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  1. Arnold vs Redshift, a Simple Comparison

    Where you will see a huge difference in speed is if you test an indoor scene like in a room only lit by sun light coming in though a window. Arnold is well know for not being able to do secondary bounces of GI very well. Even the creator says this. It's not bad if you never run into that situation where you need secondary GI bounces. I'd test a fully textured indoor scene only lit by sun coming though a window and see what you get. If you want to make a test scene to let others take a bash at here they might be able to get better quality with redshift with shorter render times. I'm not saying I would do it, but there are a lot of fans of redshift here. Cycles might even get thrown in there. There are some scenes here if you would like to throw them in arnold and see what times you get I think it would be interesting to have another render engine thrown in. Though the big thing I have with Arnold is their render farm license makes it more expensive to do any rendering with them on a farm. Even for a local in house farm it can be a lot.
  2. Considering Arnold Render Engine

    Cycles using the Cycles4D plugin for C4D runs great on AMD now sometimes being faster than a comparable Nvidia card. It's one of my top two render engines. The cost is super low too. Here I give some tips on how to render faster with Cycles and get grain free fast. In the link Igor posted above I talk about how fast and good cycles can be. It's pro quality having had full length animation motion pictures made with it.
  3. Cycles4D huge update 2.78c and my tips

    I forgot to mention something that could speedup renders by a ton. It's Under Render Settings > Cycles 4D > Integrator & Sampling > Simplify > AO Bounces From what I can tell 0 is off. 1 means it replaces the last bounce calculated with AO. 2 means last 2 bounces are calculated with AO instead and so on. It's AO and not real bounces, so it does not look as good, but if it looks good enough it can speed up renders by 3x and still look good in some tests I did.
  4. Advice on Recruiting Modelers

    That was a cool little animation you have in the link there. The most inexpensive way to make this would be to go to some nice reputable sites and pay for all the already made models you can. Make sure the licence allows you to use the model because some are made by the person, but it was of something copyrighted so you still can't use it in some projects. Sure you have to do work on them to retexture and most likely make the material for whatever render engine you are using, but you will save time on the polygon modeling. After that there should not be many thing that need to be made special. So few things in fact that you should be able to hire someone freelance and have them work online. The thing with having someone work online is you don't know if they will be on for just the one model or the whole project. To solve that problem you should have a very detailed 2D drawing of what you want all the special made models to look like. This way as long as they make it look like the drawing with decent topology you are good. I'd say the most work for a short would be the animation. Doing a few seconds a day of animation for a single character is doing well. To this end you could try some mocap solutions. Perception Neuron seems to be one of the best for the cost that I could find. You still have to clean it up afterward, but in a pinch of time it could be really fast. For final rendering I'd say use Redshift. It's the fastest and the clock will not be your friend. It's quality is one of the best aside from being the fastest so it's great overall. The sound is really important to make stuff like this exciting. There should be some time looking at sounds online and maybe recording your own sounds. There is also where to get the music. If you are lucky you might find someone that lives really close to you that is great at all 3D things and could drive in to work everyday. Post some ads locally and you might get lucky. It all depends on your budget though. If you have unlimited money giving the storyboard to a CG production house and saying make this would definitely be an option. With unlimited money you could also do it all 2D by hiring a production house in Japan. On the other end if you have very little budget to the end of you can only pay for living and electricity you will be a one man band. Probably could still get it done in a year if you are experienced at doing the entire process yourself, but you will have no life in that one year and you will have to cut corners. One corner might be doing little modification to the mocap from Perception Neuron stuff. Doing it as a one man band you do have good points. You save a lot of time by not having to communicate your vision to other people, there are fewer arguments :), only slight worry of them quitting, stuff can be made faster. Your work ethic has to be like steel though. Please let us know how everything works out. I'd be really interested as to all the little troubles that come about in production like this. A WIP would be great. Good luck on your journey
  5. Looks like the geometry on the back on the mac is all wavy. You could select all those points and use Set Point Value. It could also be the phong in which you would have to adjust the phong tag.
  6. pixellation in reflections

