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  1. ugh, I have a scene thats too big to bake, but also too complex to resume, after I ran out of memory. Trying to find a way around it.

  2. 24 threads at 100%, 23.5gb out of 24 allocated...I'm givn' 'er all she's got Cap'n!

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    2. NellenMellen


      Nope, not a mac pro, its a dual cpu workstation that I built around a 4U server chasis.

    3. Richart


      Look out, Here I come with my 4gb dual core.. LoL

  3. shutdown time...funnel clouds and tornado warnings!

    1. LChaney


      I did the same around 7:30 last night. My pets were very nervous!

    2. dhpdigital


      Hold on tight and good luck.

    3. 3DKiwi


      Ditto. Keep safe.

  4. thunderbolts and lightning...very very frightening

  5. so many ideas...so few cpu cycles...

  6. UGH.. never render to quicktime if its a long render...just crashed cinema and lost several days of rendering time.

    1. canadianboy


      That sucks.its always best to render out each frame to Tiff or a similar format.

    2. NellenMellen


      yeah, i usually do render to image sequence, I just forgot to change the render settings.

    3. Husse


      my condolences... That's about the worst misstake one can make.

  7. I just created a primitive with 128 million polygons! 24 threads and 24GB of ram is awesome

    1. Keign
    2. Soundwave


      Very much, I can't go passed 80k DAAAAMMMMMNNNN!!

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