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  1. WIP Various shots from a short

    Have you considered giving the train a longer journey? One idea, mount a camera in front of your car (where you can turn it on and off) and use the footage for an image sequence seen out the windows of the coach.
  2. C4D Hair System

    Yes, grooming tools were explained very well and some were demoed but I refer to the Edit tools that were explained but not demoed. My chief interest would be to clean up hairlines that are jagged from the selection not being smooth.
  3. C4D Hair System

    I hadn't viewed a Hair video since 3D Fluff put out a boxed version with a simpler (and less manageable) workflow. Well done and very useful! A further exploration of the Hair editing tools would be welcome (tweaking Hair objects that were created before watching your tutorials).
  4. For the Engineers Among Us

    I try to average two hours a day in 3D efforts but surfing beckons. The "awesome devices" were thrown up by the surf (sent by an elderly dame with an email list).
  5. For the Engineers Among Us

    Maybe they're prototypes.
  6. For the Engineers Among Us

    Although you need not be an engineer to enjoy..... VID-20180223-WA0001.mp4
  7. How To Make Facial Adjustments?

    Also, Jason Ossipa's "Stop Staring" is a great reference for facial animation.
  8. What should I use for the Dropbox Share?

  9. Cactus Dan Hand tag replacement?

    Sounds like a synopsis of the CD videos. You could probably duplicate what he shows with current C4D elements.
  10. Cactus Dan Hand tag replacement?

    I have the videos where he shows how to build and create the Xpresso for the body but they are too large to upload. If you would like, I can do a Dropbox transfer.
  11. Cutting An Object In Half

    The problem with my suggestion is there would be no "real" cutting edge with UVs (just a hollow object open at the cutting edge). It looks like you will have to make half models for this.
  12. Cutting An Object In Half

    Any image editor would do and a .tif or .png file format to accommodate transparency. Erase what you don't want to show.
  13. Cutting An Object In Half

    You may achieve your effect by adjusting the materials in PS to paint only one side of your model and leave the other side transparent.
  14. Octane - Clear to frost gradient?

    A good question for these folks: https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30
  15. Baking with Octane

    I think there is a 'bake node' in the Node editor (Octane own baking instead of the C4D baking version).