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  1. 3D-Pangel

    80% off at 3D Fluff

    Congratulations on all the new events in your life. Question: Didn't you also do a tutorial on the new reflectance shader in C4D? Did you pull that because of nodes? Do the 80% discounts only apply to your tutorials, that is does it apply to Tim Clapham's as well? Just wondering why the discount codes do not seem to work on some of the tutorials as indicated in the previous post. Thanks, Dave
  2. 3D-Pangel

    C4D Cafe Youtube channel massive update

    How about a tutorial....make it in 2 parts...first and last name. Advanced course in your middle name (if you have one). I would love to hear your daughter pronouncing your full name too in the tutorial as an exercise class: "Follow along with Hrvoje's daughter". She would most definitely make us all look like idiots....but based on how this thread has shifted so drastically from its intended purpose....that wouldn't be too hard. Dave P.S. So nice to be praising C4D after a major release, seeing it win major awards, and have a few good laughs over it all.
  3. 3D-Pangel

    C4D Cafe Youtube channel massive update

    So C4D wins an Oscar, enters into the rarified territory of widespread industry recognition once reserved for heavyweights like Maya and Houdini, and the biggest take-away we have is we now know how to pronounce Hrvoje's name? Really? Granted....it was a plus on many levels to hear his name in the acceptance speech. I too have always struggled with pronouncing and spelling his full name since his Vertex-Pusher days...which prompted this old idea for a T-Shirt Glad to know we got the first name defined now. So.....what does MAXON have to win in order for us to know how to pronounce his last name? The Nobel Peace Prize? Dave
  4. Well...there it is....the dope slap to the back of the head as predicted. The real learning is in committing goof-ups like that. Another one (which I figured out) was that the Invert Color node was not quite generating the black-white contrast that I wanted even though all the generator nodes were looking to ONLY be black and white. Well....turns out they were not. They were 90% white rather than 100%. That makes a difference when you invert them (turns out that 90% black is more noticeable as not being totally black than 90% white is as not being totally white). Nothing like a good mistake to forever program your brain on what to avoid, never to forget, or what to check first. Is the pattern node bug causing this problem: Look a the viewport image (now that the solo button is turned off) Now look at the image once rendered: What happened to the outer circle? -Dave
  5. 3D-Pangel

    MoGraph academy award :)

    Very classy speech! Did he give a shout-out to Hrvoje? He also mentioned “Bjorn”. Could that be Srek? Now that is cool! Great day for MAXON users and creators everywhere! Dave
  6. I have followed the Café tutorial Hazard Symbol and get the same results until the final step. For the life of me, I have no idea what I am doing wrong. The attached image should help explain what I am encountering: Note that the problem is with the Pattern generator....while creating only 1 circle, the circle (while centered on the previews) appears 50% off in the U and V axis in the final material preview. I have no idea why. Plus when you render it...it is the only thing that appears. Again, another mystery. I had to place it on a sphere just to see if anything turned up as playing with the UV on the plane (the test object in the tutorial) was not telling me anything. I have gone through the tutorial twice....checked everything multiple times. Is there some basic setting that is off? I am pretty sure the answer will feel like a "dope slap" to the back of the head, but actually I am looking forward to a simple explanation as this one has me puzzled. The scene file is below: Hazard Disaster.c4d Thanks, Dave
  7. 3D-Pangel

    C4D Cafe Youtube channel massive update

    Okay....I have mixed emotions about this. I did make a pretty good sizable purchase of all the tutorials as I knew I needed R20 training. Then I got sent over-seas for an extended assignment in Malaysia and never got to watch them. So the advantage of "early" learning was not possible. But here is where I land on it all: I am very happy to help out the Café.....consider all the money I spent on the training my gold donation status for the year. But here is another HUGE advantage -- in addition to free Café Training from this point forward: Does anyone have exercise as part of their daily routine? I do. I go to the gym each morning around 5:00 AM and get in some time on the Lifecycles for about 40 minutes each day. The ones at my gym have TV's and they also have internet connections. I used to just zone out and watch the news, but found myself getting a bit irritated watching the news and who wants to be mad so early in the morning. Plus, my hotel TV in Malaysian has about 2 English speaking stations...so no go. So I go to YouTube now and watch C4D tutorials while cycling. Up until now, it was mostly X-Particles 4 and I would just marvel at how clearly and easily Bob Walmsley would walk us through some pretty complex advection tutorials. While in Malaysia, I used to think that it would be great to watch Hrvoje's tutorial while exercising. Well...now I can. Try it. Don't think that you can't learn unless you are following along within C4D while watching the tutorial. Just listen. Watch it more than once. Let it sink in. And if you happen to cycle 12 miles and burn 600 calories in the process --- all the better. Shower and then go home and try for it for yourself (showing is not required....but highly recommended). So thank you! Dave
  8. 3D-Pangel

