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  1. Fastbee

    Hands Rigged

    Use money
  2. Fastbee

    light issue

    The picture looks to have a single hard shadow light source from the moon with all the materials having some portion in the illuminatin channel or the sky hdri similar to what you see illuminating the rest. Cool animation.
  3. Fastbee

    GI flickering in animation

    No material converter is going to get it perfect and every render engine is going to need it's own materials. Specifically, Cycles 4D has a material converter, but it's not very good at the moment. The nodes are easy to lean as they have pretty much all the same channels as C4D does, but as different nodes you add to the one output. The nodes can have their outputs combined with an add shader or mix shader node. If you have a texture you use the texture node and plug that into whatever. If you are thinking of exporting to blender I don't know how well it will work. Corona works with C4D materials really well for the most part, unless you want a more advanced material. Corona basic materials system is dead simple which is a big part why I think a lot of people like Corona. There is bit of lacking features with that, but only for advanced things. GI from the user perspective kind of works the same in that you can hit render and it works. Hitting the Cycles 4D render setting you will see some things there to change ray Depths and such. Device should be changed to GPU unless you have a GPU and a good CPU. If you wanted to turn off the GI change the Diffuse Depth to 0. With the Cycles real time preview windows on you can mess with the depth to easily see what they add to the scene. Higher values will increase render time. If you see fireflies try to turn off reflective and refractive caustics. If they are still there in the final render try clamping Direct and Indirect to 10. In Corona GI should also be on by default, but has different more complex settings because it's more of a hybrid not real raytracing when in UHD mode. UHD mode should produce flicker free with the right settings, but they also do have a pathtracing mode to for sure not get flickering. If UHD does have flickering I'd watch some videos and read some things to figure out some settings to keep it from flickering. Pathtracing in Corona is not nearly as fast as UHD. UHD in corona can definitely give flicker free with the right settings.
  4. Fastbee

    GI flickering in animation

    You could switch to QMC and wait forever for it to render or get Cycles, Octane, Redshift, or Corona. With Cycles you don't have to buy it if you export your scene to blender. Corona for C4D is also free for now.
  5. Fastbee

    Reallusion products?

    Take a look at the grease pencil in blender. It's what I always dreamed a drawing app might have and more. It's also completely free.
  6. Fastbee

    Machine Specs

    Final Cut seems like the only reason to use a mac. So why not have one mac with final cut and use pc for everything else? PC is so much cheaper for what you get and it runs all the same programs. You can have threadrippers in a PC with the latest video cards. The extra speed does help with 3D work. Having a low spec imac would drive me crazy when waiting for renders and simulations to run.
  7. If they are part of the shoe material they are not really particles. You could use mograph to have particles spread over the outside of the deformed mesh. Xparticles you could do amazing things with. After that it depends on what you want your particles to look like. You could have little spheres for the particles which would glow. In that case you make an emissive material and if it's bright enough you should be able to get a lens flare from Octane. Having particles like that would make them much easier to move. Having vitual particles as part of a material would make it hard to control their movements accurately over a 3D object.
  8. Fastbee

    30FPS for web use?

    I'd say do 30 fps. You could also do frame interpolation later if you start with a frame rate that is lower than what you would end up liking. It will look better though to go from high fps to lower later. NTSC and PAL thing is only for TV and I'm not even sure digital TV still uses that.
  9. Fastbee

    About Redshift

    Most of the time task manager does not show the actual activity of the GPU when using a GPU render engine. You have to download MSI Afterburner or a similar app to see the actual GPU usage.
  10. Fastbee

    how can Blender be free?

    Blender is looking great. Someone could definitely leave C4D for a combo of Blender and Houdini. Blender has one of the best render engines, plus tools like retopoflow, and grease pencil. This YanSculpts on Youtube is amazing at Blender sculpting. https://youtu.be/xAnATxx4SgQ C4D sculpting tools could be great if they would add dynamic meshing and some good retopo tools. That is really all they would need to be on par with Blender sculpting. In C4D if you right click and hold you can select things. I thought it was a nice feature.
  11. It should be great for Cycles. Redshift and Octane need a Nvidia card.
  12. Fastbee

    light issue

    For the lighting it's best to look at where the shadows are coming from and how fast the shadows blur. In this case when I looked at it there seemed to be two main area lights. One from the windows and one from the outside. The window one is stuck straight to the window as no light on the side of the house on that side can be seen. Area lights is a big thing. Using area lights with area shadows are much better to give realistic shadows as no light in real life is a single point. Changing the lights to Inverse Square falloff is also something that should be done for more real lighting. Inverse Square is the way light fallsoff in real life. The last thing is the light in the whole scene seemed pretty consistant and not from a realistic sky. For this I put a plain color in the luminance channel and stuck that on a sky object to get consistant lighting. I'm not sure why you have made the wall of so many little blocks instead of 2 polygons. It's the problem with the top of your wall as well as a source of light leaking when GI is used. Here is the image after I did some quick lights. More tweeking can be done to get it better. The problems with the geometry should be fixed as well as positioning. I kept the volumetric light you had as it's no so bad for a quick volumetric effect. Here are the new lights. If you delete your lights and paste in mine it should look the same and get you started. small house lighting fixed lights only.zip
  13. Fastbee

    light issue

    If you take all the objects out of the room and upload the scene file we could help better knowing exactly where you are having problems with the lighting. One thing is C4D render engines don't do volumetric lighting like this very well. It could be faked though. Actually faking it even in non c4d render engines could be the better way for speed. As for the rest of the lighting it doesn't look very hard.
  14. Being a cartoon scene you could get away with not having illumination at all. Put all the materials from the color channel into the illumination channel and you could be good depending on how you set it up and how you want it to look. For many scenes Global Illumination (GI) addes a lot. For others GI adds very little. It all depends. Turn it on for one frame and render then turn it off. From that you should be able to judge for yourself weather it's worth it. A note on C4D GI is it will most likely produce flickering when you render an animation. I would stay away from C4D GI when doing an animation. Cycles, Octane, Corona, and Redshift are the go to programs if you would like GI in an animation. Using Octane in Directlighting mode and a good video card could get you a faster render than even C4D standard render. I'd say download the demo and give it a try. If you do want GI and don't have a good GPU Corona is super fast on the CPU and is free for now. One way to speed it up might be to lower the AA setting to 2x2. In many cases this will provide a sharp enough look while dramatically lowering render time.
  15. Fastbee

    XPcloth working with deformers

    I think you are right. The baking probably fixes the priority issue by forcing it to do the one first. Too bad xparticles does not have a priority setting built in to the cloth tag. Cloth Deformer doesn't seem to work.