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  1. Hmmm.....then this meme may resonate with you: I am just surprised that they actually had meme's about C4D!! You may also find this YouTube presentation rather interesting: A rather frank and honest look at the capabilities of X-particles when dealing with some really large datasets (this guy's work is in 12K). Now, he is not knocking XP...But he is quite frank about the size of the files and the size of the computer you will need for large venue's. I did not listen to the whole thing, but it struck me as odd that he knocks Real Fluids (engineering grade software...but too slow) and never discusses Houdini. He makes it work with C4D and XP even though the caches get up to 500Gb.....you just need a 48 core computer with two RTX Quadro cards, Krakatoa and alembic output. Easy! Dave
  2. Hrvoje, I have been venturing into rigging and have been watching the Mastering Movement videos. There is one part of the third video (roughly 13:15 in) where you are talking about moving an individual joint without moving the other joints lower on the hierarchy as you adjust its position to the model. You mention that there is a key you need to press to make this adjustment and I am sorry, but I am just not able to discern what you are saying. Now when I make an adjustment in R20, I noticed the rest of the joints do NOT move when the expectation is that joints lower on the hierarchy would move. So now I am confused. The help manual was not that helpful. Adjusting joint with or without impacting the hierarchy is a rather important adjustment to be able to do when aligning joints to the model. So how do you do this in R20? Thanks, Dave
  3. How much information are you caching for each particle? For example, do you need to cache particle rotation for the foam? Do you need to cache velocity? I would imagine all you need is position for foam, so how big does the cache file get if you ignore everything else? Dave
  4. May I direct you to the venerable Mr. Walmsley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqfi4ZNJ8Y4 ExplosiaFX support starts at 24:45 but the whole video is worth watching. Definitely contact Insydium about getting the bundle deal retroactively. Argue for either a refund or have them throw in the Cycles 4D starter back for free (which is about the same difference). When it was first released, it was rubbish which I think is a stigma that may be out there for people who have yet to give it a second look. But Insydium was quick to fix those issues and overall, I find its results are pretty good. The main developer was sick for the past year (which is very unfortunate) so progress was a bit slow in that time but he is back now (and I hope doing well) because this latest release has some really good features. I am not sure how the feature list of Cycles 4D compares to Redshift or Octane, or even how it compares to Cycles for Blender. But from watching some tutorials, I would say it would fare well in a comparison. My only concern now is this: How many nodal material systems can you learn without getting completely confused? There is C4D, Cycles and in the future Redshift. Will I be lost trying to remember which nodes belong to which renderer? Hopefully, the command manager helps me keep everything straight. Dave
  5. Run - do not walk - to Bob Walmsley's tutorials at the Insydium Youtube page. He will have you caching particle advection to influence a grain solver which is then passed through an OpenVDB modifier and Cycles4D to render glass bubbles knocking down a brick so quickly, clearly and simply it will make your head spin. I don't know which is more impressive: his teaching ability or the power and ease of use of X-Particles!!! I would probably say both. Question: Did you get Cycles 4D with X-Particles? Given the sale, it would only be another $86.50 USD and the latest release of Cycles 4D has some really nice enhancements for handling ExplosiaFX simulations from Insydium….they made it very simple. Dave
  6. Wow. Loved it. There is a psuedo making of video found here which shows him teaching the robots in his workshop. Now, when looking at the full video, I tend to think that it is not all CGI robots (maybe only at the end when they are shooting lasers and destroying the place). Actually, it is more impressive if it wasn't because programming robots is not easy especially if you want them to be performing to a beat. One of my first jobs was introducing robotics into electronic assembly --- it isn't easy. Now, there is nothing that says the robots are actually performing the music - rather they are programmed to make certain movements in time and rhythm to the musical beats which may explain why the musicians among you are seeing performance inaccuracies. But that does not mean they are CGI. I believe that those are real robots strumming those guitars, beating the drums, etc...but I think they are just faking it rather than making music. Robotic "Milli Vanilli" if you will (the old timers out will get the reference. For everyone else, go here to learn more). Dave ...and for those who just love different type of music (like myself), then you have to see this (oh...and its all real by the same artist): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3oItpVa9fs
  7. Some music to help you pass time while rendering: Appropriately named too! May I also suggest this site: www.extrememusic.com Great site for production music where music is classified by mood, tempo, and style. In the mood for something to zone out to? Just type in "chill" to the search bar and up will come hundreds of tracks that will all stream to you one after the other WITHOUT ADS!!! Dave
  8. Oh that's depressing. Please say it ain't so. I really don't want to pay monthly for using C4D nor do I want to pay an inflated monthly fee for access to an Adobe suite of products if all I want to do is use C4D. As a hobbyist, I only have enough time to learn (and therefore use) C4D....all the other stuff would be wasted on me. What a buzz kill to my Redshift excitement. Dave
  9. I finally made it to the MAXON page and I am not quite sure what to make of this statement: Will Redshift be integrated into Cinema 4D? Redshift is a separate product which already offers outstanding support for Cinema 4D. MAXON and Redshift will be working closely together to make that integration even better than it is today. So while they say that MAXON and Redshift will be working together to make integration better, that does NOT necessarily mean that Redshift will be integrated INTO C4D. It could still be a separate plugin with better integration but that you still have to purchase it because they do say it is "a separate" product. They never directly answered the question "Will Redshift be integrated into C4D". Thoughts anyone? Dave
