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  1. I think Mr. McGavran should print this out, keep it by his bedside and read it every morning when he first get's up. As to why Redshift is not included in C4D is clearly A) They are milking the cash cow. Given their acquisition spree, they have to be. I think this will not be a good year for MAXON. I understand that the first full year of a subscription model is always the worst and now you have COVID19 on top of it. Plus Blender is putting the pressure on them and essentially turning fully featured DCC software into a commodity. Yeah....not a good combination. Oh...and MAXON just made a few big acquisitions on top of all this. My only suggestion to those who have to navigate these water is drink Pepto Bismol once a daily. Read your post, drink Pepto Bismol, get up (skip showering as you are probably working from home anyway), and get to work. Also, wasn't one of the "advantages" of a subscription plan the mid-year release of new features? Okay...we are 6 months in. Let's see what happens. I mean we are talking about new features for R22, but they did sell subscriptions on the basis of mid-year updates. So is it naive to expect some of these requests being fulfilled early? You tell me. Dave
  2. Increase the sub-frame step size. That would eliminate the particle groups near the exhaust. You can find that under project settings. Dave
  3. Object handling, viewport and speed improvements were on my list but completely slipped my mind. Also not sure why we can't get a good symmetry tool after 10+ years of asking. I think I just gave up. And I do agree that the bridge tool needs to be a bit more context intuitive - maybe that goes with the viewport enhancements as the bridge tool is rather dumb in interpreting your selections in a crowded scene view. Now, that could be operator error so I will defer to the experts here. Modeling falloff would also be nice....but couldn't that be replicated with fields as I thought fields will work on polygon objects. Again - I defer to the experts. Relative to X-Particles -- Insydium would only take up that deal to sell a license at a reduced price ONLY if they raise their maintenance prices. As I already own a license, that is of no benefit to me. Hey, I have already taken it up the shorts for being a Studio owner. For the past 10 years I had to pay higher maintenance prices but all the release upgrades were Prime, Broadcast, etc focused. Please don't do that to me with my plugins!!! Nope! I want MAXON to put a little sweat into their particle/fluid solution as their implementations are usually just as brilliant. Yes....time for the new normal relative to financial recovery from COVID-19. Something's got to give and right now (as I mentioned before) MAXON's licensing plan is very expensive relative to what others are doing. So I agree that MAXON needs to rethink not where they are today on their licensing plan but where their customers are today financially. I have heard economists say that COVID-19 is accelerating retail trends. Those that were struggling (eg. no web-portal or on-line buying platform) will die quicker and those that are strong will get more business (eg. Amazon). They were on their way to collapse anyway but COVID-19 just accelerated their decline. Maybe the same can be said for DCC software. In tough economic times, people and companies change how they spend and they change fast. Maybe Blender will get an even bigger big boost from all this than what 2.8 gave them: The software is free and powerful, plugins and training is plentiful and cheap. Blenders biggest barrier has always been their UI. So if 2.8 taught us anything, then going forward every time they make their UI a little more mainstream and a little easier to use, it is a game changer for EVERYONE. Given the rate the pump out new releases....that should be unsettling to their competition - especially MAXON. Exciting times ahead. Dave
  4. I think you are going to see R22 focus more on VFX work. All the elements are there with field forces and OpenVDB support. I would like to see improvements to AR or PR that help support native integration of a fluid simulation system built into C4D rather than rely on Redshift for volumetric rendering of VDB data sets. Hopefully some of that RedGiant code for Trapcode Particular makes its way into a native C4D fluid simulation package. I would also like to see AR or PR updated with better glows, volumetric lights, etc....again pulling on Red Giant. In essence, if you are not going to make Redshift native to C4D, then please improve its existing render engines...I mean, we are paying high-end prices so we should expect those improvements in C4D core without having to pay more for Redshift. Next up would be a complete admission of defeat when it comes to Bodypaint and admit that Substance Painter is the ONLY way to go. Therefore, focus on complete integration with all Allegorithmic products. Finally, please do something with the monthly billing. I know that the whole license server implementation was a big thing for MAXON in 2019, but you really need to step up the billing side of it. Also, now that you have more products than just C4D, start to compare yourself to Adobe Cloud. Honestly (while I would never thought these words would ever be typed by me), I would prefer Adobe Cloud's subscription program over what MAXON offers in their subscription program (yes...it's that bad and the fact that you only get 1 product from MAXON rather than a full suite of Adobe products, then by comparison MAXON's subscription program is far more expensive).
