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  1. I'm running a mid 2010 Mac Pro that I started to put in 2 1080ti's with external PSU. Would work fine until their was an os update and everything would break. I'd have to uninstall GPUs add the old one in and wait for the updated drivers to be released. HUGE pain to do. Then with Mojave and the lack of NVIDIA driver support I abandoned it all together. For awhile I was. about to abandon Mac until they announced the updated mac pro with redshift and octane renderers supporting AMD so I've been holding out... thank god its not my breath... its been way too long working off a 10 year old machine.
  2. Yea... I suspect Redshift and Octane haven't released anything until the Mac Pro is released. There definitely seems to be some partnership/joint effort to get redshift and octane on Metal. If so then apple would want to wait until the Mac Pro is ready to launch before allowing them to release the AMD versions. Apple wouldn't want to release these AMD GPU renderers before the Mac Pro as then it could effect Mac Pro sales. (some purchasing an iMac and use a eGPU instead or even their existing setup with an eGPU) I would suspect we haven't heard anything because of Apple and the AMD versions of
  3. I have been holding out waiting FOREVER for the Mac Pro update and seems like this December it will finally be available for purchase. Looking to get into the eGPU game and heard the announcement back in June that redshift and octane will run on AMD GPUs with Metal. Since then I haven't heard anything from MAXON, redshift, otoy or apple about updates or expected release dates for these AMD comparable GPU renderers. Anyone heard anything?
  4. Sure perpetual licenses can be owned perpetually but every year they become less and less valuable. The value decreases based on the upgrade price so if I have a R21 license worth $3500 next year it would have been worth no more than $2750. ($3500 - $750 upgrade price) then the year after that the upgrade price increases so the value decreases further until it isn’t worth as much as buying the software new...
  5. I actually don’t mind the subscription. In fact it may save money. I would have to pay for MSA every year to keep current even if I didn’t think the upgrade was worth it because skipping an upgrade was more expensive. Now I can keep my perpetual and skip the upgrade until one is worth while 2 maybe 3 years from now then switch to the subscription but I will always have R20 to fall back on. If I want to take a pause from the subscription and then pick it back up if needed.
  6. Thats awesome! Looks great! love the fluid feel and the overall look and feel. Transitions are nice and seamless... very well done. Would be interested in seeing how you animated and build it.
  7. Anyone else having issues with prorender on their Mac Pro? I have a mid 2010 Mac Pro with an ATI Radeon HD 5870 and it seems to consistently crash on me... (I know... I know I need to upgrade...) I have yet to get a single render out of pro render and I cannot find anything in the documentation regarding specs. Just curious if anyone else has issues.
  8. The simplest way to do this would take your photoshop file. Lets say 1000px X 1000px with the image and create a second file that is just a 100% black sillouhette that will act as an alpha Matte. Then in cinema take a plane object with only 1 polygon and use the size 1000 x 1000 units (or whatever your photoshop file is) and create a new material. In the color channel import your psd in full color. Then in the materials options check the Alpha channel and import that alpha matte. You may have to invert the matte but you will essentially have 3D "cards" to work with. (note the alpha may not be
  9. I have had some success. It all depends on what you plan on doing with the Helix. I have created one that splits but its limited in other functions.


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