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  1. Definitely great start, good job. Now show us some wireframes!
  2. Thanks for sharing, one tip tho, I would also suggest that you update the cover icon to something more exciting.
  3. To create a new edge, you need to select 2 edges at least, and then you execute the command. Connect Points-Edges.mp4
  4. Select all of these edges and execute Connect Points / Edges command from the right click menu. After each execution you will always get new loop edges in the middle.
  5. Please update your Profile Information. And unfortunately I didn't fully understand what you are trying to accomplish, can you be a bit more precise? Do you need that smiley on a t-shrit or just extruded smiley face without t-shirt or something else?
  6. If I understood the issue correctly, you just need to add edges to support bends. Like this... Folder model_0001.c4d EDIT: Please update your Profile Information!
  7. Please try to uninstall Wacom drivers, delete Preference folder of C4D and try to do whatever you were doing when all other crashed happened.
  8. Unfortunately it could be that Maxon caused the issue for Wacom somewhere but in the end its up to Wacom to fix it. There is a slight chance at that time I had a different crash then you, so I cannot say with 100% we had the exactly same issue. But its definitely worth of asking Wacom folks.
  9. Its Wacom then for sure. I've read the Crash Log I managed to log and from experience, I still think its due to Wacom drivers.
  10. Can you upload the file! It will be easier to explain if we would have file.
  11. Material preview is always like that because its a preview of particular material, also material previews are always under the same light setup. What you can change inside material previews are objects. If you click right mouse button on the material preview inside Material Editor, then you will see some options, I would suggest to play around with those for few minutes and see what can be different, explore a bit.
  12. I need to add that while there is nothing to reflect, it actually reflecting the darkness around which is mostly above the sphere and on sides, which is clearly visible on the reflection.


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