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  1. I don't know what effect you are after, but animating by hand will bring more joy and better results I believe.. Just get a disc, animate it's size, put some noise in luminance or/and alpha channels, maybe some visible light.. Proximal shader doesn't really have much options as well as it's feedback in viewport is rather poor.. quicktest
  2. oh sorry , I think I didn't get you right for the first time too, but maybe that's what you're after.. noiseSeed.zip
  3. You could use Shader Effector to drive Multishader, and animate noise seed every 180 frames. But there is no 100 percent guarantee that grey value changes on every hit...
  4. Voytech

    Get The Shadows But Not The Floor

    This white fringe is most likely because of premultiplied alpha. When comping multi pass you want alphas and mattes (object buffer) to be set to straight.
  5. Voytech

    Line shader

    Maybe two gradients in Fusion channel – one of them as animated mask.. but to be honest it's not very intuitive. Probably better results and control would be achieved in AE and composited or even rendered as video and then placed as a texture..
  6. Create two variations of your carpet /plush material ( green, blue or whatever) Throw them on the globe object Use third material with black and white image in alpha channel as a mask Place it between them fabrics Check mix material option on the last Texture tag
  7. Voytech

    Xpresso position between two objects

    When using Xpresso you need Vector2Reals and Reals2Vector nodes to split xyz channels, modify them and merge back together.
  8. Hi, You could create one material with two textures loaded into Fusion or Layer shader. The first one has better response in the viewport though..Then you can animate blend parameter. Create simple User Data controller for convenience, connect it via Xpresso with blend parameter in Fusion shader. If there is no smooth blending between two textures needed – change interpolation to step https://www.dropbox.com/s/vfvgta2fkvpggni/Snap_00h11m14s_001_.wmv?dl=0
  9. Voytech

    Connect more FFDs

    Hi, Assuming that both FFDs have the same amount of points, you could iterate through all points of the first one and pass position data to the second by using point node..
  10. Voytech

    How can I weld a mesh and remove the int

    Did you try Magic Merge? https://nitro4d.com/product/magic-merge/
  11. Funny thing has been happening in my Timeline, never had it before..I have couple of markers placed along whole sequence. As long as Power Slider is stretched across the whole length of the sequence – all markers are visible, but at the moment I squeeze it to last portion of my sequence markers disappear from Timeline. More interesting - after moving Power Slider a bit back, those markers turn up again... some devilry at work.. super annoying..
  12. Voytech

    Shape from Effector

    Mograph Cache and then Current State to Object
  13. I don't have Schetch and Toon to prove it, but your light source should have Shadow option activated to cast shadows on other objects..
  14. Voytech

    Can't select front/back polygons

    This is because, after making your Extrude Object editable C4d splits it into 3 separate meshes: extrude1, cap1 and cap2. Connect them unless you want them to be separate.
  15. Voytech

    Buttons for Layout!

    Sorry, my bad - I didn't get you. I thought you meant a primitive sphere object with different parameters then default. In this case non of those methods will work. You would need a script that finds your scene file, opens it /merges. Then you could attach it as a button to the layout.