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  1. Greyscale Gorilla is offering a 30% discount on this course. It provides over 20 hours of training into XP with 12 hours on XP4 alone. Unfortunately, even with the 30% discount it is over $200. So has anyone taken this training? GSG site does not offer any sample chapters as you would find at Lynda.com so I have no idea on how effective is Jon Bosley as a teacher. I am pretty confident this guy knows his stuff, but is anyone familiar with how well he can teach? The other detraction is that it is available via streaming only. Sometimes that can be a problem. Plus, my use of the product is dependent on how long GSG sticks around. While I have no concerns about their future, $200 is still a lot money to bet on. Finally, I am most interested in XP4 new features and find the Ensydium tutorials pretty good. Unfortunately, XP4 fetarures are presented as an Appendix rather than project based lessons for XP3 found in this GSG tutorial. Not sure how that is different than just using the Ensydium tutorials. Hmmm....as I type this...I have come to the conclusion that it is not worth the money just based on my questions and concerns. Besides, cheaper alternatives are out there. I would still be interested if someone who took the course said the training literally blew his/her hair back and felt very strongly that there was nothing else better on the market at any price (which would probably be cheaper as this has to be the most expensive tutorial I have ever seen). Thanks
  2. Catalog of all C4D plugins

    You know you have been using Cinema 4D for too long when you find yourself saying this: "Honey!!! You better get here quickly! The Rebend Deformer is finally kicking in!" .....sorry...I couldn't resist. Dave
  3. Catalog of all C4D plugins

    Agree....excellent work and a real valuable resource. I hope you keep it maintained or get some compensation from somewhere to keep it maintained. I do have one issue though with the sample animations though....in particular Rebend Deformer: Really? Can we find another example shape? This is a family site after all! Dave
  4. NAB 2018 - Post your Sales Here

    Almost as good as Black Friday is NABS and the sales that come with it. Toolfarm has quite an extensive list found here A couple of C4D related items to note: Pixel Lab - 30% off Video CoPilot - 25% off (some of their model packs come in C4D format) Curious Animal - 15% off HelloLux - 20% off all training Laubwerk - 10% off e-on: 30% off (includes Vue-xStream which works in C4D) Some of these sales run to 4/18/2018 but most expire on 4/14/2018. If you know of any others, please post them here (models, plugins, textures....you know the drill) Thanks, Dave
  5. 3D Artist 118 My Magazine Tutorial

    I thought the model was great until I saw the larger image you posted. Now it is phenomenal! The skin and lips are just perfect and the hair is amazing. Even his coat (with the seams and buttons) is wonderful. Best of all...the eyes are alive! Very tough to do. Well deserved exposure Dan! Congratulations. Dave P.S. Please keep us posted where this leads you because I do believe it will lead to some pretty tremendous opportunities. I wouldn't be surprised if Peter Dinklage himself has seen it.
  6. When you look at the edits, camera angles and overall sheer amount of character animation, it must have been like putting a jigsaw puzzle together because you kept it visually interesting. The close-ups and overhead shots were well timed and gave it some punch. I can understand why it would be mentally exhausting putting this together and staying focused for so long. So how did you approach it? Did you act it out on video first and do a rough edit to figure out the timings and direction? One small nit though....please add motion blur. The platypus was making some pretty broad dramatic gestures and the strobing was noticeable. Dave
  7. For the Engineers Among Us

