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  1. Care to elaborate on that? Or were you saying that Maya is not an alternative for you alone (rather than studios)? If you really meant that Maya is not an alternative for Studios, then why? Is it because of Autodesk's subscription model or something else that I completely missed? Dave
  2. Also....my request would be for complex mechanical rigging training. A perfect example would be the landing gear on the Prometheus spaceship as shown here: Dave
  3. Really interested in this....but I have a concern...not for me but for Hrovje. If the tutorials are downloadable, what prevents me from not signing up for 12 months and waiting until you have all 50 videos, then signing up for only 1 month and downloading all 50 at once and then not paying again for the next 12 months? Is there something I missed in how this works? The reason why I ask is because I want you to fully work out how this will work ahead of time before I sign up. If not, then changing the privileges of the program 6 months into it hurts everyone and I really want Hrovje to be very successful with this (I really miss Vertex Pusher). Dave
  4. Of course, you defeat your own logic of having a "high ambition for C4D" to do what other packages do every time you buy a plugin....that is, you could make the same argument for having to buy plugins: "Why can't C4D do this, why do I have to purchase a plugin?." But we do....in fact, everyone does. Look...get the tools you need and move on. The best analogy I can think for your complaining is the person who wants to build a mansion, but claims he can't start because they have yet to invent the 10,000 blade Swiss Army knife with all the tools he needs in one application to get the job done. Now, if you think you have found a pretty comprehensive tool set (eg. TouchDesigner and Houdini), then please move there with all haste especially if it makes you more productive and able to better support your business. Not sure why you are holding on to C4D as it sounds like you have found your own answer. Dave
  5. I see so many possibilities with Extrudifier....but has anyone figured out how to limit this to a selection rather than a whole object? Or am I just missing something basic and obvious? I presume that I could use the split commands to make separate objects, but that is just ugly. Ideally, if I had the full resources of the MAXON development team at my disposal, then this is what I would hope for: Works as a non-destructive modifier object - which it does now (though I am not sure how to add it to the menu). Above Seed is a window where you can drag you selection tag. All settings below apply to that selection tag. If no selection tag is provided, the whole object is being modified. As soon as you add a selection tag, the controls for seed all the way down to"Inner movement" get repeated under a new collapsible menu with yet another selection tag window at the top. The process continues to repeat. The modifier works equally well on ngons as well as polygons. Yes...that would be very tough to do...but then again I have all the resources of MAXON at my disposal. You can auto-fillet or chamfer each inner or outer square (check box for both). You can apply a different texture to each level. ...and I am sure I could think of a few more, but its late and I am tired. Dave
  6. Me thinks you are over-reacting there. While it is true you can draw an infinite number of lines through a single point, you really are taking a huge logical leap extrapolating a small python plugin to a major R19 release feature....unless of course you just wanted to make a cynical point to an otherwise very accommodating and patient MAXON representative. So I will take a logical leap: You have lost patience with MAXON, you will not wait for R19 and will be jumping to Maya and Houdini very soon. In fact, you can't wait to get to this promised land of graphical delights where the features are always new, cutting edge and rock solid. It is a magical place filled with contented users where the only limitations to your creativity are found in your own skills and not in the software. Autodesk and Side Effects freely discuss new features years ahead of their release dates and adopt every user suggestion or fix every user bug right away because they have legions of dedicated coders working globally 24 hours a day. Yes...it is a happy place where there are no complaints or frustrations. So why aren't you there yet? Ahhh...the curse of quality! It takes time. So what you are saying is no early Christmas this year! Well...can't blame me for trying. And as far as subscriptions go....NOOOOO!!!!! I will be happy with waiting. I would love to be on the beta team, but that privilege requires more time and dedication than I am willing to give it right now (this is a beloved hobby for me, but I do have a day job...plus a family....plus a wife...home....dog....kids...you get the idea). Maybe when I retire (ahh...that would be fun). Thanks again, Dave
