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  1. Hi there, So I have just spent the last day creating masks for my textures using the AO node, Curvature node etc. I have been using progressive render as I had no need to use bucket - or so I thought! Imagine my horror when I looked at the masks using bucket mode and saw a completely different result! (See images) WHY, when used with a ramp, is the AO node producing one result in progressive and another result in bucket!?? I am sooo frustrated with this. It makes NO sense and I feel like I have wasted a whole day carefully balancing bla
  2. Hi there, I've set up a Spline IK for the arms of a squid. I want to be able to influence the splines using deformers for some natural movement as well as animating the arms more specifically using the Spline IK handles. I'm frustrated as I don't seem to be able to get the joints to move with the deforming spline. They completely ignore any deformation and remain in place The movement of the spline is dictated only by the handles... Anyway, maybe there is another way to achieve what I need here. I've looked all over the web for an example of how to rig/animate a Squ
  3. You honour us with such a response, oh wise one...
  4. Sorry, but it makes no sense at all to have an 'idea' of what the noise is. If you can see the noise, you should be able to SEE the noise and all it's settings. No other shader requires you to have an option ticked to see it working properly...!
  5. Thanks for responding guys. However, I had already done all of these options. Even here NO ONE came up with the answer! Checking your scene HSrdelic, I was able to look at what the differences were between us. THE answer is to make sure the Open GL setting have 'NOISES' checked in the Viewer....! (YES YOU CAN ALREADY SEE NOISE IN THE VIEWER BEFORE THIS IS CHECKED) Soooo.... WHY can you see the noise before this is checked?? The only thing that changes when you select this is the 'SPEED' and 'MOVEMENT' are suddenly visible in the viewer! This
  6. Ok it is about time this one was solved once and for all! TASK - Animate noise in the noise shader and have it move in either the X,Y Z direction. I have searched the internet sooo many times for this answer to this and NEVER find anything satisfactory. Usually you end up moving the coordinates of the texture which isn't always possible. (The noise maybe needed to drive something else (particles) in a specific direction). Whenever I think to get started with this problem, I look straight at the 'MOVEMENT' option in the noise shader where the magic SHOU
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