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  1. Well...depending on how old it was, it could be whole host of things that caused it to fail....but it wasn't dust. Over time, the materials in the components and/or printed circuit boards do breakdown, especially if there is residual unactivated flux left on the board (you ever do you own plumbing and fail to wipe the flux off the copper pipe and after time there is this green all over the pipe? Well, that happens to your motherboard too). The insulating materials on inductor winding's can become brittle and crack or the epoxies used to hold the ferrite cores together break down. Power su
  2. There is a PC workstation vendor called Thinkmate that does assembly about 90 minutes from my house. In my ideal world, I would like to review their assembly practices before I decide to purchase. In my dream world, I work a deal where I consult with them to improve their operations for a significant discount. I guess I just keep dreaming. To put this "slightly" back on topic of C4D, I have a rather humorous story. I just finished co-writing a document for my company on "Design for Automated Assembly" (or DFAA) of electronic assemblies to show our designers how to
  3. Yeah....that socket used for the Threadripper's are the Socket TR4 which is a land grind array component (or LGA) that is about 58.5mm by 75mm. But that is still NOT the largest ASIC component out there. There are 75mm x 75mm BGA (ball grid array components) being used the in the telecommunications industry and I have even seen some 95mm x 95mm BGA's. When ASIC's get as big as the Threadrippers, you are literally fighting physics to get their sockets soldered to the motherboard. Nothing is flat nor does it want to stay flat as the board and the socket cools after soldering. A
  4. No...you are correct (though that would be wonderful). My point is that while I love Embergen's interface and quick viewport feedback, the fact that it exists as a standalone application outside of native C4D is not a better solution to using X-Particles within C4D. Just look at the two workflows: Because X-Particles works within C4D, you have a lot more control in how you can sculpt the fluid simulation and have it interact with the objects. Quick iteration is possible all within C4D. With Embergen, I am not sure how much particle control there is but any chan
  5. Lenovo - Now they said the sale ended yesterday but while the coupon code "JUNESAVINGS" is still active, the discounts are different. Not sure why,. But one thing about Lenovo is that they ALWAYS have sales...which probably explains why I visit the site often because you could snag a whale. Overall though, I am happy with Lenovo quality. We use their laptops at work and they are pretty robust as I travel alot they do take a beating quite well. HP quality stinks (just flat out no good). Dell quality is only worth speaking about in their Precision series. So Lenovo is probably
  6. Embergen had a live stream yesterday on their v0.5.3 release. What I love about Embergen is the ease of use for shading fire and smoke in Embergen. It is written for artists whereas most fluid simulation programs are written for mechanical engineers with a sub-discipline in thermal engineering (and as a mechanical engineer, I prefer the artist version....go figure). Very impressive but they did announce a partnership with Otoy to make it work with Octane. Sadly, there are no plans to make it work with Redshift simply because "Octane approached them first" (their words). So in
  7. Every now and then, I like to play around with a companies on-line PC configurator. Some people like to look a fancy sport cars, boats, or homes. I look to look at powerful computers. But this one just blew me away: 2 x Xeon Gold 6234 processors (3.3 GHz, 8 cores) 128 Gb 2933MHz ECC RDIMM 2 x NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 16Gb graphic cards Intel VROC Premium M.2 RAID Controller 2 x 1024 Gb SSD M.2 drives (RAID 1) Boot Drive 2 x 6TB SATA 7200 RPM SATA Drive (RAID 1) and here is why it blew me away.... Even if you d
  8. There is a huge body of work in dynamics. Some of it is extremely relevant to the future of dynamic simulations (like the CD-MPM method in the first video) while others are interesting but have a more narrow range of applications (like the thermo-mechanical MPM solution for baking and cooking). There are even some that I am struggling to see why it is relevant: in particular the SPH method for snow simulation. Honestly, the MPM methods developed back in 2013 produce more realistic results and the video makes no effort to explain why SPH is a better method (faster to compute? Less memory?.
  9. Honestly, Topcoat has created more instability issues with C4D than any of my other plugins. Learning the shader system is a far better way to go. I purchaed Topcoat right after R16 just to get me around the new reflectance channel but that was a mistake. Another mistake I made was to add it to my layout so it was active with each new release up until R19. Every C4D crash I experienced was always root caused by MAXON to Topcoat. It is no longer part of my layout nor do I load it into my plugin directory. If anyone has any contrary opinion about its stability after R19, I would
  10. Ah...okay. "Materials" is a rather broad term when you think about. Everything is a material, whether it be image based or procedural created. That's why they call it the "Material Manager" and not split it into an "Image Manager" and a "Procedural Manager". Yes....if you use procedurally generated materials, they are not considered "external assets" and therefore do not show up in the "Project Asset Inspector" I would agree with you that this is a big hole....especially now that C4D has nodal materials which creates the possibility for more procedural materials without the ne
  11. Hmmm...you can search by texture name and material name in the Project Asset Inspector. They are just called different things. Texture name (eg. "grandpa at 80.jpg") is now under "Asset" and Material Name (eg. "Old Guy Portrait") is now under "Scene Element". And even though material nodes replaces the old channel system, you can still search by channel by using the "Breadcrumb" field. So it is all there, you just have to know what to look for. Dave And of course none of this would be possible if don't click on the magnifier glass in the upper
  12. Just for kicks and giggles, I downloaded the file and tried to render it on my wimpy and very cheap every day computer (not the machine I use for serious work in C4D). That every day PC only has 8 Gb of memory. As expected...it ran out of memory. I then made one change: I turned off displacement on the 3 textures that use it. I just rendered it to the viewport and then took a snip (around 1800 x 1000). It is still working through the 12th pass of the progressive render when I captured this image. Now, there are no textures loaded but as
  13. Forester is a great plugin but bear in mind it is a one-person shop (as best as I can tell). Their web-site has no customer portal where you can manage your licenses and therefore everything is handled via email. But...they do respond. As you only ordered today, I would give them at least 24 hours to get back to you. I know new license requests for different versions of C4D (that is going from an R20 to R21 licensed version of Forester) only took 24 hour turnaround but that is AFTER I sent them the message that Forester gives you when you try to activate the plugin.
