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  1. Some great quotes: "I am getting great gas mileage: 2 weeks per gallon" "We are three weeks away from finding out what everyone's real hair color is like" "It wasn't until the Coronavirus that I found out that my lifestyle has a name: it is called "quarantine"
  2. Play it often...play it loud
  3. My understanding is the pay will be direct deposited to an individual's bank account as long as you provided that banking information when you filed your 2018 Tax Return. Not to rain on the good news, while I believe that the $2 trillion spending bill is necessary, when you pump close to 50% of the governments annual budget back into the economy then there will be some significant inflation (it's not like the government is going to figure out how to cut their annual spending....wouldn't that be nice). To change subjects: what hardware requirements does R22 require and where were they published? There is nothing on the MAXON site about this. Dave
  4. Love it! But I have to say, that since the move to subscriptions, the customer is NOT the one pitching in these orgies - we are the ones getting [GROSS EXPLETIVE DELETED BY MODERATORS] Dave
  5. I think Mr. McGavran should print this out, keep it by his bedside and read it every morning when he first get's up. As to why Redshift is not included in C4D is clearly A) They are milking the cash cow. Given their acquisition spree, they have to be. I think this will not be a good year for MAXON. I understand that the first full year of a subscription model is always the worst and now you have COVID19 on top of it. Plus Blender is putting the pressure on them and essentially turning fully featured DCC software into a commodity. Yeah....not a good combination. Oh...and MAXON just made a few big acquisitions on top of all this. My only suggestion to those who have to navigate these water is drink Pepto Bismol once a daily. Read your post, drink Pepto Bismol, get up (skip showering as you are probably working from home anyway), and get to work. Also, wasn't one of the "advantages" of a subscription plan the mid-year release of new features? Okay...we are 6 months in. Let's see what happens. I mean we are talking about new features for R22, but they did sell subscriptions on the basis of mid-year updates. So is it naive to expect some of these requests being fulfilled early? You tell me. Dave
  6. Increase the sub-frame step size. That would eliminate the particle groups near the exhaust. You can find that under project settings. Dave
  7. Object handling, viewport and speed improvements were on my list but completely slipped my mind. Also not sure why we can't get a good symmetry tool after 10+ years of asking. I think I just gave up. And I do agree that the bridge tool needs to be a bit more context intuitive - maybe that goes with the viewport enhancements as the bridge tool is rather dumb in interpreting your selections in a crowded scene view. Now, that could be operator error so I will defer to the experts here. Modeling falloff would also be nice....but couldn't that be replicated with fields as I thought fields will work on polygon objects. Again - I defer to the experts. Relative to X-Particles -- Insydium would only take up that deal to sell a license at a reduced price ONLY if they raise their maintenance prices. As I already own a license, that is of no benefit to me. Hey, I have already taken it up the shorts for being a Studio owner. For the past 10 years I had to pay higher maintenance prices but all the release upgrades were Prime, Broadcast, etc focused. Please don't do that to me with my plugins!!! Nope! I want MAXON to put a little sweat into their particle/fluid solution as their implementations are usually just as brilliant. Yes....time for the new normal relative to financial recovery from COVID-19. Something's got to give and right now (as I mentioned before) MAXON's licensing plan is very expensive relative to what others are doing. So I agree that MAXON needs to rethink not where they are today on their licensing plan but where their customers are today financially. I have heard economists say that COVID-19 is accelerating retail trends. Those that were struggling (eg. no web-portal or on-line buying platform) will die quicker and those that are strong will get more business (eg. Amazon). They were on their way to collapse anyway but COVID-19 just accelerated their decline. Maybe the same can be said for DCC software. In tough economic times, people and companies change how they spend and they change fast. Maybe Blender will get an even bigger big boost from all this than what 2.8 gave them: The software is free and powerful, plugins and training is plentiful and cheap. Blenders biggest barrier has always been their UI. So if 2.8 taught us anything, then going forward every time they make their UI a little more mainstream and a little easier to use, it is a game changer for EVERYONE. Given the rate the pump out new releases....that should be unsettling to their competition - especially MAXON. Exciting times ahead. Dave
