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  1. Best way to model roads

    The curved parts of freeway on ramps are tilted a little. Fun fact if they were tilted enough you would not have to turn the wheel to make the turn. They don't do that because if a truck ever stopped because the freeway was stopped on that curve they might tilt over and it would be scary to other drivers.
  2. Render Times

    With Cycles rendering everything out in different layers is particularly good. Even transparent parts or clouds made with xparticles render perfect when put back together in post.
  3. You have some powerful video cards in those systems, so I'd get Cycles or Redshift. On top of that get a cheap switch like stated above and do gigabit ethernet or if you have more money you could do a 10 gigabit connection between the two. From there you can do network rendering from inside c4d or through the internet browser team render. MAXON, Cycles, and Redshift all have instruction on how to set up and get this working. For c4d you just install team render then start up the client. For Cycles on top of that you have to have an internet connection for each computer or get the key to let them not connect for a few months. Not sure for Redshift.
  4. C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    What I would hope for in R20 is better retopology tools, VR support, steady stroke in bodypaint, huge improvement to their character animation tools, more improvement to FBX file exporting and importing, easier controls for the soft selection tool, further improvements to the viewport like real time VXGI, integration of Nvidia physx that can be key framed and baked. In general I hope they concentrate on core features in C4D like above that make C4D more pleasant to use, or is a feature only Autodesk programs might have now, or even better if they go beyond what the Autodesk offers for things like character animation would be amazing. With non Autodesk products like 3Dcoat, Cycles, and Houdini I see no need to spend time developing things that other programs do way better unless C4D has already done the other core things super well. There is one thing that can probably be done with some scripting now, but a built in link between their motion tracker and a face rig would be great. This way I could pick points on a video of a persons face and use that for facial animations with a properly set up rig. I could also do fun things like track the movement of an RC car or real car in a video and use that to animate a car in C4D.
  5. Mudbox 2018.2 - Dynamic Tessellation

    I'm wondering what you think of how Mudbox now compares to 3Dcoat and Zbrush? I was really happy with the latest release of 3Dcoat 4.8. They made their retopo tools way better. Now primitive geometries and simple poly tools like extrude can be used for a much quicker retopo.
  6. V-Ray Team render

    I'd say probably. The better question is would you actually want to do it? Even if it can be done the whole scene would have to transfer from your main computer to the other computer. If this is done via the internet and not via a hard cat5 cable it could take a long time. For a large scene it can take a while even with the computers connected right next to each other via Gigabit cat5 cable. Now if both computers are connected via gigabit google fiber or something it could only be slightly slower than cat5.
  7. I've been a member here for a long time and using C4D for a long time. Now I'd like to share something I've put thousands of hours into. It's still a WIP, so I hope it's OK to post it here. Be The Rocket is an action style flying video game inspired by the popular Nintendo game Pilotwings. Link to the Kickstarter with a demo of the game below. Higher quality promotional video. I made the whole game myself using CINEMA 4D, Unreal Engine, Cycles4D, Xparticles, 3DCoat, and using assets off the Unreal store. The cover image shown below was done in C4D using Cycles4D and Xparticles. Xparticles was used for the flames out of the rocket and Rocket Bucket. The background image is from the actual game as the texture on the terrain is using some special shaders that scale with distance, but I did sculpt out the original shape of the terrain in C4D. After the sculpting of the terrain in C4D I baked it out to a displacement map and imported that into Unreal Engine where it was further refined for the best game play experience. Everyone here has been so nice to me over the years I came here to share my work. I am most grateful to anyone that helps spread the word about my game or decides to support it. Cheers John
  8. Rendering advice

    You can do better with physical render. If it's rock make the fracturing of the pieces the shape it would be if it fractured off a rock. Fix the texture and UV issues. You also have to choose what type of rock you want. Wet rock, shiny marble, limestone, etc. If it's shiny marble it's going to need some reflection and something in the scene that can be reflected.
  9. Like was said there is no good solution. Send in a suggestion to allow any frames to be typed in. So if you needed frames 28-45 and 46-64 etc. you would only have to type in "28-45, 46-64" and you could hit team render again. Here is a link to the suggestions page on MAXON. I figure the more people bug them the more they will move to fix it.
  10. When tried opening it in Affinity photo.
  11. If you do a save project with assets is the tiff in the folder created?
  12. Do you have lights in the scene?
  13. If it's on the list and checked it should work. In c4d interface make sure to hit render with team render not just regular render. Using the web browser it should always work.
  14. Are the subdivisions so high it's running out of memory? Does it work if you convert it to a png?
  15. Octane - Paper Noise Material

    I think what you are seeing there is the reflection of the ink combined with the texture of the paper. As the ink goes over the different angles made by the texture of the paper the inks fresnel and reflection makes that look like that. Therefore you need the right normal map, right amount of reflection for the ink part, right fresnel number for the reflection, and the right hdri to give the reflection something to reflect. Making the normal map texture is the hardest part in making this look like it should and is the only texture you will need. If I remember octane noise right it has each pixel be another random gray scale value which will not look right here. I say normal map because normals work better than reflection with bump, but depending on the render engine bump might work right. I have not used octane enough to remember if it's bump is good enough. I like Cycles and Redshift.