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  1. Render failure // OCTANE RENDER

    I have used a lot of Forester stuff, etc with 2 (I only have 4 now) but in your case, something is hogging your VRAM besides the 345 mbs in your scene.
  2. Greenhouse WIP

    It corrects the one thing that broke it for me, the apparent geometry of the wall is now vertical. What adjustment did you make to get the correct view?
  3. Old guy

    Nice! The cap suggests a 1920/30 working man.
  4. Old guy

    A really nice project, congratulations. How did you produce the maps?
  5. My house, someday!

    Remember, you have the use of 4 GBs of RAM for materials in addition to the card which only has to deal with geometry (not instances). This is available on Octane 3. You might have trouble finding a high end card as so many are being purchased for blockchain (bitcoin) use.
  6. My house, someday!

    The world (your scene) can get really complicated. Yes, Forester is top-notch. also, Octane renders things so fast that it can be used instead of the slower viewport to see changes.
  7. My house, someday!

    The last (closest to grass) image passes well for me. Hair would help on any closer shot. I agree about the stairs, too steep. A banister that hit you just under the armpits would help getting up and down.
  8. History Lesson

    All of us would be lost on this machine. In those days, I paid $400 for a 2 inch B/W portable scanner. The dollar in those days was worth much more for food, clothing , housing , etc. but not for electronics. Immagine the beast you could buy with a budget like that.
  9. Ivy Grower (New 2017 Version)

    Untested on a 64 bit system.
  10. Old guy

    This is really good. Is hair the next step or is this gentleman a smallpox survivor?
  11. Old guy

    Nice job of modeling! Plan any SSS?
  12. With the danger of overheating with cards in adjacent slots, water cooling is essential (so called hybrids are nice but in short supply). Also a separate box may have cooling advantages.
  13. Thinking back, there is a way to toggle interpolated on/off. One of the timeline menus (worth a look).
  14. Building a Library of Images to Share

    The choices are many and your generosity will be rewarded.
  15. [Octane] Lights rendering

    Check the docs for "fireflies". Also, Ahmet Octar, the dev for the C4D plug, provides good support on this forum: https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=30