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  1. I've made materials in Unreal and there are so many custom nodes and materials so it can look good in real time the materials have to be made from scratch to look right. If the defaults are used it's really generic and looks bad.
  2. I think all GPU render engines use CUDA, except for maybe Prorender. Some of the ones that use CUDA also are compatible with OpenCL and thus ATI cards. The latest hardware speedup in raytracing coming from the Nvidia RTX cards is CUDA only right now as ATI cards don't have that hardware built into them.
  3. With most modern render engines you render until it looks good enough. You could render forever with very little changing. In the unlikely event that Apple comes out with a beast of a computer for very cheap they will still have gotten rid of OpenCL. This means no GPU rendering on any major render engines for probably a very long time. I can't see the render engine creators spending a ton of time to get their GPU rendering working for Metal. Look at how long OpenCL adoption took and still many don't support OpenCL even.
  4. Octane and Redshift both have announced they will use the RTX cores in a future build. With Octane they say it gives a 2x speed increase over not using RTX cores. This combined with the card normally being 50% faster than the 1080 ti means you will run at 3x the speed of a single 1080 ti when rendering with Octane.
  5. Open the Help in C4D and search for "Shadow Catcher".
  6. Prorender is around 42x slower than Redshift.
  7. U-Render is nice. Eevee is nice if you are ok exporting everything to Blender.
  8. I was going to say if you put a background object on the scene with a white material in the luminance channel it has the bottom black until frame 15 when it flips and the bottom half becomes white and the upper part becomes black.
  9. Within the posemorph tag there is a option under Mixing > Points to set a "target" morph. If the target has the points of the model numbered exacty the same you can throw in the model there and it will morph to that shape. I'm not really getting what you are saying about the import, but if you can deform the model to the extreme value and export that with all 100 base correctives you could put all those geometries as different targets to get all the morphs available in Daz. As for speed I'd assume using a single posemorph to be the fastest and easiest. Set each target as a different post and you should be all set.
  10. You should select OpenCL, but I hear Mac got rid of support for that because money. Switch to PC if you want to render fast. With Final Cut going down hill there is no reason to be on mac anymore. The Open Shading Laguage is if you write a custom shader in C++ for Cycles. It's really high end. I've never used it because it's CPU only. Cycles is also working on getting RTX working with Cycles with could double or more the speed so if you have a little extra money after switch to PC I'd buy a Nvidia RTX 2080 ti.
  11. If you graphics card has fans that blow out the slot of the card you don't need fans at all. If your card blows into the case you need to have some fans on the case to make sure the heat goes out of the case.
  12. With no scene this is a complete guess, but it might have something to do with the physics setting found under the Attribues panel > Mode > Project > Dynamics > Expert. If you play with the settings there it may help. Upping the steps per frame in particular might do the trick.
  13. In R19 they mostly fixed things like this. There could be a work around, but the bad exporter will cause the head aches. I'd download Cactus Dan's now free tools and rerig the character if you want it to export to fbx perfectly. That is pretty much the main reason he made his tools.
  14. This would be great. Hope it happens and works well enough.
  15. Not sure about mac, but Windows 10 privacy is supposed to be pretty good.



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