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  1. When are Ngons OK?

    Wow....I encourage everyone to study this mesh. Edge loops and extrusions do not create quads like this. These can only be created by hand. The model is loaded with these. And you did this in two hours? Wow... Dave
  2. When are Ngons OK?

    "the sheer joy of the solve" I could not have said it any better. I don't model for speed or profit, but rather for fun as a hobbyist. I can understand how professionals need to balance/manage their time effectively and may need to resort to something ugly like Booleans that get the job done. But, true professionals with an eye towards creating a model that will serve its client in the best possible way over time and in any pipeline will strive for quads. Quads loop better, texture better, less prone to phong breaks if only because they quickly call out non-planar surfaces and sub-divide better. They are just more robust and if I was paying good money for a model, I would be a little disappointed to see it filled with ngons. If I have to use Booleans, I only do it to get a rough shape then delete the ngons and replace them with quads...and do so for the "sheer zen-like experience" where time melts away. Am I 100% polygon free in all cases? Unfortunately no as a few triangles will creep in from time to time especially with curved surfaces. Even the sphere and cylinder primitives have triangles...but it is a goal. Cerbera, Any way of getting a large screen shot of that mesh....or at least what it looks like before sub-division? There is a wealth of leaning to be had in that image. Dave
  3. ST III Spacedock

    For Fathers day I was left alone with C4D. Best present ever! So I continued working on the interior. Honestly, the whole process is trial and error...try something simple and see if it works...usually it doesn't. Scrap that and go for something more complex. Scrap that. Finally bite the bullet and go for something detailed. This was the process for the internal docking bays inside the station. Once again, the port hole luminance maps need tons of tweaking and I am NOT happy with them at all. I may have to model each window individually as textures that worked on the outside just don't seem to work on the inside. Here is the interior tower (I really goofed on the glow....so forgive me for that): And a close up showing the interior sections of that tower a bit better: Still not happy with it....but way much better than the initial attempts (they were horrible). Dave

    Wow...pretty cool! Thank you. Now for Hrvoje: How are we doing on updating your VP scripts to at least work with R19? Did I miss the python versions? Dave
  5. I would agree....I have had my eye on this for quite some time....1.3 is the one to go for! Dave
  6. Roland JD-800

    No....not nerds. Given that that they are both 3D artists and musicians is pretty interesting. Both require a mathematics (music is very mathematical), a sense for order, etc. Those are left brain characteristics. To create what they do obviously comes from the right side of the brain. They are not nerds but whole brain thinkers. A real nerd reaction is the one I had: I looked at the mesh, saw the logic of it, and then honestly thought it reminded me of an empty Excel spreadsheet! Now that is nerdy. But I will agree it is another beautiful model. Dave
  7. MAXON Quick Tip #200

    LMPO! {laughed my polygons off} Well that song is going to stick with me for a few days! Great to see that the folks at MAXON have a good sense of humor.... always a good sign (….it means things are probably going well). Though I can only imagine how long it took them to create that Xpresso set-up! I would have lost my sense of humor pretty quickly working on that one! Dave
  8. Roland SH-09 Synth

    I honestly had to re-read your first post to understand that the first two images are rendered. Really outstanding work in all categories (modeling -- of course--but texturing, lighting and rendering). Would love to see a close up of the mesh for the sliders as they look nicely filleted and all quads! BTW: You must just love the clone function to edge sliding!!! Dave
  9. CV-AR Released

    Cineversity just released a new plugin called CV-AR (learn more about it here). What makes this pretty cool is that it exports the facial capture information from the iPhone X into C4D. You also need the app MAXON developed for the iPhone X as well. The way it does it is pretty slick as well as once you record your performance, you open the plugin and scan the 2D barcode the plugin creates with your phone and the data is downloaded. Honestly, when you consider how much money Hollywood VFX artists once spent on developing facial capture technology 10 years ago, to have it now on you phone with easy import into C4D is pretty amazing. As an aside, I do know that the Apple did partner with those very same VFX artists to get the facial capture software correct. Kudo's to the MAXON folks for seizing this opportunity. Is MAXON the first DCC company to take advantage of this capability in the iPhone X? Prior to this Cineversity plugin, the only use I saw for facial capture on the iPhone was to animate your Emoji. Honestly, talk about hokey and why would I pay a $1000 for that? MAXON just created a good use for what I once thought was just a pure gimmick. Now....while I am still not motivated to plunk down a $1000 for a phone, I hope that DCC professionals see this as a very cheap way to get facial capture technology into their toolset and it takes off for MAXON. And to get this capability for free is just another reason to love Cineversity. Dave
  10. Do you mean Carrie Poppins? If you want to listen to some pretty angry fans, simply go to YouTube and search on "Everything wrong with The Last Jedi". There is a huge list of videos - some funny, many of them vulgar. But they are all very angry....almost scary actually. They want Kathleen Kennedy (recommended by George Lucas to head Lucasfilm after it was sold to Disney) fired and they demonize her completely. It is all her fault!! No one else is to blame. I think she even tried to dismiss their opinions with some comments like "the opinions of fat boys who live in their mother's basement is not important". That didn't help. They also have clips of Mark Hamill complaining about The Last Jedi as well...which is pretty interesting. But some of the terms they come up with, like Carrie Poppins, are pretty funny. No one is spared from their wrath either. Even The Force Awakens director, JJ Abrams (whose movies I like), gets skewered. They call him Jar-Jar Abrams. Honestly, there is a whole sub-culture building up around hating this movie and what has happened to the Star Wars brand. There are also some interesting reasons given as to why Disney is abandoning what the fans want. I won't get into it because it does get into social engineering which can be a hot button for people. Just go to YouTube and decide for yourself. Dave
  11. Antman

