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About Me

My love for 3D does not come from place where I live, but mostly from playing games as a kid. I always admired the work needed to be put in something like games or movies. I am still casual gamer and I still love to watch some great movies with special effects. It's pretty amazing how far we've come with technology.


I also loved recreational sport like biking, basketball, running, street workout etc...there is nothing better than relaxing after work by working out in nature. But then, my J-Puch life started last year when surgery has to be done and now, I am enoying and learning how to program and how to make scripts, plugins in Cinema 4D!

I specialized in hard surface modeling and asset creations as modeling is something I enjoy the most. Also, I realized I have passion for programing to, hopefully my willingnes to learn can bring me more than just printing "Hello World"! 🙂


Nowdays, I am just a C4D Cafe Manager, Maxon QA Specialist, 3D Artist , boyfriend and Cinema 4D "enthusiasts"! 🖖

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