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  1. You should be able to reset any value with RMC. There are issues with consistency in Cinema 4D so unfortunately not all values could be reseted in that way, but I think the majority still can be.
  2. What's the point of your post exactly? Hrvoje just shared 258 videos on YouTube for free for which he worked his ass off and this is your conclusion? Not to mention other things! Maybe I missed the point of your post, I dont know., please next time be more specific.
  3. Unfortunately it's not up to us, we can only wait and hope for something better.
  4. Igor

    Will work for free

    Sorry to hear that man, USA is a tough expensive market.
  5. Yea, we will make a lots of cleanup in coming months. We have been busy past few months but we will get there eventually.
  6. This is known problem folks and already reported, but thanks for reporting! :)
  7. That looks good man, congrats! :)
  8. UPDATE 05: Interior Lab Scene -> In the first post of this topic. Sorry for the longer wait this time. We had to deal with some issues, but now that we overcome them, we are ready for new ones!
  9. I didn't know you can do that. I don't usually use Discord. I'll look into it, thanks.
  10. Thanks, I will be uploading our progress soon! :)
  11. Yea, looks nice...good job. Maybe use DoF so that background isnt so visible!
  12. Hi Duca, yes, I'll contact you on FB. :)
  13. Hey man, we had a meeting yesterday and soon we will have more to share. We decided where we want to go with the style and everything, so in the next days, we will have concept art for the interior, main character etc.. So modeling should start very soon. I see you are the only one with the suggestions so I will share with your Google Drive account and you can follow our work there in more detail, sounds good? :)
  14. Hi Rob we are more than happy to have you, but for now we are not going to do animation. First, we need to set a good workflow and then we can talk about something more complex. So far we are doing great, hopefully, if we continue like this, I don't doubt we will succeed! :) Welcome to the team! Cheers
  15. UPDATE 04: Crazy Scientist Body WiP -> In the first post of this topic.
  16. I dont know what to think.
  17. Oh sorry, I just saw your reply. And yes, no money involved, so yes you can join.
  18. Hey, thanks for the comments but this is just the first iteration of the main character and he is not going to be old, but different and young actually. We are planning on the second character on which we still didn't decide but female suggestion with a little bit of twist sound like a good idea (nothing sexual will happen here, but more unique I would say so).
  19. UPDATE 03 -> In the first post of this topic. Hopefully you will like it as we do. :)
  20. Just one question to everyone, how will you learn any 3D if you don't commit to actual learning? This is nothing different, the only difference is that we work as a team and sometimes if you want to succeed in 3D, you will have to commit to something. Actually that's good and you will have a chance to contribute here, we will make things open source and everyone will be able to do something if they want. But that doesnt meen that we will use any props you or others create.
  21. To join, send me an email (vpteamigor(AT)gmail.com) with your name, things you would like to learn and brief info in which area you excel, you can put a number from 1-5 Example: Name: Igor Area of expertise: Texturing 4, Rendering 3 I would like to learn: Modeling
  22. You could do it through Search, for any other way I need to do research by myself, have no idea. Don't worry you didn't sold your soul to the devil, only one sentence was changed. ;)
  23. It's just one time thing. We had to change it a bit.



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