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  1. Yea, crazy how tehnology goes forward with high speeds. And the future is definetly more than interesting.
  2. Why not checking Content Browser from Cinema 4D? There are plenty of scenes and models etc. to inspect!
  3. Thank you Cairyn, that was interesting to read. Ill pass this information to my team...much appriciated!
  4. If would be great if you could investigate a bit more, it would help us for sure!
  5. Your mesh is not properly connected. Just go to Point mode, select all Points and execute Optimize command.
  6. Are you looking for light setups or 3d models?
  7. For start, deleting prefs and updating graphics drivers should resolve issue like those.
  8. Why not sharing it on C4D Cafe?
  9. What can you do, seems like a bussines model of the future...I have SP on Steam, hopefully it will not diappear from mu accoount!
  10. Unfortunately we had to delete almost everything as this database was so outdated and we had too many issues.
  11. Unfortunately not anymore. Due to outdated database I had to delete everything. But maybe Nigel have it still on Vimeo, @3DKiwi?
  12. Yea, Cinema 4D is not the best in that area yet. Maybe Blender? But if you looking for tutorials, just search Cinema 4D UV and I am sure youll find few of nice tutorials.
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