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  1. Here is what I came up with. Everything is controled with the joint at the top since that is what you wanted. It's using joints with IK dynamics. There are spline dynamics between the joints which can be used to control the spline that can become the wire. To have the points of the spline constrained you do need some geometry so in the example I put two planes. Adjust the dynamics setting to get it to move exactly the way you like. Instead of joint ik you could also try spring constraint. Cactus dan's spring constraint is pretty great if you wanted to download his tools for free and use those instead. egg rig.zip
  2. You are probably using about 800 watts when the two cards are running full power. That is a lot of heating for a room. An electric heater I have is 1000 watts so your computer should put out almost as much heat as my electric heater.
  3. If you add a Vertex Color Tag you could use that with Vertex Map in the texture to set that texture in that part to be different in some way, like glowing or whatever. I think the vertex color tag can be animated over time. If you had R20 you could use fields to do something like in the following video. https://youtu.be/W51e6aT_SU8
  4. Cycles is very good and runs on CPU, Nvidia, and Radeon. You can use it with CPU and switch to using a GPU for faster rendering later when you get a faster system.
  5. You should start a new thread for this topic and post a scene. Send me a link to the thread so I don't miss it.
  6. They are nice at insydium, so chances are good. Cycles can give top quality renders. Cycles is way faster than Prorender. I'm not really sure what you mean by normal scene renders. You can make materials that are incredible in Cycles. Cycles nodal material system give a huge amount of freedom. You can even do dispersion through a prism, which I see they have a mat for now, realistic gold, and other metals. There is a ton of information online about things people do with the nodes in cycles and some of it is really crazy cool. Look up cool materials for Blender Cycles to find them. Recreate the nodes in Cycles 4D and it works perfect. For a super fast render that don't need the best quality turn down the depths and bounces calculated as well as setting the clamping to 10 or so and turning off caustics and reflection. I don't want to put a huge damper on the whole Redshift thing, but I read this recently in a tweet from Ton Roosendaal. " Optix is now compatible with GPL, a well integrated version for Cycles is being worked on. I wait for something to show, before announcing anything. Grant: contact me for more info? ton at blender org. " " Yes, and not only for RTX, also GTX. Optix raytracing is used by Octane and Redshift, it's why these are so much faster than Cycles on GPU. But not for long. " I feel like Redshift will still be faster than Cycles, but those tensor cores used right could potentially make Cycles faster than Redshift around the release of the RTX 2180 ti. I say this because Redshift uses tricks to get faster speed and Cycles uses more raytracing. The more the raytracing used the more the boost from the Tensor cores.
  7. You should look at X-Particles or Houdini. Insydium, the people that make X-Particles, has a half price sale right now. https://insydium.ltd/
  8. I was thinking the same thing. MAXON buying anything is so uncharacteristic that it points to Adobe already having an agreement to buy C4D. Can someone do a track on where the money came from to buy Redshift?
  9. MAXON goes from having one of the slowest render engines in the market to the current fastest non real time render engine on the market. This is a great move. Very happy that Autodesk did buy it. It is very surprising as they have not bought anything since thinking particles. I hope this means Prorender is dead for good and never mentioned again or have anymore development time wasted on it. For those wondering what this means. After reading the offical MAXON site nothing is changing for now except tight integration with C4D. Even the Blender plugin is said to still be coming out. It makes sense to do this as it would be dumb to stop money coming in from the sales of Redshift for other softwares. Less money being earned from sales is less money. They like making money. Better integration with C4D should mean Redshift works perfectly with all nodes and procedural materials in C4D, nodes, the sky object, scenes made with c4d mats, and everything. Redshift also talked about a realtime version which might now become an option for the viewport. C4D should have their code open enough so any render engine could insert code X to have all the procedurals working with any render engine. It's really sad they don't have the code working in that way. The nodes are cool, but unusable for anyone using a 3rd party render engine. With nothing really changing, but Redshift being better integrated, having C4D say they made it so the procedurals and nodes work with any render engine exactly like they do with the built in C4D render engines would be a bigger announcement than them buying Redshift. What I think might be possible with MAXON buying Redshift is a deal for people that buy R21 and a deal for people that want to get Redshift. Owning Redshift means they get to decide the price. They could give it away for free to everyone that has C4D with a version that only includes the C4D plugin. I hope they figure out something good. On their site they do say "The MAXON Service Agreement currently covers existing license of Cinema 4D. Redshift is a new MAXON product and not included in existing MSAs." Bad news for people current MSAs. It does mean they are thinking of having a MSA where Redshift was included. For those that don't know Redshift it is currently the fastest render engine with professional photo quality results. Redshifts speed, quality, light bounces are way better than Arnold render. Exciting things are coming in future versions of Redshift as well. They have announced a toon system, RTX support for faster rendering for those with RTX cards, using Nvidia new shared memory in the newer Nvidia cards like RTX 2080, 2080 ti, and RTX Titan so 2 cards can combined their memory, 2x8GB cards would show 16GB of memory for rendering, and perhaps the one I'm most excited for is real time rendering. They didn't go in depth into what real time rendering means for Redshift, but with the hardware of the Nvidia RTX cards I'd guess it means a rasterizer combined with real time raytracing to give a photo quality render with GI using video game technology in milliseconds instead of minutes or hours.
  10. I really like Cycles especially with the new update they are coming out with the real time preview is faster, it works with all CPU, GPUs at the same time to get maximum power out of all your hardware. I think a lot of people don't like the nodes in Cycles, but they provide a ton of power when you learn them. Some things can be done with Cycles nodes that can't be done with other render engines. Cycles also works prefectly with X-Particles if you are thinking of using X-Particles. Insydium the people that make X-particles and Cycles are having a half price sale tomorrow if you want to get both for a great price. Cycles is already the lowest cost render enigne for C4D. With the half price deal it becomes a steal. Insydium website
  11. Talking about new features and showing early what they are working on the new version of X-Particles looks pretty great. https://insydium.ltd/products/early-access/
  12. I do like the improvements to old tools. More of that would be great. Do yourself a favor and get a 3rd party render engine. If they would open up the code on their textures so 3rd party render engines could insert code X and have C4D textures working in them exactly as they do in C4D native render engines the nodes would have been a huge feature. They didn't and I'd guess, from MAXON's past, they have no plan to ever let 3rd party render engines use the nodes. It's a huge shame. Having to bake out the procedurals and nodes to use in a 3rd party engine only to have it look not the same is disappointing. Volume Builder is in Xparticles which you should also get if you don't have it. Keep in mind you had to go back multiple releases to make a decent list. This should be a hint they need to come out with more improvements per release. They did hire more people so I'm hopeful they will do better in R21.
  13. It's easy to guess the roadmap for C4D. Here is a sneak peak, but promise not to tell anyone. 1) Make very little 2) The little made should only have one thing people might use
  14. From what I heard the guy that started Insydium used to work for MAXON. This would tell me he wanted to make something great and he could not do that at MAXON because of something. Some thing could be politics, everyone at MAXON being cat people aka crazy, too many checks and measures, not enough time to do actual work that effects the program. With as slow as MAXON new features move in comparison to how fast Insydium comes out with new things it all points to something being very wrong in the MAXON office. Back on topic; I've also never known MAXON to pay anyone for their program to be integrated. It seems really dumb that they don't. Insydium has payed for and integrated things. MAXON does not. Having a deal like what you say would financially be similar to them buying up Insydium and having it in C4D. As another feature if PhysX was integrated in C4D that would be great. It's open source now so MAXON would not have to pay one penny.



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