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  1. Anthony Owen

    My latest scene: "CIGARETTE"

    Nice job with SSS.
  2. Anthony Owen

    What's next for the CD Plugins?

    His CD tools would need to be already owned or bought from a previous owner. His being no longer the vender means the one flaw (bug) in his "Make Symmetrical" tool loused up the UVs on one side. My last communication with Dan on 5/26/2016 was this: Howdy Tony, Yes, it's on the list for bug fixes. Seems like I had it working before, but I think I was only testing on a more simple object. Adios, Cactus Dan
  3. Anthony Owen

    Normal map seams on UV cuts

    One thing I notice is that the sleeves occupy far more of the UV space than the front or back. I personally like to put seams in inconspicuous places like underarm but it may be artifacts from the UV space differences. Absent rebaking in 3D-Coat, PS is all you have because there is no mesh issue to correct. I would redo it in 3D-Coat.
  4. Anthony Owen

    Normal map seams on UV cuts

    So the mesh shown is not the low poly mesh? You may make some repairs to the normal map in PS (flatten edges and smooth things. If it was retopologized in 3D-Coat, You could return it to make the seams more to your liking and export the new textures. When you first mentioned 'seams', I thought it meant the places where islands come together. Judging from your normal map, I think you could have larger islands filling out the UV space better. If you do improve your UV map, be sure to delete the old one in the Paint room so it won't interfere with the new bake.
  5. Anthony Owen

    Adjusting axis is the worst. Help :(

    Since nulls have no geometry to 'center' on, you could change them all to 000 position. Ooops! A late version of the above much better action.
  6. Anthony Owen

    Blending road with terrain

    A flat terrain sure helps! The Magnet tool can create the ups and downs.
  7. Anthony Owen

    Blending road with terrain

    The tutorial shows a job that is much more intuitive and visual in a sculpt medium. Check out C4D's sculpting. Load a terrain and start gouging a road.
  8. Anthony Owen


    Looks like the cat has more fun.
  9. Anthony Owen

    Blending road with terrain

    Personally, I think adjusting a sweep nurbs to the topography is the easiest solution short of sculpting the topography. In 3D-Coat I would create a road much like a bulldozer using a Scrape tool. I know nothing of C4D's sculpt capabilities.
  10. https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30
  11. Anthony Owen

    Octane - mapping logo to one face

    It makes more sense if you make your own UVs in an app like 3D-Coat.
  12. Anthony Owen

    Octane - mapping logo to one face

    Here's the manual: https://docs.otoy.com/Cinema4DH/C4DPluginManual.htm
  13. Anthony Owen

    Octane Random Color for a group?

  14. Anthony Owen

    Octane Scatter Instance to polygon

    Try here: https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30
  15. Anthony Owen

    Fingers Pinching Skin

    You can distort any mesh. What your client wants will determine the rest. You probably have a suitable model in the content library and a model will make it easier to be anatomically correct even if the visual extent is like your references. You may need to subdivide the mesh locally to the morph site to get a smooth deformation (depending on the size of the local polygons. I use Cactus Dan's tools so I can't speak to using the C4D native tools but create your morph (keyframe from start to finish) and animate the hand/fingers appropriately. Or you could use the finger joints to start and stop the morph with set driven and set driver.