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  1. MAXONians just won an Oscar Award folks and we have a XMas party today to celebrate! https://www.oscars.org/news/9-scientific-and-technical-achievements-be-honored-academy-awards?fbclid=IwAR38kPbaP4BJiuW-853jcZpp53L4vIbpnscuuY_v79OMGhiXQ57eIbF6ACU
  2. Can you send me that file in PM? I will not share, but if there is a bug I need to report this to our devs!
  3. Can they send you any other file format?
  4. Folks, if you want you can now grab CactusDan plugins for free thanks to Insydium :)
  5. I am sorry to hear that. But I doubt I can tell you a fast fix. If this occurs so often, then this might be a bigger issue. The question would be on which side, I doubt its Cinema 4D alone.
  6. I feel sorry for the ragdolls but found it very funny, great job man. :D
  7. Igor

    Bodypaint - Detach Projection Plane

    Unfortunately, I think this is a bug so I will have to report it. BP is outdated and while it can be used, its not the best option out there.
  8. Nothing you can do here, it is what it is. Hopefully, MAXON will find a solution so everyone can use legit software as the price is a little bit too pricey for regular folks.
  9. Another tool you can use for this kind of task is 'Set Point Value' and then run Optimize command. A little workaround!
  10. Its a bug, I will report it and Devs already looking into it. Thanks once again! :)
  11. Igor

    How would you model this?

    3min of work and this would be one way to do it! If you don't need it to be super close up, you can go with this technique. swordHandle.c4d
  12. A nema tu bas puno pametovanja, dobre texture, koje mozes naci na Poliigon.com i HDRI mape, a s obzirom da nisam pretjerano radio sa RS, tu se moras sam snalazit. Mozda da probas Coronu!?
  13. Igor

    How would you model this?

    You can do it in a few ways, depends for what you need it?!
  14. I will look closely into this tomorrow while I am in the office, maybe Bezo is right, but regardless, something is fishy here.