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  1. Okay....I have been away from this thread for quite some time for a number of reasons. On coming back to it and reading through it, here are some of the major themes: No one see's the new core in action in R18. In fact, R18 feels pretty similar in terms of speed and power to past versions. Pro-Render is most likely going to be the "big new feature" in R19, but it won't really be fully implemented and production ready until sometime after R19 (hopefully R20). Bodypaint Beta fails to impress as their has been no real improvement to UV's. R19 is really going to feel more like a 0.5 release than a full release so don't get your hopes up. If you want faster implementation of features then you need to go to a subscription model for legal reasons. Users are on-the-fence about renewing their MSA in light of the features expected in R19. Just like we were all on the fence with R18, and R17 and.......etc. Just for once I would love it if MAXON released something that was just a no-brainer when it comes to deciding about upgrading. Modo is slowly shedding its reputation for instability while at the same time really impressing everyone with best-of-breed tools being implemented at a fast pace. But don't kid yourself, new tools are still unstable but just fixed quickly within 3 point-releases. Well...color me depressed. Are we just a gloomy bunch or did I get a fair read on the major themes of this thread? ....I think I will go back to Etch-a-Sketch. Something rather peaceful about art created with only two knobs. Dave
  2. is nice. Any chance of getting some specs on the scene file (total polygons, total objects, number of lights) ? The Radeon Pro Duo specs are pretty beefy. Anyone have any Cinebench data on that card? Dave
  3. My calendar probably won't start to clear out until early July (China 6/15 to 6/25, family stuff sometime the week of 6/26, and then the July 4th weekend). So the challenges run one month at a time? Do they all start at the beginning of the month? There was a lot of neat models on that site. Do you just pick one or is one picked for you? Ideally, I would like to work on a model I am excited about - if not, it may not have a "blast" working on it. I tend to favor environments (cities, nature, etc) more so than characters or still life's. Dave
  4. Wow...thanks for sharing. Is there a time limit for these challenges? I ask because this is a hobby, I will be leaving on a business trip to China soon and then I have some family obligations coming up. So time is limited but this really does look like a lot of fun. So yes, I am interested. Dave
  5. I am first and foremost a hobbiest. Modeling was always the best of my mediocre skills so that is why I wanted to push myself into a new area. My weakest is probably anything involving I may go there next. I am very happy that you liked it.....from you that is high praise because you are up there in my "CG Hero" list along with Ansel Hsaio and Stefan Morrell. Dave
  6. Other than publishing posts about R19 or plugin developers, I thought I would share a WIP this time to prove that I do actually work on improving my C4D skills and not just a trouble maker on the Cafe. In this case, I really wanted to focus on lighting and texturing. Now, is it cheating to purchase a model for another program and convert it to C4D? Well....that is what I did in this case. Stefan Morrell is one of my favorite artists. Along with Ansel Hsaio, I just collect pictures of their work and appreciate them as tremendous works of art. Well, Stefan is also known as Stonemason in the Daz3D world (his Greeble City blocks collection is pretty famous). Daz3D had a pretty good sale some months ago and I took advantage of it. The models export from Daz as FBX which can then be imported into C4D, but the lighting, textures and some of the modeling needs to be redone. I took one model, Urban Future 2 as an opportunity to really push my texturing and lighting skills. I completely embraced the new reflectance shader and dived in (no specular channel used) and had to create reflection maps either externally or internally within C4D. I then went to work on the lighting, placing well over 200 individual lights within the scene. Custom luminance maps were created as well for all the signs and windows. While I may not have modeled it, I did put a lot into it. Here are the results: Compare these to the Daz3D link provided above under Urban Future 2 and let me know if you think I appropriately honored the work of a master. The far more gifted C4D artists out there may wonder "what's the point...he did not model it". But as for me....well, I had a blast. Dave
  7. All of this would be moot if MAXON followed the same policy of Luxology....all upgrades are the same cost regardless of the previous version. Honestly, if what you are saying is true, then being a Studio owner is essentially paying a premium for nothing special. I know others have brought that up with past releases so it is disappointing to think that R19 will be treating us like that again. Maybe when the new core is finally revealed, there will be such awesome "Studio-only" tools that the cost of all the previous upgrades makes it all worthwhile. But again, to continue with the home remodeling analogy, as a Studio owner I feel like I am constantly writing checks to the contractor with no idea what the finished home is going to look like nor when it will be ready. Look if R19 is even more lackluster than R17, then what will it take for MAXON to finally give us some detailed information about their plans? The total s**t storm over R17 got some response from MAXON, but who wants to go through that again? Hopefully, neither does MAXON and they are a bit more preemptive by communicating pretty quickly after R19 is released about what is coming. That is the only thing that will calm the masses because a lot people were on the fence after R17. R18 brought them back in, but a weak R19 release could be the final straw for many particularly if they have no idea of what is planned. Dave
