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  1. £9,500 for a graphics card ?

    The Volta is Nvidias newest card and has the tensor cores which can do stuff like below in real time using real time ray tracing.
  2. Octane Materials crashing c4d

    Was the pack for Octane for C4D or native Octane or some other Octane plugin?
  3. Polygon reduction Falloff ?

    The problem I see with using the polygon reduction strength to be based upon how far away the Null is from the Polygon Reduction Generator is that can be an intense calculation that goes on there. I think what is intended is to use the poly reduction with the LOD object to have it switch between models at the right time. A much less intense calculation. Even with that it's best to turn the different reduction levels into actual geometry so it can be the fastest. In the example attached if you turn on and off Cloner.1 then on and off Cloner.2 it should be easy to see what I'm talking about. With both you will see how the LODs are set so they switch at about the right time to give the correct illusion as the sphere get further away. That is to say if you switch the viewport to Gouraud shading there will be no noticable change in the sphere as you zoom in and out. lod example.zip
  4. Polygon reduction Falloff ?

    So you want the polygon reduction strength to be based upon how far away the Null is from the Polygon Reduction Generator?
  5. Redshift animated texture with AE

    After double clicking on the Redshift material click on the Edit Shader Graph at the top. This will take you to the Redshift graph which has a ton of nodes with different ways to do this. Import whatever animation or image sequence is to be used for the alpha transition into the RS Texture node. After that this video should give some ideas. https://youtu.be/X1DCumk_Q7s
  6. Octane Materials crashing c4d

    For best compatibility with any render engine you will have to use a material made specifically for that render engine. Any other material used is using a conversion process to convert it over to something that is kind of the same and can still have problems.
  7. As you say cylinders with zero friction should fix the overlap problem if you would like circles of different sizes. For a space between them either the size increment could be used or have the dynamic object hidden and a child object smaller than that object visible. If the size increment is used check "Use" box under it and set Margin to something like 1cm for predictable physics without having to up the physics steps per frame. After that the Bounce should be able to be used to determine how much they bounce. The bounce is on both objects being calculated and it's important to change it on both to get good bounces.
  8. With the reaction MAXON got with everyone loving the new DOF and other realtime things in R19 I'd be surprised if they didn't continue to make the realtime better in R20.
  9. How about something like this? Basically it uses the default gravity to keep the things on the plane and particle gravity as a second gravity which moves the things as they would with a single 2d gravity source. Attach whatever you like to the position of the objects and or use Sketch and Toon for making it look 2d. 2d dynamics.zip
  10. Render Noise Problem (Octane)

    Increase the number of samples.
  11. You could keep scaling at 100% and just make the icons bigger. This is what I do.
  12. If you download R19 demo do you still have the same problem. I have you name at the end of this because some glitch in the forum won't let me type anything after the @ flowlife thing and won't let me delete it or do anything to it. @Flowlife
  13. Just when I thought I was out . . . .

    Welcome back bobc4d. I am curious. Are there no tools in the studio version of c4d that you kind of miss even with using Houdini? The most impressive UV unwrapping tool I've seen is Unfold3D. With 3Dcoat I'd only use Unfold3D if I was doing a lot of UV unwrapping or needed something complex to have some compact and organized UVs unwrapped.
  14. You can model all the same things in all the apps it's all about speed of modeling. For organic things a sculpting program might be faster like 3dcoat or zbrush. I'd really love a comparison with a talented modeler modeling the same thing in each program and saying time to model. This would be the fairest comparison. Thank you Cerbera for the info. I've not tried modeling in many of these programs. I know I can model anything with C4D so I was happy. The lack of baking textures onto a lower poly object in C4D is the biggest draw back to modeling I see. I have to export everything to 3Dcoat to do a proper bake and it's a pain.
  15. Bigger light + closer to object = blurrier shadow Smaller light + further = sharper shadow