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  1. hi everyone, Some times ago i have made some test about aurora borealis effect, now i would do this effect using octane render and its postfx, but i don't know how to do. here the exemples files if someone can convert: thank you aurora borealis mograph .c4d aurora borealis.c4d aurora spotlights .c4d aurora_Volumetric.c4d emitter lights.c4d northern lights.c4d
  2. paomarn

    curly hair strand

    thank you very much. i' ll post my project after studyng your file
  3. paomarn

    curly hair strand

    Thank you. I have watched your tutorials on youtube and i've found them very useful.
  4. paomarn

    curly hair strand

    Hi guys, recently i've watched a few tutorials about making curly hair strand with the ornatrix plugin, i don't have it, so i would get this type of hair style with the inbuilt system in c4d. like this: any suggestions? thank you
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