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  1. Black Friday 2017 - Post your deals here

    My personal hope is for a repeat of last years 20% off the MSA. I was a bit concerned about purchasing back-to-back MSA's in the same year but it worked! Saved myself $130 on this years Studio MSA....I just had to purchase it last November! It may not happen as I would anticipate that the buzz on R20 as the "big one" creates no need for MAXON to offer a discount on a service agreement for next year.... ....but then again, where is the Christmas spirit in that! C'mon MAXON...just imagine the look of joy on all the little kids faces when you give us a big fat 25% of even a 30% discount this year!!! ;-) Trust me...I would be singing "Thank you very much" in the streets if that should happen! Dave
  2. Episode 7 shows the capabilities for wet maps and finally reveals the name of the new fluid core: xpExplosiaFX Fluids are coming Dave
  3. ....It's the most wonderful time of the year There'll be much C4Ding And screens will be glowing When renders are near It's the most wonderful time Yes the most wonderful time Oh the most wonderful time Of the year...... All, It is that time of year again. As I find out about special deals and promotions that always seem to come forth around Black Friday, I will post them here. So far, I only have one (but it is early yet): C4DZone - 50% off all plugins on 11/24/2017 ONLY. I also certainly invite others to do the same as well. Just a few things to remember when you post: Include a link to the site. Be sure to specify the dates of the sale Be sure to include and coupon codes (if any) Mention the amount of the discount Thanks, Dave P.S. And in case anyone is wondering: Black Friday is traditionally the day after the US Thanksgiving Holiday (always held on the last Thursday of November -- which for this year is 11/23/2017) and the biggest shopping day of the year as people ramp up their spending for Christmas. That is why it is called "Black" Friday because sales on that day put most retailers into the financial "black" (or profit) for the year.
  4. So how many of us are now checking the Insydium web-site every Monday for a new feature update? Only 3 more episodes left until the amazing season finale. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if XP4 was done weeks ago because this is really smart marketing on their part to build anticipation and desire before a release (well....the cool new features are really what's causing this stir but go with me on this and let's credit a smart release campaign). MAXON could learn a thing or two from from Insydium. You guys are now combining amazing products with smart marketing --- I can only imagine what your future holds but it will definitely be successful. For my part though, I have been spoiled by Netflix where they release all episodes at once. Too bad we can't binge watch all the XP4 feature videos like we can with Stranger Things 2....but so be it. Looking forward to next Monday. My bet is that they are holding smoke and fluids until the very end (such masters of suspense!!!). Dave
  5. MeshBoolean

    Cerbera, Thank you for the advice. Yes...modeling with Booleans would only be a starting point for me and certainly not something I would leave in a parametric state. I would use it to rough-out form and shape and then convert to polygons and then clean up. If there was any face with excessive n-gons or triangles, I would try to convert to quads (most like using the quad-cap plugin to make it a little faster). Like you, I take some serious satisfaction from a clean mesh with nice polygon flow. This plugin would help me add to my ever growing library of nernies. Sometimes, I just create a nernie for the sheer pleasure of it without any intended purpose. The cut-in capability of the Meshboolean plugin would really be helpful with creating hull plating. That is just sooo tedious and not as satisfying as your really just cutting up a flat surface...but for some reason, doing it with textures or bump maps feels like cheating. Weird. Also, nernies need to have some design sense to them. Not just cubes or cylinders lumped onto each other. So using textures does not allow you as much control in creating a 3D design logic to the nernie. The best nernies are when you copy their shape from real life objects that have a purpose. This may be a result of the pre-CG models being made from kit-bashed car models (for example, the tip of the Millenium Falcons front mandibles is the top of an engine block). Those physical models from the 70's have set the visual style we copy today in 3D. One of my favorites modelers in Ansel Hsaio (FractalSponge in the Max forums). Check out his work here. I have a word for his work: nernie-porn. Honestly, I could just stare at the detail in his ships for hours and always find something new. He never posts a mesh so I have no idea how clean his geometry is but given the sheer quantity of polygons he puts into his models, there has to be some level of efficient modeling in his work or the images could never be rendered. Visit his site and just marvel at how any one person could the mental discipline to visualize, start and actually finish the models he creates. And to be equally fair, I marvel at your work as well with the same level of respect and admiration! Dave
  6. Strange dots ?

    They look similar to global illumination firefly’s - not exactly but close. Check your render settings and turn GI off to see if they return Dave
  7. All, From the makers of Lon-Lat Connection Kit and Streetview 4D at TheGreatSummit.com comes MeshBoolean From the video, it looks pretty interesting especially the capability to automatically bevel boolean edges and perform "cut-ins" (my personal favorite). Now at its core, this is still using C4D's boolean algorithm's and Boolean modeling is generally frowned upon given the geometry it creates. But, it still looks pretty useful for creating objects that have no intention of ever being subdivided or have simple textures applied. I would love to hear more about this plugin from any early adopters out there (I think it was released on 11/1), the beta-team or the developer himself. One video was not enough as it sounded like there were more features that were not covered. I would also love to see a tutorial where they actually boolean and texture a complex object just to get a sense of the type of objects that are being created and what the downsides may be should you over-use booleans as a means to create non-organic shapes. In short, as a lover of sci-fi art, will this be a great nernie creation tool? Thanks, Dave
  8. Time travel back to 2000