    C4D Cafe - Steam Punk Project

    Hmmm...in my case it wouldn't be because I didn't want to do it anymore as the project, subject matter and the people leading it make for a pretty interesting time where I know I will learn a lot and have fun doing it. Unfortunately, the MIA comment comes from work and not from just deciding to opt out. I would never do that to the people at the Cafe who are donating their valuable time as well. But work will limit my free time to the weekends (and holidays...like today) and then on the weekends what time I have goes to family, chores, etc. Whatever is left is C4D time. Let me think about this. Dave
  9. 3D-Pangel

    C4D Cafe - Steam Punk Project

    I love the intent of this project which I interpret to 1) show case the talents of the more experienced users, 2) provide a way to include the inexperienced users more in the community and 3) to have fun. Kind of like what the Café has been all about. My biggest concern is the time commitment that it would require. I know that there has been talk of no deadlines, but in reality there is always an expectation of when things need to get done. What will happen when those expectations are not met? As a hobbyist, my day job can (and does) consume huge amounts of time (day and evening) leaving me to only a few hours of C4D a week (if I am lucky). WIPs for me can go untouched for months as right now, my free time is being spent learning X-Particles, nodes and fields. So what happens when someone gets assigned something and then goes MIA (missing in action)? Dave
  10. 3D-Pangel

    baking x particles

    I would assume by soft body interactions that the particles are spheres or blobs of some sort and/or you going for a type of bubble look? If so, I do recall a YouTube video from Insydium as part of their XP4 2018 Sneak Peek where Bob Walmsley applied an xpCloth modifier to a sphere, added some xpTurbulence and other modifiers and got this very cool looking softbody type animation (without the overhead that true softbody dynamics can give you). He did it as a demo and was surprised at quality of the results. I can't remember which YouTube tutorial it was as it wasn't labeled as "how to make bubbles using cloth" but rather part of a feature overview. You could ask at the Insydium forums. I hope that helps. Dave
  11. 3D-Pangel

    baking x particles

    I am not sure how many particles you are generating, but I am just wondering what you want to edit/keyframe outside of the native controls in X-Particles that makes you want to bake the particle animation? XP has some pretty good controls for insuring you are getting the desired particle motion. If you are only dealing with a small amount of particles, then maybe just use MoGraph. I can't imagine going through the keyframes on very high particle count animations that is possible with X-Particles (eg. many hundreds, thousands or even millions). Now, if you want to cache the particle animation for quicker feedback and to scrub the animation back and forth, then use the xpCache object under the Other Objects tab. You can either drag in the emitter or the generator depending on what you still want to be able to change after the file is cached.
  12. OMG.....Okay...you know I am a huge fan of Ragdolls 3. In fact, today was a bit rough and I thought I would go view Ragdolls 3 again to raise my spirits. And lo-and-behold, there is Ragdolls 4 ….. and it was funnier than Ragdolls 3 (….."oh my colon....oh my ankle"....that line killed me). I know I have been traveling a lot (122,000 miles in 2018....or over 8 days sitting in an airplane)….but how did I miss the release of Ragdolls 4!!! In any case, thank you...thank you...thank you. Just brilliant! Dave P.S. You should have a banner "25,458 Ragdolls injured...and counting" P.P.S The fluids in Ragdolls 4...was it X-Particles? I did not see it listed in the credits.
  13. 3D-Pangel


    Do you have Turbulence FD?
  14. 3D-Pangel

    MAXON Cinema C4D Oscar Award!!

    I wonder if the new Fields capability was in view when the academy was voting? I had a chance to play with it this weekend and was absolutely impressed. Not sure what the timing was between R20 release and the nominations (if they even have them for technical awards)….but I wonder if fields factored into the award or not. It would be interesting to know. Overall though, the entire MAXON team deserves an award (IMHO). R20 has really delivered on all fronts. I am so behind on my WIPs, but there is just so much to learn in R20 and time is very limited for a hobbyist. The priority goes to learning. Plus, I have made a commitment to really grow my X-Particles 4 skills as the speed improvements with the latest release and the new capabilities really make it an exciting package....actually, X-Particles should get its own little Oscar. I also anticipate that spending more time on learning new capabilities than on finishing WIP's will be the norm for a while as the new core continues to permeate everything in the program over the next couple of releases. All I can say is this: Hrvoje was right! I privately scoffed at some of his "just wait and see what's coming" comments in the past....but he was right! Dave
  15. 3D-Pangel

    MAXON has a LinkedIn page

    I came across this in my travels and thought it was pretty interesting: https://www.linkedin.com/company/maxon3d/ It shows the location of all their offices and the LinkedIn pages of all their employees across the world (99 in total - though not all are full time employees). Some LinkedIn pages leave out the name but not their position. Overall, pretty interesting as I have always wondered just how many people work for MAXON. It is larger than I thought. Dave