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  1. I'd suggest something more like this so the sun can be moved around to get just the right amount of area shadow and position. Light mapping also gives more light bounces and renders faster. Clay Render Scene 2.zip
  2. Probably going to have to render it with Cycles, Redshift, or Octane. I think xparticles might have a c4d shader that can render vdb if you own xparticles.
  3. Here is a example with the scene I made. C4D Cycles It seems C4D is clamping the HDRI reflections pretty hard.
  4. If you want the scene to be physically accurate and you are using GI you should not use AO. If you think it looks better go ahead and use AO. In this case if you are using AO in keyshot you should use ao in c4d, but make sure the settings for ao are right. For the picture it looks like you have sss on the main plastic body. The color looks different even if it is the same. This happens between render engines where the color looks different even though it's the same. It looks like keyshot scene is ignoring the reflection from the floor and instead showing the HDRI in the reflection. If you put a tag on the floor in the c4d scene to get the floor to not show in the reflection to could look closer. It could also be that C4D mirrors the HDRI. I'm not sure why it does this backward of every other render engine, but you can make the U tiling -1 to get it un-mirrored. I have a simpler c4d scene I made that has a realistic base reflective mat and a metal. Need to throw in your own hdri. C4D is not a super accurate render engine as it's not a raytracer unless you use Prorender. If you want something that looks more like keyshot and is in c4d I'd go with Cycles, Redshift, or Octane. In C4D yes you could get it to look very close to Keyshot, but you would need a lot of knowledge about the engine and have to put those in manually. In Cycles, Redshift, and Octane it's more automatic. c4d keyshot like scene.zip
  5. If you show a picture of what you get in C4D maybe we can help tell you what you can do to make it look more like keyshot. To give you a kick in the right direction I'd say use Physical, GI, and no AO. All your reflection are going to need a realistic falloff with fresnel.
  6. Boomba if this is your first rig I'd keep it more simple. Try to rig and weight the figure primitive in C4D first. Next, try moving him around and doing a basic animation. Then, try adding him carrying something in his hand via having it attached to a joint and using a constraint tag. If you do that most of your question you post here will be answered by yourself. If you have any questions left after that come back and ask any questions you might still have.
  7. The first one says it can work with RTX so long as you use windows 10.
  8. It should be. Make sure to check with the enclosure you buy and read some stuff to make sure it will for sure work. I'm also not sure how the external enclosure works with different programs. I'd read a lot of stuff to make sure the enclosure will for sure work with c4d, turbulance, and whatever else you want to use.
  9. I have seen external enclosures for external video card and most of them should work with just about any video card so long as they have enough power and space to fit the card. The PCI Express standard has been around for a while which means lot of cards work with pci express. As for which card you should get I'd get an Nvidia RTX card of some kind. The RTX cards have Tensor cores which allow a very specific operation used a lot in raytracing to happen 8x faster. This means in many render engine the rendering will happen much faster on these cards if they are programed to use the Tensor cores. In a beta of Octane for instance there is a 2.7x speedup when using the Tensor cores. It's not 8x speedup because there is other things that need to be computed in additon to ray tracing. For me 2.7x speedup is worth it. I can't wait till Cycles and Redshift also starts to use the Tensor cores.
  10. Set the goal to the max extension that you like then set a Clamp Constraint on the Goal with the first joint as the Target. Change the mode of the clamp constraint set to Max. Here is the example file. joints with fixed distance max.zip
  11. Fantastic work. Really seems to tell a story. How did you do the floaty dust particles? What is the volumetrics tracing depth set to?
  12. You can make a new Take for each camera then in the Render Q then do Add Project With All Takes or one of those takes options to add all the cameras.
  13. You projection tag is the reason for the popping. You are supposed to use a pole instead of a protection tag to get it to know which way to bend. working joints.zip
  14. If you really would like to work on a project for free I have a MMD like project I was working on in my spare time completely for my own entertainment and practice. PM me if you are interested. You would totally be able to use the final result however you like. If you are unfamiliar with MMD here is a video. I'm making something like this in C4D, but high quality, more like a real music video style, and I'm going to render it out really nice.
  15. It seems Octane is about to release a version that uses the Tensor cores. It's not a 8x speedup as the 8x is only for the raytracing happening and there is other things that need to be done like texture calculation and polygon things, but 2.8x speedup is still pretty good. https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=70705



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