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  1. @baumgartenmic Join the C4D rigging Discord here: https://discord.com/invite/7nb8cA
  2. Make sure youve got .xdl64 files in the X-Particles folder in c4d/plugins - r20 and r21 use xdl not cdl libraries EDIT: this didn't work for me - but weirdly, today, after restarting r21 after a crash, I was prompted for my insydium login credentials. it works finally!
  3. I do do this from time to time - more mech/car stuff, but the last character rigging gig I had was doing puppets of Take That for the last show. I would always talk to Bret Bays - he wrote the Character object system for MAXON and he himself is excellent, and his scripts for weight painting are essential. He's on Twitter and probably here too, and he will know god-level people for rigging. I can recommend excellent Maya rigger/animators and tbh I would STRONGLY recommend you go down that path and do all your surfacing and rendering with Alembics into Cinema 4D.
  4. Your Python script to read file sequences looks perfect - Realflow is messing me about and I want to read an Alembic sequence and reexport it as an animated single Alembic Ogawa file - just wondering how to get it to print the current filename to the Alembic container object...

  5. I'll post a scene once I'm closer. But thankfully the explosion isn't caused by intersection/collision, it's kickstarted by forces. Interestingly I looked at Houdini, and the way they do it is with a metaball object (Magnet Force node in DOPs). So in C4D I added a Sphere primitive and made the surface noisy with a Random Effector set to Points deformation, and increased the sphere's radius suddenly = explosion. This works, and the spikes do indeed make the pieces push apart with rotation. Still, the problem persists that once my fragments have Pos/Rot velocities, these velocities are not
  6. Had a bit more luck using the Noise falloff in the Attractor to get more variation in the velocities. However, one major hangup is that the dynamics doesn't really pick up the velocities of the pieces. Sure, they all fall victim to gravity eventually, but they really unnaturally decelerate. They burst apart aggressively but then hang in the air like fireworks. Not what I wanted. Using a gravity object (sphere, inverse) might do it... again, any ideas?
  7. Hi peeps. I've used the CV-PaintFracture (great fun!) tool on a mesh of a lightbulb (with thickness). The resulting Voronoi Fracture has, you guessed it, a RBD tag. In the Forces I've dropped my Attractor (set to Force) and this is keyed from like -8000 to 0 to make the pieces push apart like a proper exploding lightbulb should. Now, I've tried a ball of Wind forces, Turbulence, but none of the particle Forces really cuts the mustard. Although a negative Attractor will make an explosion of sorts, there is no way to introduce noise into the force it applies, so the pieces all expand outwa
  8. Yep - it's a great idea. I'm happy to contribute TD tutes if wanted
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