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  1. UVW and Normals pass aliasing

    Export your Multi-Passes using Physical, because for some reason it anti-aliases the Material UVW channel correctly.
  2. UVW and Normals pass aliasing

    I just did the UV material override trick - still aliased as hell. Oh well...
  3. Alt Gr Key woes...

    Alt Gr does not function as Alt on a UK keyboard, I pretty much only press it to type € and post-Brexit probably won't use it at all. I think the best solution is an OS-level key remapper app, they do exist.
  4. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Yep - it's a great idea. I'm happy to contribute TD tutes if wanted
  5. In the market for a new Laptop

    That brings me to another bugbear - gestures. You can accidentally scale all kinds of objects with the trackpad, except Flash objects. Player controls are miniscule. Nothing doing. You have to add a .manifest file to all progs that are 32-bit native because otherwise they are tiny, but that's a windows 4k issue. But the flash player doesn't benefit from a manifest and lord knows how to force scaling on embedded stuff inside of a browser. I can't even google it. The other thing is really important @smibrand: turn off all the display hotkeys inside of the Intel Graphics display settings. The most embarrassing thing happened - after a morning of me crowing to the people I was freelancing for about how good my new laptop was, the screen rotated and would not rotate back to normal. They were going to pay me money for kit hire as well, but I couldn't use it. I later found out that Intel had their display hotkeys on by default (why? was I born knowing these hotkeys??), as well as all the stupid, stupid mouse + touchscreen gestures that come with windows. Turn all that sh** off and you're fine.
  6. +1 for the FBX route... Export baked curves to FBX and in the C4D timeline, remove extraneous keyframes with the Simplify command. I wouldn't want to process twenty years of data this way, so maybe if you simplify the curves at the point of baking it'd import in one fell swoop.
  7. In the market for a new Laptop

    Welcome to the club. I'm yet to get the RAM (only brand of SODIMM DDR4 available is Ripjaws apparently...) and the 1TB SSD but yeah, it's basically perfect. Once I work out how to scale Flash objects in web browsers for 4k, that is...
  8. In the market for a new Laptop

    I got a Dell XPS 15. It's the nuts: 6700M CPU, 970m GPU, fanless operation under 60% load, incredible speakers, 2 SSDs (user serviceable without invalidating warranty), takes up to 32Gb RAM (not the fastest mHz but DDR4 at 9-9-9...) - the best feature is the thin-bezel 4k touchscreen. You should see Maya on it. It's a whole new world of mobile CG. I totally recommend it. Can't say that about any of the new MBPs, sadly, they're not really all that 'pro' anymore. I missed that boat. But hey, this lappy should last ages.
  9. Cheers fellers. Yeah, I had a go, I just feel it should be a clickable mode, you know, one of those things that newbs accidentally keypress that make them trash their prefs file... :)
  10. You know when you're scaling and extruding on a rectangular object, and the width of your extrude/whatever is thinner or fatter than the height? I wish there was a mode/modifier on the Scale tool that preserved the aspect of the face I was working on. The size attributes are freely readable in Coordinates; if I could be bothered to download the SDK it would still take a while to edit the functionality of a tool. It could be really easy for someone less thick than I. If I'm making a schoolboy modelling error, or the tool exists already, now's the time to let me know.
  11. The solution was to rebuild from the default character template without the bendy limbs, snap to axis in Adjust mode, and re-weight the shoulder AGAINNNNN. The forearm is split into two bones for rotator cuff twist but that's easy to weight and it works great. Forget trying to add Character Components from another Character Object into an existing Character hierarchy - it won't have added them in from the start and deleting Arm or Leg components just breaks the code (icons turn into grey jigsaw puzzle pieces, which is a fairly good icon to use). Don't do it.
  12. I've just realised it might be a lot easier to just add new, non-bendy limb Components and hope that the controllers work as expected. Still, I do wonder if you're meant to manually weight the Bendy setup or place trust in the more automated weighting process... any ideas? I don't think I wanna touch the bendy stuff for a long time.
  13. Hi, long time lurker here. Sorry I don't particpate in the cafe more, but now I'm trying out pretty much every single feature, I'll have more questions, I guess. So, there are two lovely models, Man and Woman, in the Content Browser. Bret Bays rigged the clothed versions, which are brilliant, because I'm probably going to sculpt and reproject on these rigged meshes and have little to no binding/weights issues on the characters I make this way. However, the naked version of the same model is not rigged, and I decided today to have a go at rigging the Bays way. The snag I have come up against, at least with using the rig from the Man Clothed preset, is the Bendy 01-04 bones on the arms and legs of the armature. I can't select the main bicep or wrist bones, if I go into the hierarchy and grab them manually I can't drop them into the Weight Tag of the naked man and weight them from there, I can't go into Character>Controls tab and switch FK->IK to make the bicep/wrist/thigh/shin bones magically appear in place of the bendy twist bones they parent. So I started to weight the Bendy bones along the arm manually and the results are horrible, the blends are all wrong and I'm sure you're not meant to weight these bones individually anyway. What am I doing wrong here?
  14. Character Rigging in Depth?

    Bret Bays' Siggraph rewind from 2015 on Cineversity are really in-depth and show best practice: https://player.vimeo.com/video/136953679 https://player.vimeo.com/video/136955792