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  1. 3D-Pangel

    Character animation at Pixar in 1995

    Interesting......thanks for sharing. I did not listen to the audio as I am in an airport (killing time until my next flight) and probably couldn't hear it anyway. The spreadsheet looks like a numerical representation of the animation curves for each object. If you notice, you can scroll left or right within each cell and the object's position updates accordingly. Not too much different than what you have today. The spreadsheet is just an early version of the animation tracks showing the keyframes and you right click on each keyframe to get their numerical values. Also, at that time, Pixar's animation software was home grown. I say "at that time" as I am not sure if their animation software (I think it is called "Marionette") has been replaced by something commercially available. Dave
  2. 3D-Pangel


    To get the bluish glow, place a volumetric omni light at the center of the planet. Turn off shadows, illumination, etc. Color it blue and grow it get the atmospheric glow you are looking for. I used that method for this image below. You are also going to want a Fresnel shader on the planets surface as well, tinted brown probably, to get the effect of atmospheric haze towards the horizon. Dave
  3. 3D-Pangel

    MAXON Prices - Give us your feedback!

    While I support the request for more affordable educational software licenses, I find nothing in your argument that justifies pirating software. A starving person stealing a loaf of bread to survive is one thing, but C4D is a luxury. Having it fulfills no basic minimum human need. By itself, C4D does not provide warmth, shelter or food. It is a want, and not a need. No one is "entitled" to it...plain and simple. If they are stealing it, it is through greed and nothing more. And don't give me the argument that they could use it to make money. To be able to earn some income from it requires weeks if not years of training, dedication, practice and skill. You don't just steal it on Monday, open a business with it on Tuesday and start eating again on Wednesday. Sorry, they are not stealing it to put food on the table. They just want it and as such I cannot justify any reason that makes its theft acceptable. Now, I firmly believe that in all options for providing hobbyist or educational licenses, MAXON needs to generate some income. I posted previously that hobbyist licenses should be resolution limited and there was push back. Honestly, as a hobbyist, the most you should hope for is being able to render something that looks good on your PC's screen. You do not need print or HD resolutions if you are a hobbyist. If you want higher resolution, buy the full license. Asking MAXON to offer the full package at a reduced price without reduced features is not a long term path to financial success for MAXON. ...and believe it or not....I want MAXON to be financially successful. I want them to have enough cash to be here for the long term and hire top notch developers to continually grow the program. Yes...I am a hobbyist and about 6 to 10 years from retirement. C4D is going to be a big part of my retirement years so MAXON better be around for at least 40 more years until I am either too blind to see the monitor or too arthritic to hold the mouse! if not, I am coming for you Dave....I am coming for you!!!! Dave
  4. 3D-Pangel

    MAXON Prices - Give us your feedback!

    Some great and detailed points made in this forum. What I would like to lend my support for changing: Not being penalized for missing an upgrade. Honestly, I believe this will generate more sales than it losses as people hate feeling locked in to anything. Also, there have been many times where the majority of new features in a release don't benefit Studio users but I upgrade anyway because the cost NOT to upgrade is higher.....now that is feeling trapped! Special reduced pricing for hobbyists. Limit the output resolution for hobbyist licenses to no more than 1280 x 720 and remove net render capabilities, but other than that keep all features intact. A few new ideas: A customer loyalty program of some sort. If you have faithfully been a customer for X consecutive years and kept your MSA current each year, then your maintenance price in the X+1 year should be discounted. You would need this incentive if you allowed people to miss upgrades without being penalized. The temporary license fees are (IMHO) too high if they are geared towards those who have previous licenses, did not upgrade but need a new feature for a short period of time. For example, the Studio three month short term license is $600...which is about equal to the $750 annual MSA price. If you are one license behind but cannot afford the MSA for the next version, this option makes no sense - there are cheaper options with better benefits. For those who are only 1 revision behind, that temporary license cost should be significantly reduced and viewed as a more affordable way to pay the MSA in installments (eg. $225 every 3 months - $900 total for the year - only $150 more than the MSA price). All-in-all, I agree with all the comments made here. MAXON pricing needs some work. Dave
  5. 3D-Pangel

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

    A sincere thank you for that post. I must have fallen off their email list as I received no notifications of this sale and my maintenance plans for XP4 runs out on 12/5. 40% off a new maintenance plan was a big savings. Thanks again, Dave
  6. 3D-Pangel

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

    3D Quakers is having a 30% off sale. Kitbash 3D finally announced that their Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale is going to be 50% off. Evermotion is having a 50% off sale between now and Cyber Monday Dave
  7. 3D-Pangel

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

    CGAxis seems to be offering their complete collection of pretty much everything for $39. It is called Complete 11, over 76Gb of models, HDRI's, textures and content and usually sells for $499. If you don't want to spend the full $39, then their individual collections are selling for 90% off. Learn more here Download the pdf catalogue here Dave
  8. 3D-Pangel

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales

    Hah! A true sign I have been away from the Café for well over two months because I normally post this topic every year! So I thank you. Pixel Labs: 30% Off all products with the exception of the just release Material Nodes packs. Ends 11/26. NoneCG: 40% off between 11/19 to 11/25 Kitbash 3D --- They say they will be having a sale on Black Friday but have yet to provide any of the details. Turbosquid --- "Up to" 40% off on select models (so the rigged hands that someone referenced in another post for $249 now goes for $174.30). A full list of the C4D models on sale can be found here. That's all I got. I hope to stick around....but work has me now travelling a lot. Dave
  9. 3D-Pangel

    Cinema 4D R20 available NOW!