  10. We need to resurrect that old thread of the Redshift, Octane, Cycles 4D comparisons. I think it came out well over a year ago (not sure). I tried to find it without much success (but then again, I did not look very hard as I am at work. A search of Octane and Redshift yielded too many pages). Not sure if it is still relevant, but I do remember that it was very well done and that Redshift seemed to be the better choice, but it did have some downside --- which is to be expected in any fair side-by-side comparisons. I think it was around usability, but not sure. It would be good to review that thread again. From reviewing the Redshift site, I would say that it does have some exciting possibilities...so I am just gob-smacked with anticipation and high praise for the MAXON folks. They ain't ya fathers DCC software company any more!!! Dave
  11. Way to go MAXON! This is huge. Given that there is already a Redshift plugin, I wonder how this acquisition will affect R21? I can't imagine any deeper integration before September so it could be that the R21 install has the Redshift plugin --- more than likely for Studio owners only. I can't get to the MAXON site to learn any more (it must have crashed due to traffic) as this is pretty significant. If you go to the Redshift site, there are a number of plugins and DCC software (Max, Maya, Houdini) that have been integrated into Redshift. To understand their fate, do we look to Arnold? Need to see how Max integrated Arnold to get sense of what happens next. So many questions....so many possibilities. Wow. MAXON is certainly making an even BIGGER name for themselves with this move. As our favorite Kiwi would say: "Fun times ahead"...and they will be fun. Dave
  12. NOTE: This sale is really an... ALL INSYDIUM 50% OFF SALE So it is not just X-Particles as inferred in the subject line but Cycles 4D, Cycles/X-Particle bundle and (the most exciting part)….. 50% OFF MAINTENANCE Plus you can purchase up to 3 years of maintenance at this price if you so desire. Honestly, at the rate they keep improving X-particles (their latest update continues to impress), I do wonder what's left to release in the future? Sure, you can make it faster or handle monstrous particle sets, but those are probably limitations of C4D and not 100% in their control. Relative to what is in their control, like additional features, I am left to wonder what else is on their development timeline. My brain hurts trying to think of some particle control or modifier that they don't already have and on top of that add fluids, grains, volume breaking, particle dynamics, object dynamics, etc...etc...etc. ;-) Now, this is said with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but even Next Limit is having trouble keeping up with X-Particles relative to their C4D plugin. I looked at the feature list relative to the cost and I did not see any breakthrough features that would make me want to run out an buy V3. I have always been an Insydium enthusiast. I just hope I remember on Monday to renew my maintenance! Dave
  13. Really impressive and I hope it leads to more dream jobs (or maybe it has but you can't tell us just yet). What would be cool is to have three side-by-side images: Wireframe, Final Render, Final sword as used in the show (if possible). In short, it would be interesting to see if the prop department could add as much detail to the physical sword as you did with the render (possibly a 21st century version of man vs. machine) or how they were inspired by your work -Dave
  14. I am okay with violence, provided the violence serves the story and is not just mayhem for mayhem's sake. I can't tell you how many times I've watched Game of Thrones (including right now to get ready for the final season) even though that show has some violence that puts Love, Death and Robots to shame. But I enjoy every episode because I am emotionally invested in the characters...and that is the difference. Does the violence serve the story....does it help make the villain more evil or the hero/heroin more heroic? As long as I am rooting for the character(s), then the violence does not bother me as much. As long as it makes the danger more real or give you a taste of what things are really like (as in the opening battle in "Saving Private Ryan"), then it is necessary. I just felt that some of the violence in LD&R could have been dialed back a bit and not taken anything away from the story points...and that is the test point on why I felt it was unnecessary and gratuitous. Again....just because you can render it doesn't mean you should. Dave
  15. I also thought the entire series was pretty amazing visually. Relative to Sonnie's Edge, while visually striking (the beasts were amazing), the violence at the end actually made me a bit queasy. Watching her head get crushed and eyeballs pop out was bad enough...but then having the guy stick his cane into her crushed flesh and pull up a loose flap left me wanting to tell Blur Studios (whom I highly respect) and Dave Wilson (the director) that just because you can render and animate something doesn't necessarily mean you should. Same sentiments can apply to "The Secret War" -- sorry dead bodies of children with the backs ripped open or lying blood covered against the cabin really added nothing to the story. There was enough dismembered body parts lying around to convey the plot point that these critters were nasty. Also watching a soldier with his head half ripped off fall in slow motion was another queasy moment for me as well. You could trim some of those scenes and nothing would be taken away from the excitement of the story which was very good. Just because they are digital characters does not make it okay to push the gore to new heights -- especially now when the characters are becoming so real. That is my only criticism to what was otherwise an outstanding anthology that definitely bears repeat watching (except the first and last episodes -- my stomach can only take soo much). Dave P.S. For those who may disagree, then consider the following before you reply: If people love watching gore in movies and games, then have we evolved much since the days of the Roman Empire when gladiators used to kill each other in Colosseum as public entertainment? Just a thought in case anyone thinks that we are an advanced society that has evolved to a new age of enlightenment.



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