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  1. Caustics like through a prism is possible. https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/1602/light-spectrum-dispersion-effect-in-blender
  2. It should work as caustics in cycles is completely separate from caustics in c4d. Download the file I uploaded and hit render. It should have caustics.
  3. With the nodes set up with reflection and refraction separate it gives a lot of freedom. Below I changed the color of the internal glass to be different than the reflection.
  4. For antireflective glass your going to have to post a picture of exactly what you are looking for as ther are different types, but I'd say up the roughness and maybe lower the ior or color on the Glossy a bit. Caustics automatically appear in cycles so long as you have it turned on in the settings and have the refraction depth high enough. cycles_glass_coated fastbee.zip
  5. If you only want color coated glass it should be made like this.
  6. That can be done in any render engine even a real time one like unreal. You have to know how they work. The smoke could be done via a 2d surface with a transparent texture. Xparticles can also do some good smoke with regular c4d if you want actual 3d smoke. What I see in the image more than anything is a great amount of work done by the artists. Before you even worry about rendering something like this you know you way inside and out of texturing, UVs, modeling. When you do get to the rendering stage having a render engine that gives real time feedback like Cycles can help a lot.
  7. A subtract B mode should work. It is the inverse of A intersect B. If you did want to stack two objects like that I would Enable Axis modification and turn on snapping so the axis could be suck to the top of the polygon. Turn off Enable Axis modification with snapping still on and snap the polygon to the other. If you didn't want to mess with Enable Axis snapping make one object a child of a Null after the null was snapped to the polygon of the one object.
  8. Fastbee

    Moddeling a Real Person

    The human models in the content browser have some good polygon flow on them. I'd start with that and deform it till it gets to the shape of whatever face I wanted to make. If you purely want a challenge there are a ton of videos on youtube that show people modeling people. If you know the modeling tools in c4d you should be able to follow any of those videos techniques.
  9. I'd say AZacha has the right approach though there is another way. If you have the parts UV mapped right you could do a gradient in the alpha channel to make it look like whatever part you like is disappearing. In Cycles using a texture to make it disappear right would be easier as a different texture coordinate system can be applied per texture. In Octane it would be harder due to not having that. I'm also thinking the bool should work. If it doesn't I'd try to find out why it's not working. Probably a plugin is making it crash. I've worked with some complex stuff using bools and it all worked great. Make sure geometry is not overlapping so it can look right.
  10. Fastbee

    Corona for C4D is out!

    I meant if anyone wanted a good render engine with a perpetual licence.
  11. Fastbee

    CPU 3rd party renderers

    Corona is officially subscription only now.
  12. Fastbee

    How can I measure loop cut distance

    I'd say make a spline the distance in cm away from the edge you want it. Then use that end point to clamp the loop cut to that point. This tool can help if you want a lot of specific distances when making stuff.
  13. Fastbee

    Is there a plugin like this for C4D?

    Salvatore's plugin does look amazing. Not only does it have add all the cad functionality, but it also have options to make it part of the geometry being modeled.
  14. Fastbee

    Need C4D experts

    PM sent
  15. Fastbee

    Corona for C4D is out!

    $247.50 for one year with 25% off. If anyone would like a render engine with a perpetual licence the options are now Cycles or Redshift.