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  1. Pretty much is the same every year. :D
  2. Well, I would just add that watching Redshift presentation from 2015 got me thinking, because the guy who was in charge was talking a lot about their customers who were actually big companies and they would listen to their feedback on what new features RS needs, so I am guessing that MAXON doing the same thing, I don't know, but I got the filling that that's the case. So I hope MAXON is doing right things for the future!
  3. You can find tutorials in this topic...just go trough pages. :)
  4. I think you can already buy it for 500$. Great to see RE fans here, RE 3 for me was the best!
  5. Great job Dan, I can see you are the fan of Resident Evil? :)
  6. Did you try to reorient the axis?
  7. Fantastic work Dan!
  8. Can you upload it here, it's hard to tell like this?!
  9. There is so much hate towards Cinema 4D that is coming from Maya / Max community for no good reason and I am not sure why. Maybe their are jealous on rock solid stability, I don't know, but as a 3D modeler I can assure you that Cinema is more than capable of producing high quality stuff, just take a look at some work in the gallery. ;)
  10. Check this section of the forum https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/forum/183-cad-importexport-issuessolutions/
  11. Hahaha...what to say...so funny!
  12. Class 02 - Lepesa Rigg Summary: Building an automated Lepesa rig of primitive object with folding action in Xpresso&Python Duration: 20 min File Size: 128 Mb -end result-
  13. Class 01 - Double_Constraint Summary: Building a dual way ball and chain constraint with automatic switch based on active selection with Python node. Using comparison logic to activate constrain once chain is fully extended. Duration: 25 min File Size: 161 Mb -end result- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class 03 - L System Rig Summary: Building an flexible interactive L-system with mouse driven input string translation using Xpresso, Python, MoSplien and Interaction tag. Duration: 45 min File Size: 272 Mb -end result- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class 04 - Wheel Rig Summary: Creating a wheel rig with automatic height adjustment for encountering uneven terrain with Xpresso and Python Duration: 18 min File Size: 153 Mb -end result-
  14. It would be great if you would be interested in posting those into a Blog section of the forum. :)
  15. Great stuff...keep up the good work! :)
  16. That more than enough...thank you once again! :)
  17. Well, yes and no. While support club is for those who wants to help us, donate, you can always contact me if you want to do more for the community.
  18. Very strange, not happening to me, not sure what would be the problem.
  19. Oh, well there is a Bevel Tool for polygon objects. :) I suggest you take a look at some beginner tutorials on the YouTube! :)
  20. Ok, good points, thanks for an explanation!
  21. Of course. Point mode, right mouse click in the viewport, Chamnfer tool! :)
  22. I think I should change my name to Igor, not sure why everyone still calls mi SIgor! :D Glad I was able to help. Here is my gun...
  23. Hey thanks, really appreciated, I even send you an email with the appriciation in mind. But could you be little more specific on what are you still missing?
  24. Here you go, I somehow managed to upload the whole video, so here you go... Sorry for the keyboard sound, I have a mehanichal keyboard but I am going to buy a new one today or tomorrow.
  25. Videos are rendering and uploading. There will be two parts because YT dont allow me to have videos that long (almost 30min). Results are in the attachment. gunSmootIgorV1.c4d