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  1. Hi. Try to get texture files out of the folder and place them on the same level as fbx file.
  2. Hi, This is a classic example of wrongly oriented bend deformer. Deformation always goes along Y axis so you need to rotate it accordingly.
  3. Go to Sweep object Object Tab and chenge rotation of the sweep..
  4. I know it's bit a late response but maybe still will be of some use. To split stream of particles, you could use a Birth Number as a custom particles channel. Then using math node in modulo set to 2, you can send every second particle to a different group. Remember to set the condition node data type to Link and drop the names of your particle groups there.
  5. Not an expert in Italian so hard to fully understand your XPresso setup i think you need to put Solid Layer in Sound Effector Fallof to sample it correctly..
  6. You could use tracer for this.. Go to Attribute manager and under Mode =>Project info you can get access to the length of the spline. Create cloner in object mode and set required amount of clones. Uncheck Loop !! (I have clones every 10 units for better clarity.) Create Tracer object and set tracing mode to Connect All Objects Create copy of the tracer using Current state to object. Hope that helps.
  7. I think it depends on Attenuation mode.. First two : Average and Maximum work like multiply function i guess, so having 100% Roughness and 30 % bright texture gives you the same result as 30% Roughness and 100% bright texture. For those two other modes you might want to check manual
  8. This is an old plugin based on COFFEE i believe, so you would need special bridge files from Insydium. But even that doesn't help in many cases..
  9. Voytech

    Texture to Vectors

    Bitmap node can read rgb/grey scale value of a pixel at given x,y position of an image..
  10. I think particles need to be assigned to specific group right after they are born to avoid confusion. Also you need to change names of those groups in each Xpresso tag..
  11. Hmm, I'm not sure why it is not working for you.. Anyway, here is a scene for you. It makes use of c4d shaders - no textures, so I wouldn't have to upload them. Check that out. Remember that if you are using other effectors to alter position, scale etc. , you might want to turn Color Mode off in those.. hope that helps, Wojtek multi color.c4d
  12. I think Multi shader doesn't work so straightforward on cloners in grid array mode. Add a Step effector and turn all transform parameters off, set color on. You also might want to tick off alpha and set the spline shape to linear – no ease in /out.
  13. Unfortunately I can't answer this question.. I only know it works because I had encountered it myself before.. As I understand , Solid layer works similar to infinite falloff in previous versions of c4d, before Fields were introduced. so do linear, spherical etc.. Strangely, clones get affected by by sound effector in the viewport even without any field layers, yet XPresso seems to be confused. You need to wait for response from some of the magicians who are more involved in programming side of c4d, who I believe are present at this forum..
  14. In the Falloff tab of your effector add either Solid Layer or some Field Layer..
  15. Hi, In Thinking Particles Presets you have an example called tp_nozzle. It's a good starting point. Adjust orientation of emitter and control splines, add some colliding object as digitvisions mentioned.. tp_nozzle.c4d

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