    Well this is a first. Anyone having trouble with their temporary serial numbers? I keep getting a message that the SN provided in the same email with the link for digital delivery is invalid. Straight copy and paste and even passing it through a text file to insure there are no hidden and/or embedded characters at the beginning or end of the serial number from the email does not help. Running Start.exe as a system administrator does not help either Other than filing a case with MAXON support and reaching out to MAXON-USA (who are just phenomenally fast), what else can I do? ...and here I was just thinking that C4D is the application I want to grow old with....and it rejects me. ...how sad. Dave
  10. I rolled back to 382.59 and it does seem to work better. I would also like to point out that Nvidia just released 391.85 on 7/25/2018 (I was having problems with 391.74) but as all 391.xx drivers seem to be problem, I am sure that point-release will not make a difference. I will stay with 382.59 until told otherwise. Thanks again, Dave
  11. Well....I still had some problems after a reboot and dove back into the documentation again. This seemed to help initially: But again, a reboot brought back the poor performance. I will have to roll back the driver to pre 391 as suggested. Thanks again for responding. I do appreciate your help. Dave
  12. I thought I would pass this one along. I use a Quadro P600 graphics card for my every day computer. After a recent update from Nvidia (Release 391.74), I noticed that C4D viewport performance stopped being smooth, went completely black in some instances or the entire program would freeze. I would ctrl-alt-delete out of the program, but no crash report would be generated when I restarted C4D. Without a crash report, I am not exactly 100% sure what to report to MAXON. So, thinking that it had to be something with the new Nvidia release, I started looking for what changed. I noticed that "Nvidia WMI" (for Windows Management Instrumentation) was a new addition to the start up programs. At this point I turned to iolo's system mechanic for further help. It showed that Nvidia WMI is a "dangerous" start-up program based on its user-response data. So I had System Mechanic remove it and all worked fine again. I thought I would pass that along. If anyone has any other experiences with Nvidia WMI, I would be interested in hearing about it. After reading up on it at the Nvidia site, I am not sure exactly what it does for me. Best I can tell is that it provides more control to system's administrators to manage graphics drivers over a network. As such, I had not concerns with uninstalling it. If you want to remove it, may I recommend this site Dave
  13. 3D-Pangel

    ST III Spacedock

    I am using the Physical render. Render times are pretty long (around 30 minutes on a 4 core 3.7GHz Xeon E3-1245 V6 processor). For all but close ups the port hole luminance maps do not need to be GI enabled which they are right now. Turning that off could speed things up a bit. I am not really worried about polygon count. I used to be, but computers are so powerful these days it is not that much of a limitation. The whole project has been slowed down a bit due to work (traveling to Juarez, San Jose, back to Juarez and then to the Czech republic on business) and family (lots of great weekends spent with pretty much everyone). Also, a very good comment was made Vizn about the paneling that has got me going back a bit to redo. It is more work than expected, but he was spot on. Put all that together and progress has been slow. I hope to get to spend a bit of time on it this weekend before my next trip. My perfect retirement job (hopefully 7 years away) would be to do something (anything actually) with C4D as I find myself really looking forward to being able to spend some serious time on it....but time for my hobbies is so limited right now. Dave
  14. 3D-Pangel

    Space scene lighting setup?

    A great source of inspiration for space lighting is the classic “2001: A Space Odyssey”. In that movie, all the exposures were set for the fill lighting which left the areas hit by the key lights a bit over exposed. So most of the framing of the models was to show mostly the areas being illuminated by fill with a small edge of over exposed key. Now the color of the fill light would be based on whatever planet the ship was near: slightly blue if near earth, slightly yellow if near Jupiter, etc. That style always read the most realistic to me simply because it matches what we tend to see in how real space based photos are shot. Dave
  15. 3D-Pangel


    I do see relationships in how the core is being implemented. For example, with OpenVDB implementation and the complete lack of any improvements to C4D's native particle system, I would not be surprised that a fluid simulation capability is somewhere on the roadmap with a new particle system capable of supporting it. But all that WON'T happen until the core is turned lose and C4D can handle massive quantities of objects. But fields had to come first....and just imagine what would be possible with fluid simulation being governed by fields. I would say it would give Realflow's daemons a run for their money. Unfortunately, August 20XX is such a long way away....so please MAXON, give us some insights!!! Dave