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  1. Thank you. Oddly enough I found tbb.dll in the TFD and X-particles folders. From a first look, without extensive video tutorial training, this plugin is NOT intuitive to use...so while it is free, it will probably remain unused in favor of XP and TFD. That is a shame because I understand it provides outstanding results. Hopefully, all the Vimeo tutorials stay on-line. My heart goes out to Samir and his family. I do recall that the development of Effex 1.5 took a bit longer than expected some years ago as he had a serious accident. Now I hear that he is back in the hospital. I don't know how many rough patches one person can endure in a lifetime, but Samir is definitely having his share of them and I hope that he pulls through with flying colors. Offering Effex for free though indicates that whatever the outcome, his life will be taking a different direction...and I can only hope it is for the better. Samir, if you have time to still read the forums then I wish you the best and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Dave
  2. You can dig a bit deeper into the Naive web-site by clicking on Support and then Video Tutorials in the link provided in Rectro's post and that will bring you to this archived web-page: https://web.archive.org/web/20170812235132/http://www.fluidsimulation.de/navie/index.php?content=tutorials Note that version 2.8 videos are listed on that archived page. Now, when you click on a video tutorial, you get the "wayback" response that the video is no longer available, but you will get the Vimeo video link which, when copied into your browser, "may" bring you to the video. I used it for the "Installation" video from version 2.6 and it worked. Now I installed Navie 2.8 per the instructions in R19 and it does not work in Win 10. Maybe it has something to do with Navie's on-line updated no longer being active, but has anyone else tried this in R19? Did it work for you? If so, how did you get it to work? Thanks, Dave Angelini
  3. I just love this thread! Great work and such clean modeling. Your work has the same quality of my all-time hero of Star Wars modeling: Ansel Hsaio. While we wonder how you are able to find the time, I just marvel at what Ansel takes on. Look at his take on the Tie Fighter found here. And of course don't forget to see some of his Star Destroyers (he has many versions....). I don't want to diminish your accomplishment by showing you Ansel's work, because your work is just as outstanding. But sometimes after working so long on a model we all need to poke our heads out of our terminals and look around for inspiration or at least find something that provides the motivation to go add that next chunk of 100,000 polygons to a model. Hopefully his work provides that energy because I can't wait to see more of your work. Dave
  4. The Orrery

    Welcome to the Cafe....and I must say you've made one hell of entrance. I just love that work: modeling, texturing and lighting. The materials (especially the fresnel glass in the center and the marble rings) are spot on! I would love to see a full animation where the gears, rings and planets are all in motion. From a design perspective, I do have one comment because I think the most aesthetically pleasing designs are those that look like every element has a function: The exposed gears should have a purpose and in an Orrery one purpose would be to rotate the planets about their individual axis. As such, it would probably help sell the concept that this is a functioning Orrery if the gear openings were better aligned to the planet's locations. This is an easy fix....just move the planets closer to the gear openings. Hopefully, this improves the aesthetics because now function determines design rather than the other way around. But that is a small nit relative to just an outstanding work overall!!! Dave
  5. Studio MSA Price Increase

    Ahhh....trust has been restored because all versions are increasing in price and Studio owners are not being singled out. I don't begrudge MAXON raising prices once in 10 years but no one likes to be singled out for a price increase. Now that I know it is all versions, I am actually okay with it (funny how that works)....and my esteem for the MAXON USA team has also increased due to their ability to hold back a price increase for the non-Studio versions. Dave P.S. If I was a non-Studio owner right now, I would seriously think about upgrading to Studio (if the MSA prices are increasing, the upgrade prices are sure to follow though I am not sure if that will happen as well on 3/1). Pretty clear that R20 is going to favor the Studio feature set quite heavily...otherwise how could MAXON USA win the argument to NOT increase pricing for the other versions. Pure speculation on my part and I don't want to step on what Rick shared (for which I am grateful), but still something to consider.
  6. Studio MSA Price Increase