  14. Also, for smaller objects, wouldn't increasing the sub-steps help (go to project settings-->dynamics-->Expert--->Steps per frame) ? Just a thought. Dave
  15. Is this the look you are going for? I put the cube in to show that the light bulb is emitting light but while bright white it is sill partially transparent because if you look closely you can still see the filament inside. I am sure with some tweaking you can get it to where you want it to be. I compressed the file using WinRAR to get it to an acceptable file size for posting: Bulb.rar I hope that helps. Dave
  16. One of the tasks that is deceptively harder than it looks is determining the pattern of the spikes on the sphere itself. If you notice, they form a repeating pentagram (5 sides) around the surface. You can't use a normal sphere's polygons to guide you because all sphere primitives follow either a 4 or 6 sided polygonal pattern. One thing to consider is to use a platonic dodecahedron placed within the sphere (turn X-ray on) as a guide on where to place your spikes. Just a thought. Dave
  17. You seem to have forgotten the new dynamics field forces added in R21. A really good getting started tutorial comes from Chris Schmidt (Rocket Lasso) found here: Unfortunately, you are at R20 so it is no surprise that you missed this but Field Forces is probably the best thing about R21. This addition gives some hints that MAXON may finally give C4D its own native fluid simulation solution...and if they do that then they also need to upgrade AR as well. IMHO....AR needs more love than dynamics (yeah...they added a denoiser in R21 and better instancing in R20 bu
  18. Very nicely done and I just love the Stan Lee cameo. Also went to your website and played the VFX shorts! The family just loved the baby blast off...they weren't expecting it. Hysterical. My favorite was the Star Wars fan film - excellent lighting, sets and animation but the best part was the look on your son. Not sure how you got your son to look so serious but it definitely created a chill (don't show that film to any future babysitters). Overall, just a tremendous display of talent .... and a family that knows how to have some fun! Dave
  19. But doesn't all graphics software calculate the shading based upon the angle between the normal vector and the light ray coming from the camera? The phong tag uses that angle to determine how to shade that polygon....if the angle is more than the angle limit set in the phong tag, it does not get smoothed. I just figured that was how all programs do it because...well...it sort of makes sense. You need the normal vector and the phong tag smooth any shading but you make it sound that C4D is unique and that is why modeling needs to be redone if you are importing from other programs.
  20. One thing you may want to do is select all the points and hit "Optimize". Whenever I see rendered quads that show triangular shading, then there is probably some overlapping points at the corners. Just a thought. Dave
  21. I found this site in my travels. Very well organized site of US road signs: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Road_signs_of_the_United_States All signs are capable of being downloaded in .svg file formats...some up to 1K resolutions. What I love the most about it is the organization which makes this site better than just a standard Google search. Need a cross walk sign, truck route sign, blasting signs, etc. They are all there to choose from. The Wikimedia Commons site is also pretty interesting as well. Dave
  22. My hope is that Epic licenses this technology to the DCC community. Imagine real time Global GI on billions of polygons with 8K textures...all with the resources found in the Playstation 5 (16 Gb memory, 8 core 3.5GHz processor, 825 Gb SSD). Now a Playstation is designed for one thing so performance on a multi-purpose computing platform like a PC may be something completely different - but give me 40% of what that demo showed on some future version of C4D and I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven. Epic is behind the breakthrough real time virtual environments creat
  23. I feel the need to explain my Avatar then -- "Blender Gives us Options". I am not a Blender evangelist but changed my previous Avatar (I think it was a picture of me and John Knoll) when MAXON announced their subscription plan and hiked prices again. I have nothing but admiration for the developers, project managers and the software quality team (the unsung heroes of the MAXON corporation). But as a hobbyist, I fear that MAXON's subscription program and higher cost of perpetual licenses over the previous MSA program is hurting the hobbyist. This did not sit well with me as a loyal Studio u
  24. You call that decent? Seriously? I call it amazing. That was done in C4D? I never would have thought that level of cartoon squash and stretch was possible with our rigging tools. Very fluid with impeccable comic timing. Bravo! Many thanks to the team at Bomper Studio for changing the paradigm about C4D's character animation capabilities. Dave
  25. I just sent you a PM 1 minute ago. Hopefully it is not too late. Dave
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