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  1. Without the file it's hard to say, but it looks like it is catching the shadow it's just the shadow is larger.
  2. It could be anything from C4D standard, to a realtime engine, URender, to Cycles or Redshift. It's how you set the scene up that matters. I dont see any sketch and toon lines though. The graininess would suggest it's got some GI going on with a pathtracer of some kind.
  3. In windows you can navigate to the C4D .exe file whatever it is named and rename it to keep track of which version it is. Looking at the parent folder should tell you what version that .exe goes to. For me whatever version of C4D I double clicked on last is what windows uses to open the c4d files. That is if I doubled clicked on the R19.exe last it will open in R19. If it was R18 it will open in R18. If some time in the past you right click and say "always open with" it might not work like that and could open with the old version till you right click and say "always open with" and pick the new version of c4d. To get to "always open with" you have to right click on the file Open With > choose another app > Check "Always use this app for .c4d files" > More apps > scroll to bottom and choose "Look for app on PC"
  4. As someone starting off do something you want to do. If that is animating a certain character buy or obtain the character and learn how to animate it. If you like to sculpt use 3Dcoat, Zbrush. VR sculpting programs are also looking pretty good and could be added to 3Dcoat or Zbrush. Focus on creating and doing what you want to do as you learn. Worry about the licensing stuff when you get a paid job.
  5. I'd say you could use spline dynamics with a spline wrap deformer. IK dynamics could work too the movement is so small.
  6. The HP Reverb looks nice at $650 with the nice high res display. The Varjo VR-1 at 6k euro is a lot. It's also not super high res in the whole screen. That tiny screen has to move to where you are looking to make everything look good. StarVR and Xtal are also super expensive at $3200 and 4900 euro. Pimax seems like it might be the best. They are still developing it so we will see.
  7. When I made a huge landscape not only did I need to change up the texture I needed to have several textures of different scales faded and mixed on top of the most zoomed in texture so when you zoom out you see the larger scaled texture and when you are zoomed in it still looked good. Surprisingly it can all be the same texture depending on the turrain. Another trick you could do is if you can cover things in buildings or plants it helps people from seeing the repeating texture when zooming out.
  8. Don't forget the PimaxVR. With a possible 4k per eye and a huge field of view I hear it's pretty nice.
  9. VR sculpting is definitely the future. I messaged 3Dcoat many months ago about this and they said they have a team working on it. When 3Dcoat releases it I'm sure it will be great. Hopefully C4D will get a VR update allowing all tools to be used in VR with some improvements to their sculpting including dynamic meshes and good retopology tools.
  10. For reference here is a nice really small PC that remindes me of the new 2019 mac for about half the price with a lot better hardware. It kind of reminds me of the mac trash can more than the modern one it's so small and cute. Non-custom PC with this same hardware would be much less. https://www.newegg.com/corsair-one-one-i160/p/N82E16883304010 or there is this one for $5k https://www.newegg.com/corsair-c1p-i180-cs-9040001-na/p/N82E16883304011 I don't get why MAXON is wasting the development time converting everything to metal. It would not be such a big deal if they proved they could do that and keep up with the development of C4D, but with many years of releases with little new it seems they are having huge trouble getting enough time to do things.
  11. I'd also say you need the right thing to reflect to make it look right.
  12. It kind of looks like you got two overlapping polys on that sign.
  13. Fastbee

    AI and Animation

    I thought this was interesting in that is was done by one person in a very short period of time. Given this there has to be way more advanced things out there being kept hush hush..
  14. Fastbee

    AI and Animation

    Seeing the paintings moving at the end was really cool.
  15. I've made materials in Unreal and there are so many custom nodes and materials so it can look good in real time the materials have to be made from scratch to look right. If the defaults are used it's really generic and looks bad.



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