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  1. New update new issues. Unfortunately that's the case with the software we use. Some things are simply not in our power.
  2. Can you upload the scene file? Its hard to tell like this. Usually if Normal Map not working, then UVs arent good!
  3. That's just sick man.
  4. Damn, sounds legit.
  5. BTW folks, anything you want to know is on the Maxon Web page linked in the first post. So please read that before hate starts. I already see on FB some people are angry due to not reading the whole news.
  6. Why do you think this is going to happen? Its clearly said this will not be the case. :)
  7. Something this big never happened before as far as I know. :)
  8. Dave is very cool and grounded guy, he never talked with any of us at Maxon with a bossy attitude. We truly believe he is capable to lead is in a better future.
  9. Dear Cinema 4D Community, we are thrilled to announce @Maxon3D has acquired @Redshift3D - cutting-edge GPU rendering which has quickly become an indispensable rendering solution for #Cinema4D artists and the entire creative community. Feel free to use this topic to discuss Maxon NAB 2019 presentation. I think it will be heated here very soon. MORE AT MAXON WEB
  10. @Hrvoje should know more about this one. Could be a bug!
  11. You should be able to reset any value with RMC. There are issues with consistency in Cinema 4D so unfortunately not all values could be reseted in that way, but I think the majority still can be.
  12. What's the point of your post exactly? Hrvoje just shared 258 videos on YouTube for free for which he worked his ass off and this is your conclusion? Not to mention other things! Maybe I missed the point of your post, I dont know., please next time be more specific.
  13. Unfortunately it's not up to us, we can only wait and hope for something better.
  14. Igor

    Will work for free

    Sorry to hear that man, USA is a tough expensive market.



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