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  1. 3dkobi

    Moire problem

    I tried that but nothing helped. But in the end I changed the camera movement a bit so it fixed the problem
  2. 3dkobi

    Moire problem

    Hi guys, I'm having an issue when trying to render some pipes - In the render they don't appear parallelas they should, as if there's a distortion... Is there a way to fix this without rendering the whole scene in double rez and than reduce ? Peace, Kobi
  3. Thanks, I'll check it
  4. I can always do it manually I wander if another software has such feature....
  5. Btw, I'm looking for a method to do this not only on this model but something more universal that I could use for most models
  6. Here it is Lamp.zip
  7. I think I didn't explain myself good enough (sorry, English is not my first language)... In the example above some UV polygons are very small and some UV polygons are much bigger, I want to know what's the best way to scale up the smaller ones (Or scale down the big UV polygons), I don't want so much difference between the big and the small UV polygons - And I want to do it without the UV peeler
  8. But is there a way to make those UV's less dense if I'm not using the UV peeler ? I have other objects with too dense UV's and the UV peeler isn't doing a good job unwrapping them
  9. Profile updated. Actually I don't need this UV map for textures, but for moving the objects to unreal engine 4 and use the UV map for the baking of the lightmaps. For this, it's better to have not too dense UV map. So you say there is no tool to do what I want ? Btw, the UV peeler did a great job on that certain object.
  10. Ok, so it works great. but Is there a way to spread the UV's after I've wrapped it the way I want ?
  11. thanks - Works great
  12. Hi guys, I have an object with dense UV's. What's the best\quickest way to spread it a bit ? Peace, Kobi
  13. Thanks guys, I'll check all those options
  14. Hi guys, I want to start and learn unreal 4, and for that I need to first learn how to unwrap my models (it is necessary for the workflow of unreal to have proper unwrapped models). I understood from a colleague of mine that unwrapping in cinema4d is a real pain - Is there a software out there that can do it easily and doesn't cost hundreds of dollars ? And if not - can you please point me to a decent tutorial about this subject ? YouTube is full of those tutorials but picking the right one is not so easy.... Peace, Kobi
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