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  1. Yes the connect object makes it one object so the subD work right on it. That is it's purpose. If wanting to 3D print that later it could be quick to delete the inner walls still there by doing a Current state to object then hiding all outside geometry, delete wall, unhide outside geometry. The other option would be to have walls with no sides for inside walls and a wall with a side for the edge walls. This way when Connected together it would not have the end geometry. It would require more variety of walls though. I thought maybe bool with union mode might do it, but no.
  2. Seriously. This is why I say C4D should be learned before Blender because stuff like this is so hidden in Blender no one would even know to look for it if they started with Blender. They got some tools with 8.2+ on the left which is good, but nothing close to all of them. Some are right click only. Some are in the menus. Other show up on the right if it's part of a plugin. When a Bool is done in Blender a menu has to be gone into on the side to make one object invisible in the viewport. It is kind of a mess. I was thinking of doing a custom radial menu that has all the tools logically
  3. I kind of get it now. Tried doing the steps in c4d and my version doesn't seem to do that or I can't figure out how to do it. One of the two. Since I don't know what it's doing I can't say how to do it in Blender. Seems like it would make a lot of loose ends on the geometry though. That was actually 4 ways to do it, but today I found the fastest way. It's called Rip Fill and is in points mode in Blender. Select the points, Alt+v, g to slide. Pay attention to the side the mouse is on before doing the tool because it will determine not only which way it slides, but also if
  4. First: Since it's a 2d view I can't say for certain, but I think maybe you want inner extrude or it could be exactly the way the bevel tool works. Not sure where the problem is. Second: Again that is exactly the way the bevel tool works in Blender. Select the lines in line mode then bevel. By default you won't have the line in the middle to dissolve away, but if you want the line up the segments in the bevel to 2. Third: There might be a better way, but the ways I came up with are as follows. 1. Edges selected then Offset Edge Slide, select and delete extra edges ma
  5. I'm thinking this could be done and look 99% good with some flat planes and the right maps made. After it looks good with a displacement, or normal, plus alpha, and diffuse copy paste the later to be under the first then change the UV mapping so the fibers are not in the exact same place. If you want big holes make a geometry with the holes that looks roughly right then give it a thickness. Unattach the new inner part made from thickness and invert the normals. Not change the UV map on the inner part so it's not exactly the same as the outer part. The hardest part should be mak
  6. I might be wrong, but I don't think Unity has a equivalent to Freeze Transformation. Try looking in Unity and finding where the Freezed Transformation would even be shown. It's kind of a cheat in C4D to get the axis of object to seem like it was zero by giving it a unseen parent. At least that is the way I think of it. Therefore, in order to get it to transfer the freeze transformation a null could be put as parent of whatever you want to have frozen transformation. Give the null the same position, scale, and rotation as the original before making it the parent. I'm also a lit
  7. If you save out the noisy image with a normal and albedo those can be used in the Compositor in Blender to denoise using Intel denoiser. In the blender compositor the image nodes should be hooked to the Denoise node which is hooked to the File Output node. Pick a place to save it then hit render. Samples don't matter because nothing is being rendered and the denoise happens after the render and saves to the output. For that reason I'd say keep it on Eevee or 1 sample with nothing in the scene.
  8. Less than 4 month after 2.82 came out and now we have 2.83 LST with a ton of improvements. LTS stands for Long Time Support.
  9. The speed has been increased an impressive amount. I tried out the Prorender yesterday and it was only 3x slower than Cycles with RTX and 6x slower than E-Cycles. This is impressive because it used to be 42x slower than Cycles without RTX. That is a 28x speedup. Prorender in Blender also uses all the same mats as Cycles so no converting. This is a huge plus. Talking about render engines for Blender Octane for Blender also has some impressive speed up since I last tried them. With RTX Octane is only a tiny bit slower than E-Cycles on average and 2x faster than regular Cycles w
  10. What I was saying was it is super hard to make a good rig, animate that rig in a long clip because of c4d slowing as the clip becomes longer, then an even bigger pain when you go to render on a farm. What you said here was here is an amazing work which was super easy to make the character animation on because I didn't do any of the actual rigging or character animation. Of course things are easy when other people do them for you. If you used c4d to a decent sized clip of animation from rigging, to animation, and rendering on a farm you would see all the huge problems in c4d. Even using the
  11. Still with the personal insults. This tells me you don't want to talk about tools. You only want to say C4D is perfect. I helped the original poster so I'm happy.
  12. I complimented him on the work posted. I did not diminish it at all. What I was asking for was some of HIS work in character animation. Didn't know people got screamed at for asking for a portfolio. I don't see how asking him about his thoughts on the process of the project he did character animation on gives these remarks. It's like jumping on an interviewer that asks someone at Pixar, "What challenges did you face on your project?" First he attacks me, which I ignore, sticking to talking about he tools. Now you jump on me. I see you two attacking me while I'm trying to have a discuss
  13. Maybe show us some character animation work you did do from start through rendering on a farm and talk about any difficulties you had? Cycles gets faster with every release of Blender. Back a few years ago if Redshift didn't use mesh lights it was 4x faster than Cycles without ecycles. Ecycles makes cycles 2x faster, Optix makes Cycles 2x faster, Cycles also made some other improvements making it 1.4x faster? something like that, Redshift started using RTX which made it 1.4x faster, not sure if Redshift made other changes to make it faster since then. Doing the math that mean
  14. Dropbox is not so bad because it downloads all the files to the local pc. If you want to have a bunch of PCs render the same file at the same time then it might be impossible. You need a lan connection for a main computer to send all the data to all the nodes.


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