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  1. oh sorry i misread what you meant lol i just meant for my own use just in case i gave anyone else the wrong idea
  2. yeah im busy building my own small library of parts so im ready to rock when this plugin touches down :-)
  3. also could maybe control sizing with mouse wheel and have a button to "commit" to when you have done? :-)
  4. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    Do you think it will be added in the usual update that happens a few months after the new release or will this be in R20? do you know if there are any plans to integrate the substance materials into pro render? if not this will be a bit of an own goal as they are set up ready for PBR workflow arent they?
  5. Polystein Kit for Cinema 4D

    think c4ds is rapidly becoming king of plugins :-D nice work!
  6. ive seen loads of models of this and i can say this is the best one ive ever seen,all of the others seem to have one or more innacuracies,but i think you have nailed it! :-)
  7. Simulate Lidar projection

    any good?
  8. havent got it but does poser do fbx export? also from memory doesnt the posemorph control just blend between two objects so maybe this is what you are seeing? can you just hide the duplicate object or are you saying its giving a performance hit? im assuming you have a body (skin) and then the posable bones to which the body is attached.
  9. Redshift Impressions

    well if the gossip is correct then r19 will be a release for the gpu renderers all right :-) i want to see what this pro render can do, but if not i think i will take the plunge with redshift p.s nice article by the way and well done man :-)
  10. Redshift Impressions

    how does the normal c4d renderer compare in speed to redshift in your opinion? I must admit the renders you produce are wonderful but am hoping they arent like all the stories i hear about Arnold, nice but slow :-)
  11. i got to the stage where every time i altered the random seed on a say mod noise texture the distribution would change BUT i noticed the dark area sometimes wasnt producing the change in object distribution that i wanted but something WAS happening. ill try and recreate the scene and drop a zip file here
  12. hi, i want to have cloner place 2 or 3 different objects on a plane depending on the luminence of the plane they are sitting on. ive seen a few tutorials and they seem to get me part of the way there but i dont seem to be getting so the luminance visibly affects what objects are chosen im sure there will be a small option that i havent checked somewhere but would appreciate any pointers?
  13. Photorealistic glass problem

    Damn new members gettin good lookin :-)
  14. Neon Glowing Vector City Texture

    greyscalegorillas city kit has an awesome layered luminance texture :-) chack it out
  15. Check this https://youtu.be/Yub0-lKubrs