  8. Wow....please let me apologize. It was extremely unfair to lump you into that post. I guess it was just coming from a place of impatience on my part as that preview was pretty outstanding. Also...I would assume that "before my parental time started" means you became a new father? If so, congratulations. One thing that all first time parents quickly realize is this: life as you knew it has ended....but only to be replaced by a much more fulfilling life. So family takes priority above all. Do not give my post a second thought. Again, my apologies. Dave Are you under an NDA? Can you share what you saw? Dave
  9. you haven't seen it either. I was wondering if it was just me. As we tick off all the enhancements we hope to see in R19, I am mindful of something that Nigel kept telling us which was MAXON will not waste time working on updating a tool if they now that tool will be completely re-written in a future release. He also felt that the major developers have probably been working on the new core for 6 to 7 years s they have essentially gone into hiding for that long. So what does this all mean? Well, to use an analogy, I would imagine rewriting C4D is like renovating an old home. The first thing that needs to be done is to replace the stone foundation with a solid concrete foundation, then replace the wiring, plumbing, etc. We want the new kitchen but they are still working on the foundation. Concrete foundations are not sexy, we don't care about the new wiring. We want the new kitchen, the new bathroom, etc. But at some point, all those structural improvements get completed and then we can visibly see them putting into place the things we care about....the flooring, the new windows, the new kitchen. And usually those changes happen rather quickly towards the end of the project. If you have ever been through a major home remodel, you know what I am talking about. The last 3 to 5 weeks out of a 6 month project are always the most exciting. I am sure Hrvoje has seen the finished plans. He knows what is coming and if you read some of his posts, he keeps alluding to all the great things to come, just as their CTO, Harald Schneider did in the blog post "Foundations for the Future" (see...even he is using the home construction analogy ;-). But so far, with C4D we are not at that "exciting" phase yet and it has been 6 to 7 years since they "broke ground" on this new architecture. I mean we have seen some nice things, but not quite up to what their CTO has promised. So overall, I have no idea how all of what MAXON is excited about will role out. Will it be incrementally or all in one major big-bang of a release? All, I know is that we really haven't seen it yet. Hopefully, R19 does not prompt us to react like those old ladies did in that classic 1984 Wendy's commercial: Dave
  10. ProRender Features list: Key Features Fast and accurate – it’s designed to be physically accurate, lightning fast and easy to use. Hardware agnostic – if your computer can run OpenCL™ 1.2, it can run Radeon ProRender. Fully integrated – for use with Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2016 SP3 and higher. Multiple camera views – physical camera, depth of field, and motion blur. VR creation support with panoramic and stereoscopic VR camera views. Its own Environment setup – letting you work in IBL or sky mode, together with photometric or emissive light setups. Supports lights from HDRI environments, letting you blend a scene in with its surroundings. Physically correct material library – comes with its own material library optimized for use with our renderer, providing an easy starting and reference point for your own shaders. Plays nice with others – works well with output from Substance and Quixel. Supports Windows® 7, 8.1, 10. Not sure....but is emissive light set-ups the same as emissive materials? If they are one-in-the-same, then my day is made if this is a feature for R19. But before I start celebrating, note that MAXON is not committing to implement every feature at this time. So you may or may not see any of this in R19. This is not our first rodeo...we know the drill on discussing new features. Also, OpenCL gets updated about every 2 years which feels slow (not sure how it compares to other platforms). Should Apple back away from the Mac Pro then how much development will be put into OpenCL? I understand that Apple did announce a new MacPro for 2018...but 5 to 6 years between hardware updates is not a good sign and until that announcement there were rumors it was being dumped. Nevertheless, the market just seems to be going in another direction so adopting this platform seems a bit rocky to me. I hope it does not turn into another pyrocluster. Dave
  11. Given your modeling skills, I am surprised you are not a beta tester. But a better knife tool is not key evidence of a new core in action. New core as described by MAXON points to so many other capabilities than smarter modeling algorithms....unless I am reading into "massive data parallelism" too much. For me, apart from the hope of what a true new core would be giving you (like fluid simulation with OpenVDB support), I would love to see the following with the existing tool set: Emissive materials --- please!!! Very desperate for this and would change the render quality/capability in a huge way. A proper symmetry an polygon, click a get symmetry about that polygon regardless of where the object is located within the scene file. Now imagine if you were to animate that capability....pretty interesting motion graphics opportunities. A spot light or tube light that allows you to independently change the size of the opening at each end. I hate using volumetric spot lights that start from a razor sharp point. The ability for lights (especially volumetric lights) to pass through polygons shaded with transparency or alpha maps. An upgrade to the sky tool to include spectral atmospheric effects. Sorry...the existing sky tools are painfully outdated given what you accomplish with other programs like Terragen and/or Vue. As well as what everyone else wants (Bodypaint, viewport, etc). Dave
