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  1. Just noticed that some of the Pixel Lab products are sold at the HelloLuxx site for 40% off while Pixel Lab is only offering 30%. Now not all Pixel Lab products are sold by HelloLuxx but it may be worth looking into if you are interested in their products. Dave
  2. They just had a 30% off perpetual license deal in June. So they could offer it again 6 months later...or they could not. I am hoping - in honor of MAXON Corporation being 30 years old - that MAXON offers 30% off all perpetual license upgrades. I would jump on that in a heart beep. Probably not, but as they say Christmas is the time for miracles so I remain hopeful. Dave
  3. Do you need a magazine or would a video tutorial work just as well? Everyone learns differently so I would imagine that for some, printed page works better than a video. But with that said, some on-line tutorials on YouTube do come with text annotation as well .... unfortunately, I remember seeing it and thinking it was cool but I can't remember where. If you do have trouble following video tutorials, then do what I do: slow the playback speed to about 75% percent. Sometimes I struggle with a video tutorial if the instructor is moving too quickly through the screen commands or
  4. A glowing article in "Computer Arts" is what got me interested in C4D back in 2005. I was a trueSpace user at the time and just growing completely frustrated with the programs lack of development, instability and broken tools. My litmus test is again to open up the demo program and see how far I can get with it without reading a manual and the C4D UI was just so well done that it was a no-brainer. What clinched the deal was discovering the Cafe and all of it C4D tutorials. What a gold mine! Also finding out that 3D-Kiwi and 3D-Crew (anyone remember him?) were running the site was a big pl
  5. Apply two tags to you curtain model: a cloth tag and a cloth belt. Now In addition to the curtain you need to model a curtain rod object (if you are using a cylinder primitive you need to make it editable). Set the points on the curtain you want to collapse using the cloth belt tag pin setting (do not use the pin settings in the dresser section of the cloth tag). By saying “points you want to collapse” I mean the equivalent of the parts of the curtain attached to the curtain rings that loop onto the curtain rod. The cloth belt tag is also going to need you to select the “belt” object. Thi
  6. Well, if the material are EXACTLY the same then you could use the "Remove Duplicate Materials" command under the "Functions" in the material manager. Now, if there is the slightest change in any of the settings, then both materials will remain. But if you want to ONLY have one material without having to drag the material you want to keep onto every object that doesn't have it, simply select (on a Windows PC)) that material in the material manager and LEFT CLICK - ALT drag it on top of the other material in the material manager you want it to replace globally throughout your entire scene. D
  7. Yes...that would be very hard to pass up...even though right now I am good until 12/2021.
  8. Up to 50% off announced at Kitbash 3D --- more details when the sale is launched on Monday (11/16). Also Insydium announced a Black Friday 50% off sale on everything BUT maintenance plans and merchandise (which I take it mean the new line of very expensive T-Shirts they are now offering and other such SWAG such as notebooks and skate boards with various Insydium logos. Personally, I think $41 USD for a T-shirt is a bit high....but then again, I only want new clothes on my birthday and Christmas...so judge for yourself). To hear about the discount when it is announced you need to
  9. What keeps me in love with C4D is the object manager and ALL its functions (tags, parenting, etc.). If Blender is inspired by C4D in its future UX improvements, then that starts to lower a big barrier keeping people away from using Blender....though I would imagine that C4D's stability is still keeping people in their licenses. Look, C4D's UI has a ton of stuff going for it which we all just took for granted until we actually started to use other programs. Honestly, I don't know why Blender's parametric objects ONLY stay parametric at activation. Such a simple thing but it kills my work fl
  10. I have had the opportunity to talk to a few industry VFX artists about life as a VFX artist. I have come to the conclusion that I am glad ILM was done hiring back in 1983 and that opportunity passed me by. The rejection letter (with the ILM logo on the letterhead) made it all worth it though. I do agree 100% with Mike A. There is a great deal more in the world of 3D than VFX. Not sure how many jobs are out their though in comparison to what the multi-billion dollar games and entertainment industry produces....but they are an option. Regardless of the industry, the
  11. The last version I have is Vue 2016 and Plant Factory 2016. This was before they were sold to Bentley, had their site hacked and everything went completely off the rails in terms of development. When they came back from all that they were offering a subscription model and I had moved on to Forestor (with high hopes for a soon to be released Rock Engine....but that does not seem to be happening). Are you looking for something more recent? Dave
  12. I recommend this book for anyone thinking about a career in the VFX industry: Admittedly (as you can tell by the cover)...it is not a happy tale and the villain's of the book are producers squeezing the VFX company to the point of bankruptcy and anyone you report to with less talent than you but a bigger ego. If you read this and are still enthused about the work, then you have faced the worst case scenario's and are going into it with eyes wide open. Of course, all VFX experiences are different and mileage will vary. But this did strike a chord with me based on
  13. Congratulations on the side jobs! I think it is therefore time for you to upgrade your hardware with a 5th machine. In the US, there is a program amongst big companies that buy and sell goods to other big companies to get discounts on all sorts of things for their employees. They go under the banner name of "{your company name} Perks at Work". Some auto clubs (like AAA in the US), credit card or insurance companies also offer similar benefits to their customers as well. Also, with each purchase through these programs you get points for each dollar spent (each point is wor
