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  1. IMHO....the Cafe is a rarity on the internet. Personally, I am NOT a big fan of social media in all its forms. The best compliment I ever received was that I have a low internet footprint. The Cafe is the only place which I visit regularly and I do so for a number of reasons: Helpful tips Polite and friendly members. Great access to some true masters of the program (and this compliment goes beyond the moderators who truly are "masters" but to the entire C4D eco system of tutorial and plugin developers as well as everyday users that populate the Cafe). Great
  2. I have not downloaded the file so forgive me if this is a stupid question: Is the character being animated via standard bones or is it an imported character animation with the character movement baked into the mesh at the point level - or point level animation (PLA)? If it as baked in character animation with PLA, then I would imagine that the motion blur algorithms have a little trouble determining how to reconcile the blur along the objects path: that is, when PLA is used, the algorithm is not reading the arm as an object rotating about the shoulder pivot for 45 degrees from f
  3. Welcome to the Cafe! You will find this to be a friendly community of extremely knowledgeable and talented people with the same creative desires and goals as yourself. As an aside, I spent a good portion of my early career (almost 30 years ago) in The Netherlands and absolutely loved it. Just a great country, great food, great people, beautiful countryside. The summers were outstanding (the winters....not so much). So the Cafe is like the Netherlands....in the summer!!! Now I am a hobbyist so I have never worked in the industry so I have no first hand knowledge of what li
  4. If you are going to do more work in this area, you need to do it to the right type of music. May I introduce "Space Tones" from the Extreme Music production company: https://www.extrememusic.com/labels/space-tones Great orchestral compositions and all available for immediate streaming for free and without ads. Stay inspired. Dave
  5. I would be interested if you have found planetary textures at any sites other than the one's I am familiar with....and those would be: Celestial Motherlode NASA Earth Maps (or Visible Earth) Earth from Space Dave
  6. Threekit is currently looking for a 3D Technical Artist or a Senior Generalist 3D Artist. Note that remote work opportunities exist in the US and Canada. I have never heard of them but thought it might have value to someone so I am forwarding the email I received (shown below) to the Cafe. If they are emailing me directly, they must be desperate!!! Dave
  7. Why couldn't you just boolean out the tunnel from the displacer object? Or use the relief object with your height field maps and apply a boolean modifier to that as well to subtract the tunnel model? The issue will be that the resultant boolean object will show the tunnel passing though the terrain but that tunnel model may not end at the extents of the terrain. So while I can't guarantee success, it may still be worth a try. Dave
  8. You nailed it! That certainly get's the point across that the moons of mars really are not moons as we think of moons. More like captured asteroids as you say. So the bluish gradient captures our night sky as seen through our atmosphere, but how do you eliminate the flickering without having ridiculously high anti-aliasing values during rendering! Some stars just do not consistently render from frame to frame....even when the camera is not moving. I've tried everything (high AA settings, rendering out to twice the finished image size and then reducing in post) with only some
  9. There is drag and drop capability if you click and drag. Unfortunately, the tricky part comes when you click and when you drag. For example, when dealing with the top stop light (visibility) -- say it is green but you want it to go to red as well as the 5 objects below it. Left-Click it so that it goes red and while still holding the left mouse button down start to drag the cursor down just a little bit in a slow and steady fashion until you see the pointer turn into a paint brush. At that point, while still holding down the left mouse button, as you paint down that column of s
  10. Nicely done! I felt like I was at a kiosk in a science museum. Very professional and some good information. I also like how you showed the orbital path of the moons with their inherent wobble. Plus the stars rendered very well....no flickering (there could be a whole tutorial on how to render star backgrounds properly...with and without motion blur. It is not as trivial at task as you would think)! So very well executed. The only thing I questioned was the size comparison of Mar's moon's versus our Moon. Now there are pictures at the Nasa.gov site which do match
  11. If I may, I love Cinema 4D and my intent with my Avatar is not to profess fanatical devotion to Blender. Now, Blender is a good program. It's users do have a lot to be happy about. I did try it when the interface improved with 2.8. But despite those improvements, it is still a bit clunky. Everything is there and for the most part stable, but (IMHO) the UI unnecessarily gets in the way of fully enjoying the program. In short, C4D is a lot more fun to use! So why do I have that Avatar? To serve as a reminder to MAXON's leaders should they troll the site that the hobbyist co
