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  1. As Cerbera mentioned above, it's hard do give any advise without seeing what you've made so far.. You could deform Cloner with a Spline which serves as a branch for instance, and then copy Cloners and change reference splines for each Spline Wrap. Snap_03_December_2019_01h44m11s_001_.wmv
  2. KitBash3D 50% Off entire store https://kitbash3d.com
  3. Did you turn on Use Deformed Points in Point Node?
  4. I'm not sure about ghost Dynamics, but again, effector itself can be a trigger. Give it some Falloff and bring the strength at 100 %. gostEffector.mp4
  5. Hi, You could use Shader Effector with position parameter altered and animate it's strength over short time - 2-3 seconds. In Dynamics body tag set Trigger to: At Velocity Peak. Hope that helps spread.mp4
  6. Hi If edge selections have the same names it should work. You can create string User Data with the name of an edge selection and plug it into deformer. It even works with instances..
  7. Hi. There is quite fast movement going on, so you probably need to increase steps per frame.. Project Setting under Expert tab- Steps per Frame - crank it up to 10 or more.. Also your objects are fairy small size. Phone is just 1 cm thin. It might be correct relating to real world values but from my experience C4D Dynamics don't like that..
  8. Hi everyone. Price is now reduced to 800 Euro.
  9. Hi What you can do is open your rendered .psd sequence in C4D Picture Viewer and export it to EXR from there. I am not sure if After Effects CC can import channels from EXR ( I still use CS6 myself ) but there is a plugin called ExtractoR and can handle extra channels even from psd. EXtractoR
  10. I also couldn't find solution for using clones. My idea was to bake animation of clones and then transfer animation data to polygonal objects and get collision detection that triggers material change. I couldn't find the way to lock the new material though..Probably use of freeze node or similar would work. But boy... jed's example is great ! Colour_Change_On_Collision.c4d
  11. Hi, Take a look at this post. It uses Python, but I suppose it can be incorporated in your example easy enough.
  12. Hi, XPresso is right. You can use Noise Node to drive Bend strength. Also, you can control amount of it via Range Mapper or Math nodes..
  13. No problem, always glad to help. Well, to learn about time track, take a glance into manual. In general Time Tracks influence or change the timing of your animation. To point you in the direction take a look at this clip ( specifically from 30 min) Actually you can watch the whole video and you won't be sorry. Every time when Mike The Monkey presents something it's worth watching. http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/nab_2010_rewind/
  14. Hi. In C4D that's what Sample Node in Xpresso is for. It samples (in this case) strength and passes it to other attributes like position or amplitude of vibrate tag. You can also pass it to a Null's position for example and bake it. Then use that baked curve as a Time Track.
  15. Hi I am selling my perpetual license of C4D Broadcast R19. It's for Europe and UK Price is 1000 Euro. I am covering transfer fee. If interested send me PM

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