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  1. Odd Results

    The normals of the room are facing the wrong direction.
  2. For the cloth I'm wondering if the solver is fast enough and stable enough to do something like a skirt on a girl dancing. If it is that should definitely be part of the show real. It does not even have to be a girl you could put a skirt on the default figure primitive in c4d. As is not I hesitate to upgrade because it's not clear if the cloth is good or if the flow fields can be exported via .fga.
  3. Odd Results

    I'm thinking it's the setting for the ior of the floor, but can't be certain without looking at the file. From the picture it looks as thought he whole room is gray so it more curious to me why the reflection in the sphere has color when the rest of the scene has no color.
  4. Making flow fields like this in XP and exporting them to Unreal Engine to use with the particle systems there would be great. Are we going to be able to export the flow fields also known as vector fields to a .fga file?
  5. Samples have to be at a certain level to get a good denoise. For some reason I've also seen that anything less than 16 will give splotches. Do a few quick tests and you will start to get a feel for how many samples you need to get a good denoise. Denoise is also not the end all for rendering. In my tests it gives a similar quality render in about half. To that end I should mention 32 samples does not give 2x that of 16. It gives the number of samples set squared. That means 16x16 gives 256 real samples and 32 gives 32x32 = 1024 real samples. 32 gives 4x more samples. Now that we know that I can say half the real samples to reach the quality you want is what you should set it to with denoise to get a nice render. At least for most things. For top quality denoise should not be used because it will slightly smooth out the image.
  6. Intergalactic Mushrooms

    Awesome stuff
  7. @BigAl3D I'm looking forward to your results. To give an idea of how fast GPU rendering is with Cycles my single Titan X maxwell did the same car render with 16 samples and denoise in 1 min. 48 sec. With the 1080ti being 30% faster that means a single 1080ti could render it in 1 min. 16 sec. faster than your Xeon CPU E5-2673 v4 @ 2.30GHz CPU time. 4x 1080ti would do it in 19 sec.
  8. You get 3 node licenses with the purchase of Cycles. Extra ones are £60.00 per extra node.
  9. For actual displacement you have to put a cyobject tag on the object, switch the Device setting to Experimental, and make sure the texture is put in the displacement part of the material node. I'd suggest trying bump at first because cycles bump is really good. In the material you can also set it to use bump and displacement at the same time if you like. I'm glad you are liking cycles.
  10. Critique plz

    I didn't open the model, but from what Cerbera said I agree. Loop flow is the most important thing when modeling.
  11. Friendly Idea to expand cafe community

    There could be a program for the forum software being used where users could submit or recommend a picture of the day and those pictures submitted or recommended would then get voted on by the other users of the cafe. Picture of the day might be too often though. Maybe have the render of the week voted on by people and whichever one has the most votes at the end of the week gets automatically posted on istagram. I say this because it's something to keep in mind in case a program like this is run across. You never know what might walk by your path.
  12. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    Recto seems to cover it pretty well. For me the big new things were the axis imports and exports right now, the c4d materials are exported, and fbx materials are imported.
  13. Houdini integration

    From a video I saw you have to manually set which variables you want to be able to change in the non houdini program before exiting houdini. Those variables become the only ones changeable in the non houdini program.
  14. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    In R19 FBX importing and exporting is working wayyyyyyy better now. Not only do the models export correct with the right axis, but the C4D materials also export now. It's a dream come true. To anyone working at MAXON a huge thank you for getting this working! The time and headaches saved with this is huge. For me this is worth the upgrade price right there.
  15. That model looks super cool. Awesome work.