  8. I think you are going to see R22 focus more on VFX work. All the elements are there with field forces and OpenVDB support. I would like to see improvements to AR or PR that help support native integration of a fluid simulation system built into C4D rather than rely on Redshift for volumetric rendering of VDB data sets. Hopefully some of that RedGiant code for Trapcode Particular makes its way into a native C4D fluid simulation package. I would also like to see AR or PR updated with better glows, volumetric lights, etc....again pulling on Red Giant. In essence, if you are not going to make Redshift native to C4D, then please improve its existing render engines...I mean, we are paying high-end prices so we should expect those improvements in C4D core without having to pay more for Redshift. Next up would be a complete admission of defeat when it comes to Bodypaint and admit that Substance Painter is the ONLY way to go. Therefore, focus on complete integration with all Allegorithmic products. Finally, please do something with the monthly billing. I know that the whole license server implementation was a big thing for MAXON in 2019, but you really need to step up the billing side of it. Also, now that you have more products than just C4D, start to compare yourself to Adobe Cloud. Honestly (while I would never thought these words would ever be typed by me), I would prefer Adobe Cloud's subscription program over what MAXON offers in their subscription program (yes...it's that bad and the fact that you only get 1 product from MAXON rather than a full suite of Adobe products, then by comparison MAXON's subscription program is far more expensive).
  9. With that much flexibility, do you ever find yourself in "analysis paralysis"? I mean, once you are deep into a project, the non-destructive nature is wonderful, but how do you get started? With standard modeling, you start with a spline or a primitive and then cut, push, pull and/or sculpt to get where you want to be (or what is in your minds eye). It is almost tactile. How do you get there with procedural nodes? You blew my mind when you said "anything" can have as many attributes as you want. Yes...I would be paralyzed. I would imagine that is the bulk of the learning curve....developing the methodology and approach to standard modeling tasks. What I love about C4D + XP is that they are both powerful and intuitive. Together (especially with fields) they are like "Houdini for Dummies"...which is not meant to insult C4D or XP but rather compliment the fact that both programs walk the line between ease-of-use and power so effortlessly. I don't know....I guess this says it all
  10. Works for me now. I looked into it and as best as I could tell, somewhere, somehow SSL certification failed and that certificate error caused Norton to give a warning. It happens - albeit rarely. Interesting that it is happening to more than just me as that would indicate that issue is with your ISP maintaining their CA certificates in good working order and probably not a Norton issue. It might have something to do with pretty much all networks being severely overloaded right now given how many people are working remotely due to COVID19. Maybe your ISP was doing some maintenance/upgrade at the time. Who knows. Dave P.S. Though I will admit that the Norton warning is a bit heavy-handed "The website you are visiting is a "known" dangerous web-site". I mean have they met the people at the The Great Summit? Very nice people if you ask me!
  11. Norton anti-virus protection does not like your web-site. When I select "View Full Report", it does not explain why other than saying that this is a "known" dangerous web-site and the location is "unkown". On that page is a link for the web-page owner to respond. Dave
  12. Bob, You are the better man. If it was between me and someone younger, I would give it to someone younger. But if it was between my wife and someone younger......well....as I said, I can imagine many hellish situations and that would be one of them because my wife would give it to the younger person and I would just die inside. Dave
  13. From my favorites music site: "Extreme Music" - a rather robust collection of classical composers (note the "Load More" button at the bottom of the screen shot below). There are a total of 95 different classical albums grouped by composer each capable of streaming their contents to you WITHOUT ADS. Two albums on Verdi alone. See for yourself here: https://www.extrememusic.com/labels/ultimate-classix Classical music is just one "label". There are a total of 39 labels at Extreme Music.com (see them all here). Some of the newer labels have only 1 or 2 albums and the older ones (like "X-series" which is mostly rock) have over 500 albums. My favorites are "Spacetones" (9 albums), "Earthtones (12 albums", "Director Cuts" (214 albums), and "Two Steps from Hell" (74 albums). Trust me, there is something for everyone. Dave
  14. Incredible chill music that puts you "in the zone": https://atommusicaudio.bandcamp.com/album/eon-ii Dave

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