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  1. And seamlessly switch keyboard and mouse from one to another.
  2. Flow feature is your friend, you can copy anything from one to another and vice versa.
  3. Only thing you need is New Logitech MX Series Mouse and keyboard and you are good. I am using that setup for my Mac and windows machine and it cannot get better than that. Flow feature is amazing.
  4. I created one path Spline and then addad another Cubic splinle to follow that path. You can create any kind of shapre to follow a spline.
  5. By reducing number of polygons, light sorces etc.
  6. How did you optimize your scene? As far as I know, that plays the role when rendering with Standard or Physical, but I might be wrong. I didnt use them in a long time. Also altering Anti Aliasing or resolution can also help you. If you are using Global Illumination, Samples are also something you can adjust and optimize to suits your scene. There are many things you can do I guess, but really depends on the scene and how much you can optimize.
  7. You are most welcome. If you separate those Splines then you can alter them one by one choosing timings that suits you etc. Try and see how it goes. Dont forget to share results!
  8. Well, scene file would help, otherwise we can only guess and thats pretty much waste of time.
  9. @Rectro do you know anything about this issue? Sound very strange! I will have to dig it a bit more!
  10. WHat about using Sweep instead of Extrude and Spline Masks? You can esly animate Sweep to get the same effect you want, at least if I am getting right your idea! To animate Sweep generator just look at Attribute Manager and try altering Start & End growth! Big R_0002.c4d
  11. @srek might know this one...
  12. No worries and good luck, I hope this helps. If so, let us know so we can mark topic as SOLVED, so that other users may have some benefit from it.
  13. Sharing that Spline would be of much help for those who can help you. So if you can, please share a file!
  14. If you cant share a file here, send me one in PM. I can promise your file is safe with us. If you cannot share I am not able to check where the issue lies! Thanks
  15. I tottaly agree and thanks for nice words, I am sure Hrvoje loves to hear those.
  16. Long story for witch we are trying to find solutions. After the Cafe update we will see what we can do.
  17. Probably removed unintentionally, we will fix that, we have a lot coming up so be a bit patient. Thanks for the info.
  18. @kikomesh please for the next time use Google Drive or Dropbox for sharing files if they are to big for our uploading manager. Thanks
  19. I will join to say Welcome as Jay. Now having developer here is great. Can you tell us what is your goal? And no need to appologise for not knowing english, you gonna learn and get better I am sure, but you need to force yourself to learn it. For example what I have done is I would always use english no matter what platform, game etc. While being Croat, I forced myself to be better in english by having english all around me.
  20. This is really awesome, nice job Jed. Keep them coming, its always interesting to see what you have to show and share. I would like to see those shared on the Market, just so they are not forgoten and burried inside forums.
  21. Great, I am glad to hear you find a solution.
  22. Thank you my friend for jumping in. Good to know, otherwise I would gone mad due to this issue!
  23. I need to give up for today, my brain cannot think anymore. SO try this tutorial and Ill get back to this tomorrow. Hopefully it can help you!
  24. Ok, that make sense. Let me try again. Like I said, this is not my expertise, but lets try to solve this.
  25. Ok when I looked a bit better, all good, no need to upload anything. Now, if I understood correclty from the video, you need the plane to be static just as the side walk, right? You are having trouble with moving background?

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