    Agreed. Studio owners have been getting the short end of the stick for years now. Now if Nigel predictions are true (which they usually are), they raise prices on us when R20 finally has some great new features that are purely unique to Studio. They finally deliver and then ask us to pay more when we have been paying way more than everyone else and getting pretty much an equivalent set of features for years now. I know it is not that black and white, but you get the point. The only saving grace for me (given my MSA due date and their rather predictable release cycle), is that I will get R20 with my current MSA that expires on 8/31 and R21 at $650 if I renew before 3/1/18. So thank you to MAXON for allowing that because it does allow me to fall in love with the new features prior to facing a price increase to $725. But for some reason, I just don't think $725 pricing will stay fixed for another 10 years. I think prices will continue to rise. Overall, how they handled this could have been better. Trust has been lost. Dave
  7. Studio MSA Price Increase

    So there is no confusion....here is the browser link to the email On the plus side: they are allowing to purchase another year at the current price if placed before 3/1/18. On the negative side: There have been some well-founded arguments that the annual updates add or improve capability of the Prime, Broadcast, and Visualize versions more so than what would be unique to Studio. Yet the Studio owners pay a premium. Had this price increase been to all versions, then I would have no issue as it has been 10 years with fixed pricing. But it is ONLY to Studio owners which further deepens the wound that we are paying a premium with the least amount of change to "uniquely" Studio features with each version. Maybe R20 and beyond will change all this...who knows but I am not banking on that. What am I going to do? Simple....upgrade prior to 3/1/18 even though my MSA expires on 8/31/18. Now, if things stay the way they have been in the next release (fewer new or improved features for Studio owners), then I may stop participating in the MSA program and just update every two years. Not sure about that, but the higher MSA costs for Studio tend to push me in that direction (provided they keep their upgrade costs the same). I do enjoy Cineversity and the CV tools though. I honestly wish MAXON just increased the cost of all MSA licenses. Just increasing the cost to Studio owners angers me (to be frank) and tarnishes what was once a positive perception that MAXON was a very fair company. I can tell that MAXON USA is not in favor of this, otherwise why pin this on MAXON corporate in their email. So my disgust is purely with corporate MAXON and not the fine folks at MAXON-USA who are caught in the middle. Dave I would be interested to know what is going on in other regions outside the USA.
  8. Mineral Reign texture Library

    I love the fact that the materials have rather unique patterns with good veining. Are you generating all channels from the original images themselves and are you making them tileable? If so, may I suggest trolling through https://www.thestonecollection.com website. Just select the inventory link at the top and they have all types of stone categorized for you. In most cases, the images are pictures of stone slabs and therefore are pretty much unusable, but occasionally they have a high resolution image of just the stone pattern which could be used for texture generations. Here is an example image from their web-site and probably something that would be a good addition to your library: petrified wood This is just an example as the original image that I downloaded was 7153 x 3462 pixels in size and over 21 Mb. It can be found here Not sure what digital rights issues apply to using these images for graphics work as their goal is to sell stone and not the images of the stone. But if the goal is to create architectural materials, going to sites that sell the actual materials (eg. marble, wood flooring, tile) usually provides a good source of images. I hope this helps. If not, then hopefully the suggestion of adding petrified wood to your collection is at least a good suggestion. Dave
  9. Have you tried using the Camera Crane to achieve what you want to do? It has some pretty good controls for pitch, banking etc. Just move the tag from the camera object and place it on the object you want to animate. Load a spline into the Base link, zero out base height, arm length, head height and width and turn on compensate pitch and heading. File is attached as well: camera crane as follow spline tool.c4d Again, not sure if this meets your needs but it does offer far more controls than what is found in your typical Align-to-Spline tag. I hope this helps. Dave
  10. Happy New 2018 & 50000 members mark!!