  5. With that much flexibility, do you ever find yourself in "analysis paralysis"? I mean, once you are deep into a project, the non-destructive nature is wonderful, but how do you get started? With standard modeling, you start with a spline or a primitive and then cut, push, pull and/or sculpt to get where you want to be (or what is in your minds eye). It is almost tactile. How do you get there with procedural nodes? You blew my mind when you said "anything" can have as many attributes as you want. Yes...I would be paralyzed. I would imagine that is the bulk of the learning curve....developing the methodology and approach to standard modeling tasks. What I love about C4D + XP is that they are both powerful and intuitive. Together (especially with fields) they are like "Houdini for Dummies"...which is not meant to insult C4D or XP but rather compliment the fact that both programs walk the line between ease-of-use and power so effortlessly. I don't know....I guess this says it all
  6. Works for me now. I looked into it and as best as I could tell, somewhere, somehow SSL certification failed and that certificate error caused Norton to give a warning. It happens - albeit rarely. Interesting that it is happening to more than just me as that would indicate that issue is with your ISP maintaining their CA certificates in good working order and probably not a Norton issue. It might have something to do with pretty much all networks being severely overloaded right now given how many people are working remotely due to COVID19. Maybe your ISP was doing some maintenance/upgrade at the time. Who knows. Dave P.S. Though I will admit that the Norton warning is a bit heavy-handed "The website you are visiting is a "known" dangerous web-site". I mean have they met the people at the The Great Summit? Very nice people if you ask me!
  7. Norton anti-virus protection does not like your web-site. When I select "View Full Report", it does not explain why other than saying that this is a "known" dangerous web-site and the location is "unkown". On that page is a link for the web-page owner to respond. Dave
  8. Bob, You are the better man. If it was between me and someone younger, I would give it to someone younger. But if it was between my wife and someone younger......well....as I said, I can imagine many hellish situations and that would be one of them because my wife would give it to the younger person and I would just die inside. Dave
  9. From my favorites music site: "Extreme Music" - a rather robust collection of classical composers (note the "Load More" button at the bottom of the screen shot below). There are a total of 95 different classical albums grouped by composer each capable of streaming their contents to you WITHOUT ADS. Two albums on Verdi alone. See for yourself here: https://www.extrememusic.com/labels/ultimate-classix Classical music is just one "label". There are a total of 39 labels at Extreme Music.com (see them all here). Some of the newer labels have only 1 or 2 albums and the older ones (like "X-series" which is mostly rock) have over 500 albums. My favorites are "Spacetones" (9 albums), "Earthtones (12 albums", "Director Cuts" (214 albums), and "Two Steps from Hell" (74 albums). Trust me, there is something for everyone. Dave
  10. Incredible chill music that puts you "in the zone": https://atommusicaudio.bandcamp.com/album/eon-ii Dave
  11. If you want dark, may I suggest "Wicked Gonna Come" from Extreme music: https://www.extrememusic.com/albums/3140 Not metal, but I just love the beat. Dave
  12. If you want chill....James Horner. Field of Dreams end theme is just outstanding as well as his composition called "The Horsemen". Sad story actually. The Horsemen were an aerial acrobatic team and James Horner was training with them to be a acrobatic pilot. He wrote "The Horseman" as a tribute to his friends and teachers and something that they could play while performing. In an interview, he said he never felt more free than when he flew and wanted that freedom to be reflected in his composition. James Horner passed away in 2015 while flying his acrobatic plane. He was my favorite composer and I feel that loss to this very day. Dave
  13. I also love orchestral music, but my tastes range to pretty much anything that has a good beat or compelling lyrics. And if it is from the 80's (Billy Joel, Meatloaf, Elton John, Queen, Supertramp, Rolling Stones, The Who)...well, they are the classics aren't they? Also, the music has to create a mood (sad, happy, angry, call to action, soothing, etc) and therefore I tend to prefer production music because their music is usually categorized as such based on the mood that needs to be created to fit whatever is being produced. But if you want an absolute bottomless well of any type of music you can think of streamed to your PC for free, I can think of no better site than Extreme Music.com (https://www.extrememusic.com/). Just go to that site and search on whatever your in the mood for. Now they may not have main stream talent, but they have good talent (some you have and have not heard of) and tons of variety. Dave
