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  1. Hey folks, seems that Maxon is getting ready for the world tour! 3D DESIGN + MOTION TOUR HITS 26 CITIES WORLDWIDE
  2. Hi, can you upload you scene file? This is probably due to wron projection of the UVs but I can only be sure by checking the scene file.
  3. This one is good one and a tough one...I wish I have an answer here. But maybe this is possible to create with the polygonal mesh and OpenVDBs, but I would really need to think about this one...
  4. Yes we had something like that for the folks who would just come in and JUST advertise and they dont give nothing in return, not even posting to help others. We were allowing advertising of only free stuff thats it. If something like this would be interesting for you guys. Then we would defintely support it as much as we can with the setup we have now as we decided to give all the attention to those who deserve it. Just like you guys giving your time in developing plugins and expecting something in return its the same for us, becasue running forums have a cost and we defintely dont earn money here and we have a little support from members...etc.
  5. I am not 100% sure, but I think alembic is supose to work like that. If I am not wrong you cannot edit files once imported from Alembic, it serves just like a container/catch for already made animation. Check some more info about it here: https://help.maxon.net/us/#50804?highlight=alembic
  6. Vote given. Nice initiative, hopefully it will go serious. It would be interesting to know, would devs who visits C4D Cafe get together and try to make something bigger for C4D in terms of plugins.
  7. Thanks for sharing Dan, RS 3.0 really seems to be promising.
  8. Hey folks, here is the list of new Modo 13.1 enhancements. https://thefoundry.s3.amazonaws.com/products/modo/13.1v1/Modo13.1v1_ReleaseNotes.pdf What do you think? Nothing revolutionary on their side too as it seems.
  9. This tutorials is very very nice...thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks Jed for sharing,. thats awesome...if you want to share tutorials on C4D Cafe, let me know. :)
  11. Yea, Cycles 4D is great. I managed to create realistic material with one node and results are great.

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