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  1. If it's not going to be animated mograph with some cones could do the trick. It might even be faked if you have the model of the spikes then had them lift through the bottom part. Displacement could be a trick, but the map would have to be perfect. If animating it with all the liquid stuff going on xparticles or houdini would probably be the way to go. It all depends on the detail and quality you want.
  2. C4D has mograph, lots of plugins like Cactus Dan's free tools, xparticles, Cycles4D. The bigger question is where is Blender better than C4D. The answer is it's free, rendering with Cycles or Eevee, Sculpting, Retoplology with free retopoflow plugin, Grease Pencil, probably character animation but I have not tried the changes in R21, post image workflow. They are looking to add a node based particle system in the near future that could make it as good as mograph. At that point the biggest thing C4D has going for it will be gone.
  3. You can. To make it look really good though I'd recommend xparticles. When I think of magical stuff I think of lots of particles. Little glowy bits going different directions and such. Xparticles can also do fire and smoke. It all depends on what you are trying to make exactly. The energy ball specifically could be made all in c4d with no plugins if you just want a glowy cool looking ball with swirls or something.
  4. That is the way it's going to go with everything you try to make when starting off. It's important that you keep having fun doing it because it's going to be a horrible struggle.
  5. Same here. The nodes are all offline. Be nice if you could download a patch on the one main machine and have it update all the nodes from the main machine which the click on one button. Now we have to manually drag the file to all the machines and click update using file. It's a hassle. The way MAXON is going I would not be surprised if all the nodes had to be online now.
  6. With a top down black and white C4D dynamics can do it. First I made the mograph thing in the null called original clone. Then I did a current state to object because it wouldn't play dynamics from the initial state in the dynamics tag if I didn't. If you want more clones it can be set in the original mograph object then turned to current state to object. Now I turned down the friction and put a vibrate tag on the plane so they can slide around like they are on water. All that needs to be done is put the texture on the logs and hit render. logs on water.zip Edit: I tried set initial state with the mograph cloner again and it worked out fine. This means you don't need to do a current state to object. Not sure what was wrong before.
  7. What you are talking about is a super complex physics simulation. C4D dynamics could maybe do it if it was small enough number of logs. Have them on a plane with a low friction so the plane can be tilted and have them slide around. If you want them on an actual water simulation xparicles could work with the water being really thin and not too many logs. There could be a ton of logs with thick water it would just take forever to calculate. If you want a ton of logs with real water Houdini might be the best option. Think about what the camera is actually going to see and try to fake as much as you can to make the computers job as easy as possible. Thinner water, or no water, as few logs as possible. If it's top down like you show the viewer will not see any height so they can all be on a flat plane with no actual water calculations needed. In that case having them slide around a plane using forces would be plenty.
  8. Huge studios are starting their move to Blender. ubisoft-joins-blender-development-fund More studios are due to adopt it when they start to see how good it is. This means people who want a job in the future should start learning Blender. As more people learn it for jobs it spreads more. Eventually all 3D artists are expected to know Blender. When everyone knows how to use Blender, or even now, they will look at C4D and question what they get over Blender. With C4Ds slow development in comparison to Blender the answer will be, I get less and less from C4D over Blender. Many studios will probably give away the tools they develop for Blender making development of Blender even faster. Eventually C4D dies completely. This is what I see in C4Ds future. A little FYI so you can start the change to another program now. Unless you have some info that C4D is going to hugely ramp up, like 15x faster ramping up, how fast they develop C4D in the next year or two, I'd look to switching. When Blender gets nodal particles it probably will be great for motion graphics as well. Nodal particles are close. They were showing off some of it a while ago. As I see it Blender hit a tipping point where it's impossible to stop them now. Eventually it's going to eclipse all 3D content creation programs. C4D, 3Dmax, Maya, and further in the future even Houdini. For profit companies just can't compete and they can't buy Blender out to kill it.
  9. That is interesting. Right away MAXON is losing 34% that were completely up to date. That is huge. Over the last few years they lost 64%. It sounds about what I would expect. Even though it's not the biggest survey I'd say it's percentages are pretty accurate. It's all pointing to the death of the program.
  10. Since, C4D is dieing I see no way for plugin developers to make money, when everyone is going to another program, other than to tell them to also convert their plugin to work with another program. I'd suggest Blender which has a huge user base. I hear the good plugins for Blender make good cash. If you are dead set to stay with C4D as a plugin developer there is a large portion that will keep perpetual or nothing. Many will die off though. To get the subscriber market I'd say keep the prices the same. Most plugins don't cost that much anyway. Hopefully MAXON won't be making a new license # for them every time they resubscribe. If they do an automated system of some kind will be needed to let them enter their serial and get a new code for the new serial of C4D. Even if the plugin is $500 have it be perpetual, with them having to pay for updateted versions of the plugin. It's what C4D should have done with the subscription as an additional option. Don't be like MAXON. Be better.
  11. It's so shiny and pretty it looks like a really good render.
  12. No. They also don't have any good retopology tools. Blender does have something like that and also has good retopology with retopoflow. Retopoflow can be downloaded and used for free. Zbrush, and 3Dcoat are also some good options for things like that.
  13. Did you try the method I mentioned? Take one wing. Have it move fast. Render from so it is as flat as possible with motion blur. Stick that on the wings and play with the movement without motion blur till it looks good.
  14. For the wings render a single wing with some heavy duty motion blur till it looks right as a single frame. Next use that as the texture for the wings. It's works great and saves tons of time. It also will save time in the final render since motion blur won't be needed.
  15. If the eyes are black and white on different polys there is no need to bake to take it to a game engine. For something like the wool if you wanted to make that part all low poly and bake the geometry onto a normal or displacement map I'd say use 3DCoat. C4D does not have a tool that does that easily.
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