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  1. Hi spiralstair - do you have a facebook account ? There is a group for houdini users and you can get answers much much faster than in the houdini forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HoudiniArtists/permalink/1629066037209194/?comment_id=1629315667184231&notif_id=1525286331293786&notif_t=group_comment&ref=notif
  2. First - Thanks for all the info - I'll download the apprentice version, hook up to the houdini forum, and watch the course about the boat/ocean... Second - I didn't explain myself correctly - I have 44 threads in total on my 2 machines (after hyper-thread) - An old i7 (6 cores, 12 threads) and a new amd threadtripper (16 cores, 32 threads). But even if I run the simulation on the 32 threads machine I think it will be enough for 150 frames - It can work for many hours without compromising with my daily work... I hope I'll be able to extract the displacement map from houdini to vray for the ocean water - I think it will be much easier and better to render everything in vray I'll update here about my progress Peace, Kobi
  3. Thanks, I'll look into it tomorrow
  4. First I have to say - I had the same problem with stefan when testing MP and velocity pass - he told me wrong things over and over and it cost me many hours of testing. http://forum.vrayforc4d.com/index.php?threads/20214/page-2#post-150084 Btw, I too haven't told vray yet - but I'm thinking about corona more and more... Now, for the main event.... 1. I uploaded some references for what I need - pretty calm sea, and not much foam (even less than what in the reference images - about 20% less), I also won't be needing wetmaps or spray... 2. I'm using fusion for comp, so RSMB won't be a problem. 3. I'm on a pc - so maybe .vdb is supported ? If so, how easier it will be to import the simulation back to c4d ? 4. This project will be rendered in 1920*1080, and I'll probably have about 600 frames to render in vray in total - but it can be the same simulation over and over again (from different angles it will look different) - So basically I need a simulation of about 150 frames max. I have 2 machines - 44 cores total via DR, and only 1 GPU nvidia 1070. 5. I really won't have time to learn to texture & render with redshift inside houdini, so I hope other options will be availble... 6. You wrote: "Now it gets more complicated. The flip tank and it's resulting mesh can be exported; first cached as particles, then mesh then finally assembled as alembic. However C4d (to my knowledge) doesn't support the kinds of displacement, at play in the ocean surface (the dark blue area). One option here would be to render ocean surface in mantra (houdini native renderer) and then comp the two afterwards. ". I don't think I fully understand what you mean...After I make the ocean surface, and the simulation of the particles of the foam in houdini, and export it - c4d can't read those files ?
  5. Wow, thanks for your detailed answer...this is exactly what I need (just much more calm water), The deadline for those shots are for the end of July so I think it's enough time to do the simulation by than (I already have the model of the ship) How does Houdini Indie integrates with c4d ? I have a model of a ship in c4d - so I export it to houdini for the simulation and than export the water mesh back to c4d ? Do you know if I can than render everything in vray ? (materials for water and foam) Thanks for your help spiralstair - much appreciated...
  6. Thanks, but Hot4d can't interact with objects
  7. Hi guys, I need to produce some animation shots of a ship at sea - The simulation of the waves\foam\particles must be pretty good (I'm rendering in Vray) I saw the realflow plugin - obviously it can do the job. it's pretty expensive, but If I can learn it fast maybe it's a good solution ? Anyone knows what's the learning curve with this plugin just for my needs of this animation ? Another option I saw is the NAVIÉ Effex plugin, which should be free, but I can't find it anywhere to download (free or not). Anyone knows what's going on with this plugin ? Any other options for this kind of simulation that I'm not aware of ? (I'm on c4d r17 prime) Peace, Kobi
  8. Ink Drops

    Well, I see you took my advice and it was worth it...;) Kobi
  9. Duplicate & Randomize (No Mograph)

    Thanks guys - I found a work-around with the SurfaceSpread plugin.... Peace, Kobiu
  10. Duplicate & Randomize (No Mograph)

    Thanks for the fast replay - I'll try the tag Peace, Kobi
  11. Hi, How can I duplicate some objects along spline - and let the duplication be random (not all the objects appears in the same order) I'm on c4d 17 prime (no mograph) Peace, Kobi
  12. Need help with the take manager

    Thanks - I tried to use takes but had some problems - it works ok now...thanks agian
  13. Hi guys, I have a scene that I need to render from 3 different angles - so I positioned 3 cameras and used the stage object to animate each camera for different frame (frame 1 renders cam 1, frame 2 renders cam 2, frame 3 renders cam 3) than I render frames 1-3. So far everything is OK, Now the client want each frame to be in different resolution (A4 landscape, A4 portrait, ect) - The first step is to make different render setting for each resolution needed (as I did in the attached pic) Now, for the second step - I understand that I need to use the stage object- but after watching several tutorials I still don't know how to do this... Can anyone direct me how to a tutorial on this ? or just explain how to do this ? (assign each camera different render setting and than render all frames) Peace, Kobi
  14. Hi guys, First time in years that I'm making an animation and I have a little problem - I rendered the animation in vray but I'm getting noise that come from the textures (not the GI) - It's like every frame looks a bit different... Here is a link to youtube- I uploaded the animation, but it's hard to see what i mean, so i attached the first 3 frames... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRGVa40Vvrw&feature=youtu.be I think this noise is coming from the bump or specular layer Any idea what i did wrong ?
  15. Thanks, but it's not what I looked for. I found out that I can do this by using Vray-Clipper (an object that boole out whatever I want only during render)