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  1. Radeon ProRenderer Tips
    ProRender Tips
    Hello Folks
    Here are some ProRender quicktips. 
    Some are basic GPU Pathtracer workflow topics, others are prorender c4d related:

    1.  Dont use the color channel within shaders. instead use the pbr material where all shading happens within the reflectance channel. 
    other effects like luminance and bump can still happen outside of the reflectance channel. Why ? this leads to less noise in your images. Thus faster rendering.

    2.  Smaller Iteration Refresh Intervals lead to longer render times and vice versa in the OFFLINE Picture Viewer / Final Result Render. So if you want to have a faster render time in the Picture Viewer
    use bigger values. Or use the option Never

    3.  dont use small light sources ( hard to calculate for a pathtracer and creates  hotpixels )

    4.  the renderer is best suited for an exterior scenes or common scene with a sky like product visualization scenes. 
    indoors are slower but can be made faster by using GI Portals on windows ( Option in the Shader ).

    5.  prorender supports the compositing tag partly ( no inclusions or exclusions )

    6. the  firefly threshold kills hotpixels, but also looses detail when set too sensitive. Lower = more sensitive.

    7.  Radiance clamp clamps the brightest allowed pixels in your scene of all sources. prevents some hotpixels.

    8.  adjust the ray epsilon value accordingly to the scale of your scene. 1 mm can be too big for still life pictures where for example
    a glass has a contact with the table.

    9.  more than 1 gpu for the viewport preview can be slower. So try to use only the recommended one.

    10. AA samples influences render speed a lot. In many cases even the most.

    11.  big textures / hdrs can quickly fill up your vram thus this would lead to an error and the scene wont render.
    This is of course hardware dependant.

    12. dont use perfect sharp reflections. give always a little bit of roughness ( prevents hotpixels )

    13.  dont make lights or luminance planes too bright if u dont need to. instead play with their size.

    14.  dont use too low tessellation for your geometry otherwise shading will have artefacts.

    15.  tonemapping works only if 32 bit is turned on in the output settings. Its also working with the Live Preview in the Viewport

    16. The Exposure and Shutter Speed is set in the Tone Mapping Photo Linear, not in the Camera itself !

    17. Camera DOF is controlled in the Camera by FSTOP

    18. The most usefull tonemappnig modes are Photo Linear and Reinhard

    19. make sure your geometry has correct facing normals. prorender is sensitive to this.

    20.  for realism try always to use IES or Area lights. Especialyl the PBR Light which is a modificated Area Light.

    21. Some Shaders are baked for ProRenderer others are GPU Native calculated like the Gradient Shader or Noise Shader

    22. The noise shader in the Bump Channel is also baked

    23.  you control the resolution of shaders through the Default Texture Resolution Values in the Render settings 
    or within each shader with an override ( shader baking )

    24.  you can force a shader baking native gpu computed shaders like gradients by putting it into a shader like Layer Shader

    25.  to match the ogl viewport with prorender you need:
    - display mode Gouraud Shading ( Displays Area light Reflections ) or Quick Shading
    - a sky object with a shader on it 
    - if  you need light use the pbr light

    26. ProRender supports the most widely used Sphericla Camera modes.

    27. Options that Prorender doesnt support will be grayed out.



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