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  1. How can I weld a mesh and remove the int

    Did you try Magic Merge? https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-merge/
  2. Funny thing has been happening in my Timeline, never had it before..I have couple of markers placed along whole sequence. As long as Power Slider is stretched across the whole length of the sequence – all markers are visible, but at the moment I squeeze it to last portion of my sequence markers disappear from Timeline. More interesting - after moving Power Slider a bit back, those markers turn up again... some devilry at work.. super annoying..
  3. Shape from Effector

    Mograph Cache and then Current State to Object
  4. I don't have Schetch and Toon to prove it, but your light source should have Shadow option activated to cast shadows on other objects..
  5. Can't select front/back polygons

    This is because, after making your Extrude Object editable C4d splits it into 3 separate meshes: extrude1, cap1 and cap2. Connect them unless you want them to be separate.
  6. Buttons for Layout!

    Sorry, my bad - I didn't get you. I thought you meant a primitive sphere object with different parameters then default. In this case non of those methods will work. You would need a script that finds your scene file, opens it /merges. Then you could attach it as a button to the layout.
  7. Buttons for Layout!

    You can either go to Attribute manager - Edit menu and use Set As Default command.. or you can create a script and then drag it's icon into the layout. Layout then, needs to be saved.
  8. Change spline settings using Xpresso

    If you couldn't use instance object for whatever reason (for example circles are different size) : Create Master Circle and by XPresso pass only those parameters that you want. Use LinkList node and drop your objects there. Iteration node to go through all elements and set proper amount of iterations Adding HUD elements as mentioned above.
  9. Bodypaint on glass material

    There may be couple of factors that influence those colours.. First and probably most important in your case is transparency colour. Here there is Transparency tex, where first flower has 50 percent grey, second is mostly black and third one has exactly the same colours as color texture. They all will render differently. The other factor is reflectance of a material. Reflection strength set to 50 percent but layer strength = 0 layer strength = 50 layer strength = 100 Lighting and colour of a background will probably also influence overall perception of painted colours.. I hope it will help a little..
  10. Bodypaint on glass material

    it's hard to say what you are doing wrong, without seeing settings of your brush.. but it's surely possible..
  11. You can't connect nodes in those loops but you can bring another Cube node. Unfortunately Xpresso is executed on every frame and on every mouse click, so every time you click in the viewport, your object would go from plus to minus and then back again.. You can use Freeze Node to remember position of the cube at the moment you want to move it to the other side of X axis. But probably the best would be a script that is executed only once, and can be saved and just docked in your layout. Here is simple coffee script - for my knowledge of Python unfortunately equals zero.. main(doc,op) { var obj = doc->GetActiveObject();// do this on the selected object if(!obj) return;// error handeling if no object was selected var pos = obj->GetPosition();// Assign the object's position to a variable pos.x*= -1; //Scales objects position on the X axis in memory only obj->SetPosition(pos); //Executes the position change to the scene }
  12. I suppose you could iterate through all your lights and then pass object index to the seed parameter of the noise - this way each light gets different noise
  13. Alphabetize Deformer Palette??

    I think you need new layout for that.. Tear off the Deformers palette Rearrange it and save(just so you wouldn't have to fiddle again if something goes wrong) Fold it Place it in the Standard Palette Remove the old one Save the new layout
  14. Scalling object

    I thought Split Polygons Group to Objects might work but it wasn't available at R 14 I think
  15. If you have Cineversity subscription.. http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cineversity_resources/planesmart_overview