  12. Okay....with the inevitability of the seasons, in 3 months all will be revealed about R19 (we hope). So before we start to get into a deep wish list of expected features, I would actually like to go back to the now famous quote made on the MAXON Blog back in February of 2016 (Foundations for the Future): So the new core has been creeping into C4D since R16...and given that this new core allows for "massive data-parallelism and optimized data structures" you get the sense that ultimately C4D will crunch through huge scene files with the ease of a hot knife cutting through butter. So I have to ask this given that it has been two releases since then, has anyone noticed a substantial improvement in R18's power? Three years is a long time in the computer industry. Think of it like dog years. So when talking about improvements over a period of 3 years you also have to factor in hardware upgrades. So I can't tell if it is C4D getting more powerful or my hardware is getting faster. So did I miss something? Do others detect the new core in action as described above? I am not a power user by any means, so I would really love to hear from those who work in the depths of C4D's capabilities and push it to its limits. Now remember, I am not talking about slight improvements in performance of the selection tools, spline tools, etc. I am talking about a huge paradigm shift as promised in the quote above. I mean "a highly efficient threading system for massive data-parallelism and new optimized data structure" is quite a huge promise....and this is from a company that doesn't make promises. So I have to believe it to be real more so than marketing. I guess my point is this: real proof to me of the new core making itself known to the C4D user will be when MAXON releases some killer feature such as a fluid simulation system, Bodypaint improvements that put it on par with Mari (e.g. handling 4K images with ease) and/or an uber-instancing capability, etc. Other programs in Studios price range (or lower) have these capabilities. Plus when you consider that Maya has integrated their fluids tools into their motion graphic toolset, you would think that would be a real threat to C4D. So something along those lines would make perfect sense and come at the right time for MAXON. But honestly, if R19 looks anything like R17 in terms of new features, it won't be pretty. If we get improvements in R19 equivalent to version 2 of the color picker, than MAXON will begin to sound like the boy who cried wolf regarding what to expect from the new core. In short, credibility will be lost...which is never good.....unless people can start to point out what I may have missed in R17 and R18 that shows the new core in action. So to be clear, I am not blaming MAXON of being too slow or not doing enough. I could very well have missed all their excellent work since R16 based on my own understanding and expertise with C4D. Therefore hearing about where others have felt the presence of the new core in action to the level promised in their blog post above would help temper my expectations for R19. I think it would be healthy at this point for users to really show where they are reaping the benefits of the new core...if possible. I have some doubt because you would have heard about this before, but maybe I just missed it. If not, then after 3+ years of new core development, we should start to see something in R19 that makes us all realize it was worth the wait. Dave
  13. Wow...I remember when Terragen was open source. I also remember when they started a partnership with Digital Domain during the remake of the Time Machine back in 2002. They were always viewed as a partial alternative but not a worthy substitute to Vue because Vue could do plants and trees! Terragen was lagging in that respect even though they had some pretty outstanding lighting models. Not only are those gaps closed, but they have replaced Vue in the market judging by the films they have worked on (all recent...which is a good sign). Costs are about half of Vue too. I am going to download the free version and see if I can get my head wrapped around the interface. I have always viewed Vue's interface as clumsy. To change the view in any viewport you must move the scene camera (if you can find the camera in big scenes). I do like Vue's ecosystems and painting capabilities and the built in integration with C4D in Vue xStream. But even on my workstation it really kills the performance which means that it kills my ability to enjoy using the program as well. If Terragen is easier to use, faster to render and smoother to navigate, then this could get interesting. Dave
  14. AsileFX is a vendor of tutorials and assets for Vue products. e-on has had its difficulties lately since they were acquired and took way too long to release their 2016 update and as such have kind of gone the way of Lightwave -- a once great program slowly falling out of use in the common market (their list of movies stops with films from 2012). So maybe business hasn't been that great for AsileFX lately...maybe it has. Not sure but you be the judge based on the following sale: 12 texture collections totaling over 2363 textures and 7002 image maps (16.2 Gb of files) for $99 (was $399). Each texture is in a tiff, PNG or JPEG format file so it is applicable to more than just Vue (like C4D) Find out more here. If you are Vue user, pretty much everything else at the site is going on sale too but the textures have some use to the C4D community. Again, when you see prices cut this deeply you have to wonder what is going on. Regardless, I hope all is well but whatever the circumstances you have to admit that this is a pretty good deal especially if you find yourself a little lite on building your own personal library of textures. Dave BTW: Anyone know what has replaced Vue as the top professional landscape software package?
  15. Welcome to the Cafe......really great to hear from you. You might be interested to know that it was Forester that enticed me to walk away from e-on's Plant Factory and seriously considering dropping Vue xStream all together (though I will admit that spectral atmosphere's and their new landscaping tools still impress)! So it is really great to here that Forester 2 is in the works....but it would be even better after two years if you could give some forecast on which year or quarter that you are targeting to release it. I am sure it will be worth the wait, but how much longer do we need to wat? Dave