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  1. I will try to find an answer, stay tuned!
  2. Welcome aboard buddy. Enjoy staying and dont forget to show some of your work.
  3. Welcome Elioitt, happy 3Ding, enjoy staying!
  4. Can you tell us exact reprosteps on what you have done prior to this issue. Alos, would be good to know your machine specs or OS.
  5. Igor


    Good job buddy, keep up the good work!
  6. Make sure your drivers are up to date. Which OS you are using? Can you share a scene file so I can test iit on my side and some reproducable steps from start to finish would be great.
  7. Yea, thats a bug, good catch! Ill take over bug report, thanks!
  8. Can you upload a scene file? Thanks
  9. It should be renewing automatically , so I am not sure whats the issue. Ill have to check once I have more time. Thanks for telling!
  10. Thats scary dude, good job! Which renderer did you use?
  11. This is indeed glorious!! Also, great for a reference!
  12. Hey buddy, this is all know and we are looking into this and have some possible solutions for the problems which are not always a problem, just change in behavior. It is hard to create something to respect every single user case scenario.
  13. Welcome mate, have fun and dont forget to share what have you done so far!
  14. I think its time to stepup your game a bit with new renderer!
  15. Hi Dexter and welcome. Enjoy staying! Also, if you are a student you should definetly check latest and greatest C4D version, S22. Best to visit Maxon site and check from there!
  16. Some kind of scene would be very useful to me prior to export, can you recreate and upload please? It gonna save me a lot of time...
  17. Can you tell me what language and keyboard you have. Becasue I am not even sure how do you use this shorcut when for me its so unreachable and to get it I need to press Shift too...so, what kind of magic you are using there?
  18. No need to be embaressed my friend. There is always multiple ways of doing things in most cases. Deck just showed you another one, so only thing thats important here is that you learned something new today!
  19. Usually something like this, would do the job! Ball_0001.c4d
  20. In general Cinema 4D can handle polygon count better than object count.
  21. I wish I can understand all of it, but I cannot!
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