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  1. a driver would finish it off, but this is just great!
  2. Love the cartoony vibe and crazy angles on this one mate.... very nice work!
  3. Thats so cool man. One or two rough edges but still awesome and great idea
  4. love it!!
  5. also awesome!
  6. lovely materials! The plastic glass is awesome and the spec is just right elsewhere...
  7. wow wow! Nice detail!
  8. Great materials on the ground and trees!
  9. Very nice texturing! I like the oil spot and the road - that truck is not going anywhere for awhile. Maybe the Guinness sign on the back part could use some scuffing up as looks new compared to metal behind it...
  10. Wow nice detailing! I'm remembering the clockwork owl from clash of the titans.
  11. Fantastic mate!
  12. lol!
  13. Ditto what matt says, looks great!
  14. Damsel you are 3 years old??

  15. Very nice m8! Especially the textures - looks almost real!