

      Have another 44+ good ones, René. ;0)

    4. Richart


      Thanks Allan. :-)

  5. I need more hours in a day.

  6. To bad I'm working at the moment. So no fun with R13 untill tonight.

  7. New laptop is delivered . Yeah installing all my software right now. :-)

  8. Version R12


    Hi All, Here is my Alien Flower scene file. Perhaps somebody can use it for learning purpose. Feel free to use it wherever you like. Commercial or non commercial. Peace, Rich_Art. :wink:
  9. Just installed a new GFX card. Love the sound of silence..

    1. iAmStrat


      What GPU? My 580 is like a jet turbine, so loud

    2. Richart


      Just an MSI R5770 Hawk. So not the newest.

  10. 4 day's free to do what I wan't. Yheahh

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    2. Richart


      Haha, nope I locked here down in the shed.

    3. Soundwave



  11. Yeah It is here in my hometown. A teacher of my son and her husband are shot to dead as well. 2 kids are orphan now.

  12. http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/0409/netherlands.html 5 min later and I could have been dead as well.
    1. Soundwave


      You were there?

    2. 3DKiwi


      Glad you are safe Rene. Sorry about the the other innocent victims.

  13. Hi,

    I noticed a PM you've send me but there is something wrong because it does not exist anymore. Can you send it again please. :)



  14. Painting my vehicle. :)

  15. Sounds cool Nigel. Can't wait to read it. :)

  16. Hi,

    As the thread is closed, and I can't send a PM I'll post it here:)


    It is free and webbased. Works great. I used this to help my parents remotely.



  17. LoL we have to wait another 10 hours before new year

  18. asking myself where we stand within10 years from now

    1. 3DKiwi


      Hopefully on your feet :)

    2. bobc4d


      I'll be three years from retirement. gawd I'm old LOL

    3. Soundwave


      In L.A. wondering if the person next to you is an android?

  19. I'm busy but not with C4D. :(

  20. second that on the Pacific. Nice but not as good as BoB

  21. Haha, thanks for the kind words. Although I don't see myself as a gifted artist, I'll upload some of my work again... ;) How can I resist a question like this from a great artist like yourself.


    Rich_Art. ;)

  22. Hi Maat,

    Nope I won't upload it again. For me it is useless without all the nice comments from the members. As said before, images can be replaced, all the kind words not. I still feel very sad about this loss..


    Rich_Art. :wink:

  23. Cool I have a new friend. :)


    Rich_Art. ;)

  24. 3,036 downloads

    Hi All, Here is the very simple sunset file setup. I used the DeGamma plugin to make it look as it is now. Also I used the Real fresnel plugin on the water material. This free plugin you can find on the installation DVD of R11. Peace, Rich_Art. :wink:
  25. They are cool Maat. Thanks for sharing. Peace, Rich_Art. :wink:
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