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  1. Thanks everyone! It was a fun project that was a borderline obsession over 4 days. So happy I finished it before the holiday last year :) Cheers
  2. Hey All, It's been a while since I've posted, mainly due to work being so nuts lately. Here's a breakdown I did of my 2016 Holiday animation. Hope you like :) Cheers, Andy ...and the original animation
  3. Holiday "Blast"

    Thank you all for the nice words! It was really fun to put together. The list of software goes something like this... C4D (all modeling, shaders, lighting, rendering and animation), 3DS Max, FumeFX, Pflow (for FX), X-Particles and After Effects.
  4. Hi All! Finished up my Holiday project I've been obsessing over...finally. Took about 4 days, but finally finished it up before work craziness kicked in. https://vimeo.com/194177192 Have a good Holiday everyone! Cheers, Andy
  5. Warcrow

    Thank you! Will have this in print for an album cover soon.
  6. Working on a revision of an older file I created for a medical animation. Cinema 4D 18, Octane, Photoshop and After Effects. Cheers! Andy https://vimeo.com/192712380
  7. Hello! Here's a recent illustration I was commissioned for using C4D 18 and Photoshop. Cheers, Andy
  8. Skullcandy

    Thanks! Just the C4D AR.
  9. The film has picked up quite a bit of laurels...and that comes as quite the surprise! I've been working on my second film now and hope it doesn't take as long. Ha!
  10. Hello! It's been a while since I've stopped by the Cafe. I hope everyone is doing well :) Things have been quite busy over the last year or so, but all good :) This is some work I did last week for Skullcandy. Cheers, Andy
  11. Rooted House

    Appreciate the feedback! Thank you :)
  12. Rooted House

    Hey, Attached is the model I built in C4D for the illustration. So everything else I did in Photoshop :) Cheers, Andy
  13. Rooted House

    Thanks everyone! Sure, I'll see if I can break down some layers.
  14. Hey All! I hope everyone had a nice New Year! Been quite busy around here, so figured I'd share a piece of the work that's been in progress. This is an illustration out of series I'm doing for my wife's Y.A. (young adult) fiction novel. Done in C4D and Photoshop. Cheers, Andy
  15. From my short film, Two Worlds! Happy Holidays from Snibb, L.O.I.D......and ME! Cheers, Andy www.twoworldsfilm.com