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  1. IF, you are still an MSA holder there is still already a "deal" for going subscription (and keep your Perpetual of R21!) and the 30% off get stacked on top of that. I hope to find that out soon...
  2. Solved it! It has to do with joint orientation. I usually build my rigs with joints aligned to Z-axis (each joints Z-axis points down the rig to the next joint and Y-axis pointing up). I noticed Blender rigs worked fine, but their rigs seems to be aligned on the X-axis (with Z-axis down?). I switched up my rig and now things work. Hope this helps!
  3. Have you checked out CV-AR yet? If you have an iPhone X or higher you can put that kind of usable data directly into C4D:
  4. Here's my quick stab at Fiber Optics (file included). Using a basic Emitter shooting some particles straight out, I used a MoGraph Tracer object to get the paths of each particle so I could then Sweep those splines for my Fiber Optics. I also cloned a bunch of Disc primitives onto that Tracer object for my lights within the Fiber Optics (they also animate along the particles). I also used a Bend Deformer to arc the particles path towards the Camera. The key to this look is the shallow Depth of Field render. Hope it helps. :) nimpsy_fiber_optics.c4d
  5. I just downloaded this and tried it out. Excellent results as far as getting textures in. Keep on this. Would be great to retool for other render engines (Arnold, Octane, etc) Thoughts/Issues: It would be cool to be able to select different filetypes for naming in the config (png, tif, etc.) Presets don't seem to save at all, once file is closed they are gone.
  6. How do I do things?

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