    So that is how you have been spending your time! ;-) Awesome devices. Actually, I think it is the basis for a new form of Animusic. 3D-Kiwi would love this. Dave
  8. Agreed! I am especially impressed by the landing gear rig. Mechanical rigging is something I am always interested to learn more about and that rig has some pretty complex motions. Also the whole control set up to give the helicopter a natural floating motion with a few simple controls is really nice! The more I watch, the more impressed I become. Dave
  9. Amazing stuff. Even more amazing that you are self-taught. I have looked at some of your Expresso rigs and I will admit that it will take some time to fully understand how they work....some will be forever lost to me because they are not in English but still happy to have them be shared. Overall a really great resource and my sincere thanks for your generosity. You have one more loyal Vimeo follower. Dave
  10. C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    I remember hearing some time ago (and I mean years) stories about Blender being crash prone or that commands did not operate as intended. I will admit that it formed a bias that stuck because (in my mind) it was open-source software after all. In actuality, as I think about it, I would imagine that because it is open source, Blender probably has a more thorough peer review process of new code than other private development groups out there. I wonder if the comments about commands not working as intended has more to do with the confusing UI than the program's stability. So my apologies for jumping to old conclusions. Now Blender 101 sounds like a very interesting way to test the waters without too much of a time commitment. I will definitely continue to watch that space. Dave
  11. C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    Along with the long over-due update to C4D's UV capabilities and nodal materials, then Cerbera's wish list for modeling tools, Briankoko's wishes for VFX tools and Rectro's well thought-out and comprehensive list pretty much sum-up my hopes for not just R20 but probably for a few more releases after that. Many would think that R18 and R19 put a good dent in the gap between C4D and the competition, but after reading this thread you realize just how much farther they have to go! But if I could take this in a different direction here is my ultimate and obviously unrealistic set of wishes: 1) MAXON gives us everything we have mentioned in this thread prior to 2020. Revamping the core has been the bottleneck to any progress in a number of aging areas (BP in particular) and it has been the long held belief that MAXON will not invest in improving any code wrapped around the old core. So as a community, C4D users have patiently waited as the industry has moved forward. Remember that MAXON has assuaged our impatience with statements about how this great new architecture will set us up for big changes in the future. There have also been insinuations that improvements will come faster than anything we have seen in the past. These promises have kept the truly faithful camped on the MAXON doorstep. So if the new core is finally here in its entirety (having taken 3 to 4 versions to fully release), then if you don't want to break that faith, you better deliver -- especially if you are raising MSA prices. I don't care how many releases it takes - but I do care how long it takes. The expectation you have established around the new core is that catch-up the competition will happen and it will happen fast -- how you program manage new feature releases needs to strongly respect how patient we have been. That is why my expectations are not for R20, but for 2020 and I don't care if takes you 8 releases to get there...but I do care how long it takes because I fear our patience is coming to an end. 2) Either MAXON meets our expectations or Blender makes its program easier to use. Honestly, there are some really neat areas of development within the Blender community and at a fraction of the cost of C4D. The total cost of ownership (Blender and plugins) is still far less than C4D Prime but you get so much more. MAXON needs to respect Blender and realize that Blender sets the floor for what users want in terms of features. We all hate the UI and the instability, but amazing things are still being done with that program. 3) MAXON stops relying on plugin or 3rd party developers to round out their tool set. Focusing on built-in pipelines to other programs like Houdini, Allegorithmic, etc is nice, but it is not a winning strategy for staying competitive. In fact, it is almost and admission that they can't stay competitive on features. We are not going to give you nodal materials, but you can use Substance Design and import the .sbsar file. We are not going to give you fluids or OpenVDB support, so please use Houdini and import the file. Now, it is okay to not compete on features but you have to compete on something and the only thing left is to compete on price. Sorry, but in a highly technical market with a strong development pace, competing on stability and ease of use will only get you so far. People will always want what your competitors have and will take stability for granted when they jump ship to another program to get it (and its not like Maya, Modo or Houdini are bad options----they are great options). They may regret it in the end, but what does that matter to you when you have lost the sale. So my wish is that MAXON commits to changing what C4D can NOT do rather than what C4D and its plugins can do. If they don't make this commitment, then they should lower their price. In summary, my hope is that everyone at MAXON is extremely nervous about over-promising and under-delivering with R20. Since R16, they have set the expectations that the new core will bring great change and while they never said that R20 will be the "big" one, the general consensus of the community is that R20 is when the big changes will yield BIG NEW FEATURES. Right, wrong or indifferent, it is MAXON's time to deliver on those promises. Dave
  12. Congratulations. The trailer does not do it justice. I encourage others to view the rest of the short clips out there on Vimeo and DeCarlo animation to get a true sense of the heart of this story (I love the clips of the selfies with the alien) and how well it is directed (as evidenced in the first scene which does a good job of setting the tone). Was all the modeling, rigging and animation done by one person (Thomas DeCarlo). If so, that is quite an achievement. Keep us updated on how well you do at the festivals. Dave
  13. Well, one of the more impressive elements of that animation are the sound effects and editing. Very professional and add huge amounts to the enjoyment of the film. But I don't think this is the right forum to discuss that (in fact, I hope you are posting this animation as well to the Final Cut Pro crowd....BTW: I just love the voice "Oh...this can't be good"). One thing I would probably want to learn more about is how to rig a model for rag doll physics as I am sure there are some constraints that need to be applied to insure that joints bend realistically. Was it a simple matter of just using hinges? Was it that simple? Also, while you go from key frame to physics simulation, can you actually combine the two? That is, have the arms key-framed to flay about and grab for things while the body is falling. Or the legs kick a bit after they hit the ground. Not sure if that is possible (eg is motion blending possible?). In short, just tell us everything! ;-) Dave
  14. Just outstanding! I almost felt guilty enjoying it soo much (I mean, they are scenes of human based characters being squashed, chewed on and crushed after all. It reminds me of the first time I played with the Endorphin demo years ago....I had a sadistically good time whacking those little rag dolls around). But apart from the subject matter, the animation, music, editing and animations were just spot on impressive. I am saving that link as I anticipate many viewings in my future (oh my...what does that say about me?). I also watched Ragdolls 1 and 2. Loved those as well but Ragdolls 3 takes it to a whole new level. MAXON should put this on their home page with an article about how you made it. Just tremendous. Dave
  15. One of the frustrations with using the Displacement channel is that you really don't know the physical space of the resulting displacement in the scene until you render. So for example, if you wanted to place an telescope observatory model on the peak of a rugged mountain that was created using the displacement channel, it is via trial an error. Now, you could use the displacer modifier rather than the displacement channel but while the displacer modifier does create geometry in the viewport, you really have to create extremely high polygon counts on the original plane it is modifying to get even close to the same quality as you could get out of sub-polygon displacement using the displacement channel. So my thought (and hope) was this: Create two planes. One plane has the displacer modifier applied and it is visible in the viewport but not visible in the render. Another plane has a material with the displacement channel applied to it and it is not visible in the viewport but visible in the render. In short, the displacer modified polygon acts as a proxy in the viewport for plane with the displacement channel material applied to it. With that proxy being visible, I could then add all my other modeling elements and there would be no trial an error. Unfortunately, for some reason, when you render the plane with the displacment material applied it takes up a completely different screen space than plane with the displacer modifier applied. See the image below: I could accept that maybe the heights were off, but the base of the planes don't even line up! What settings do I need to set even get these two to even remotely line up? I could get them to match by trial an error, but honestly, that would be no help at all as I am doing all this to avoid trial and error. The scene file is attached (the original texture was removed to keep the file size down as it was pretty big. Hopefully you can duplicate my results by using your own displacement texture). Thanks, Dave displacer vs displacement.c4d