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  1. The "knowledgeable" folks told you all you needed to know. If your volumetric lights don't look right, it is something other than the image format that is responsible.
  2. Anthony Owen


    What can I say? Grand Guignol?
  3. Vis-a-vis render times, I'm glad I have a GPU render engine (Octane). The refresh rate allows quicker edits. My old dual Xenon is too slow for animation so I port it to Maya using CD FBX (which he designed for the purpose). Making edits with a much faster view response, I then return to C4D for rendering.
  4. Nice concept! IMO, the weasel should be similar to the dog in scale (or slightly smaller).
  5. I will definitely check it out. Thanks again
  6. Thanks, CBR! That really gets me down the road. In addition, I have four characters and a tractor with tandem trailer to animate.
  7. I got my terminology wrong. Sweeping a circle on a spline is my intention. I think I understand your instructions now. So this sweep is applied after the edited spline is created?
  8. Many thanks, gentlemen! I'll try the helix on the barrel but a simple image for the cable. The cable, separately made I assume by a loft on a spline? Then "spline wrap it onto that first spline" seems like performing the same function twice.
  9. I want to animate a cable shortening and possibly winding on the winch. A Loft can make a nice cable but any ideas for how to fake it lengthening and shortening? Modeled in 3D-Coat and rendered with Octane.
  10. A very careful Blur in PS might give what they want.
  11. Without actually checking, you have SSS in Glossy and Difuse materials but not in Specular. Mixing materials in Octane is also quite common. It allows a block of jello to have a Diffuse powdered sugar coating that partially conceals the Specular jello.
  12. The color in a transparent material is connected to the Transmission channel.
  13. The new Manual for V4 will be very helpful. http://www.aoktar.com/octane/OCTANE HELP MANUAL.html



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