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  1. Hey Deadalus, welcome and enjoy staying and learning and sharing.
  2. Well, by everyone should be "scared" but reallity is not how is might seems. There are still people out there that cant work with Blender, not becasue of its features but becasue the way it works etc.. I am one of them, I tried many other apps, but simply cant force myself to switch. So, no one should really panic at this point, Cinema 4D is growing every year so, still nothing to be worry about.
  3. I will not copy paste this valuable resource, many times we had this question about where to find a list of all C4D Plugins, so I will just link it here as guy deserves some attention. So here is the list of many available Plugins for C4D: http://cine.wex.pl/C4D-F/C4D-1.htm
  4. @noseman is a Mac guy working with older systems. Can you you help us a bit here Noseman, any idea what might be an issue?
  5. It would be interesting to see would that same installer worked with another vesion of macOS. I am not sure could Metal be an issue from Mac side. Hard to tell really!
  6. I wish its on english, but even witouth it I can understand just with watching. Thanks for sharing, something I will definetly need in near future. By the way, what are you thought on the World Creator?
  7. OK, I'll check with Maxonians and see if I can find out for you. Also I would not hasitate to contact support.
  8. Hi Hana Can you please share a link from where you have downloaded R20? Ill check on my Catlina and try to figure out whats the issue.
  9. Gallery is really impressive!
  10. Good to have you here Andrew!
  11. Only issue with Catlina is that some software will not work due to security issues, other than that, I didn't stumble on anything else that breaks the system.
  12. Thanks for sharing this and reporting. Guys will appriciate for sure!
  13. Oh no, as a Mac user I am a villan? And also I am glad to see other content creators suppor eachother. Great example for eveyone else! Thank you guys!
  14. I am not sure are we able to help you due to not having Realflow plugins. Did you tried on their forums?
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