  14. Hey...I am an older person. Trust me, if it was between me and a younger person in need of a respirator at an over-burdened hospital, then the respirator goes to the younger person. But that is not even the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario is that it is between my wife and a younger person in need of a respirator at an over-burdened hospital and the respirator goes to the younger person. Trust me....I can imagine many hells that can play out during this crises so I don't need you to tell what I have and have not considered. But living in a state of panic and fear is not the solution and helps no one. Hoarding food is not the solution and helps no one (again no meat, dry goods or frozen food in the supermarket). Constantly listening to the endless repetition of our media that has over-pivoted to panic is not the solution and helps no one. Worrying about things for which you have no control is not the solution and helps no one. Worrying about what the rate of infection will be in 3 weeks is not the solution and helps no one. ...and worry will not create a hospital respirator when your suffering wife absolutely needs it. The solution is to be disciplined. To be careful. To be helpful to your neighbor (eg. volunteer to go to the supermarket for those who can not). To pull together as a community while hunkering down. The solution is to be informed about what you can do right now - and then do it! Along those lines, I have also compiled a list of facts from various sources on how to deal with this virus. Not all have been 100% cross-checked to completely insure validity, but they do make sense to me and I have distributed this list to others. In the spirit of being helpful, of setting aside unproductive and self-indulgent worry with productive action, I have include that list below. Dave The new Coronavirus may not show sign of infection for many days. How can one know if he/she is infected? By the time they have fever and/or cough and go to the hospital, the lung is usually 50% Fibrosis and it's too late. Taiwan experts provide a simple self-check that we can do every morning. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you complete it successfully without coughing, without discomfort, stiffness or tightness, etc., it proves there is no Fibrosis in the lungs, basically indicates no infection. In critical time, please self-check every morning in an environment with clean air. Excellent advice by Japanese doctors treating COVID-19 cases: Everyone should ensure your mouth & throat are moist, never dry. Take a few sips of water every 15 minutes at least. Why? Even if the virus gets into your mouth, drinking water or other liquids will wash them down through your throat and into the stomach. Once there, your stomach acid will kill all the virus. If you don't drink enough water more regularly, the virus can enter your windpipe and into the lungs. That's very dangerous. Drinking warm water is effective for all viruses. Try not to drink liquids with ice. This new virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed by a temperature of just 26/27 degrees. It hates the Sun. If someone sneezes with it, it takes about 10 feet before it drops to the ground and is no longer airborne. If it drops on a metal surface it will live for at least 12 hours - so if you come into contact with any metal surface - wash your hands as soon as you can with a bacterial soap. On fabric it can survive for 6-12 hours. normal laundry detergent will kill it. Increase the frequency of your laundry. Smaller loads every two days is a good recommendation (especially bath and hand towels). Wash your hands frequently as the virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 minutes, but - a lot can happen during that time - you can rub your eyes, pick your nose unwittingly and so on. When washing your hands, don’t forget the finger tips and the thumbs. 20 seconds of washing in warm water should be sufficient. Also, keep your fingernails short. Open a window every now and then -- let the fresh air in if you can especially if you are in cold climate. Better to let in the cold outside air than breath the same recycled air over and over again where you live. Replace your toothbrush on a more regular basis. You should also gargle as a prevention. A simple solution of salt in warm water will suffice. Can't emphasis enough - drink plenty of water! KNOW THE SYMPTOMS: In short, if you have a runny nose and sputum, you have a common cold. Coronavirus pneumonia is a dry cough with no runny nose. It will first infect the throat, so you'll have a sore throat lasting 3/4 days The virus then blends into a nasal fluid that enters the trachea and then the lungs, causing pneumonia. This takes about 5/6 days further. With the pneumonia comes high fever and difficulty in breathing. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You feel like you're drowning. It's imperative you then seek immediate attention.