    Congratulations to the Cafe for continuing to be a great resource to the C4D community. This place owes its reputation to those selfless individuals who supported it in the past (3D-Kiwi, 3D-Crew..remember him?) and the present (Igor, HSrdelic, Cerbera, Vector, Rectro, ABMotion, bezo, everfresh, westbam, et. al). My hopes for 2018? 1) That Igor overcomes whatever health issues he is facing. Very sorry to hear that you are hitting a rough patch right now and I hope you come through it with flying colors. Until then, my prayers are with you and your family (especially that cute daughter of yours in your avatar. I grew up while my mother was fighting cancer, so I have some idea of what she may be going through). 2) Long lost friends return to the forum and/or C4D. Yes....Nigel...I hope you come back to C4D as your tutorials were always appreciated. Also would like to see Srek return as I always appreciated his frank and honest insights into MAXON. 3) R20 hits better than 50% of our expectations over what we feel is going to be "the big one". While you may think 50% is a bit low, I personally think our expectations are too high for a company that places stability, brilliant implementation and software quality as a top priority. Slow and steady wins the race for me at least. 4) 3D Quakers releases the next version of Forester. They had made some statements 9 months ago about the new release late in 2017, so lets hope we hear something soon. If you look at their home page gallery, they have this terrain with the hills spelling out "Merry Christmas with Forestor" so this could give you some idea of what is cooking for V2. 5) MAXON Labs gets some love. Great start but would love to see more of what MAXON plays around with in their spare time (assuming that they have some spare time). 6) I find more time to learn and grow with C4D. Unfortunately, C4D is a hobby and I have family, friends, dog, house, and a day job which always takes priority. My goal for this year is to focus back on modeling (I started with modeling but have since focused on lighting, texturing, and animation and in the interim the modeling tools kept growing past my capabilities). My hope is to get back to "stream of conscious modeling" where you think more about "what" you want to do rather than "how" to do it. In short, the polygons just flow from your mouse almost unconsciously. I wonder if I can get there with booleans and triangles? NOT! My New Years Resolutions for 2018? Write shorter posts. Happy New Year everyone! Dave
  11. Renewing MSA in December (in UK)

    In fact, as I think about it, I was one of the people they helped. I was on a business trip in China when my MSA renewal was due. I sent an email to MAXON stating that I really was uncomfortable about using my credit card over an unsecured non-VPN wireless network in a foreign country and if they could wait until I returned home even though that date would be after the MSA expired. It was not a problem and MAXON USA helped me out Dave
  12. Renewing MSA in December (in UK)

    Pretty confident that the good folks at MAXON will take care of you because I do recall posts in the past thanking MAXON from people in similar situations! Let us know how it all works out because if you contacted them during their shut down but before the MSA expires you really have nothing to worry about. Dave

    Thank you! They would be a great little additions to MAXON Labs...speaking of which any activity planned there in the future? Dave

    Lots of speculation possible with this type of announcement, but before we get too far out over our skies, probably best just to assume that continuing to maintain 8+ year old code is a bit ridiculous. But it does point to one necessary thing to do for those who have been with C4D for over 5 years now: Always keep a version of R15 active on your desktop. Why? Well, it will form the bridge to R20 for any really old pre-R11.5 files you may have and it was the last version before the new reflectance shader was implemented as well (which is easier to edit than the new version in R16)....so if you want to insure you can still use and easily edit your old files, R15 is probably the version to hold onto. Which does beg any interesting proposition to MAXON: It is possible to create a small applet that converts really old C4D files to R15. Whatever code is used to load an old file and then save that file as R15 is all that would be needed. It does not need to be part of R20 but just a small external program. Just a thought. Relative to loss of C.O.F.F.E.E script capability....I seem to recall that the Vertex Pusher scripts were C.O.F.F.E.E based. I would assume that the *.CSC extension means Coffee SCript, but that is a pure guess on my part. Nevertheless, all the VP scripts are *.CSC extensions as well as some (but not all) scripts in the HB modeling bundles. Relative to the VP scripts, the Vertex to Center and Points to Circle are must haves and I would hate to lose that capability and while HB has Selection to Circle, the Vertex to Center tools are really helpful with making clean topology possible should you need to close off a cylinder with the close polygon hole tool in C4D. Dave