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  1. Hey, welcome, enjoy your stay and feel free to ask questions so we could discuss. Sharing some of your work would be nice too!
  2. Good to have you here Marco. Cant wait to see your work!
  3. I will try to find an answer, stay tuned!
  4. Welcome aboard buddy. Enjoy staying and dont forget to show some of your work.
  5. Welcome Elioitt, happy 3Ding, enjoy staying!
  6. Can you tell us exact reprosteps on what you have done prior to this issue. Alos, would be good to know your machine specs or OS.
  7. Igor


    Good job buddy, keep up the good work!
  8. Make sure your drivers are up to date. Which OS you are using? Can you share a scene file so I can test iit on my side and some reproducable steps from start to finish would be great.
  9. Yea, thats a bug, good catch! Ill take over bug report, thanks!
  10. Can you upload a scene file? Thanks
  11. It should be renewing automatically , so I am not sure whats the issue. Ill have to check once I have more time. Thanks for telling!
  12. Thats scary dude, good job! Which renderer did you use?
  13. This is indeed glorious!! Also, great for a reference!
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