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  1. Ah, I dont think many people use Arnold here, did you try on Arnold forums or maybe search it on YouTube? There must be some info about it!
  2. Well, I can assure you if that happens then thats the case. If you use clean Cinema 4D like I do, you will rearly crash it. And I am doing this now for year, not using a single plugin while working with Cinema 4D. Of course, sometimes you really need one, but again, argument stands, in majority of cases its not C4D fault. :)
  3. This is a nice, god job. I saw a lot of these things through years. Its amazing what you can do with it.
  4. Igor


    Snoop Dog part...epic! Video is great. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Great stuff folks. jay, I had one friend in Croatia that had all sort of spiders and snakes in his room, plus one chameleon. If you guys love nature, please watch One Strange rock on netflix and thanks me later. Best documentary ever and I watched many of them. Its about mother earth and life in general etc.. amazing show!
  6. If I am not wrong, you need to navigate to 'Open with' in the right click menu of the .c4d file. Then simply navigate to R20 .exe file.
  7. Play with the the Maximum Angle value of Extrude tool in Attribute Manager, it should fix your problem! :)
  8. Good job and congrats. Animation is great, keep up the good work mate! :)
  9. This software https://quixel.com/mixer and its library are your friends! :)
  10. Igor

    VR Sculpting...

    New way off doing body exercises for 3D artists. :D
  11. And no one is doubting that it should be like that! :)
  12. I would not suggest using tris and ngons on the objects that need to be animated or smoothed. Like I said, on plane surfaces, its ok, you can go with it if in renders everything looks fine, otherwise, dont do it, go with quad religion. ;)
  13. Jay don't assume that because in my case, my relationship with the client is much more than you might think. And when we work together we know exactly what we can do and how we can do it. So if I can afford to not spend so much time on topology and hunting everything to be quads it will save me time, frustrations and his money. So once again, please stop with the all quad religion when it's simply fine in some cases to have both triangles and NGons and that is simply a fact. What I was seeing through my freelance years put all the quad religion to shame. Now, if you want your client to be impressed then go for it, of course. It's good to impress your first time client. ;)
  14. I will just add that triangles and ngons are just fine in some situations and they are not evil and can be your friend, especially if you are tight on the deadline and project permits a bit of ugly mesh. Basically, as long as you have a flat surface, triangles and ngons are in most cases just fine.



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