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  1. Thanks guys, I'll check all those options
  2. Hi guys, I want to start and learn unreal 4, and for that I need to first learn how to unwrap my models (it is necessary for the workflow of unreal to have proper unwrapped models). I understood from a colleague of mine that unwrapping in cinema4d is a real pain - Is there a software out there that can do it easily and doesn't cost hundreds of dollars ? And if not - can you please point me to a decent tutorial about this subject ? YouTube is full of those tutorials but picking the right one is not so easy.... Peace, Kobi
  3. I imported a dwg file and I need to redraw some of the lines. When I use the Spline pen and click on the spline I need to redraw, instead of creating a new spline that I can control, C4d connect the new spline to the old imported object. I remember this issue since R17.... Any way to solve this ? Kobi
  4. I can live with the subscription licences even though it's not perfect - many softwares are moving in that direction in the last years, but I also think that putting the help system only online is a very very bad decision. The offline help system was so powerful - I feel like I was a superhero and somebody stole my super-powers from me
  5. Yep, it seems like there more render engines than 3d artists
  6. Well, It's a spectral render engine (like maxwell), so caustics should look excellent, the problem with spectral render engines is long render time
  7. It doesn't matter where the texture is - put the texture inside a layer shader, and than inside the layer shader put transform above it and than you can scale\rotate your texture as you wish
  8. Oops...you're right :) I'm using C4d for about 10 years now, but it was always for arch-viz. Since I upgraded from prime to broadcast, in the last weeks I've started to dig into mograph...I feel like a total newbie again with silly questions that has so simple answers :) EDIT: I think I didn't explain myself good enough...I'm looking for a way that the shape of the cubes will also change in the animation as they move around . Now all I get is that the objects are moving and scaling
  9. that's not the blending I mean - I want a smooth transition between the 2 objects
  10. Hi guys, I'm having another mograph problem... Super simple scene - A cloner clones 2 objects on a distorted sphere. I also have a shader effector with the same noise as in the displaced sphere. The 2 objects under the cloner are 2 cubes - one regular and the other with full fillet, so it is actually a sphere. When I set the cloner mode to "iterate" I can see the 2 different objects (a cube and a sphere). When I set the cloner mode to "blend" I can see only the cubes. How can I make the objects to blend in the animation ? Scene file is attached Peace, Kobi Abstract 5.zip
  11. Hi guys, I have a simple scene - tall cubes are cloned on a surface. I also have a plain effector with "-1" on the Y scale, and a shader field with noise to make the height of the cubes change according to the noise. The problem is that I get different results in the viewport when changing the multi instances mode from "object" to "bounding box". Is that normal ? Is there a way to prevent this from happening ? Peace, Kobi
  12. I don't think I can use the correction deformer in my case... I have a logo which get disorted and change it's color, while blue spheres coming from the top, and the whole thing is animated of course
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