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  1. Bmx

    Awesome style Vector, really great, good job once again! :)
  2. I didn't notice, not sure what are you talking about!
  3. Guys, please any new idea you have, post it in TDMSC forum. :)
  4. Great, please make sure if you ever find out those settings, to share them with us. That will be very helpful for many members here.
  5. Oh, Keyshot, nice! :)
  6. Good job man, looks great!
  7. Hey BLSmith unfortunately model is very bad, can you at least send me a PM with that part of a model to try and solve this? Another thing that is on my mind and that could help is you need normal tag and you get that from export I guess. Try some other exporting options and try to get normal tag to be included once import is done. Not sure how to explain this! Try these settings when importing Actual wireframe look, alos messy from import, but with proper Normal tag, this problem is solved P.S. my name is Igor actually, not SIgor. :) S stand for the first letter of my surname.
  8. Thanks for the sharing. This might be useful.
  9. Ok, I am on it! :) Thanks!
  10. Something like this?
  11. Ok guys, TDMSC is now better organized and those who aren't subscribed can only see 'List of Content' while our TDMSC subscribers can see everything. :)
  12. Class 01 - Double_Constraint Summary: Building a dual way ball and chain constraint with automatic switch based on active selection with Python node. Using comparison logic to activate constrain once chain is fully extended. Duration: 25 min File Size: 161 Mb -end resault- 'click for video' ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class 02 - Lepesa Rigg Summary: Building an automated Lepesa rig of primitive object with folding action in Xpresso&Python Duration: 20 min File Size: 128 Mb -end result- 'click for video' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Awesome work! :)
  14. This will probably be a tutorial in the future, as I saw the rigg Hrvoje manage to do with a ship. :) And please, if you have some free time, writing a little review in store section would be appreciated and very helpful.
  15. You guys really shouldn't be bothered about it, simply let it go. Like Cerbera said, if you helped thats great for you, no matter what, you did a good thing. And if you are like Cerbera, one day you will be recognized, just like he is and Rectro and in the end Hrvoje, as he is a great example for this topic. In his time, while Nigel was in charge, he was a massive help out here, but he also donated, had banner here and he recorded tutorials and he didn't get anything in return, except chipper banner ad, but he also never ever asked for anything in return, everything he did in the end got him to Maxon where he work right now. :) From my perspective, I can say there is many factors that go into this. How you were raised, how old are you, with who you hanging after school in school, what kind of friends you have, all of that can be a factor in saying thank you to those who helped you when you needed. Saying thank you is something you learn in life from people you are surrounded and some aren't lucky unfortunately to learn that from someone. Many tutors in Cinema circles are promoting politeness, kindness etc., and we all who have that inside us, should do the same. So to sum this up, if you are helping, make sure you don't expect anything in return, its the best thing you can do for yourself. ;)