  7. JF, Fully understand the legal, financial and just plain "let's minimize the noise over undelivered promises" constraints that MAXON adopts relative to new features. But just wondering at what point during the development process do certain features become locked for a release? Is it always around Siggraph? I would hope not as Siggraph is usually just one month before a full release notice. There has to be some point far earlier where MAXON is fully committed to incorporating a new feature into the program. And by committed, I mean "we don't have a release unless we get this implemented as so many other enhancements depend upon it". I ask because we look at the competition and it seems that they are more willing to share some details well ahead of their next release. I would imagine, like MAXON, that they also don't want to over-promise and under-deliver so what they talk about has a 99.999% probability of being in the next release. As such, there is almost no risk of giving its user's a sneak peek much earlier in the release cycle because come hell or high water that feature will be in the program. There has to be features planned for R19 that also fall into a similar category? So while discussing some features will entail the risks you outlined, I can't imagine that all features carry that same risk. Again, I fully support and respect your policy. But the next time your sitting in a product development meeting, and the Program Manager is just tickled pink about meeting schedule for features X,Y and Z, then ask yourself and the team what the harm will be to share that same level of optimism with your customers for those features? Dave
  8. Well...this will be a first for me...actually creating and updating a thread on a current WIP. Probably a first, because I never really know if I will be able to finish a project when I start it, but I feel pretty confident about this one. The project will be the space station from Star Trek III --- highly inspired by listening to the music from the movie. I am a huge fan of movie music and one my favorite composers is James Horner (Avatar, Field of Dreams, Apollo 13, Titanic, ST II and ST III, etc.). Sadly, he passed away in 2015 in a private plane accident. Just lately, I have been listening to his soundtracks. The station I hope to create is this one: At first glance, it did not seem to offer too much a challenge as it really is about 10 primitives (cones, spheres and cylinders) stacked on top of each other, but as I do research on the web, finding any and all images, it is actually not that simple. So it should offer some fun challenges. I also plan to model the interior docking area as well: ....and finally, here is where I am so far - Okay....is it just me or does this look like a giant mushroom? ;-) Dave
  9. Never meant to imply that about Hrvoje and I would certainly agree with you. A true gentleman. But after just watching that Krav Maga video, I did find it incongruous to his nature as best as I could determine from his tutorials and Cafe posts. And that is when I thought "wow...that would make an excellent villain character: huge and physically menacing but with a soft and calm speaking voice -- who explains why he must break you while he is doing it in soothing tones." So I was thinking more about that character than Hrvoje. ..hmmm....maybe Hrvoje has a future in the next Bond movie. Hrvoje does remind me of Ron Fedkiw: Stanford University professor who developed PhysBAM for ILM who was a competitive weight lifter who dead lifted 800 lbs in the 198 pound weight class. Hey...like Hrvoje...another data point against the "all brawn and no brains" stereotype. Dave
  10. Okay....I had to look up Krav Maga Yes...now I am scared. ....a really scary image would be Hrvoje slowly twisting you into a pretzel while he calmly says in those soft dulcet tones of his "I must break you now....do not take it personally but this is the simplest and most direct way for me to deal with you. It is veeery easy and there is no reason to be concerned....{crrrraaaack!}" BTW: Sigor...love your new avatar....cute! Striking resemblance too! Dave
  11. Jean-Franocois, First off---welcome to the Cafe! Thank you for clearly and logically explaining where Maxon-Labs sits in the overall C4D world and for setting expectations for what to expect --- or not expect --- in the future. In short, you have level-set me pretty well at least. Relative to providing positive feedback to product management, what is the best way to do that? Will Maxon Labs consider a forum of some sort or should we use the "suggestions" link at Maxon.net? Or do we just yell at Hrvoje at the Cafe? I understand he's quite open to that! ;-) Dave
  12. So how long has Maxon Labs been around? I was always pretty bullish on what Maxon offers beyond C4D such as the Cineversity tutorials and CV-Tools, but this just takes it up a notch. Bravo! So is this just a repository for what the developers create in their "spare" time? Apps that maybe support their own workflow but are not part of the development program? Just wondering because it would help to know how comments/suggestions would be taken. Would they yield any changes, promote further development, be compatible with future releases, etc. I get the sense they would not which is a shame because the Coons and Extruder tools would make really nice permanent additions to the Maxon toolset. But for now, extremely grateful to Maxon for sharing!!! Dave