  15. My jaw hit the floor on that one. Really, a next release? I mean really? Honestly, I wish all companies were like Jawset because the software is incredible, it works with pretty much everything (all external renderers and even competitors like XP and Realflow), intuitive and fun to use. Plus the guy just keeps cranking out updates for free (eg. no maintenance plans). Not sure how he makes money but if he comes out with a V2, then he is definitely deserving a few coin for an upgrade. I hope V2 is true and within my lifetime! Dave
  16. All, Be smart, stay safe and DON'T PANIC. Really, for the vast majority of us, the worst case scenario will be you get the flu. Normal influenza mortality rate is 0.2%. But what do they say about COVID-19? "It is 10 times more deadly than influenza!!!" That statement alone puts a shiver down your spine. But what if they said "Your chances of surviving COVID-19 is 98%" would you be as alarmed? Both say the same thing. To put in perspective, remember H1N1 (or swine flu)? That virus existed in the US for 6 months with over 1000 deaths before it was declared a crises in 2010. Ultimately, 12,000 people died from it in the US alone. Last year, 16.5 million people got standard influenza in the U.S. and 34,200 died from it. Now I am not downplaying the seriousness of this COVID-19 outbreak and I do agree with the precautions taken to date. We have shut more of our life down (sporting events, business, restaurants, shops, etc) for COVID-19 than we have every shut down in the past. In fact we did nothing in the past. Therefore, I am hopefully confident that you will not see mortality rates from COVID-19 as high as what you would see from standard influenza. I mean over 34,000 people died from standard influenza it last year in the US, but how often was that fact at the top of the news cycle? Trust me, only on the slow news days if at all. So let's be smart, wash our hands (20 seconds with soap and water and don't forget the finger tips or your thumbs), practice social distancing (6 feet) and PLEASE DO NOT OVER-REACT. This is NOT the zombie apocalypse. You don't need to hole up in a bunker for the next 3 months with MRE's and 100 roles of toilet paper. So no hoarding. There is no food shortage! Your supermarket will be re-stocking the shelves next week....and the week after that....and the week after that.....etc. If you are healthy and without any respiratory illnesses or compromised immune systems (which I hope is the vast majority of us) - you should be fine. Just live your life. You made it through H1N1. You made it through past flu seasons. You will make it through this. Honestly, I just want to be able to go to the store and get toilet paper (not having toilet paper would be a real crises). Dave BTW: Prior to the swine flu pandemic in the US, the last big pandemic was the Hong Kong flu in 1968. That flu killed 100,000 people in the US (a million world wide). On the Pandemic index scale of 1 to 5, it was a 2 (Swine flu was a 1). I got the Hong Kong flu as a young lad. Needless to say, I am still here.