  12. Interesting.....as Neutron Man (or Neutrino Man)...is Srek wanted for going to fast? Did he exceed the speed of light? Will Srek be arrested by Albert Einstein? Dave
  13. LOL! Nice to know that I have added the quality of Srek's worklife. Please forgive me Srek! Please know that I at least had a good laugh...hopefully, you did to! Dave
  14. I have two 2560x1440 monitors and I agree they are perfect resolution for doing graphics work....but then again, my nose is only about foot away from the screen. IMHO, color depth, contrast and dynamic range is more important than resolution when it comes to the viewing experience in a normal home entertainment setting. The first time I saw a 4K screen in the store, I walked up to about 6 inches away and marveled at how I could see the pores on the persons face. Step back a few feet and that experience goes away. Sit down 6 to 8 feet away so that you can take in the whole ima
  15. That was a master's class in gaseous fluids - particularly the Redshift section which I am just beginning to grasp (having recently purchased it)! Thank you! The link you provided on VDB artifacts is a wealth of information. Were the stepping problems you experience noticed in TFD or only when you tried to render with RS? As for me, I always use a density value of 1 in TFD...not sure why but probably because most tutorials use that setting. They rarely explain why though and this is the first explanation I have read (especially the post from Jascha Wetzel). His caution about Fuel setting
  16. If that is right out of the render engine....you nailed it. The shading is perfect. Looking forward to the animation!!!! Care to summarize what you learned in a few bullets? Dave
  17. The opportunity for developing parametric modeling tools is very exciting. We have some of that right now in the form of plugins that generate stairs, windows, hand rails, nernies, etc. But Nuetron either gives the user the ability to create these tools themselves or the plugin developer the ability to recreate their tools (or expand their capabilities) using nodes rather than python. Just like MAXON came out with car shaders with their material nodal system, I would imagine that there will be library of parametric modeling tools coming with the release of Neutron. ..
  18. Interesting discussion and I think you nailed it when you discuss content. The internet had made us a content hungry society. There is so much content out there that people have many other choices to feed their need for knowledge. The true value of the Cafe is in the expertise of its moderators and members to pretty much solve/answer any question that comes your way. Going back and organizing all that would be a huge task and probably not yield as much benefit as the effort it requires. The best way to deal with it is by looking forward which means that whenever the tag "SOLVED" goes up,
  19. Before anyone from MAXON chimes in, let me take a stab at calming your concerns. Look at how the new material node architecture was implemented in Cinema 4D. You have nodes, you have legacy and you have something in-between called the uber-node. Not sure how you could cover the gap from old to new better than that. They even provided a very handy set of the most common shading types (car paint, etc). Now, based on the re-iteration from the MAXON execs at the end of the presentation that they are NOT forcing anyone to use these new modeling nodes, I would imagine that
  20. Great to hear from you and especially happy to know that everyone is healthy and doing fine. Also good to hear that life is Covid-19 free. Unfortunately, can't really say the same for the Americas. These are tough times all around. Don't be a stranger. Even though you have been away from C4D for sometime, your insights on the program are always appreciated (at least by me). Take care, Dave
  21. LOL! That's right...some form of fruit. A cross between a 3D-Banana and a 3D-Strawberry!
  22. I wonder if it has more in common with Modo's tool pipe? I know we have a few modo users on the forum so hopefully they catch the video and can chime in. I know that there is at least one modo user on this forum, but he rarely visits us anymore so I have forgotten his name. Lost weight. Grew a beard. Rides his bike a lot. Good at photography. Loves modeling with leggo's. Grew up with Oscar winners.....hmmm.....Nope. I got nothing. Dave
  23. Well, the Second presentation on the making of "Star Wars: The Last Stand" by Sekani Solomon (found here) I think will be the standout presentation of the day. Everything about it, from the modeling, lighting, animation, motion graphics, camera work...everything....is just outstanding. Really well done. Dave P.S. If you can't make the presentation, he did post a making of video here. No verbal explanation, but just a work flow video. P.P.S. What a shame that I got more enjoyment from a 1:43 fan film than I did from the entire final trilogy.
  24. Not to belabor the point....but....err...as I look at it....Neutrino man and Srek look like they could even be related. Heck...they are even looking at each other. ....just saying. Dave
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