    Interesting. I see a few references to people using cracked software. Personally, I stay away from that as I have a ton of respect for the people who sweat brain cells making this stuff work and therefore feel they should be compensated (of course, I am always looking for great deals....sorry, you offer me 40% to 60% discounts, and I am yours!) One interesting story back in the early 2000's. I just subscribed to Computer Arts and Computer Graphics World and started to download some demo's that were in that magazine in my search to find something better than trueSpace (which really shouldn't have been that hard). So my email was now out there as someone interested in getting animation software. Well, I get this email from some group in China offering to sell me pretty much cracked versions of every DCC piece of software out there at the time. So I forwarded that email to every DCC publisher on their list advising them of what was going on. I only heard back from one company...and it was Lightwave. They were so grateful for me looking out for them that they sent me a free T-shirt! It wasn't quite the deal I was looking for, but I appreciated the offer. Dave P.S. I did ultimately purchase Lightwave but it was when they were bundling it with Vue Infinite. So as I just purchased C4D, I sold the LW license and in essence got Vue Infinite for free!!! See...always looking for deals.
  9. Wow...just wow! I know you wanted to highlight your sculpting....but the sculpting and texturing on those wings just makes the entire piece. In short, great color design through-out! Really well done. I also get a hint of SSS on the wings as well. Great DOF on the first image too! Dave
  10. Mesh fix

    If this really is the final mesh and and not a sub-divided mesh, then you could could use the polygon pen to retopologize the surface with larger quads. Lots of work. Also, (if memory serves), C4DZone makes a plugin called "Quad caps" that essentially fills holes in your mesh with a pretty perfect array of quad polygons. Now it won't work on curved surfaces so you won't be able to delete the entire patch of affected polygons and have it magically replaced with perfectly aligned quads conforming to the original surface. But you could work on it one section at at time. Again, a lot work. I also wonder if the new LOD tools in R19 might tame this mesh a bit....at least give you larger and less polygon's to work with for editing. Dave
  11. Xparticles 4 release date

    As a long time XP customer (since V1), the discounts were very significant leaving absolutely no room for complaints. And when you give me something at a huge discount (like Cycles 4D), I tend to get it. There was a very good thread in the forum comparing all those renderers. Yes...from what I can recall...while the "professional" renders did fair better that Cycles 4D, so did their costs. What I paid for Cycles 4D is probably 1/10th of a new license cost for some of those professional renderers. And while it may not be "professional", I do hear that the new release of Cycles 4D is not that bad and a vast improvement over earlier versions. Plus you can't argue with the Insydium on-line training videos...that makes it very easy to pickup and learn. So for the cost of a good Saturday night dinner at a nice restaurant, I picked up another GPU renderer. Overall, not a risky choice by any stretch of the imagination Dave
  12. Xparticles 4 release date

    Be sure to read the entire email as that discount code also applies to their upgrade bundle deal: an upgrade to XP4 plus a Cycles 4D license. So normally, the XP4 upgrade is 220 pounds and Cycles 4D is 185 pounds (405 pounds total). Their bundle deal is 350 pounds. But you can apply the 15% or 25% discount to that bundle deal as well which drops the price to 297.5 pounds or 262.5 pounds. That's like getting Cycles 4D for 42.5 pounds. Almost makes it a no brainer. Dave
  13. I just got my email explaining my discount on the XP4 upgrade as a long standing customer from V1. ....oh my..... All my complaints and criticisms in this thread about the fee to unlock my XP3.5 license are a personal embarrassment to me now in the face of such a generous show of support for loyal customers. My sincere apologies to the good people at Insydium...why I ever doubted you is beyond me. December 5th can't come fast enough. Dave
  14. Very nice. Thank you very much for sharing. And now allow me to share...... If you loved that, then you will love these: Mosa Tile Generator: http://generator.mosa.com/app/?#search SmartNorMap (make your own normal maps online): http://www.smart-page.net/smartnormal/ And while not programs, some good free stuff here: Free PBR: https://freepbr.com/ Free HDRI: https://hdrihaven.com/hdris/ Still more FREE HDRI: http://noemotionhdrs.net/index.html Always some good free stuff from Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8v61m Need a panoramic cloud shot?: http://www.artssphere.com/textures.php How about cut-out images of people: http://skalgubbar.se/ Or do you wish to set something on fire: http://mitchmartinez.com/4k-fire-stock-footage/ (be sure to check out his bullet time examples) And in case you ever get tired of what you are doing and just want to zone out and relax: https://www.skytimelapse.com/2017/ ...all the product of a misspent life surfing the web (...or just being really good with search engines). Dave
  15. Firs thing done in cd4

    Very good! Also thanks for sharing! I remember that I was a a bit nervous posting my first work. Relative to tutorials, Cineversity is always a great place for tool specific instruction whereas other sites may focus more on project or technique based tutorials. When just starting out, you need both. With that said, you are off to a great start. Dave