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  1. Igor

    What is this... :O

    I can teLl you for sure, that's not the case.
  2. OMG what could this be?
  3. There is experimental build on their page, but I am not sure are you having access to it!
  4. From what I am seeing now is that you are not using correct Node, you should use Light node, make a search trough search commander in Nodes Manager and you should be fine once you connect this node to Emission input! Try!!!
  5. Google Drive, Dropbox or Wetransfer are valid if you need to share bigger things. Well if you want Cell render, then you need Cel Render from Effects menu in render settings! Maybe I am missing something, can you share a link of the tutorial so I can see what exactly you want to achomplish!?
  6. Well, first thing I noticed is that you didnt upload the same scene, then I noticed, in the scene you uploaded, Node materials are not set correctly. As soon as I set up Node a bit different, I start to see render.
  7. One thing you can do is to report this to Maxon or uploading the scene here so we can investigate!
  8. Thanks, but I just noticed I am missing some plugins. I have no Corona, but Ill see if I know anyone that could help you. It must be some of the setting inside materials or a render settingsl, really hard to tell like this. Ill see what I can do...sorry!
  9. You know you can use Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer to share stuff!?
  10. Unfortunately no, cuz link you shared doesnt lead to the texture and I didnt have time to search for it not knowing which one is used! But if you follow my instructions, then I will be able to look at it! Save Project with Asset, zip created folder, upload it here!
  11. Have you enabled mesh checker in Attributes Manager, under Modeling settings?
  12. Please save scene file with 'Save Project with Asset' , its missing textures!
  13. Here is one more farm to check! https://www.ranchcomputing.com/black-friday?utm_source=banner1310x165&utm_medium=c4dcafe&utm_campaign=Black_Friday_1
  14. I cant really help you with this, not my area of expertise, but I am loving the turkey!
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