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Hey, you need a renderfarm? If that's the case, make sure you check this topic for more info! 


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  3. New C4d R20 Cad imports

    Which file extension that SW uses?
  4. I can tell you its awesome! ;)
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  6. Wow, thanks for the share Joe, awesome stuff! :)

    UVs and BP are a little bit complicated and not so easy to change as you guys might think. But that doesn't mean MAXON forgot about those two topics. Some things just need time to shine. There are lots of factors you folks dont think about or know about, trust me on that.

    Congrats to MAXON and to us all! Another splendid release from MAXON! :) I am sure some of the folks will be pretty happy about it...
  9. Freehand Pen tool gone in R19?

    Sketch Tool should be the tool you seek. :)
  10. From now on, as long as you are C4D Cafe member, you can get a $50 cash coupon for C4D rendering from www.renderwow.com. Register now and contact us at support@renderwow.com to get the cash coupon for free. Besides, for 3ds Max rendering, from April 1st, we charge 50% discount of normal pricing as $0.02 / GHZ*Hour. Download the Software
  11. Walking into the MAXON headquarters on my first day, I am humbled by the opportunity to join such an amazing company with so many dedicated employees. I’ve been getting to know the founders over the past few months and have been struck by their passion – not only for the company, but for its employees, its products, and most especially its customers. The team here has been very welcoming, and I am truly excited to start this next chapter. One thing I have seen throughout my career is that nothing matters unless you embrace and learn from your customers. This is such a creative space – and the people in it continue to do things that are more amazing than we ever could have imagined when designing the tools they use. When you listen to and learn from your customers you can continue to help them amaze you, and in turn, your company will be successful. As I move forward in this role my plan is to continue prioritizing the needs of our customers to inform the strategy and direction for our products. To our customers – trust that I will be learning as much as possible in the upcoming months, and that I will listen to your posts, opinions, and feedback. I hope you will help me to understand all of the great things you do, so the MAXON team can continue to partner with you to create products that make your lives easier and even more creative. I know day one will be exciting and rewarding, as will the days to come, and I feel honored to become a part of the amazing extended MAXON family of employees, customers, and partners. I’m looking forward to meeting and learning from all of you. Dave https://www.maxon.net/de/news/maxon-blog/article/day-1/
  12. Hulk buster wip

    Very nice, great job. :) Keep up the good work...
  13. I am super excited about the new Cinema 4D R20. :) There will be lots of happy folks...
  14. hi,I bought td series before,now i want to buy the c4d fracture tutorial,what should i do?can i get it for 25EUR?

    1. Igor


      Please PM me! :)

  15. Signs

    Good idea, but first I need to stumble on one of these! :D