  17. One thing which I do like about the Octane and Redshift tutorials is how they use the volume shaders to control smoke/fire rendering. You can very quickly and intuitively change the entire look of the simulation by playing with these shaders (eg. all smoke to hot fire and everything in between). Prior to seeing those tutorials, similar results in TFD using AR required a lot more fiddling with the simulation parameters if you wanted a really good looking combination of fire and smoke. Therefore, can you get this same level of feedback using R20+ native nodal shading systems or do you still need to work it internally within TFD's simulation parameters? That would be very interesting to hear. If, for example I don't have Redshift but your tutorials show that Redshift produces amazing results twice as fast than using AR...well, that is good information (eg. that is just one more reason to get Redshift). Personally I don't think it can be either AR or Redshift....honestly, you need to cover both in your tutorials. Dave
  18. Believe it or not, if it wasn't for Softimage, NONE OF US would be where we are today. Here is why and it goes all the way back to 1993. At that time, Silicon Graphics workstations were the only way to get any serious computer animation work done. Unfortunately, they topped out over $20,000 USD (and this is in 1993 dollars). So for pretty much everyone, high end computer animation was limited to a very limited number of people in the early 1990's. And then Jurassic Park was released. Jurassic Park used Alias/Wavefront (owned by Silicon Graphics and the great grandfather of Maya) for modeling and Softimage for animation. The world was changed overnight and computer animated dinosaurs become the face of high-end computing and an SGI Onyx Workstation was the only hardware you could get to run this software. And then Microsoft made an interesting move. Prior to Jurassic Park's release, Microsoft was just not convincing anyone that WinNT was a viable platform for high-end computing. In the mind of pretty much everyone, Windows was synonymous with home PC's and they just could not break through into the mainframe or high-end computing market. To change that, they needed to prove that computationally intensive software could run just as well on a WinNT operating system. So Microsoft purchased Softimage. Now they could have purchased some finite element software, or some CAD software but they were simply not sexy enough (that is, not many people really knew or cared to know what a finite element program does). At that time, the whole world thought that computer generated dinosaurs was the epitome of high-end computing so they had to buy the software that created those images. They could not buy Alias/Wavefront as that was owned by SGI, their competitor. So they bought Softimage and immediately went about converting it to run on WinNT. And that conversion changed our world and killed SGI. People saw that a $5000 WinNT box could now run software that previously could only run on a $20,000 Onyx workstation. That move convinced the world that WinNT was in fact a viable OS for high-end computationally intensive programs and now everyone was converting their software to run on WinNT as it provided a cheaper hardware path. And as the demand for hardware to run WinNT increased, hardware prices came down even more and the cycle continues. Once Microsoft proved their point, they sold Softimage to Avid in 1998 (obviously not part of their long term strategy). Therefore, had not Softimage been used in Jurassic Park, the move to put high-end computer animation software on something cheaper than an Onyx workstation probably would have taken a bit longer and cost a bit more....which means we would not be where we are today. So even if you have never used Softimage, we need to be thankful for it. Dave
  19. Very impressive. I stepped away from Vue in 2016 as the company was just simply having some serious issues after being acquired by Bentley and have been looking for a program that provides a pleasant and intuitive UI experience for terrain creation. WC looks to provide that capability (the terrain sculpting demo was outstanding). I did view Winbush's tutorial on export to C4D but he was using Redshift. A quick search on Youtube and the tutorials at WC's web-site had other tutorials on exporting to C4D but only using 3rd party renderers. I find this rather odd....any thoughts as to why there are not examples of WC being exported to C4D native's renderer or material systems? Now that C4D has a full fledged BSDF based nodal material system, I would imagine that it is capable of similar results. So what is C4D missing that can only be filled by Redshift or Octane? Dave
  20. The Corridor Crew will love this (great YouTube channel IMHO...and they use C4D). Interesting...markerless motion capture (MMC) comes to C4D. Believe it or not, MMC has applications in manufacturing. There has been some discussion on using it to monitor an assembly technician's actions during production. Track their motions so that if they reach for the wrong part or put it in the wrong place, then an alarm sounds. In essence, prevent the defect from occurring rather than inspecting quality into the product after assembly is completed. There are other ways to do this that are right now better and more exact, but I always had a soft spot for MMC. Dave
