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  1. Thanks for the feedback, but can oyu be a bit more precises, I am not sure I get what you say, sorry.
  2. Ok Ill change the color, but I dont know if I can remove them or stop them from displaying. Either we remove them completely or they stay. 20 is too much, we need to think about ADs too, so...Ill put that number to 12.
  3. Let me know if this happens again. Yesterday we had a lot of background processes running so today performance could and should be better. Sometimes it could be server issue, so I would not expect perfect performance all the time. I put number of posts in topic from 6 to 8 now. Hope that better!
  4. Thanks Daniel and don’t worry I don’t see things as complaint when some of you sharing feedback. If you didn’t “complain” we would still have bad performance so thanks a lot for your time and everyone else’s. Number of posts is on me, I have changed that when I was trying sidebar info panel inside topics. I will revert that as I decided that horizontal panel below 1st post looks better. Again, thanks for pointing out that. Also, I tried bigger fonts but they seemed to big, so hopefully this is fine with majority of members.
  5. It would be great if you could share a file for closer inspection.
  6. In this tutorial you will learn how to render properly with Redshift, using the good settings to have fastest renderer possible.
  7. IPS upgrade finally done! :cowboypistol:

  8. Thank you guys so much. Its amazing to read these post, as I tend to forget all of that for some reason. And of course thanks Maxon and Dave for helping out.
  9. If you didn't know, you can upload gif in the gallery album.
  10. @Cerbera It should be safe to switch to Dark theme now. I think I covered everything in terms of color. Few things left here and there but majority stuff is as it should be.
  11. Not sure how I missed your reply. No biggie, I am glad I can share your animation, which are always brilliant.
  12. Its coming, just not today, probably tomorrow over the day.
  13. Thats great to hear, thanks guys and really sorry for the all the fus.
  14. Igor


    Great work man, I like the render style a lot.
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