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  1. As the author of ArrowMaker, I can confirm that it does indeed work in R20 using the Insydium Bridge.
  2. No offence taken at all, I was just surprised is all. In fact I see you’ve been on the community forum recently and that Mario has been helping. He’s a great guy, if anyone can help, it’s him. You may get some help from users on discord, too.
  3. Sorry, small community? Have you joined our Discord channel and our new community forum? There are plenty of other XP users there, especially on Discord. They are the best places to ask questions like this. You can find details of both of them on our main website.
  4. Fair enough. Let’s call it a communication failure and leave it at that. But you might want to check with your email provider that they aren’t blocking emails from our domain for some reason, just in case. If you join our new community forum, you’ll be very welcome there.
  5. Perhaps I could just set the record a little straighter here since the impression is being given that we never responded to your support email. That email was received on Sunday November 25th and our usual automated response was sent out. The same day we sent another email from one of our developers giving the full answer to your query. This was also sent out on the Sunday, which isn't bad service in anyone's book (IMO). It seems clear now that while you received the automated email (since you replied to it) you never received the full answer. In that case I would suggest you check your spam filter and you may find it there. If not, contact us again and we will send you another copy. There's nothing more to be said TBH but I cannot agree that our 'support is terrible' when the facts don't confirm that. If you have any other queries about this issue please follow them up by email as I'm not able to enter into a discussion here. Steve (Insydium dev.)
  6. We'd strongly recommend that you don't switch versions in the middle of a commercial project, on general principle. It could well all be okay if you did but we can't guarantee it. Probably best to stay with 3.5, finish the project, and then upgrade. Steve
  7. You've got two choices when using a 4K monitor and Cinema. You can just let windows scale everything up and it will look the same as it does on a lower-res monitor. To me that isn't so useful because the amount of screen real estate remains the same. The alternative is to tell windows not to scale this app, in which case you get a large amount of screen space but of course all the text and icons look very small. What I did was not scale it up but increase the font sizes in Cinema's own prefs and along with using the largest icon size it's pretty good - certainly very usable. And vast acres of screen space :-) Fortunately Cinema scales up very well but you will find that not all software does so, so experience can be a bit variable with other apps. Photoshop in particular is a touch erratic. Steve
  8. Please let me clarify this, as it seems to be a common misunderstanding. We are not charging for the render engine itself, we cannot do that even if we wanted to. What we are charging for is the time and effort required to build the bridge from Cinema to the render engine. Believe me, that has taken a massive investment in time and resources, which we have to recoup. It really isn't a matter of a couple of afternoons running up a quick plugin to pass the scene file to Cycles. Steve
  9. XP 2.1 is a very old version and you should upgrade to 2.5 if you have a licence. It was a free upgrade. Steve
  10. spedler

    Plugin Boss

    Plugin Boss
  11. spedler




    A simple plugin to toggle Global Illumination on and off. That's all it does, but could be useful if you switch frequently between standard and global illumination. Full source code is included, heavily commented, so this is an open-source plugin. You are free to modify and recompile it at will.
  12. Version


    A Cinema 4D script for removing texture tags which are not associated with a material. If an object has a texture tag, but there is no material assigned to that tag, the tag appears in the object manager with a white 'X' across it. Deleting one or two of these is not a problem, but if you have a file with lots of nested objects, finding and deleting them all may be a real chore. This script will find and remove all texture tags which don't have a material associated with them. Two versions are provided, one for R11/R11.5, and one for R12. The R11 version of the script MAY also run in Cinema R10/10.5, but this has not been tested.
  13. Mirror, Mirror
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