  21. I just love how a 0.01 release in Blender packs as much as a full point release in C4D. Release 2.82 contains significant upgrade to Blenders simulation capability that should attract those like myself who love X-Particles. While 2.83 is in alpha, it is still packed with a number of improvements (found here). Not sure how MAXON can make R19 or R20 unusable as they are not server enabled. I am surprised that you did not upgrade to R20 when you had the chance as that release was rather impressive (IMHO - the last of the glory days). Also, not sure what the legalities are should MAXON no longer decide to support the activation of perpetual licenses in the far future. But in reality, MAXON is probably not planning on supporting perpetual license activation forever for the simple reason that your operating systems and hardware won't last forever. Usually, running really old software on new hardware or a new OS is impossible or a really unpleasant experience should you get it to work. So in reality, the life of a C4D perpetual license is tied to how long you can run it on the OS upgrades over time. I would probably put that life to somewhere between 5 and 10 years based on Microsoft's support model for Windows (5 years of active support which includes bug fixes, on-line support, and security fixes followed by 5 years of security only fixes). At some point, I would imagine a change to Windows security protocols will take license activation out of MAXON's hands. "Sorry", MAXON will say in 2027, "but due to changes to Windows 17 security requiring two factor biometric identification, we can no longer support R21 license activation". Now for those running R20 that doesn't require license activation, I still think you have at most 10 years of life with that program at most. There could be issues with running R20 on whatever Microsoft produces in 2029. Now you may think that you will just keep your PC running with the old OS forever. Well, good luck. They just don't build them like that anymore and honestly, who would want to keep using 10 year old PC hardware? I would be interested to hear from anyone who still runs R10 on Windows 10. I would imagine that is not a pleasant experience if it runs at all (and let's not even talk about the plugins). So, perpetual licenses really are NOT "perpetual". They all have a life. But as for me, I just want the ability to off-load from C4D gracefully should I decide to do so...and that requires a perpetual license. Simply loosing all my work right away when I fail to renew a subscription really bothers me but the cost increase of the perpetual licenses is just as bothersome. I keep hoping for a middle ground as discussed here, but I fear that has fallen on deaf ears. Dave
  22. Inside info? Hmmm...I think that is hoping for too much. Glad to see Paul Babb getting the bump up to Global Head of Community and Customer Service (or he was there already....not sure as the last I recall he was President of MAXON American). I met him at the Adobe/MAXON Power Integration tour through Boston many years ago. Very humble and unassuming individual who simple introduced himself with a handshake and a simple "Hi. I'm Paul". I had no idea who he was but he certainly knew his stuff. From what I hear, those who report to him also hold him in high regard. So (IMHO) he is a great fit for a role that involves the community and customer service. Just my 2 cents. Dave
  23. Well....they do frown on tagging a managers car with a sad face using a can of spray paint...but that was long ago and I don't like to talk about it. If there was a complete and uniform culture of unhappy people working long hours at low pay and abusive conditions, it would ultimately show in the work. And right now, Disney (as a corporation) does produce some (not all) work that I do enjoy. Personally, I am not a fan of Disney but I will admit that I do enjoy the Marvel movies and the work of Pixar. I do hear that there are a lot of politics at ILM (now owned by Disney) and within the management team handling the Star Wars franchise. Fortunately, ILM's work is still outstanding but as for Star Wars.....well....let's just say you won't find me in the movie theater for those movies and leave it at that. I think what it comes down to is management. Management drives the culture and as there are many different management teams within any large corporation, there are many different cultures within those companies. Maybe the Marvel management team drives a much more collaborative culture with less politics than does the Star Wars team - maybe that's why the Marvel movies are more enjoyable to watch (at least to me). But all culture starts with the management team and its leaders. Leadership changes always bring with it some apprehension too and for good reason. A new leader can really change life at work. Also, people do (and should) have a "show me" attitude concerning what type of culture he/she wants to create within the group. The leader could give the most impressive introductory speech or the warmest handshake when you first meet him or her, but it comes down to whether they show they "walk the talk" on a consistent basis. Until then, the jury is still out until actions speak louder than words. Dave
  24. Okay....I am a hobbyist and not in the animation/DCC industry at all. But I do work for an extremely large global corporation that has also topped the list as one of the best places to work in the US and globally. As great as that company is (and it is a great place to work), there are politics where I work. NEWS FLASH: Work politics are EVERYWHERE! In many cases, people misread the "inner circles" that get formed around management as office politics. But in reality, inner circles are natural. "Inner circles" get formed because people naturally gravitate to those who they trust, have worked with in the past and who have proven themselves. No one can succeed alone and we all need help along the way. Those that help you become part of your inner circle. It is pure human nature to have them and not some part of a subversive clique that she makes out. So everyone