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  1. Igor, I'm going to be starting a learning expedition over on the CG MAXON forum - focused on Unity and c4d/Unity integration. I'd be happy to offer that here at the Cafe  at the same time. Is that something you and Hjorve would be interested in hosting? Perhaps there could be a sticky? It would start next Thursday night. (March 1). 

    1. Igor


      Of course, that would be great! :) You can also make a Club if you wish! :)

    2. Icecaveman


      Cool. I'll post the announcement today or tomorrow.  ::):

  2. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Folks new lesson available for download!
  3. This update introduces support for Metal 2 on Macs and greatly improves the application's overall performance. This service release improves the stability and performance of Cinema 4D and is recommended for all Release 19 users. New in SP2, among other things, is the support for Apple's API Metal 2 on Mac systems, which greatly improves the performance of Radeon ProRender. In addition to general improvements that affect almost all application areas in Cinema 4D, modeling and MoGraph features in particular will benefit from this service release. A complete overview of all improvements in SP2 can be found in the changelist (PDF). https://www.maxon.net/en/news/maxon-news/article/cinema-4d-service-release-19-sp2-available-immediately/
  4. Giveaway by RenderStorm Render Farm

    Yea, unfortunately, its only for US folks. :/
  5. Model Jewelry ?

    The biggest reason why I vouch for Maxwell is actually not only the realism that can provide folks. It's actually more than that. It gives so much more to your workflow. Just being able to export lights from Maxwell to Photoshop and then being able to play with them is an awesome feature, gives you so much more freedom for postproduction. And if you are familiar with photography in the real world, here you go another big plus. And having a library that is physically correct to its core, will save you tons of time adjusting parameters for which you don't know what the hell they are for.
  6. WIN A WORKSTATION! Designed for Powerful Media + Entertainment Creators CHANCE TO WIN!!! Retail Value $1,999 Win a RenderStorm Workstation including: -DUAL XEON Processors 32 core (hyperthreaded) @ 3.5GHz -64GB of ECC Memory -500GB SATAIII SSD -NVIDIA Graphics, Keyboard + Mouse, Windows 10 -SuperMicro Motherboard, Chassis and PSU (900W) -Commercial Grade Quality Components from SuperMicro, Intel and Samsung. Perfect for Content Creation, Rendering, Post Production or used as a Server. Our current pricing for this model is $1990.00. A Similar configuration with a Dell Mid Tower Server is over $4900.00! CLICK HERE TO WIN THE PRIZE! US REGION ONLY
  7. Model Jewelry ?

    If you want realism in your jewelry renders than Maxwell is your best friend. I created tons of renders with Maxwell for jewelry. You can check my gallery here!
  8. Zig Beta

    Hi Zigg this app looks very interesting. I already like what I see...maybe some of the Cafe members could get an beta access and try to do a mini project of our own for the Cafe? @Cerbera, @VECTOR what do you think? :) We always wanted to do something like this and now this could be are chance to show people its not impossible!
  9. Evolution of my renders

    Looks great if you ask me...good job! :)
  10. Crypto donations

    That would be great, but the question is do you know IPS software so you could do something bigger, like customizing gallery to be more useful? :)
  11. Enhanced Follow Spline

    The preview image is very small, could you upload something bigger? And thanks for the share!
  12. TD Master Section / Now Available

    You can grab new tutorial right here folks
  13. Need models will pay!

    @VECTOR & @Cerbera could split this if possible! :)
  14. R19 ProRender

    This topic could help if you guys want to use RPR!
  15. Send me the file and Ill see what I can do! :)