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  1. It looks like you have the scene light on in octane. To check to see if it's on turn off all the lights and see if there is any light left. If there is the scene light is on. To find the exact place in the octane settings to turn it off do a google search.
  2. Without a Dyntopo like is in Blender it's pretty to try sculpting in C4D. After you sculpt in c4d you have to export it anyway to get a retopo mesh for the sculpt. When this quadremesher gets working in C4D it could be a way to retopo automatically in c4d. It could kind of work like dyntopo in that it could be hit every now and then when a big change is made in the mesh. Still more of a bother than Blender. If you really want to sculpt learning Blender, zbrush, or 3dcoat would be good. Oculus Medium an incredible VR sculpting program and it is only $30. If you have a Vive the Revive program works great.
  3. That should be an easy answer for Google.
  4. Why go through all that work when Blander with eevee is free and probably will work even with your old system?
  5. It's an impressive time for AR. AR is way slow compared to other options now a days. I was not trying to start one. Sounded like you wanted a fast render with some GI. Wanted to let you know of your options out right now. Unreal Engine with an RTX card has real time ray tracing with GI. U Render has a really good way of faking GI and could probably also render that scene with a decent or good look in real time.
  6. Looks like with the CryEngine they did it in real time. https://youtu.be/bnvmB9iztaM
  7. What render engine are you using? With eevee this quality could probably be done with about a 3 sec. per frame render time.
  8. AMD came up with ProRender because at the time all GPU rendering was done with Nvidia and they wanted to show how good AMD video cards could render. Now Cycles can use both AMD and Nvidia. The Radeon VII actually currently runs cycles at about the same speed as the RTX 2080 ti. This is without using ecycles or RTX acceleration. With RTX the RTX Nvidia cards will be 2x faster than Radeon in Cycles and use way less power. Radeon VII does have 16GB of RAM. That can be a plus if you have big scenes. I've never got near the 12 gigs on my titan x though.
  9. danijelk suggestions are good for your budget. I'd also look at Cycles. Good thing about learning Cycles4D is it works exactly the same in Blender which is becoming ever more popular. Cycles is also really fast.
  10. The study theoceancleanup people made said you are wrong. " Over three-quarters of the GPGP mass was carried by debris larger than 5 cm and at least 46% was comprised of fishing nets. Microplastics accounted for 8% of the total mass but 94% of the estimated 1.8 (1.1-3.6) trillion pieces floating in the area. " Even if you were right that is what the bubbler system is for. The bubbler could take out all the microplasitcs. My idea is to have a ton of my vessels in the water. Them being completely computer controlled powered by solar and wind means big savings by not having to have a captain and crew on board. All but the first one could be funded from the money made from selling the plastics recovered. With more money there could be a ton in the water faster cleaning the ocean in one year with enough funding.
  11. I did a test recently with my Titan X Maxwell and found that Cycles rendered the same scene 17.77x faster than ProRender. This was without using ecycles or the up and coming RTX acceleration coming to cycles. With those two combined Cycles would be 4x faster than it is now making 71.08x faster than ProRender. This is why I like calling ProRender SlowRender. No one uses SlowRender for anything because it's too slow.
  12. I would also be interested to have a list like this on the cafe. I was thinking of starting a thread where people could post the plugins they use the most and maybe talk about why they like those plugins.
  13. This does make me feel better. If you would add "Disable Data Collection" instead of just Disable next to the check box it would clear things up. As is it's confusing. I make games as a hobby and find you can look at all the data in the world and not know what the user really wants. I find the best way to make a great product is to think, "what would I love from this?" and do that. Users end up liking the product better that way. Sounds like I have the legal system to blame. They don't differentiate between collecting a email address and hording all the data they can on a person. There should be something in the way the contract can be written by the company to differentiate. If, only collecting an email address and name, they could say we only will collect and keep your name and email address. Having everything together with almost nothing is not good.
  14. Lowering the reflection limit in the render preferences of Octane might do it. It is doing what it would do in real life. Lowering the reflection depth will change that. Not sure if turning off reflective caustics is an option in Octane. That might also be a thing to try.
  15. Even if you can turn it off in the settings the fact that you are forced to agree to it means they can legally do whatever they want even if you uncheck the box in the preferences. Does "Disable" mean you are disabling being anonymous or disabling the Anonymised Application Activity monitor?
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