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  1. Considering Arnold Render Engine

    If you stumble on @Glenster PR work, you will realize that PR is capable to fulfill some of your needs, but I think its not fully ready for animations.
  2. Considering Arnold Render Engine

    Why not try Octane or Redshift? Also, I am suggesting you to check this thread
  3. Changing Forum Colors?

    Probably it's your screen that makes it too dark. I checked on many monitors and mobile phones and things were clear on every single device, so I really don't know what would cause issues for you. Second thing is that having two themes is simply too much work to updated them, so while you are on the white theme, have in mind it's not meant to be used as default, so it's not customized properly.
  4. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Guys, a new lesson is available for download! Enjoy
  5. CLASS 11 - EKG Rig Summary: Building an EKG screen pulse with Xpresso Duration: 10min File Size: 56 MB
  6. hair options - are there any?

    @Rectro is a man for hair solutions...let's hope he can help! :)
  7. 5 years of C4D experience

    Five by five and you will eventually get where you headed! :D
  8. R19 Short

    Great job Josh, great job, thanks for sharing! :)
  9. Club feedback thread

    We need to think about how to engage members more into discussions like this. I am sad to see things like this...where only one member comment and give feedback and you give you free time and will to help, this is heartbreaking .
  10. Working on it, thanks for letting us know. But please next time use PM because sometimes I can miss a topic and you then get a wrong impression. :)
  11. Redshift / Renderstorm Giveaway Promo

    Guys, we have a winner and the winner is Chih Ming Lin based out of Canada. Congrats!
  12. M_Global_Popup v16 and 18

    Not sure how to enable that, but on my end its working just fine.
  13. Thinfilm / bubble shader

    That's impressive, thanks for sharing.
  14. Class 10 - Concertina Rig Summary: Creating an procedural automated Concertina rig with adaptive compression and dynamic link count using Xpresso & Python Size 120 Mb Duration : 20 min
  15. Redshift / Renderstorm Giveaway Promo

    I'll let you know soon... :)