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  1. It doesn't matter where the texture is - put the texture inside a layer shader, and than inside the layer shader put transform above it and than you can scale\rotate your texture as you wish
  2. Thanks Havealot - That works perfect
  3. Oops...you're right :) I'm using C4d for about 10 years now, but it was always for arch-viz. Since I upgraded from prime to broadcast, in the last weeks I've started to dig into mograph...I feel like a total newbie again with silly questions that has so simple answers :) EDIT: I think I didn't explain myself good enough...I'm looking for a way that the shape of the cubes will also change in the animation as they move around . Now all I get is that the objects are moving and scaling
  4. that's not the blending I mean - I want a smooth transition between the 2 objects
  5. Hi guys, I'm having another mograph problem... Super simple scene - A cloner clones 2 objects on a distorted sphere. I also have a shader effector with the same noise as in the displaced sphere. The 2 objects under the cloner are 2 cubes - one regular and the other with full fillet, so it is actually a sphere. When I set the cloner mode to "iterate" I can see the 2 different objects (a cube and a sphere). When I set the cloner mode to "blend" I can see only the cubes. How can I make the objects to blend in the animation ? Scene file is attached Peace, Kobi Abstract 5.zip
  6. Hi guys, I have a simple scene - tall cubes are cloned on a surface. I also have a plain effector with "-1" on the Y scale, and a shader field with noise to make the height of the cubes change according to the noise. The problem is that I get different results in the viewport when changing the multi instances mode from "object" to "bounding box". Is that normal ? Is there a way to prevent this from happening ? Peace, Kobi
  7. I don't think I can use the correction deformer in my case... I have a logo which get disorted and change it's color, while blue spheres coming from the top, and the whole thing is animated of course
  8. Thanks CBR, I can't make the object editable and It's an animation...so I guess the answer is no...:)
  9. Hi guys, Is there a way to use the volume mesher & builder and still maintain the textures of the original objects ? Peace, Kobi
  10. Thanks CBR for your detailed answer...In the past 8 years I did only arch-viz so I really didn't count polygons...Now, after upgrading to c4d broadcast, I'm starting to experiment with mograph and I feel like a beginner again
  11. Hi guys, I have a simple scene - Some screws are cloned over a cube with some simple animation. If I use the original objects as clones (as the attached image shows) with a stick texture tags on them, it renders ok, but the whole animation\moving around in viewport is very slow. If I duplicate the objects as instances and use them in the cloner everything is faster but the texture on the clones is not sticking anymore. I can't use the "multi instance" mode because than the dynamic body tag on the cloner doesn't work. So, how can I make the textures stick to the instances ? Peace, Kobi
  12. Hi guys, I have a simple animation scene using mograph & fields: A plane is getting displaced with a vertex map growing. on top of that plane, as it get displaced, I have some cloners that clone cubes in the non displaced area, and crystals in the displaced area. When rendering the animation with the hardware renderer (in order to check animation speed ect.) everything loos ok. When rendering with corona or vray I get some clones deforming and vanish at a certain point. What am I doing wrong here ? Peace, Kobi T1.mp4 T2.mp4

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