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  1. Need help with the take manager

    Thanks - I tried to use takes but had some problems - it works ok now...thanks agian
  2. Hi guys, I have a scene that I need to render from 3 different angles - so I positioned 3 cameras and used the stage object to animate each camera for different frame (frame 1 renders cam 1, frame 2 renders cam 2, frame 3 renders cam 3) than I render frames 1-3. So far everything is OK, Now the client want each frame to be in different resolution (A4 landscape, A4 portrait, ect) - The first step is to make different render setting for each resolution needed (as I did in the attached pic) Now, for the second step - I understand that I need to use the stage object- but after watching several tutorials I still don't know how to do this... Can anyone direct me how to a tutorial on this ? or just explain how to do this ? (assign each camera different render setting and than render all frames) Peace, Kobi
  3. Hi guys, First time in years that I'm making an animation and I have a little problem - I rendered the animation in vray but I'm getting noise that come from the textures (not the GI) - It's like every frame looks a bit different... Here is a link to youtube- I uploaded the animation, but it's hard to see what i mean, so i attached the first 3 frames... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRGVa40Vvrw&feature=youtu.be I think this noise is coming from the bump or specular layer Any idea what i did wrong ?
  4. Thanks, but it's not what I looked for. I found out that I can do this by using Vray-Clipper (an object that boole out whatever I want only during render)
  5. I think I did - I'm making patches of grass and than scatter them on a surface. It has this option... I think You guys didn't understand me... I know how to scatter grass, but I'm looking for a plugin that after the scattering can automatically boolean out the parts that are not on the main plane and hiding the pavement... Here is a forest pack for 3ds max video - look from 1:30 - it shows exactly what i want https://www.itoosoft.com/tutorials/edge-mode?back=page%3D5
  6. Hi guys, I'm using the c4d r17 prime, so no Mograph. I also own a copy of SurfaceSpread for scattering objects - but it has 1 major flew - It can't Boolean out the scattered objects from the area around it... I attached a simple drawing of what I mean - If I scatter patches of grass I want to be able to boolean out the parts that are on the pavement...(to get a clear pavment with no grass on it) hope I'm clear about it... I know that 3ds max has a plugin that can do that for a long time (I think it's carbon scatter or iToo) Anyone know of such plugin for Cinema ? Peace, Kobi
  7. complex shape for modelling

    Thanks CBR, the polypen did it :)
  8. complex shape for modelling

    Thanks guys, I'll try some methods today - hope it will work... Peace, Kobi
  9. complex shape for modelling

    Well, rocket science is also not that hard (for those who know it)...What I mean to say is that what looks simple to one person can be very hard for another. I'll try again tomorrow morning - maybe it will be easier after a good sleep :) Peace, Kobi
  10. complex shape for modelling

    I'm familiar with Subdivision Surface Poly modelling, just didn't know it was called SDS... I'm very good at modelling from cad plans, and other hard surface objects (And also texturing and lightning - some examples of my works are attached). Those shapes like in the sketches - That's my weakest side... Sure it's a paid job, but I can't subcontract it for various reasons...I'ts not an urgent thing, so I'm sure I'll find a solution :) Peace, Kobi
  11. complex shape for modelling

    Well, modeling isn't my strong side... And what is SDS polymodeling ?
  12. hi guys, I'm having a bit of a problem here...I got those 2 sketches from a client - It's suppose to be a model for a new entrance to their facilities (the old entrance looks something like the color image I uploaded). Anyway, I have no idea how to start model those 2 sketches...I'm on C4D R17 Prime. Any help is much appreciated... Peace, Kobi
  13. Hi guys, Strangest thing happens in the middle of my work - I can only move\scale\rotate primitive objects or polygonal objects... It is in all scenes (even new scene)... I open a new scene -> create primitive cube -> I can move\scale\rotate it -> make it editible and still can move\scale\rotate it -> put it under a null, or hypernurbs, or boole objects or anything else and It's locked and i can't move\scale\rotate it... It happens in model mode and in object mode - C4d R17 Any idea about this ???
  14. I can report the same thing on windows 7 64bit, c4d 17, nvidia gtx 1070... I'll contact maxon about this
  15. New V-Ray

    the vray 1.9 for c4d is build on the vray 2.4 for 3dmax (same core - just different numbers). there is a free beta version of the current vray 3.4 in development in the vrayforc4d forum: http://forum.vrayforc4d.com/index.php Peace, Koni