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  1. Wheel of Tools

    Awesome man, I want this!!
  2. Missing Spline Types ?

    No judging here, Cerbera knows what he is saying, its a great advice, you should learn to find answers on your own, its a great skillset.
  3. Missing Spline Types ?

    Those can be found in Attribute manager once you make a Spline. P.S. you should really check some beginner tutorials on the YT or here on the Cafe i tutorial section. Not sure does @Cerbera covered something regarding beginner stuff.
  4. Missing Spline Types ?

    Ok, which splines do you missing there?
  5. Missing Spline Types ?

    Hi and welcome :) I am not sure but if you cant find Splines in Lite version, the reason might be that Lite version doesn't include them.
  6. Complicated Surface Geometry?

    This must be some sort of plugin or simply hardcore manual modeling of one side and simply copy them.
  7. Ill see with my team tomorrow if they know whats going on here. If you can share more info on it, scene file etc. it would be great. You can PM with the scene file and I can guarantee you this will stay with us. ;)
  8. Free C4D Tutorials and Rigs

    Very nice, thanks for sharing! You could also put this in the Blog section so its not lost once there are new topics.
  9. Thanks to the Cafe...

    I somehow missed this topic, but yea, well done community. Also thanks Jay, he actually shared with me some of his money to help me, so I am also grateful, thank you. :) Lets keep this community like this in the future...
  10. hi,i want to buy the c4d fracture tutorial,what should i do?ps.bought td series before.

  11. IG-88 "Dominate"

    Awesome stuff man, great job.
  12. Cannot Contact MAXON

    Folks if you have issues contacting Maxon please feel free to send me a PM and Ill let them know or my team depends on the issue.
  13. Well finally, it took us a while but we figured out, my colleague did actually. So what you need to do is simply check Auto Init. in the Mesh Deformer Attribute Manager and for the second step, make sure that settings of SDS is the same in the Attribute Manager (must be the same number for both) They are not allowed to be different when initializing MD because is connecting to level one and you are rendering to level 2. 1. Keep sds Levels the same 2. Auto Init 3. Initialize 4. Render
  14. Yep, its hard to tell from video whats going on.
  15. Hi and welcome :) Is it possible for you to upload a scene file here, or through Google Drive or Dropbox? It would be easier to decipher what could be the issue.