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  1. Yeah man! You're gonna need some more detail added to the TV. I did some really rough renders with Corona haha. I would highly suggest checking it out! If you have a decent understanding of Cinema 4D, then picking up Corona is a breeze. And it's free at the moment while in beta :) https://corona-renderer.com/ tv(matt).c4d
  2. I'd recommend using an HDRI to light the scene. That will give you some nice reflections on the screen. Also, do you have any experience with Corona renderer?
  3. mrittman

    Points to circle

    PolyCircle isn't available for R20 either :( I know it's still pretty early yet, so hopefully these will come soon!
  4. Yeah I'm hoping R20 brings the long awaited core update we've all been waiting for. I know we've got bits and pieces of it with Voronoi fracture, but hoping the new core gives us a more responsive viewport with more objects in the scene. It would also be nice if we didn't have to worry about priority anymore. Dealing with laggy animations can be frustrating. Improved boolean operations yielding better topology would also be lovely. Last, and certainly not least, as others have said... we really need an updated UV toolset. I'd be very surprised if all this came with R20, but if it did, I'd be in heaven
  5. Yeah, I can understand that would take a long time :( I didn't check, but do the seams still show up when you apply materials and in final renders?
  6. Looks like the object is actually split into 3 separate pieces. Unfortunately in this case, I don't see a quick and dirty solution. I tried the "optimize" command, but that only gets ya so far. You'd need to go in and manually clean up the geometry to get rid of the seams.
  7. Normal maps can be created right in Photoshop using an image: http://www.mattrittman.com/create-normal-map-photoshop/
  8. I recently purchased this 3D model from Turbosquid: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-gun-glock-19-gen-model/1096944. It was created in 3ds max and rendered with vray. It does include texture maps and I've tried my best to re-link everything in C4D. The artist included an FBX and OBJ, but they're both kind of funky. I'm thinking about opening the original file in 3ds max and re-exporting as a new FBX, but I don't think the textures would match up being rendered with Vray. I did get the model in C4D, but it seems some of the UV's are stretched a bit. I don't think the UVs of the model translate perfectly into C4D. Since 3ds max used Turbosmooth, and C4D uses SDS...there are some differences I think? I attached a couple example renders where you can see the stretching problem. Does anyone have any experience with this? I want to be able to edit the original geometry in C4D, while retaining the UV data. I am planning to get everything working with Corona renderer in the end, as it's such an easy to use render engine.
  9. Oh wow that is awesome!! Thank you so much for the very kind comments :) It's really encouraging to hear! Haha for some reason I thought the cylinder on that mesh was intentionally offset! Whoops! Thanks again, and I hope more people will be able to take part in these challenges in the future!
  10. Here you go!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/txg8cvewv8g6u1b/Protein Bottle.zip?dl=0
  11. Oh my goodness, I was looking for something to be posted in this thread lol. So sorry! Now I know where to post my finals. Will do this right away!
  12. Hey has the finals thread been created? Curious where to place the files. Thanks!
  13. Dude seriously, good start. I used a Boole and then cleaned it up quite a bit haha. That lid is a difficult shape to pull off. Especially all quads.
  14. Rerendered my final image. I created a bump map for the "Original Buchsteiner MixMaster" logo on the lid flap. I did use Corona, but in my defense it's a free renderer, so anyone can use it haha :P I tried to get the logo to be lighter, but Corona doesn't allow stacking of materials, so I wasn't able to apply it as a "decal" material.
  15. Yeah that mesh piece was challenging for me as well. Doing all quads is pretty difficult!
  16. Oh haha I gotcha. Wow I didn’t even think of doing a bump map lol.
  17. Wow, nice work man. Even did the words on it. That’s insane to me. I don’t now how ya’ll do that and keep it quads.
  18. Alrighty I think I'm finished with mine. I DID get it to all quads! This project took me WAY more time than I anticipated though lol.
  19. Thanks! I actually found a side view of the bottle and brought it into C4D and used that as a starting point. Started with a cylinder and just started adding detail from there.
  20. Thank you very much :) Yes, I am very curious to see how people are tackling this. Haha modeling a turd is very true lol



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