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  1. Octane Scatter Instance to polygon

    Try here: https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30
  2. Fingers Pinching Skin

    You can distort any mesh. What your client wants will determine the rest. You probably have a suitable model in the content library and a model will make it easier to be anatomically correct even if the visual extent is like your references. You may need to subdivide the mesh locally to the morph site to get a smooth deformation (depending on the size of the local polygons. I use Cactus Dan's tools so I can't speak to using the C4D native tools but create your morph (keyframe from start to finish) and animate the hand/fingers appropriately. Or you could use the finger joints to start and stop the morph with set driven and set driver.
  3. Fingers Pinching Skin

    Keep in mind that your job is really to 'fake it' and only concern yourself with what can be seen by the viewer. It calls for a rigged hand and some morphing (driven by the finger joints?) of the belly object.
  4. Octane Rnder Problem

    Where to get Octane answers: https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30
  5. Action

    I am sure you learned enough to make it very worthwhile. Congratulations!
  6. CMotion centipede-WIP

    Except for its color, it moves very realistically.
  7. Action

    Formidal accomplishment for one person. The characters would have benefited from more detailed materials, especially with such close ups. Although the coriagraphy made extreme demands on the animator, the movement wasn't persuasive.
  8. Separating combined meshes

    I don't have C4D open at the moment but if you use the Select Connected tool to access individual parts, you can save them as individual objects with Mesh>Conversion>Polygon Groups to Object. To make one object, Mesh>Conversion>Combine and Combine Delete
  9. £9,500 for a graphics card ?

    Bitcoin miners are the ones who buy it.
  10. Flat Object for Shadows (Octane)

    Where Octane users are: https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30
  11. Tell Tale Heart

    A one man studio, congratulations!
  12. Exporting issue

    Search the Timeline for the keys responsible. Some things get inadvertently keyframed so check your Position keys.
  13. Rendering problems with octane v3

    Most of it but there's a lot of 1s as well.
  14. Octane Materials crashing c4d

    I could tell from your screenshot that it was an Octane Material. An Octane material will have a button for the Node editor.
  15. Octane Materials crashing c4d

    You will have fewer problems if you switch to Octane shaders.