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  1. There are a few really cool YouTube channels that I wanted to share with people. In the past, I recommended Corridor Crew (one of their members, Clinton Jones, spoke at a MAXON webinar last month). All of these sites support my love for visual effects: a craft I have admired since the 1960's when I first saw 7th Voyage of Sinbad (an old Ray Harryhausen movie). I firmly believe that to be a better CGI artist, you need to study how they used to fake reality using physical methods. Remember that the old methods helped form the visual language we try to replicate in the computer today. That
  2. Always a huge surprise when you get an email from Holger explaining that he has updated his scripts and he provides a free download link. I 100% agree that Holger knocks it out of the park with both his support and the brilliance of his scripts. Folks...there has to be a reason why he has sold 1000 of them!!! Well worth the money and a must have. While clearly explained in his email, I just want re-iterate that V2.33 is for R23 compatibility only (no new features or bug fixes). If you don't have R23, you can stay on V2.32 which is compatible back to R21.
  3. Agreed. I do admire the admin's modesty and like the concept of the admins removing themselves from the social media syndrome of tallying your "likes" by pegging the quantity to 1,000,000. But while your totals won't change beyond the 1,000,000 values you have, wouldn't you at least want to get some immediate feedback on your posts? I for one really appreciate some of the posts from the admins and wanted to show my gratitude. But (to be honest), it is only on a few rare occasions that the situation warranted a private PM. Much easier to just hit like an move on. Dav
  4. While I agree, my expectation is that there would eventually two classes of nodes - but both functioning within the same architecture. The lower class of nodes would be equivalent to Xpresso and hopefully future versions of C4D can load in older versions of C4D that use Xpresso rigs. Given how Xpresso is used in rigs (characters, models, lights, etc), they really need to keep supporting it but within the new architecture. That would be the ideal case. Just like they moved to the latest version of Python, my understanding is that the changes are not that significant to the older
  5. Hmmm.... Things seem to be moving your way relative to currency conversion. Just 10 days ago the conversion rate was 1.12681 euro's per GPB now it is 1.08337. So if the upgrade was 850 GPB, then in the last 10 days (just due to currency conversion rates alone) your Euro price dropped from 957.79 euro's to 920.87 euro's. The trend is down because I understand that the UK is slower to financially recover than the rest of Europe from the Corona virus so the Euro is stronger than the pound right now. Interesting that there is no direct seller in yo
  6. I asked specifically if the current R20 to R23 upgrade price would be in place for future releases: in essence, is this a one-time sale to increase sales or a policy? Unfortunately, I got this standard response from Mr. McGavran found here Interesting how the whole R20 to R23 price, like all perpetual license costs, is a bit of a deep dark secret in that it is not posted on the MAXON web-site. One has to wonder why? Why is any pricing information on any perpetual license upgrades not made more public? Well, I submit that the reason is that the number of us
  7. No worries. I had to laugh at your first line though! I feel your pain! We all do. But you get it...this can be an expensive hobby that has no practical applications other than feed your own soul. My brother has wood working as a hobby. A real master too! Yes...he probably spends close to what we spend on his hobby but when he is done his wife has a dining room set. Far more practical. Dave
  8. Agreed. Funny how they can do it for the billed monthly crowd at $89. Not really sure what their concern is over monthly billing at the annual subscription price and I do not accept that legal mumbo jumbo about how leases work in various countries. I would imagine that the US is a pretty major market and you could make it work here. If Srek's comments about Mr. McGavran pushing everyone is true, then he can push the development of different versions of the license server for different regions. Geeze...MAXON is supposed to be a global company after all. Get with the times...hire a few acc
  9. MAXON One may be king for the professional user but as a fellow hobbyist, I do not see it. In order to take full advantage of Red Giant, you need After Effects, which means Creative Cloud for $635.88 USD per year. Total subscription cost is then $1,834.92 when you add in MAXON One. Honestly, that is like buying a full license of C4D every two years. Not sure how much of a discount you are expecting in the future for MAXON One, but right now that is a lot of cash every year to rent software (remember -- you stop paying you are left with nothing). Add in other costs for this hobby like keep
  10. You forget Shrikes comments. He praised the license manager for being able to shift subscription seats around within his business. Therefore, businesses may find that due to their own financial outlook due to Covid-19's impact on the entertainment industry they may re-up the annual subscription for less seats then they had in 2019. Remember, all those annual subscription seats are coming due this month as it has been about one year since they were first introduced. If the business future is a little bleak for any studio, then they are going to drop a few to meet their own financial needs.
