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  1. Hi and thank for your reply. Not really. Imagine that all pillars have different rotations at the start of the animation. They start to rotate at the same speed at the same time and all rotate one turn. That's what I'm looking for without having to animate pillars for pillars :)
  2. Hi, Im tyring to find out if there is possible to loop the rotation with the random effector. What I have is a pillar that I have put into a cloner (count 8, 1, 8). I have then applied the random effector to it. I want my animation to start with some randomness so I cranked up the H value to 100 at frame 0, I then moved the slider to frame 1000 and change the value to 459. In my head that was a rotation of 360 d. I quickly realize that this was not the way to go. My question is now if there is any way in which I can start with a random rotation of all the pillars. To then get each one to rotate 360 degrees. Thank you in advance! Best /L
  3. Thanks :) Could you send a file with some quick directions? Would be awesome!
  4. Hi! I wounder if ther is any way to loop MoSplie movement? I have it set on spline mode and turbulence and wind that effects it. I would love to find a way to have the same start and end point for my loop animation. Is there any good tricks for this? Best //L
  5. Thanks! I'll keep you posted with the progress :) Best //L
  6. Hi agian Cerbera, I attempted to build the logo. Do you think this would work? Best //A 100w.c4d
  7. Hi again, Thanks for the tip regarding the update. I will look into that :) Im not total new to Cinema so I will give it a try. I was surfing around for awhile and found these two tutorials that I think would be to some help. It would be super If you would like to take a look at it if you got some time over. Really appreciate it! https://vimeo.com/128558779 https://vimeo.com/128551926 Best //L
  8. Found where I could make the update, thanks :) Best //A
  9. Hi Cerbera, Thanks for your fast answer. Im not sure if Im skilled enough to build it from quad polugons. Maybe if you can hit me in a direction (tutorial or something) then I will manage it. Regarding the update from 13 Studion to 18 where can I do this update? I included the logotype so you can have a look at it if you like. Best regards //L
  10. Hi, I dont know if this is the right way to go with this idea that I have. Any way, here we go. My question to all of you reading this is how to do the best setup for following idea. Imagin a floor, on the floor there is a company logotype (extruded) and out from the logotypes part that are facing the sky a lot of different random shapes comes up in a random seed and keeps flying up towards the sky. I would like the look to have a 2D cel feeling and the objects coming up from the logotype to have some kind of metaball feeling when it comes to the interaction between the logotype and the objects. The objects coming up through the surface is randomly distributed over the logotype and flys up randomly. My first idea was to play around with the new mataball tag but it seams not to work with polygonal objects so Im stuck there. When it comes to the object I was thinking playing around with a cloner or some kind of emitter. If use a clone together with a rigid body then Im not sure how to release the objects randomly? I want the feeling that they pop up from time to time randomly over the surface and im not sure how to do that. Well, as you notice, I've got stuck, so I choose to ask you with better knowledge for some help :) The logotype is added as a ai-file. Best //L 100w.ai
  11. Hi, I just started to use Vray with C4D. In my scen I have some lights that are made out of splines and objects. when I hit render (a preview) all lights made out of objects... don't affect the scen/render. I have added a lght-tag (vray) on all lights and also the objects that I use as lights. Am I doing something wrong in order to make this work or is it not possible to use objects as light when using vray? Best //A
  12. Hi @Cerbera! Thanks for your reply. That was my solution in the end :) But as you say, a clever way to work with it without make it editable would be awesome. Then the deformer will be really helpful :)
  13. Hi! I have a problem with texturing my model. When using the bevel deformer to get the edges nice and sharp the texture wont stick. Any idea how to fix it?

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