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  1. C4D R19 ProRender (GPU) rendering

    Great texturing! I love it.
  2. robot_dragonfly_bug_v02_.jpg

    Superb!.... I love the way you did the leaves.
  3. robot_Frog_branch_03_dof.jpg

    Great idea. Beautiful work.
  4. TAG Heuer Watch...

    Fabulous.... I love the leather texture and stitching.
  5. Modeling

    These are some of my models I've done from scratch.
  6. Aston Martin DB5

    Beautiful work. Shame it wasn't modelled in Cinema.
  7. TD Master Section / Now Available

    I'm really interested in this and have no problem with paying for it.
  8. Deleted polygons that still render

    I agree WickedP, someone has hidden some polygons when modelling and forgotten to unhide them. Happens to me all the time.
  9. Yes... I miss 3DKiwi's epic reviews too!
  10. Line cut tool

    It"s driving me nuts too. How long will we have to wait?
  11. Really nice work. My first car model was an R8, years ago. I reckon it takes seven or eight cars to get the hang of things. Congratulations, keep it up. Keith
  12. JD first character with full hair

    Really nice work Silver
  13. Coffe table

    Really nice work!!