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  1. ..also you might try to change camera projection type to Parallel with zoom value 1
  2. Hi Position of the object axis is important. Since there are only options for center and corner points, axis of the screen can't be at the bottom center.
  3. Here is another example how to fracture plane with simple linear two-point splines. Points of those splines have to be always perpendicular to the direction of the cut, so they create straight, rectangular lines. Again, it uses MoGraph Selections to fracture further down the way. Movement is achieved by noise - actually two slightly different noises. One is slow and gentle, the other one faster and more hectic. In that video you linked, all was created by scripting, but I am one of those who as Jed mentioned once “when they see a line of code they run a mile away”, so I used Xpresso. Hopefully this will point you to the right direction. MultipleFractures.mp4 MultipleFractures2.c4d
  4. After looking into teknow file I realized I didn't get you right. Instead of X-ray look you wanted to render mesh with edges..if so – couple of plugs: http://www.mustaphafersaoui.fr/quick-tip-01-c4d-wireframe-render-generator/ https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-wire-frame/ http://www.biomekk.com/index.php?page=1&cat=107&itm=18
  5. Play with Fresnel shader in Transparency & Luminance channels.. xRay2.c4d
  6. If it doesn't need to be animated, you could start with Voronoi Fracture using Matrix Object as a source – create bigger pieces first - then select few and re-fracture them further.. You can add bevel afterwards..
  7. It didn't work because you hadn't activated Point Level Animation or because you weren't happy with the results it gave you?
  8. https://www.c4dzone.com/en/shop/plug-ins-17/measure-it-1-2-1-272.htm
  9. For some reason you are using Align To Spline tag. After making the cloner editable all those clones reside in the same spot. Because they all have the same emitting seed it seems like there is only one..
  10. Just to be sure... did you actually replaced that old material with the new one on the object ..?
  11. Painting in 3d is a path of trial and error and when you don't understand basics about how materials in C4d work or uv mapping concept - it might be frustrating. Without much dwelling on all those intricacies, try this.. Copy your beloved blueish material Go to color channel ( forget about Paint Setup Wizard for a moment) and create new texture manually - by clicking this tiny triangle, choose – Create New Texture. Copy values from overall colour of the material to get the same blue and click OK Now, assuming that there weren't any shaders driving your color channel, you should get exactly the same looking blue material. Colour of the texture overrides “general” material colour as long as you don't toy with mixing modes and strength. Activate this new material and create new layer by Right-click on blue square. From now on you can paint your stripes on that layer. I hope this short tut will help you get the hang of it..
  12. By “set up the brush so it paints on the alpha and the color or whatever layer at the same time “ he means material channels like color, reflectance, bump or like in your case – alpha. You need to activate them in brush setting to be able to paint both color texture and alpha texture at the same time. Here is screen shot from C4D help file..
  13. I'm not sure whether you want each object to to have it's own seed and flicker the same way over the time or maybe just make an impression of that each of them flickers differently..If the latter, then - as Jed mentioned..Mograph and Shader Effector could be helpful. Place your objects under Fracture object. In material luminance channel put Mograph Color Shader. Add Shader Effector- turn off position scale and rotation Transforms and make sure Color Mode is ON. Also, turn off Use Alpha so the effector would use Strength instead. In shading tab choose some Noise shader set it's speed and also tune contrast ans brightness. flicker.mp4



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