has them. She just doesn't know how to identify them and navigate them successfully and that has to do with how you manage your career. If you manage you career poorly, then you will find yourself on the outside looking in because you have not become part of other people's "inner circles". So it comes down to how you manage your career. There are people that I mentor where I work and I tell them that every career has 3 main phases: Phase 1: Build your name brand. When people hear your name, how do you want to be thought of? Do you step up when asked? Do you step up without being asked? Do you get things done on time and meet your commitments. Do you focus more on the issue than on the personality (little minds talk about people, big minds talk about the issue). Can you be trusted? Are you kind and polite (that still counts). When you speak up, do you speak with facts or do you speak with emotion. People are more likely to misread emotion than misread facts and misreading emotion can hurt your name brand (in short, better to be quiet if your position is more emotionally driven than fact driven). Do you put the company first or do you put yourself first (trust me - people can spot the difference). Do you have other people's backs? If you can show that you are looking out for others more than just yourself, your name brand grows tremendously. No one get's promoted based on the recommendation of a single person. Usually, it is a peer discussion among the management team. I have been in those discussions trying to get my person promoted and as long as at least one other manager agrees with my assessment, then the promotion goes through. So worry about other teams as well. Build your name brand with integrity and hard work and pretty soon you will be part of other people's inner circles. The more inner circles you belong to, the more opportunity will come your way. Phase 1 requires you to "pay your dues" because it requires years of hard work. No one said it will be easy. Also be patient because no matter where you go, everyone pays their dues. Phase 2: You have paid your dues in Phase 1. You have built a name brand within your company you can be proud of. Now comes the phase when you can trade on that name brand to get where you want to be in your career. With each inner circle you have worked your way into with hard work, your network grows. Use that network to look for and/or ask for opportunity. Remember, you have proven yourself at this point. So now when you ask for what you want in your career, people will listen. But in that discussion, you don't demand. You don't threaten. You ask. The answer may be "no" but accept that answer with grace because doing otherwise would threaten your name brand. If you continue to preserve your name brand in this phase, your opportunity will come. Now, if all you hear is "no" then you must go back to Phase 1. But you may want to restart Phase 1 with another company. That is a tough choice but one that may need to be made. But before you make that decision, ask for honest feedback as to why you keep hearing "no". You could blame others for having to go back to Phase 1. That may make you feel better but it is more destructive than constructive. Better to "own it" --- use the experience, no matter how bad it was, to improve yourself. Experience is a hard teacher and simply blaming others does not help you get the most from a bad experience. Phase 3: Staying Relevant. If you thought Phase 1 and 2 were tough, they are nothing compared to Phase 3. You have built your career to where you want it to be but at some point it is going to stagnate. In Phase 1 and 2, you have developed some level of expertise that the company depends on but over time, things change. That expertise may no longer be relevant or can be obtain cheaper somewhere else. At this point, you may start to wonder about job security because being stagnant is never healthy to anyone. So it is here that must throw yourself completely out of your comfort zone. It can be a completely different role - one that you were not "officially" trained to do. You could also step up once again to take on a BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Trust me, no matter what you choose to stay relevant, you will be drinking from the fire hose in this phase. If managed properly, it will be a period of tremendous growth where you prove to yourself and to others that you can do other things. It is also quite liberating once you get through it. But what you have done is proven to others that you are valuable, capable of taking on any assignment -- and therefore, still relevant. Note that throwing yourself out of your comfort zone is not a one time event in Phase 3. It is something you must continually do whenever you feel stagnant in this final phase of your career. So does any of this sound easy? NO! It is NOT easy. Success at any career requires hard work....tons of hard work in fact. That's why they people ask you what do you do for "work". It is called "work" for a reason. To expect anything else is setting yourself up for failure. To get back to this women's video, there is nothing she has said that is not unique to the animation industry or Disney. Even if you become self-employed, unless you are completely free of providing a service for others, there will always be politics and deadlines. So while she pursues her own business, if she has a client, then she is still not working for herself --- she is working for a client. Trust me, the politics of gathering and then working with clients will be no different than what she thinks she is running away from at Disney and building your name brand is more critical when you are self-employed.
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