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  1. Okay....here it is 9:30 PM and I have just finished work for the day and will now indulge in a bit of mindless TV. So as you can see, I don't watch a lot of TV. Maybe an hour during the weekdays and two hours on the weekends. So I go to YouTube. The videos are short, and I can usually get through 3 to 4 short clips before I fall asleep (hey....it has been a long day that started at 5:00 AM...so no judging). My guilty pleasure on YouTube is Corridor Digital. Yep...I am a fan. Their "VFX Artists" react segments is what drew me in (Niko Pueringer gives some really good critiques which are very educational by themselves), but their short films are hysterical and side projects (like playing Jenga with cinder blocks) just keep my hooked. Also, the things Wren Wiechman does with a drone are pretty insane. He is also a mechanical engineer (like me - I would love to find out where he went to college) and so I enjoy it when he tackles engineering problems with a good CAD tool and a 3D printer. Very clever stuff going on there. They also use C4D at their studio: Corridor Digital. Well, actually Clinton Jones uses C4D at their studio. You can sometimes spot him wearing a MAXON T-shirt during their pod-cast. So I am really looking forward to seeing Clinton Jones present at MAXON's 3D Motion and Design Show on July 21st. Based on the work done on the Bosstown robot videos, I am sure it will be a good talk on photo real visual effects. But if not, he can always set himself on fire again....yes...they did that too. Good wholesome mindless entertainment for the work-weary. Dave
  2. Well...you folks are doing a great job. So far, from where I sit, this seems to be going smoothly. Dave
  3. Loaded fast on both Chrome and Edge. Overall, I am enjoying the new Edge better than Chrome right now so glad to see it working on Edge. Chrome is a little bit slower but I got tired of Google tracking everything I do across multiple apps so I loaded the Duck-Duck Go app to be spared the spam advertising on Chrome without having to log out. That may explain the speed difference in load times....not sure. Dave
  4. Hmmmm....both humble and very good. I hate him. Without even seeing the wire frames, just looking at the tire and tire rim and I have an appreciation for your talent. Plus the lighting is well done. The car paint could have a bit more gloss but otherwise the renders are nicely executed. Again, very good. Dave
  5. Just wanted to post a few free things that I have come across in my travels 1) Free HDRI Timelapse file from Evermotion: https://hdrmaps.com/free-hdri-sky-timelapse/. A 300 frame timelapse of a rolling sky. Be warned...as with all things Evermotion, the file size is pretty big. Over 17 Gb. 2) A pretty good library of high resolution leaves with associated maps: http://www.treesdesigner.com/materials-library/ 3) Good site of Blender models (mostly sci fi...which is always a plus): https://www.blendswap.com/profile/1915/blends 4) As I also have a love for hard surface modeling techniques: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyowChgs-7b38q2Bi0cKXOA/videos Dave
  6. Interesting series and the design aesthetic you have is perfect for getting new users comfortable with the program while having some success actually creating something they could be proud of. ....but if I may make a suggestion. Do NOT use Skillshare's auto sub-title capability. While you speak clear English (and quite well), if you are going to have Skillshare turn it into sub-titles, I think you need to talk a bit slower. To put it bluntly, the sub-title translations are pretty funny: Who is Cinema Freddie and why do we care what he learned? A little confused here. Are you saying this course will improve my credit in New Jersey or "Cinema Freddies" credit in New Jersey? We do not want to be racially insensitive during training, so why you are singling out 6 Jews from Missouri? So if I lie, you are going to mark what????? Please leave those alone...but I can understand why they are being covered. Good luck with the course!!! Dave
  7. Awesome tool! I love it because sometimes you set a selection on one object, then move to another object to work on it a bit and when you move back to your original object, you forget that you had left it with a selection that is already active. Therefore, I am always falling into this trap. Brilliant! Dave
  8. Are we talking about the hand and the wrist coming together in the top video? Honestly, I don't think that the hand and the wrist are joined as one piece of geometry. I still see creases indicating that both models are unique.
  9. I agree with both you on the points that you are making: 1) That I am brilliant and 2) We need an optimize command for splines! ...sometimes I crack myself up. But given that splines can get wonky (and you would think that is not usually the case), Cerbera has a valid point. Dave
  10. Your coffee depletion aside, coming from you that comment to me is high praise. Printing that one out and putting in the refrigerator!!! Glad I could help. Dave
  11. You don't need any plugins. Here is how you do it. 1) Place the spline under an extrude under a connect: Extrude the spline by a huge amount in the Y axis (like 2000 cm) Then hit current state to object. That should give a set of connected polygons. Use a rectangular selection in a side view and ONLY select the bottom plane of polygons. With that selection, then hit "Edge to spline". You should now have your connected spline as well as you extruded polygons. See attached; Coastline-connected.c4d I hope that helps. Dave
  12. So what renderer is being used in that Insydium video? Is it AR or Cycles? My key question is this: at the start of the video (around 0:40) they show these VERY simple controls for adjusting smoke and fire. Does that level of control work with C4D's native Advanced Render or were they using Cycles 4D? Just wondering if you still need to export VDB data to Redshift to get that level of real time adjustment. Hopefully, you lucky beta testers will be able to provide some insight. Thanks, Dave
  13. Welcome back and thank you for making your plugin free to the community. Just wondering if you have used R21 (either in demo mode or via a license). I ask because I would be interested to know if the corner cases handled better by your plugin were resolved with the bevel improvements made in R21. Learn more here: Now...don't get me wrong..this is NOT a criticism of any sort. Anyone who can develop a bevel plugin deserves my immediate respect as the math is incredibly complex. So kudos to you. Recognizing that level of complexity, I would NOT be surprised that even the work they did in R21 sufficiently captures "every" situation. Therefore, just wondering what holes your plugin fills. Thanks, Dave
  14. I love it. They just keep get better and better..... You are like the "Beeple" of animation/compositing/VFX work... What a neat legacy of memories you are creating, especially if you keep going as she get's older. Just imagine 20+ years from now when you have all those animations playing on a continuous loop (via holographic projection of course) during some major event in your daughters life (graduation, wedding, etc). Dave
  15. Okay....if you are NOT yet convinced to stick with XP, this should do it: Honestly....this just blows my mind. It looks WAY more easier to use than TFD with far better results! Again, Insydium just kills it! Unbelievable. Dave
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