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  1. Yea it would be wise to try other versions of Cinema, because that would give the notion that there is indeed something wrong with R19.053.
  2. Zbrush 2018

    By the way, if someone want to see another version of presentation its so much funnier! :D
  3. Zbrush 2018

    Yea, indeed, but for me, biggest issue it that navigation thing, I really don't get it why is still there when all other app using pretty much standard navigation with few exceptions. I cannot believe that they can't incorporate another navigation at least as an option beside standard ZB navigation.
  4. Realflow

    Good for the first project. Keep going and adding to quality! :)
  5. Kong: Skull Island...

    Insane and impressive to see...
  6. Zbrush 2018

    I really wonder will they ever introduce few navigation solutions! Other than that, awesome as always...
  7. Invisible spline Points

    Can you at least upload a scene file?
  8. Invisible spline Points

    Some screenshot or video would be nice to have. Could be just one of those quirks when things just starts to acting up without no good reason. :) So, maybe try to delete preference folder, or install fresh graphic drivers.
  9. Leaving C4D-Land.

    No one is making fun of Houdini, there is nothing funny in it, its a powerful tool but not for everyone and like million times said, every 3D app has its own pros and cons. And in the future, that gap will be smaller and smaller, simply because every app aims for being the best. No matter how good one app is, some people will simply prefer one over the other, no matter what, that's just the reality.
  10. How to scale Mixamo characters?

    Hi and welcome! :) Change from Model to Object mode and that should do the trick!
  11. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Not at all, haha...what a tedious approach to modeling. No future in that approach!!
  12. Welcome Eric, good to have you here. We need more members like you! ;) We are partying always here, except when new Cinema 4D is released, then topics goes bollocks and heated to the max!
  13. TD Master Section / Now Available

    If you need lessons ASAP just let me know in the PM, but I will deal with that issue starting from tomorrow. Basically we are going to have just one download link with all lessons included.
  14. Rendering Problems

    Use new Camera object or lower down your Shutter Speed in Camera Attribute Manager under Physical Tab! And with Physical renderer in Render settings use presets for rendering.
  15. That must be due to topology flow and SDS. Did you apply texture to the same material?