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  1. Very excited on this! Stoked to see what other new surprises may be looming in the near future.
  2. Hey Everyone :) Well, I'm not sure how I did it, but I finally finished my latest short film :) The production on this was much different than my last short film Two Worlds, as I faced a few different challenges. Regardless, it's finished and now I can sleep :) http://www.fatchancefilm.com Cheers, Andy
  3. Hi Everyone! So I'm back at. After my first short film Two Worlds and taking a much needed break, I'm currently finishing up my second film and hope to have it complete next month. I'm currently working with the composer to finalize music, work on a few comps and tidy up some FX stuff. I've had the teaser up for some time, but haven't really spread the word. I'll be hitting up the marketing over these next couple weeks. Anywho, this one's a bit more tongue in cheek humor with a good splash of fun! Cheers, Andy http://www.fatchancefilm.com
  4. Thanks everyone! I've been wanting to do an IG-88 piece for as long as I can remember. If time ever permits, I'd love to bring this guy into a short film or even a teaser. Cheers
  5. Hey Everyone, In my quest for controversy ;) I wanted to do another piece in my "Alternate Universe" series with IG-88. All modeling done in C4D (besides the 2 pieces against the wall at the bottom...bash kit). Shaders in Substance Painter and final comp/post in Photoshop. Cheers, Andy
  6. American Horror Story is great this season...love it!

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