  11. Agreed. An annual $1000 upgrade price is something I am NOT signing up for. I would be perfectly happy just buying a whole new license every 4 to 5 years than shell out that much cash for an upgrade given how slow MAXON is to release new features. Also, this is a key year for MAXON. This is the first year where people under the MSA program are now facing a choice: Subscription or Perpetual. Business owners will choose subscription but I would guess that given how hard Covid-19 hit the entertainment industry, there may not be as many subscription sales in 2020 as there were
  12. I know your comment about what is being explored applies to C4D's capabilities and that you probably have no insight to where the internal discussions are going on indie licenses. Honestly, I do hope that indie licenses are being as carefully considered as the ongoing development of Neutron. The comments made by Shrike and Dasfrodo that missing indie/young/hobby users at a lower price point will starve MAXON of future revenue cannot be ignored. While I state that Blender gives us options, I guess it is also true that hacked software gives them options too (which is really sad)
  13. There is also some NEW information in Mr. McGavran's post that I wish I had known about last year prior to upgrading from R20 to R21 at the MSA price for the last time...and that is the ability to do a perpetual license upgrade from R20 to R23 for the same cast as upgrading from R21 to R23. Had I known that, I would have waited. When was that plan publicly announced? Probably never (AFAIK). Here is why: I would imagine that revenue from existing customers is greater than revenue from new customers. Subscription prices are fixed for current subscribers and I come to t
  14. This was the main problem with being a Studio MSA holder in the past and paying a premium for that MSA over what Prime and Broadcast license holders pay and then finding out that the latest release has no benefits unique to the Studio version. In essence, why am I paying more for the same benefits everyone else is getting at a lower price. Well, at least under the MSA program and the perpetual license program, if you don't like where the program is going you can opt out and STILL have access to your current version. Not so with subscriptions. If you opt-out, you have nothing unt
  15. It is not my intent and I apologize if it appears that way. Very clearly explained and a bit surprising as this upgrade pricing from R20 is new information to me. If I may respectfully tread on your patience one more time: Is this pricing policy unique to the transition from MSA programs to perpetual or will it be offered when the next full perpetual license is released (say - for the sake of argument - R25). Will I be able to go two full license upgrades in the future (for example from R21 to R25) for 850 euros? I would imagine that this would
  16. Plus, their pricing web-page has a "change region" function...so I would imagine that it could automatically factor in the currency and taxes in the pricing when you change regions. Unfortunately, Mr. McGavran's post even added more confusion because he stated that 850 euro cost was upgrading from R20 OR R21....the key word being "or". Plus R20 was the pre-license and pre-subscription so this DEFINITELY IMPLIES one cost on whether you are upgrading one full release to two full releases....provided that is what Mr. McGavran meant to say. Very interested in hearing mo
  17. So you can go two full "perpetual" licenses for one price (850 euro or $1003 USD) as you said "R20 or R21 --> R23"??? I know with S22 in the mix, sequentially numbered upgrades along the perpetual path are a thing of the past, but you did mention R20 in your post which implies two full perpetual license upgrades (R20 --> R21 --> R23). Again, to be clear because this is important, is the 850 euro price the cost for upgrading to the next release ONLY or will it ALSO be the cost to upgrade two full releases in the future?
  18. Once again, no R23 perpetual upgrade pricing at the web-site. Can anyone from MAXON please explain why perpetual upgrade pricing is such a deep, dark secret? Why do I have to call the local sales office? This has been asked but not answered by a number of people over the last year and MAXON has been quiet about it. Again, not sure why. I do have a couple of theories though: MAXON is embarrassed by the price - they know it is high relative to how loyal customers upgraded in the past via the MSA. Originally, the perpetual upgrade price WAS goin
  19. News? No. Rumor? Nope to that too. Whisper? Not a peep. A deep burning hope in the hearts of hobbyists everywhere? Always....but that and $1.80 will get you an N95 mask which is probably far more useful in today's world than hoping MAXON makes a move towards indie licensing. In short, hope is a bad strategy. A better strategy is for hobbyists everywhere to not upgrade and wait as long as you can. We want R23...but we don't need it. We don't make money on it....it doesn't feed our families. So if we all waited everywhere and in every market and corner of the globe, mayb
  20. My guess is a crushing $995....the cost of missing your MSA deadline and having to do a one revision upgrade in the pre-subscription days. Notice that perpetual license upgrade costs are not part of their web-site and still require calls to your local MAXON sales office. Not sure why? Prices vary by region maybe. Ability to negotiate a lower price for long term customers? Probably not. Interestingly enough, I think it was quickly stated in today's presentation that perpetual license upgrade costs will require a call to MAXON which is the first time I think I have ever heard it reference
  21. No YouTube videos of Scene nodes? C'mon!!!! Neutrino Man wants to come out an play!!! Dave
  22. 100% agree...and that extends to every manager in C4D. They all just make sense. The managers and C4D's stability keeps me using the program. I did try modo 401 and while the modeling tools were outstanding I just could not get my head wrapped around their object manager (every mesh in the scene was under one item called "mesh" in the object tree -- why?). Likewise, while Blender has made some improvements, it still does things that don't make sense (eg. parametric objects only stay parametric with first activation -- why?). And while Blender now has an OM, you can't drag and drop materials
  23. I went to the Maya site in search of the indie license information. Interestingly enough, they hide that as well as MAXON hides cost information about their perpetual license upgrades. I did not find any information on the indie licensing. I had to do a wider Google search (check here) to find that it was $250/year. It is apparent that Autodesk is setting the price ceiling on subscription licensing fees and that MAXON's position will always be competitive to what Autodesk does (eg. something lower). Maya's licensing fees are absolutely horrendous and death to the hobbyist: no
  24. So what makes the Enterprise is the reflectance off the hull more so than the color of the hull....in particular what they call "Aztecing" which is variable reflectance off the hull panels which was instituted via a $400K paint job on the Enterprise model from the 1979 film. I have played a great deal with this in R19 but have yet to convert them to R20 nodes. In R19, the breakthrough for me was to use fresnel gradient masking between two different aztec images (just a bunch of grey squares of varying contrast overlapping each other) and then pump all that into the reflectance color channel
  25. Hah! I never saw this thread. I only saw the gallery images yesterday and was just blown away (I left a few glowing comments). Now I find out that there is this amazing animation that is behind those gallery images (I was wondering why there were names in the gallery images). So now you can add great camera work, editing, fluid sims, and general story telling to what I already praised in the gallery image. And then I visited your site at vekta.tv First...who would have imagined that King Kong would ever be attempted for Broadway but then you see the work y
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