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  1. Affinity Photo The New Photoshop?

    Also, if you want the latest version of VEGAS Pro 15 the lowest cost way would be to buy VEGAS Pro Edit 14 for $20 in the Humble Bundle and upgrade for an extra $199. This way you get VEGAS Pro 15 for $219 instead of $399 in the current sale. I think the only difference between Edit and regular Pro is the addition of some plugins.
  2. Affinity Photo The New Photoshop?

    Humble Bundle is super legit. I've bought hundreds of games from them. You give as much money as you want, but the more you give the more you get. To get Vegas Pro you need to give a minimum of $20 and with that you get all the software in the other tiers as well. You can however give as much as you want and distribute that money between the publisher, charity, and humble tip. Choosing how much you give and to who you give is the whole foundation the humble bundle was built on. They started with video game bundles and has expanded to software, comics, books, and have a video game retail store where individual games can be bought. In the store they can have a free game and have frequent sales on games.
  3. Affinity Photo The New Photoshop?

    This is the kind of thing I was saying I would do in c4d for more control because a 2D image can be taken and have a spline drawn around what is to be deformed. Next we put the spline in a loft or extrude to get some polys on the surface. Now we can add some bones and set the weights if the auto weighting is not good enough. For anyone interested in Vegas Pro there is a crazy good sale on humblebundle.com where it's being sold for $20 with a bunch of other software. Usually it's a $399+ program.
  4. This video shows off the baking pretty well. He goes through the numbers as to how much time can be saved. Looks like caustics can be baked by themselves! So cool! A little example of real time playback after baking.
  5. They know how to make me happy. I was thinking, just yesterday maybe, that material baking is something I would really like Cycles to have. Today they say Merry Christmas. Texture baking is so powerful if used right. In scenes with no moving lights we are talking huge render time savings. I've not done tests on speed saving yet, but theoretically the scene could be baked once then put in C4D render or have Cycles used with a much faster speed. I'm not sure which would be faster. This is not to mention the benefits for people making video games which can now use Cycles for their light baking and import the baked light into their real time game!
  6. Cerbera is right. They only exist as a .lib4d file in the c4d library folder. If you want them on your hard drive in a C4D format you have to open them in C4D then save with assets.
  7. Half transparency

    So you want what is like in the example render you have except the room on the right should have the outside walls visible?
  8. Cycles starter pack is worth?

    All the materials in the pack are horribly over complicated. People look at the materials just starting off with Cycles and think they need something like that to have something look good. It's a great disservice to a great program like Cycles to have something so horrible sold by the company that made such a great plugin for Cycles. Insydium should delete it off their marketplace. If you want some more materials I'd say get them from other places and make the material yourself. Buying the textures off of substance source for $20 for one month you can get quite a few plus access to all the substance programs. megascans.com, cgtextures has good textures. Programs like genetica and filter forge are pretty good depending on what is to be done.
  9. Affinity Photo The New Photoshop?

    Between Vegas Pro, Hitfilm, and C4D all that can be done. I mention C4D because the puppet warp through actual rigging is probably way better in C4D than any other program. Maybe a little simpler in photoshop, but c4d gives more control. Everything else I think Vegas can do. Hitfilm would be for extra stuff, but can also do puppet animations.
  10. Affinity Photo The New Photoshop?

    C4D actually has some pretty good 32bit editing tools also. Between C4D and Affinity it's pretty good. Another Adobe alternative for video editing would be Hitfilm and Vegas Pro. The two work well together and offer great tools. I they both offer 16bit or 32bit editing too so theoretically you could import a still and use their tools to edit a photo as well.
  11. Transparency mat killed my sky ?

    You have 2 physical skys, 2 suns, and a sky object. I'd just guess that for the sky object you are actually using to be seen it has to be seen though 2 physical sky objects right now. This combined with the transparency level on the buildings makes the transparency level too high for the sky to be seen in some cases. To add to the complexity 2 physical skys and sky object might occupy the same space and they could be overlapping like polygons on the exact same spot. Two polygons on the exact same spot will do this because c4d does not know which it should display first. In other words you are kind of gambling as to weather one sky or the other will be displayed. To fix this try deleting the other skys not being used. If there is still a problem try upping the Ray Depth under the Render Settings > Options. At least that is my guess.

    Remember to resave R11.5 and before as R19 before upgrading to R20. For me C.O.F.F.E.E is a little problem, but I should probably learn a little python anyway. Really looking forward to R20 being the big one.
  13. Subtracting Polygon objects

    The point of every polygon has to connect to the point of another polygon to make a surface. You can minimize this when using a boole by getting the box around the boole part as small as possible. In this case select the polygon the handle is on before the boole and do an inner extrude. Scale the new poly until it slightly bigger than the handle. Now do the boole and it should be better.
  14. This title could also read the fastest render engine on the planet is getting 2x faster.
  15. I might be doing something wrong, but here is what I got with some tests. Left is c4d cloth. Right is xp cloth. There is a pinning to an inner cylinder with the same number of points as the disc. I have cloth collision on another cylinder in the center which it always goes though no matter how high the iterations or subdivisions of the cylinder. The c4d one has a belt on the same points. Seems xp cloth has a problem with penetrations. If there was a way to absolutely keep it from penetrating itself and other objects this would be usable. Tried a xpPPCollisions and the cloth started glitching out on me. Tried making the particles smaller and adding more repulsion and it worked better, but still penetrated.