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  1. Can't it be done with the cloth tag ?
  2. Select the null that's called "controller" - and than you'll have all the options in the attributes manager Peace, Kobi
  3. I'm wondering how much particles can c4d handle on a 64gigs machine ? I really don't need to see the particles, just render them...
  4. Since I don't need any data for the particles I cached only the position. File size is about 1.1 Giga per frames for 45-50 million particles
  5. I've read about krakatoa, but I would really love to render everything with my own renderers (Vray\Corona) instead of buying and learning another one
  6. I know that RAM is the issue because I'm monitoring the performance of my computer via the task manager. The ram fills very quickly...
  7. Hi guys, I'm doing a simulation in realflow and have about 45,000,000 particles of foam. I'm importing the rpc cache via the RF bridge and connect it to thinking particles. The problem is When "level of detail" is at 100% all my ram (64giga) is filling up fast and C4d crash. Actually it crashes when level of detail is at 12%....But if I want to render all of the particles it need to be on 100%. Any solution for this (Just don't tell me to upgrade my RAM - that's not an option - and I doubt that 128giga will be enough ) ? Peace, Kobi
  8. I can't see how learning another 3d software is going to help me in the current project...
  9. Thanks for your answer ZChristian, When I try to use the rf plugin inside C4D and press "Realflow Particle Importer" - C4D crash and I get an error message that say "RF Particle importer can not be used because Thinking particles is missing" I've downloaded a demo version of X-Particles, but have no idea how to use it. I also know that Corona render doesn't support X-Particles, and so is VRay. Kobi
  10. Hi, I'm doing a Hybrido simulation in Realflow - Ship sail in an ocean - And I just can't figure how to render the splash&foam particles inside Cinema4D...I searched the internet but didn't find any complete explanation for this... I cached the splash&foam sim inside realflow as alembic, so now I have a sequence of 330 frames, but now what do I do ? I'm on C4D R20 Broadcast - Can I use Mograph for this ? Should I use Xparticles ? Regarding render engines I own Vray & Corona Thanks in advanced for any help :) Peace, Kobi
  11. Yep, I thought it would be difficult without Mograph.... Thanks for the info Peace, Kobi
  12. Hi guys, I need to make a floor from hexagons tiles. I made 8 versions of the same tile (different texture on each of the 8 tiles) and now I need to duplicate it on the floor - hundreds of those tiles... Is there a way not to do it manually and still make the tiles randomly spread and randomly rotated ? I'm on C4D R17 Prime, so no mograph... Peace, Kobi
  13. Thanks, that will work, I hoped there's a simple solution since I have dozens of files to render....
  14. Hi guy, I have several scenes to render,and each of the scenes has several takes mark for render. Is it possible to use the Render Queue for this task ? I haven't found a way to tell the Render Queue to use the marked takes for render I'm on R17.055 prime Peace, Kobi



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