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  1. Fastbee

    Water Condensation Material Problem

    try it yourself and see
  2. Fastbee

    Dynamic IK does not deform rig

    You got it. Had to move the ik tag to the first joint for it to work.
  3. Attached is a simple 3 joint rig bound to a mesh. Rotating the joints work. IK Dynamics are working. When the joints move with IK Dynamics they don't deform the mesh. From the best I can figure it's because the joints are not rotated. The joints are only changing their position instead of being rotated which is causing it to not deform the geometry. I could put a target tag on the one joint which makes it rotate a little, but with the displacement it's not following right still. I feel like I'm missing something. not following ik dynamics.zip
  4. Fastbee

    Water Condensation Material Problem

    thin-walled doesn't give any refraction
  5. Fastbee

    Apple killing OpenCL, OpenGL

    Making a computer where you can swap out parts like the video card or hard drive. Such innovation. What will the people at the Mac "genius" bar think of next?
  6. Fastbee

    Water Condensation Material Problem

    I'm not sure how you made it. If you do have the water with no thickness it can cause problems. The geometry should have a volume to it just like a water drop would have in real life.
  7. Fastbee

    Water Condensation Material Problem

    If you only have a single sided polygon and try to do a refraction with that in any render engine it can give wonky results.
  8. Fastbee

    MoGraph academy award :)

    Good for him. Much deserved. With more CG than live action in modern movies it's great seeing the real people that make it possible get recognized.
  9. To try to figure out what is wrong I would try to delete the polygons that are giving problems and recreating them. I've had problems in the past where I have a polygon that is even hard to select. Then I delete it and it's flipping normals on me with no reason. The points seem like they don't exist in real space. I end up having to delete all the points associated with said polygons and making the whole section again. If you were to upload a file with everything deleted, but the polygons giving problems that probably would be enough to find out what is going wrong.
  10. Fastbee

    Apple killing OpenCL, OpenGL

    I read here Apple is killing OpenCL and OpenGL. I think C4D runs the viewport on one of those.
  11. Fastbee

    Motion Capture body and Face

    If you want animation specifically like they have in Ready Jet Go it's probably going to have to all be hand keyed. This is because it has a lot of cartoon like elements. There is lengthening and shortening of limbs, facial poses that are over extented, and poppy quick movements. If it used mocap it would look way different. If you wanted to do something more like Kizuna AI that would be a different story. Something like that is possible with affordable software. https://youtu.be/tfEMz9CJL50
  12. Fastbee

    Character Modeler Wanted

    PM sent
  13. I'm not sure what your problem is still. Is your problem only with Substance baking? C4D viewport showing black due to settings turned on in the viewport > Options. If it's rendering right I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. I'm trying to make sense of what you say is going on. Seems you say there are several problems. 1) won't bake 2) mats show black on c4d Is this right? I don't know how you are even importing it to painter if you can't bake it.
  15. Fastbee

    IK Dynamics mess up geometry

    The spline guide thing seems pretty cool. It would be great if I needed to control more splines. You might have noticed thought he geometry in the file I posted was in the shape of a ponytail. That geometry is the entirety of a whole ponytail. Having a single joint chain with some good dynamics would be my prefered way over hand keying. After some research I think below is the best solution I found. https://youtu.be/IgSm1Vsh0wA Cactus Dan's spring constraint acts quite different than C4D's in that is kind of tries to keep it's position. It also has a mass which can make it more springy. I'll also have to test a hybrid approach where part is joints and the rest is spline dynamics with joints tied to the position of the spline. Dan has a cool tool to easily tie joints to splines. Since I've decided to re weight all the hair anyway might as well try some new stuff.