    Best thing to do in these situations is to try different things to try to get the problem to change or go away. From there you should be able to narrow down what is causing it. I would try saving in different file formats, rendering different views, and changing rendering settings.
  7. This is not free, but you do get a lot for your money. Price goes up after August. CGaxis Complete 5
  8. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I don't think it will ever find a place with Studio users because I'd expect all of them to be using a 3rd party render engine. This is why I think it's so sad Prime users don't get to use it because that means no one will be using it.
  9. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I see the humor here. Good one 3DKiwi. Really though they could restrict it to 1 video card. Using one card would be a major time slow down for a lot of pros, but ok for people as a hobby. If they had a larger increase to their models library again that would be great for Studio, Broadcast, and Visualize. With all the starving artists finding a talented artist to make models in C4D, all day ,every day, for every year should not be that expensive. It would also be something their user base would really enjoy and use. If I was them I would take up the model that Houdini has of one price for people that make under $100k and another for those that make over $100k. This way everyone can use all the tools and MAXON does not have to worry about making X number of features for this or that package. They can focus on making the overall package great. Instead of 6 packages including Bodypaint they could just have free, under $100k, and over $100k. Way easier. Free would not be able to use 3rd party anything and would have rendering resolution limited. Under $100k would have everything working, but would have a different file format. If changing to the over $100k license a one time conversion would be done by MAXON for all their files to the over $100k file type. All of the packages would have all the tools working.
  10. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    Pro Render being in the Studio version of C4D feels like a bad decision not just because team render won't be working with it, but because the Prime people already can't render with team render. I say let them use Pro Render and dream of the day they can afford the studio version so they can use it with more than one computer. Maybe with prime they could restrict it to using only one video card. Let them use it and like it with an option to upgrade later. It makes better business sense that way in addition to logical sense of having it as a Studio feature when no studio would touch it without it working with multiple computers.
  11. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    @climbingair @Greatszalam I was talking about the Team Render Server. The one that has to have a web page open to use. From there it has no option to choose which takes to render or if it should render takes at all. It's another one of those well it's almost working MAXON moments. It's something that they have now had 3 years to fix and have not fixed. Things like this really frustrate me with MAXON. Some other examples are the lack of steady stroke in bodypaint, lack of a good retopo with the introduction of sculpting, lack of snapping working from edge, poly, spline, vertex, intersection of one object to ditto of another, and most recently lack of Pro Render working with Team Render, but them still including it in the Studio version. To me these are things I expect with the new tools. Maybe I'm alone here, but to me it's like the boat is sailing away and MAXON waiting for the next one 5 years or more down the road to get what should have been there with the release of the new tool.
  12. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    It would be nice if Takes worked with team render. If it would automatically set one computer per frame of each take that would be great. Right now I don't think takes works at all with team render.
  13. @nerv you are right. Found this in the manual,"This controls how much the red, green and blue light separates for the dispersion rainbow effect. Values are in units of 'abbe'. A value of 0.0 is an invalid value for 'abbe' and disables the effect. Common dielectric materials have values between 20 and 70, with lower values yielding a stronger separation effect." Turn out dispersion is measured as the photometric abbe number. This makes it easier to set. Still I think with the water I need more photons for the colors to not separate so much it looks like a rainbow. Redshift 1 min.
  14. I was thinking more about the redshift caustics and thought they must have the photon limit per light. If I need more photons than was intended I could copy paste the light and reduce the intensity by the number of lights. 4 lights made from 1 would mean each has to have 1/4th the intensity. After doing this the caustics looked exactly the same which told me the scatter patter was based on the position of the light and would scatter the same every time. I then moved each one of the 4 lights the slightest bit and bam it worked. The caustics looks way smoother now. Redshift 1 min. 2x longer than single light caustics On outdoor scenes what is needed a lot if sun pool caustics so I tried that also. This was very surprising at the accuracy and speed of their caustics. It's nothing short of amazing. I take back anything bad I said about Redshifts caustics. Redshift caustics are some of the best in any render engine. Redshift 30 seconds For comparison here is rendered with Thea Render with the 100% accurate IOR file and real water dispersion. Thea Render after many hours on TR2 The one thing I did notice is dispersion in Redshift is quite extreme even when it's set to very low setting of 0.001 which is the lowest it goes. Redshift w dispersion of 0.001 Dispersion in Redshift should be used in only extreme cases of dispersion and used at very low levels if it is to look real. Overall though Redshift is a great package. With Redshift and Cycles I don't see anyone needing anything else for speed, quality, and features.
  15. 2017 Showreel

    Those title intros were sexy. All that mechanical stuff then bam title. The videos reflecting off stuff was cool. Very pro. It does not show off character animation, heavy duty modeling, rendering, or textures, so if you have stills in those things maybe throw it in somewhere. What you say about your experience working are things that would help a lot of people.