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  1. Good move Maxon. Hope people will like it!
  2. Do you have new Bevel tool in R18? There is pretty nice trick with the Bevel tool where you Bevel a singe Point which should be right in the middle of the polygon, you put Depth to -100% and set as much subdivision points you need and you get result like this:
  3. As lons as you have fun doing things, then you know you are on the right track, so keep pushing.
  4. You can also add those detials with maps no necessarily with polygons!
  5. Thats really great. If you would rump up with the details of the buildings, scene would be even better. Other than that, no complaints, I really liked the newspaper detail, well done!
  6. Welcome dude, have fun learning!
  7. Welcome mate, enjoy staying just like you should enjoy learning.
  8. Hmm, thats interesting, not sure what could have cause this. I assume you have up to date drivers. Maybe deleting pref folder and restarting C4D would help. Really hard to tell, sorry! Beaing R20, maybe C4D its self has some issues with given hardware.
  9. Oh classicals, wonderfull. Some nice shares guys, awesome...thanks!
  10. Awesome shares folks. I am sold on Guy dude...my type of music too. Jay, LotR is also one of my favorites, like I said, with me it depends on the mood I am in. Music always served me to lift me up and LotR have special place in my heart. @Vizn thats to dark for me!
  11. Hey guys, I am curious to hear what kind of music you prefer when you working? For me it depends on a mood. At the moment I am stuck with amazing sound of orchestral music like To Zanarkand is something I cant simply get enough of. Its a journey when you listen this performance, amazing. Recently I also discovered studio Ghibli and their amazing soundtrack, So what about you folks, what drives you toward finish line and what keeps your cool in check when you have moments of doubts?
  12. Well, start with Googling MoGraph.
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