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  1. For anyone else having issues with this, a big shout-out to Dr. Sassi on Cineversity. Here's the solution: Click and hold, do not move. Now: Press CMD/CTRL Drag a rectangle. Let go of the mouse. Works here with Touchpad or Tablet.
  2. Just attached a sample file. I'm trying to de-select multiple keyframes in the timeline. CTRL + LeftMouse dragging doesn't work. I've tried about every key combination at this point. Can someone help? deselect.c4d
  3. Oh nice! Thanks man this works great!
  4. Oh sorry, it's set to Integer, then used Cycle for the Interface.
  5. How would I write the python if Track Name was set to None? I want them all to be disabled if it's on none. I defined None as 0;None in my data type.
  6. I think I got it using the Time data type! time = control[c4d.ID_USERDATA,1] # Time data type time_sec = c4d.BaseTime.Get(time) # Convert time into seconds Found this in the documentation: BaseTime.Get()
  7. Yeah, I was just trying to use the Time data type, as it just makes it easier to position on the timeline, but it's outputting that crazy value: <c4d.BaseTime object at 0x14b15b930>
  8. Instead of using a Float slider for the start time, how would you use just a Time data type? The console keeps throwing back this when I output the Time data type: <c4d.BaseTime object at 0x14b15b948>
  9. Wow, I feel dumb...didn't know there was a python tag haha! Yeah man this is a nice little setup! You've definitely got a lot more experience with this coding stuff than I do. Takes me a lot longer to get my head around. Thanks again!!
  10. Oh man Takes are awesome if you've got a scene that needs a bunch of animation. Before Takes, I would have to break my C4D project into several files. Now I can do it all within one file. Oh shoot, my bad, I didn't see the dropbox link! I'll take a look!
  11. Oh that’s interesting, thanks for sharing man! Maybe instead of having 15 different sound effectors, I could just have 1. Then have a select box to choose which one to play? Then yeah, could also output the filename if need be. What I find kind of frustrating is when working with the Take System. When creating a new Take, it doesn’t show the waveform in the timeline, and I have to go back to the Main Take to see it. At least having this system we’ve set up let’s ya adjust the Start Time when under child Takes. I think I’ve spent way too much time on this lol. It’s the perfectionist nature in me :/
  12. I simplified it a bit so that the python xpresso node references the object name it's attached to. It's working great now! I really just wish the Start Time was built into the Sound Effector, and I wouldn't have had to mess with all this hah!
  13. Ahhh okay haha no worries. Thanks a ton for your help anyway though man I really appreciate it!
  14. Do you know if there's a way with your xpresso node setup to output the name of the currently playing track (wherever the playhead is)? Example attached.
  15. I'm having trouble creating the same xpresso setup you've got :/ This was as far as I could get, and I don't even know if it's right haha. I think I should use timeline sound, because it helps to be able to scrub the timeline and hear it play back. Doesn't the sound node just play a sound when it gets to a specific frame (ie. no scrubbing)?



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