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  1. Thats awesome...and how do you achieve this?
  2. And what exactly is going on here? I never saw something like this, where is that topic?
  3. We are definetly looking into improvimng all aspects of UV editing etc. We are well aware of current limitations and problems!
  4. Which doesnt mean we are not gonna tackle it or that we are not tackling it already. I am just saying how things are atm, but its going to change in the future.
  5. This one is interesting...now the thing is, anything you find in R21 as a bug, its good to check first in R20 to see is it something that was already in or it was new. Very important to know! Also, good practice is to have as less text as possible, otherwise, use video descriptions, going trough lots of text for every bug would not really be efficiant. Also, for some bugs, some reproducable steps. Its very important to be able to reproduce bug easly!
  6. Ah guys, its not that easy...its easy to say just do this or that and your good, we wish is like that. Code is very old, things are not straight forward, there is much more into it then it meets the eye!
  7. We could Pin something like this in Resource part of the forums!
  8. You need to merge instead of opening the file. Simply open your new scene.c4d and merge anything you need and default settings will not be overwritten.
  9. Great list, maybe we can create something similar on C4D Cafe if people are interested!
  10. I think it will be available on YouTube later. Ill put video here if thats the case!
  11. Prepare to dive deep into this Silent Hill made homage by Wiktor Öhman. This livestream will be a follow-up to the 12 minute breakdown published earlier this week: Stream will go live trough C4D Cafe at the top of this topic!
  12. Hey folks, its IBC 2019 time. A lot of good presenters so enjoy the show and keep discussions polite! FRIDAY 13.9 / SCHEDULE: 11:00am "What’s New in Cinema 4D Release 21" with Glenn Frey - Maxon 12:00pm "Cinema 4D Characters in Television / Ornatrix Hair Plugin Sneak Peak" with Can Erduman - Freelance 1:00pm "YETI’s footprint with C4D" with Tony Zagoraios & Thanos Kagkalos - YETI Pictures 2:00pm "Abstract Art with C4D" with Nidia Dias - NidiaDias.com 3:00pm "Visualising a Brand with Cinema 4D" with Andy Needham - imcalledandy Ltd 4:00pm "Digital Fashion for the 3D Artist" with Amin Farah - TheBlackLab Studio 5:00pm "Steampunk Meets the Neoclassical" with Sophia Kyriacou - Sophia Kyriacou and BBC http://www.c4dlive.com Unfortunately there is no YouTube stream so we cannot stream it from C4D Cafe directly! Thanks

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