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  1. Igor

    Free Storyboard App

    Thanks for sharing, looks nice! :)
  2. Igor

    Model breaks in render

    Can you upload a scene file for closer inspection? And how that logo needs to look like?
  3. Igor

    Solving a ball

    The best solution for things like that is always to use as fewer polygons as possible, that's all. :)
  4. Igor

    Solving a ball

    How about this? ball2.c4d
  5. Igor

    Node based materials repository

    Awesome topic, keep them coming!
  6. Igor

    Volume Menu is gone

    Can you find the "Volume Builder" in the commander by pressing SHIFT-C?
  7. Igor

    project search path pop up R20

    I think he is asking for this
  8. Igor

    free spline rig script

    Great, thanks for sharing! :)
  9. Igor

    Fill boolean holes as an object

    Hi and welcome can you please upload the scene file?
  10. Igor

    C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    Thanks for the nice words. Please check your email for Dropbox download link. :)
  11. If someone wanna know, I will be there probably. :)
  12. We’re having a very special user meeting to celebrate two important birthdays – Cinema 4D Release 20 and 10 years of user meetings! November 1 + 2, 2018 need to be reserved on the calendar of all Cinema 4D users and artists from the creative industry: instead of the usual “small” user meetings, this year we’re inviting you to the Cinema 4D SuperMeet at the Gesellschaftshaus in the Palmengarten in Frankfurt, Germany. In a very special atmosphere we will offer visitors high-end 3D in all its facets. Don’t miss these highlights: Presentations from over 15 internationally-known speakers, including Jeremy Cox (ex-Imaginary Forces), Michael John Day (ManvsMachine), Danny Ivan and Raphael Rau Workshops with experienced professionals who will offer insights into their workflows with Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop and other tools – including tips and tricks Take your career to the next level in the recruiting area with veterans from top companies or with a portfolio check with value tips from experienced artists Enjoy our entertainment area with the newest gadgets such as VR installations, gaming apps, laser cutter, 3D printers and much more DevKitchen for plug-in developers with special presentations all about APIs, Python and the chance to network with the MAXON SDK Team Network with speakers, colleagues, friends and new acquaintances Huge Get-together party on Thursday evening ... More on https://www.maxon.net/en/event-sites/supermeet-2018/
  13. Well, it's hard to help here simply because it's mostly up to you and your senses/skills for things like that. Its super easy to model but you need a personal touch to make it right. Best approach for this would be practice, practice, practice. R20 has a new feature called OpenVDBs which could be a potentially great tool for things like that. It's really up to you!
  14. Igor

    Charging Clients

    True to that...just keep working and meeting people, be grateful, humble, try to help when you can, try not to have too much ego toward your work and you will get there, where ever you want to be. ;)
  15. Igor

    Charging Clients

    Well, same story here. Only thing is that I join C4D Cafe 10y ago and now I am managin it, also working for MAXON and doing 3D freelancing! ;)