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Wanna know the difference between Redshift, Cycles 4D, Octane and ProRenderer then click HERE!  Nerv, one of ours Cafe Contributors made this very useful topic, so feel free to visit and comment. :compEnjoy:

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  1. Coal Material

    Brilliant, thank you very much!
  2. Coal Material

    Thanks both of you, those are some great tips! I'll give it a try now. Yeah If you could send me that scene file that would be a big help.
  3. Hi guys, I need to make a realistic coal material that's good enough for a slow macro close up shot and I'm completely stumped. Trying to get the right combination of matt/reflective surfaces and rough displacement is driving me insane. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or could you point me to somewhere I could buy one? I've been searching for a while and couldn't find anything for c4d. this is the kind of look I'm after: Thanks