  14. Three machines with a fourth just for rendering! Wow! Are you really a hobbyist? If so you are my type of hobbyist! I wish there was a option to make "close and free license" the default. I do have two machines -- an every day computer and my graphics workstation and sometimes I forget to free the license on the graphics workstation when I exit. There are times (like right now) when I am on the every day computer, reading the Cafe or tuning into a tutorial and want to run C4D and forget that I forgot to free the license on the other machine. Small nit but anno
  15. Wow....really great work. Not sure how long it took to render but I find myself wanting to see it at twice the size just so I can feast on the modeling and lighting. What has NOT been talked about but needs to be highlighted is the color pallet and the placement of the complimentary colors. It all just works. Why is my eye drawn to the astronaut? Tiny little thing tucked away in the dark but yet he is the first thing I see. I think it has a lot to do with the balance in color between him and the similarly shaded windows on the left and right and at the same level. He is fram
  16. I love it. Really creates a unique take on many existing genres: cyber punk, dystopian futures, etc. I love the lighting. As soon as I saw the astronaut with the glow I thought of Daft Punk....not sure why but it has that vibe. Kind of like a Blade Runner inspired slum in the land of Tron. I would love to know what inspired you for this. If the final piece is going to be that dark then some of my comments don't apply as it is adding details that quite frankly won't be seen and more importantly don't need to be seen. I can't wait to see more. Dave
  17. Very good. I love this type of work and the modeling seems to be well executed. I agree with the comment on the high polygon count on the smaller objects: the vent holes in the A/C units look to be modeled, the tubes in the neon sign look to be modeled. Not sure if textures would work just as well as I am not sure what the overall plans are the for the model in a finished render and/or animation. If it is a still image as shown, then textures would has worked just as well. Overall though, I love where you are going with this. But as you mentioned that it is a WIP and more needs
  18. C4D's UI is very addictive. You do get hooked on it because it is so well logically thought out. It just flows --- best way I can describe it. There is a lot we take for granted with how the UI is designed until you try to use another program. Honestly, my first experience with modo was "why did they make the OM this way? What is the point of all objects being under one "mesh"? Why not just do it like C4D?". Or viewports in Vue. I have to move the damn camera to change the viewport? Are they insane? When I shop for a new program, I always download a demo and see how far
  19. LOL. Hmmm...so was Turbosquid ahead of the curve with all their models of stadiums with the stands completely empty of people because they have been selling those models for years now. Also....as I am a data driven person who lives by graphs, this applies just as well:
  20. Unfortunately, I noticed from your profile that you are using R18 and I think you need fields to get this done. I say that because this tutorial from Chris Schmidt (from Rocket Lasso) called "Bottomless Destruction Using Fields" comes pretty close to the effect you are trying to create. Great tutorial which touches on a ton of techniques given by a great instructor. It may still be worth watching as there are workarounds to fields but fields does make it a lot easier. BTW: The looping aspect of this is a unique challenge. Chris does love good challenges for his pod
  21. Interesting that you didn't get a subscription promotion as a past MSA user. They are pretty good about that. You will not get any emails about perpetual license upgrades. That is NOT the path they want you to take as their goal is to lock you into a subscription (or re-occurring revenue). As Hobbyist stated, you need to contact MAXON about perpetual licenses. Also, as an R21 license holder, should you decide to accept any discounted offer on a subscription be sure to read the fine print. Some of these discounts also come with stipulations that your current R21 perpetual lice
  22. Hey a quick search on the web said skydiving was #1 on the expensive hobby list. On reflection, I would have to say that the cost of a CG as a hobby is probably up there with a mild-golf addiction. Probably not as much as owning a boat or trout fishing. But what is interesting is that I call those white collar "bougie" types of hobbies. The type of hobbies held by people who take weekend getaways to their condo's in the mountains or have wine cellars (or at least wine cooler's -- but well stocked wine coolers). I always think of computer graphics artists as beer drinkers whose
  23. Agreed. The cost of subscriptions in the C4D world (noted above) if you are real enthusiast and want software, plugins, additional render engines, training, etc can easily equate to that of leasing a pretty cheap car. I looked up what the most expensive hobby was and it turned out to be skydiving as the cost of a each jump is $300/person. I think if you did 12 jumps a year ($3600), then it compares favorably to having C4D as a hobby when you consider all the subscription fees plus the money you need to put aside for new computer hardware. Now this may not be 100% accurate (I have never go
  24. I certainly hope not or the two of us will never move the needle on giving the hobbyist a break on staying with the program. My sincere hope is that the hobbyist is enough of a customer block to MAXON that our sales (or lack of them) mean something to their quarterly income statement. Pleading, whining, cajoling and hoping won't do a thing. MAXON is a major company in a big market. Don't get all warm and fuzzy thinking that they will have empathy for the hobbyist who is not a fan of subscriptions - who wants something permanent that they can keep using if they can no longer affo
  25. If I was a professional using C4D to earn a living, then ANY subscription plan makes sense, especially if you have core employees and then need to expand for a particular job (eg. Core employees go with the annual plans, transitional employees go on the monthly plan). If your business is predictable enough, you could easily buy X more seats than core employees in anticipation of those busy times as the monthly rates do add up quickly. But as a hobbyist, subscriptions are not preferred because you can never go back to your work should you no longer be able to afford the subscripti


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