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  1. Anthony Owen

    Octane wont update render

    https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30 I've seen that issue from time to time.
  2. Anthony Owen

    How to create wooden floor panels

    And your exposure to XP from all this will show you other ways to use this powerful tool.
  3. Anthony Owen

    How to create wooden floor panels

    Open Xpresso and experiment using techniques in the C4D file and find out why it doesn't work in V20 (it should).
  4. Anthony Owen

    Danger Zone WIP (NSFW)

    Every step was a learning experience. If I had Octane when they were made, I could have had more refinement.
  5. Anthony Owen

    Danger Zone WIP (NSFW)

    Just two videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrTonynemo I'm working an another but stiller creating models.
  6. Anthony Owen

    The Encounter - Sci-fi short film

    Good show! A one man studio is a tough row to hoe but you made a nice bit of video there.
  7. Anthony Owen

    Danger Zone WIP (NSFW)

    I exhibited with those guys in the "Second Joint Show" in SF along with Stanley Mouse and others (mostly poster artists). It was a very creative period that we thought would surely change the world.
  8. Anthony Owen

    Danger Zone WIP (NSFW)

    Very 1960s psychedelic art.
  9. Anthony Owen

    Good guy Insydium - CactusDan Plugins

  10. Anthony Owen

    Good guy Insydium - CactusDan Plugins

    There is a number 7 that describes skinning that I will share. I also have the 6 step-by-step rigging videos. They would be helpful whatever rigging you were doing. Another useful one is a detailed account of transferring a rig to another character.
  11. Anthony Owen

    Good guy Insydium - CactusDan Plugins

    I still find these https://www.youtube.com/user/CDLibisch/videos but a catalogue of all his videos would be nice if they aren't at the above address.
  12. Anthony Owen

    Background techniques

    Forester has a lot of wind blown trees and is very good with your resources (CPU and RAM).
  13. Anthony Owen

    Danger Zone WIP (NSFW)

    It has a bit of psychedelica also.
  14. Anthony Owen

    The raven

    Me too, with the pentagram it has a creepily authentic look for a bottle of Absinthe.
  15. Anthony Owen


    IMO it would look more appetising with a warm ambient color rather than the cool tone you have chosen. The chocolate would look 'sweeter'.