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  1. Combining overlapping primitives

    I do such things in 3D Coat by Voxelizing it.
  2. Hi everyone,I am very happy to announce the new Update for HB_ModellingBundle v2.2. It comes with some great new modeling-Tools and Renderworkflow Scripts (most Renderengines and Teamrender Support). You will also find some Improvements of existing tools like HB_OverwriteMaterial which now has a mode for UV-Check pattern. Please check out the New Features Tour Video to see what´s new.Customers have already received the Update for free. For those who what to purchase it you can get it at all Resellers for a 20% special discount till next Sunday 9th of July.More Infos:http://www.c4dstuff.com/products/hbmodellingbundleTwitter Previews of HB_MakeQuads:Teaser HB_MakeQuadsAutomated Fix TopologyFind out what´s new in this Update here: Purchase:happy modeling, Holgerfrom*c4dStuff.com
  3. Plugin Development - What Happened?

    Hi, on one hand I am happy to be mentioned here. But I hope you dont compare my development cycle to the cycle of MAXON. I am a one man band and HB ModellingBundle is not what I make my living with. It was more or less a side product of my work as an Artist. I constantly work on my scripts and update them FREE when I find time to make them ready to the public. Last year I planed to release an Update but I found some issues that needed more development time. I did not make it before my parental time started. I am really sorry I was not able to ship. But I am on it and as soon as I find time I will send some new free tools to all my customers ;-).
  4. Black Friday Sales

    oh. thanks. I fixed the links.
  5. Black Friday Sales

    helloluxx is offering HB Modellingbundle with a 25% discount till monday. http://helloluxx.com/product/hb-modellingbundle-2-0-for-cinema-4d/ Have fun Modelling!! cheers, Holger You can purchase HB ModellingBundle also at: Toolfarm: https://www.toolfarm.com/buy/hb_modellingbundle Motionworks: http://motionworks.net/shop/hb-modelling-bundle/
  6. c4d on a mobile device

    I make frequently some little tweaks on my Ipad via teamviewer on scenes that did not render correctly in my office and I send the Scene to the renderfarm via Ipad. And its painfull to work like this. I do it only for small tweaks like changing rendersettings etc. Other than that I would say Tablets/Phones are not made to work with like this.
  7. No, I did not say that if you send a Scenefile that the Bug get immediately fixed. But lets put it that way: If you send a File the chances that the Bug gets fixed are 36% within a few years. If you dont send a File the chances are against 0%. (btw. I did not make that 36% up. That is the exact number of Fixed bugs from my Reports). And many of my Reports are not actual Bugs but more Ideas or Limitations. You also need to have patience. 6 months is nothing in a product developement like C4D. I does not surprise me that your reported bug is not jet fixed. It takes some years sometimes. The Bugs get priorities and get fixed in a certain order. If your Bug is not the first that gets fixed there might be some other more serious bugs that needs to be fixed first. I mean just look at the Changelog of any service update. There is hundreds of fixed bugs in any realease of C4D. Some day your reported Bugs might be in that list. Be sure that the Bugtracking software of MAXON remembers everything. Even if it is many years old. The Report is there if you reported properly with a Scenefile and reproducable steps. What I find very Lame is people not showing real interest in their issues to get fixed. Speaking out many words does not change the World. Its action. And thats a statement from the RealWorld I live in. Cheers, Holger
  8. Please attache Scenefiles with exact reproducable steps. If you are really interested in these Bugs to get adressed you need to make that afford. No Scenefile means no FIX.
  9. Houdini Roadmap

    I dont know if I like the new Nodes...But its a great thing to see this summary of the roadmap. Also wished MAXON would do something like this.

    No. SSAO is completely separated from AO. Its only a viewport effect thats mainly good for modeling and making previews look better. Not sure if that could be integrated.

    The ThinFilm Shader is awesome. It makes basically all Metall Materials look more convincing and does not cost Rendertime. Its rendering very fast. I used thin film to make this leather more convincing:

    Here is some Screencaps I made for the new Viewport Features (SSAO, Reflectance, GPU Tessellation:

    SSAO has very little Speed impact. Its neglect able. Reflectance in the Viewport only needs a bit time to cook if you have many reflective materials. But also very fast. Tessellation is also very fast on a decent GPU. But if you crank up the samples a lot it gets slow. Here you can see the Viewport in Action and in Realtime:
  14. Modeling is fun...teaching it is even more fun.