  13. My understanding is that Dan was a very private person and a single person shop...that is, I have no idea who inherits his estate (wife, children, family members) or if there was anyone else helping him run Cactus3D.com (his web-site). I searched through the CG Talk thread on his passing (found here) and apart from condolences, there is no discussion of what happens next....even when that thread was started by his best friend (Automoda) who would presumably be able to provide some guidance. The best I could find is this quote from Automoda in the first post: So the big question is who would you even contact if you were interested in acquiring the software? Even if it was his sister, does she even know all the login passwords on all those machines? Maybe Automoda could work with her to hack into those machines and find all the source code. That by itself is not trivial but once you cross that hurdle, then there is the much larger task to pour through that code on three different machines without any explanation and come up to speed on how to improve/debug/maintain that source code. You've got to really be motivated to take on that effort and the only person/company that might have that much motivation would be MAXON itself as it could save some development time. But that is NOT the final hurdle. There is one more and it is even more of a monster. I am not sure if Cactus3D.com was incorporated or not. So is C3D a separate legal entity that exists apart from Dan Libisch and who has the rights to his work other than Dan? While I am not a lawyer, I would imagine that if that is not defined and/or C3D was not incorporated, then it gets messy as C3D then becomes part of Dan's estate. Not sure if Dan had a will and/or was married. The fact that only his sister was mentioned implies that maybe he was not married. So who his estate passes onto is in question as it usually passes onto the spouse, but if there was no spouse then the family members. Without a will defining all that, then his estate will be in probate court for some time to sort all that out. Also, if there is more than one family member (brothers, sisters, etc), then it gets messy if there was no will because the rights to C3D could be passed equally to each family member. So even if someone was interested in purchasing the source code, then who can legally sell the rights to his source code will not be determined until his estate is fully settled. Any sales made prior to that determination could be contested in the future, especially if all family members are not in agreement. So that is a lot of "ifs", a lot of uncertainty and a lot of risk to prospective buyers (if any). Not sure if that is a risk that a prospective buyer wants to face until the estate is settled. The fact that there has been no word on what happens next for the last 6 weeks indicates that there is no clear path and quite possibly for the reasons mentioned above. All in all, I think you stand a better chance of MAXON making internal improvements to C4D's character tool-set in a future release than someone picking up CD's plugins and continuing development. I hope I am wrong, but it does not look good. Dave
  14. I love it when plugins from other platforms get ported over to C4D so I wish you guys great success. Question to those who use Syflex on other platforms: What does Syflex offer over C4D's native cloth simulator? It looks (based on a quick scan of the Syflex web-site) to be speed and ease of use. Possibly better handling of self-collisions as well. I did not see anything on cloth tearing. Cloth simulation with high stiffness values and tearing is a great way to simulate physical destruction of metal structures so does Syflex have that capability? Will a set of tutorials be released as well? Thanks and interested to see more! Dave
  15. Who was the first? I have been on a number of business trips out of the country with more to come, so my time on the Forum has been limited and will continue to be limited for at least 6 more weeks. But to come back to news such as this is bad enough but now there was another passing that I missed? This is horrible. Dave
  16. Wow! I just learned the sad news. What a gentleman he was. I met him once at Siggpraph 2006 and he was just the most unassuming and polite person you could ever hope to meet. Just a generally nice guy. I even had trouble converting a model from Sci-fi.net to C4D and he offered to help with one of his plugins. So my heart is saddened by the loss. Based on the post at CG Networks, I gather he was a private person but my thoughts go to his family. I have no idea if his passing creates a financial hardship for his wife or children (if any) but if anyone knows please let us know. While not a character animator, I would buy his plugins if that would help out his family. I will keep them all in my prayers. Dave
  17. Okay...with this post I think it is safe to say that Cutman is a flaming .  

    Please wish him a nice day as well (I wonder if he will pick up on the fact that by rising above his tactics we point out what a douche he is).

    Otherwise, how are things going?


  18. Loving X-Particles 2!

  19. Hoping X-Particels 2 Pro does not cost a fortune

  20. I really don't want to go to Thailand

  21. How to align a custom texture map to the vertices of a model

  22. How to align a custom texture map to the vertices of a model

  23. I subscribed to the GSG newsletter, so if I don't get the City Kit discount code, do you have any issues with providing it privately?


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