    For some reason I was expected Marvel's Ant Man with this thread! ;-) Excellent sculpting so no criticisms there. But is this character supposed to be an ant/human hybrid? I ask because right now it looks like a human wearing an elaborate ant head piece and mask. To make it look like a hybrid character, you need to continue the ant's skin plating down the neck and under the shirt and maybe even show a bit of that plating on the arm as well before is transitions to a human arm and skin. Just a thought. Dave
  12. Oh...I thoroughly enjoyed the prequel trilogies. Yes, there were a few moments where I winced a bit, but overall I love the story, the action, the fight scenes, etc. And yes, Rogue One was a shining star in what has been an otherwise very disappointing set of Star Wars movies from Disney....but remember, they had to reshoot 40% of that movie. So Rogue One could have gone off the rails as well. The only good thing I can say about The Last Jedi was that I did not waste my money on it in the movie theaters (thank you Audience ratings in Rotten Tomatoes). The first Star Wars movie to come out that I did not see in a theater but watched at home via Netflix (also the first Star Wars movie not to make the cover of Cinefex...so what does that tell you!). I will say that as that movie played out, I just got more depressed because it was sooo stupid. I mean everything was bad about it. The dialogue, the characters, the plot...all of it was bad. Well no...that is not true. John William's music was very good. I felt a bit similar when I saw The Force Awakens but felt that there was a lot they were not telling us to be revealed in later episodes that would help explain that movie a bit better. Well....after The Last Jedi just basically trashed that story line as well, you are left with two movies that are just plain duds. I have no confidence in Disney's ability to handle this franchise. Netflix for me from now on with their movies. Relative to modeling, I will have to say that Star Wars models are a lot more intricate than Star Trek models. With Trek, you do deal with very complex shapes and curves. With Star Wars, you are dealing with vast amounts of hull plating, nernies, etc that all must be modeled. Each are difficult and each has its own challenges. Personally, I don't think I have the mental stamina to stick with a Star Wars model. Just look at the details Vector put into his TIE fighter. I would have gotten as far as the cock-pit and died of mental exhaustion let alone survive all the detail he put into the wings. Really amazing stuff. Dave
  13. While not a current WIP, my first exercise to learn C4D sooo many years ago was to model the Death Star Reactor Chamber. This was done way back with R9. Not bad for a first attempt with C4D using R9. I owe it all to Nigel's blue airplane tutorial!!!! Right now, I am more into Star Trek than Star Wars with my STIII Space Station WIP in full swing. To be honest, I loved that world and only mildly winced during some of the more awkward moments of the prequel trilogy (sorry...Jar Jar Binks just didn't do it for me). But with great love and affection, I overlooked some of the bad writing ("Are you saying love is blind?" -- ouch) and went to see every movie in the theaters when they came out. They were events and needed to be seen in a movie house on the biggest screen you could find with full Dolby stereo blasting at you! That all ended with The Last Jedi. I will leave it there. Please don't convert this thread into a Disney SW bashing party. There are plenty of other sites out there on the web for that. Rather, let us cling to the great memories from the late 70's and early 80's when we watched that saga unfold for the first time and sat amazed at it all. Dave
  14. Wow.....it is what an amusement park on Pandora would look like!!! Just incredible.....put it on the MAXON home page! Exceptionally well done in every conceivable way. I also had to laugh at this statement: "I'm working on a BIG passion project in the form of a pilot episode". ...Wait! That short animation was NOT the big passion project? Oh my. Dave
  15. ST III Spacedock

    The inner core starts to take shape. Lots to do as I just roughed out the shape and literally slapped a texture on it. There is actually a ton of modeling on the inner core more so than on the rest of the structure. I could easily spend 40 hours on the inside alone....which for me is about 10 weeks. Honestly, I wish I was retired so I could do this full time. Dave