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  1. Weighting is also a pain in C4D. In R19 they improved it a lot. Still could be a lot better than it currently is. The weighting tool is also designed strange so it's harder to see what is being weighted. Enough complaining though. To get a good weighting in C4D it's probably easiest to not use any of the autoweighting. Instead zero everything out and manually weight every joint one by one being careful not to get one point with more than 100% weighting when added from all the joints. I like to do harder weighting and use the smooth to get it nice and smooth. Here is a video from one of the greats in character animation.
  2. It might also be a joint scale thing. I had some joints that I imported on a model and they were all scaled to 0.01. Scaled them all to 1 and it all worked out.
  3. Looks like some quality stuff. Best of luck to you.
  4. Corona only has annual license. You can only rent Corona. Octane you can buy a perpetual license. I like Cycles 4D a lot which you can own and runs on GPU or CPU or both. Cycles 4D also makes materials with nodes just like is made with Cycles in Blender if you were thinking of trying Blender. This means if you lean how to make mats with Cycles 4D the skills transfer to make mats in Blender. Redshift is can also be owned and is great if you have a good GPU which you don't. As far as quality goes all 4 render engines can do about the same quality stuff fast with the right hardware. Fastest to slowest $ for pc $ in order would be Unreal Engine, Blender Eevee, Octane in faster mode I forget what it's called, Redshift, Cycles, Octane regular mode, Corona. Corona is the fastest CPU render engine, but it's only competition is Cycles. $ for pc hardware $ Corona is not great since it needs CPU and that means a whole new rig per CPU. If you already have a good CPU or can only do CPU Corona can do great stuff. I'd say pick one and get good with it. They all can do great stuff. The licensing is what turns me off the most on Corona. As I'm switching more to Blender, Cycles 4D meshes perfect with that.
  5. You were looking for using the noise texture. I totally misread that as reading you has noise in the final rendered image you wanted to change every frame. Glad you were able to figure it out.
  6. I hear to make it on youtube you have to have about 1 million views on 2 videos per week. A single video with a million gives pennies. It's the constant views from lots of people frequently that get the money. This makes it impossible for tutorials to make it on youtube. This is why I suggest Patreon. This way people can give X dollars per video that is produced. So lets say you get like 1000 people to pledge $1 per tutorial produced. That is $1000. Not bad for a tutorial. If they donate more you can let them choose what the next tutorial will be about. Have a tier where they can get a 30 min. private session asking questions on skype. There could be a lot of tiers with different things.
  7. I remember there being a place in the render settings in Cycles 4D where a check box could be checked for static or dynamic noise. Now I don't see it in the latest version. It always renders different noise per frame for me. If you are using an older version look for the check box.
  8. If using C4D standard or physical GI also has to be enabled if you really want it to emit light to light up the scene from the sign. If using Cycles, Redshift, or Octane it's different. In Cycles it would be put on the emit node and it would work.
  9. From bottom up I'd say color, diffuse?, bump or displacement, normal, reflection. Though just play around with putting them different areas and see what looks good to you. Sometimes you get a surprise that looks good even though it was not intended to be in that channel.
  10. With the IK tag selected click on Add Pole under Pole Vector. Move the pole to the direction you would like the knee to bend.
  11. It's not a bad way of doing it. What happens with the overlap is the light bends more than it should when hitting the second surface and bends to where it should when hitting the 3rd surface. 2nd surface being the outside of the fluid and the 3rd being the inside of the container. There is only that thin area between the 2 and 3rd surface that is going to be wrong with your approach. If zoomed out far enough it could be good enough. For ultra close up and complete realism the way I said is the best. I'll work on looking for that equation.
  12. You should find a spot in the glass made where you want to make the top of the liquid. At that point make a loop cut in the glass. Add a cap to be the top of the water connecting at the new poly just cut. To get the liquid touching the glass to look really right an ior of the liquid has be put in an equation with the ior of the glass to make a new ior. I forget what that equation is. The surface has the ior of the liquid. So 3 mats total. One for the surface of the liquid, one for the glass, and one for the liquid touching the glass. If the liquid has a higher ior than the glass the ior used for what is touching the glass should be less than 1. If it has a lower ior than the glass it should have an ior in the material greater than 1. If the equation is found this can say exactly what the number should be. The normal of the polys on the inner part of the glass also could be inverted if the equation is changed right. It would be reversed where going from glass to higher ior liquid would give a higher ior and vise versa. Making a separate mesh and having it overlap will make the liquid look wrong.
  13. My exact quote is " I'd say get Blender and download Auto-Rig Pro. The tools in C4D are horrid." I'm referring to the specific auto rig tools in C4D that I now know is named called character builder. Professionals can pick on individual tools all they like. As a whole the tools can be used for stuff as you pointed out. It's just a pain in the butt like you also pointed out. There are better alternatives people should know about. If C4D wants to stay on top they should do it by making their tools the best again. They could start by making R21 not have to check every 15 days to be online. It's like with all that needs to be improved what are we going to waste our time on. I know, lets work on integrating a render engine that is 17x slower than Cycles, Prorender, and making our customers lives harder. Let's give them things they didn't ask for and don't want.
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