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  1. flydigital

    Sketch and Toon Line control

    That is amazing! Once again thanks for your expertise.
  2. Hi All, I'm stuck on 2 things while getting the hang of sketch and toon to create stroke lines around objects. 1 - How do I add a stroke line where 2 objects intersect. See A and B in pic. 2. How do I reduce thickness when object is far from camera. I check 'distance' modifier in the material but it didn't do anything. When the object is far away the lines are too chunky. Thanks for any help here!
  3. I am now using R17 and can't see anything in the timeline. It is totally blank and I've tried every menu to get objects to show. I have done a fair bit of animating in R11,12,13,14 and now jumped to 17 and not sure what's going on. Can anyone tell me how I can see stuff and start editing my animation? I have already made some camera moves which work but nothing visible anywhere.
  4. flydigital

    Making multiple objects appear

    That's really cool. Thanks!
  5. flydigital

    Making multiple objects appear

    Thank you . Very helpful!
  6. flydigital

    Making multiple objects appear

    Yes! Thank you. One thing though is the use of the mograph cloner - Not sure if you used that to quickly set it up or if you have to use that? I want to put my buildings in specific spots and not randomly. Can I still do that with mograph?
  7. Hope someone can help me on a quick way to do this.. I have lots of little 'houses' dotted about a map. As the camera moves across the map the houses populate the map. The only way I know is to use the display tage and key opacity from 0 to 100% for each house and then fiddle in timeline so they appear when I want. But with a hundred or more objects that feels like a long way to do it. Is there a boolean style method where I could have a sphere effector that grows and when it intersects a house, the house appears? So it means I'm just animating one global object that controls the spread of the houses. Then I can play with just camera and that controlling object. Thanks for any advice.