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  1. Yeah, with Kuroyume's Poser import plugin long-dead, C4D's needed a decent Daz3D importer that fully processes and connects up available morphs, articulation, and so forth. I'll gladly purchase a license ASAP if this effort ever comes to fruition.
  2. Looking at those I can't find a couple really useful ones, so had a few questions about users' capabilities w.r.t. nodal materials: 1. Can users cast our own rays via nodes as needed, both for locality and boundary-checking as well as render-related pathing? 2. Can users replicate complex material nodes using node networks (handling complex sampling scenarios, etc.)? 3. Could a user build an Rounded Edge shader themselves using nodes? 4. Can users create node networks that generate "internal scattering" SSS-type effects / volumetric sampling? Thanks! And my apologies if some of these were already asked, still wading through all the replies in the thread.
  3. It's doubtful that a 4K display alone would consume enough of a 1080's VRAM. It sounds like there may be a problem with Pascal-family GPUs, perhaps raise the issue over on the TFD forums (forum.jawset.com)?
  4. jwiede

    Navie Effex Gone?

    Alas, as a paid Mac customer of Effex 2.8 (and since 1.x), this doesn't really help me. I deeply appreciate the effort, and I'm glad for Windows Effex customers, but it doesn't resolve my situation. I can't get a working serial code for R19 for my existing commercial install, and he hasn't posted the Mac version in github (yet, anyway).
  5. jwiede

    Navie Effex Gone?

    Let me say first that I was deeply sorry to hear of Samir's medical issues. I've had some serious medical problems in my life as well, and appreciate how devastating they can be. At the same time, I didn't have the luxury of just "walking away" from my financial and business obligations when it happened to me, and I'm more than a little bit disturbed that there's repeating pattern emerging where that's precisely what these "small shop" plugin vendors selling high-priced plugins are doing, considering it perfectly acceptable conduct I've lost thousands of dollars of third-party plugin investments in the last year after just a few (<3) plugin vendors disappearing. History shows it only takes bad behavior by a few vendors to result in serious impact on the economic health of an entire platform ecosystem. It's fine to express sympathy for the issues they encounter, but I'm shocked at how nobody seems to be particularly disturbed by the aftermath in these cases. It's already difficult to make money in third-party plugins, but these high-end vendors destroying customer trust only make it that much harder for other plugin devs to achieve any success. I'm sorry they have issues in their lives, but failing to make any provisions for existing customers' 100%-foreseeable needs for serial updates/renewals, etc. (esp. after asking multi-hundreds of dollars for plugins, once or more) is just a completely unacceptable level of business planning, IMO bordering on the unethical.
  6. Your answer was fine, thanks. I'm just looking for any additional details about the precise technical problem blocking ProRender on Nvidia on macOS. The whole point of OpenCL was to work on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs, after all.
  7. Anyone have a pointer to the explanation handy?
  8. For those of us with Macs & Nvidia cards, was there ever any clarification on whether ProRender would even work? I'm fine if Nvidia cards aren't "supported" but are functional in C4D ProRender on macOS, less so if they arbitrarily disabled ability to run on Nvidia macOS.
  9. I appreciate the quick answer, thanks!
  10. Is the Mac version at full parity with the Windows version?
  11. You're talking about setting it for one or two really "thick" segments and let it randomly populate a surface? That's viable, and I'll give it a try, but it lacks the "spatial awareness" about breaking up rectangles the way Greebler did (and also doesn't really provide for using libraries of greebles to populate. Hmm.
  12. As it seems quite clear Kuroyume (R. Templeton's company/site) isn't coming back, has anyone found any reasonably-equivalent replacements for their "Greebler" product? I have or don't need replacements for most of the other products, but cannot find a decent C4D Greebler-type plugin that supports libraries, etc. for population. I'm kind of desperate for a replacement, even considering writing my own at this point, but first wanted to check and see whether anyone else knew of any alternatives? Thanks!
  13. W.r.t. the poll, I should note the answer I provided was in the context of a Mac version being available.
  14. Any word on when a Mac version might be available? If you need someone with a Mac and dev toolchain to help, plz PM me.
  15. The Cactus3D.com website is now just returning a "Not authorized to view" message, which doesn't bode particularly well for the plugins. None of my customer emails since Dan's passing yielded any reply.
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